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Play YouTube In Background Android with Super Easy Tricks

Consider you are traveling by bus and the journey is too long. To enjoy your trip, you have started playing a song on youtube. After a few moments, you are not in a mood to watch it further but wish to continue listening. Now you can’t keep the phone inside your pocket and listen with a headphone because due to unintentional touch the app will either stop or start playing something new which you don’t want. What if you can play Youtube in background android? Let’s see how can we do so.

Play youtube in Background Android

Playing youtube background is super easy. The youtube app does not allow to run it in the background as it is designed to watch a video. Most of the web browsers in our phone are enough to let us play youtube in background Android. Here I am telling you a few of the names of the browsers and some other apps which will help you in this regard.

Play Youtube in Background Android Using Firefox, Opera, and Kiwi

play youtube in background android kiwifirefoxplay youtube in background android operaHere are only three apps or web browsers’ name which shall help you to play youtube in background android. The instruction is straightforward. Let’s see them in a list to make it a simple one:

  • Just download and install any of the browsers from play store.desktop site selection
  • If you already have then check whether you have the latest version or not, and update if it is not.
  • Open the web browser and go to youtube.com
  • After that tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the page and select desktop site.
  • Now you search your favorite music or anything you want and play music.
  • After that, you minimize the app. And you are done.
  • For opera mini, slide from the top to below, and you will see the play option. Just resume it and enjoy.
  • You can play and listen to the audio if you even lock your phone.

One More Trick- SS Player

SS PlayerNow forget about all these browsers where you have to go to youtube and then you need to do some settings. Let’s see one app to play youtube in the background where you have to set the app for once at the beginning. The name of the app is the SS Player. Just download and install the app from the app store. Open the app, and you will get a similar look like youtube.

Search your favorite music and play. Now you can minimize the app with the minimizing option at the right corner of the page. After minimizing the app, you will get a small screen which shall allow you to operate your video. However, the track will not continue to play if you lock the phone. You can keep using your phone by running the youtube in the background.

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Last Words: Play Youtube in Background Android

So, play youtube in background android with these easy tricks. I am sure you can do these on your phone. All of the browsers may not work on your device, but that is too unfortunate. But any one of them will surely work on your device. Whatever browser you are in possession, you may enter Youtube and request desktop site. Try minimizing the app. That may work too. If you have any better idea regarding this, then please let us know in the comment.



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