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Time Lapse Definition: 5 Points To Understand It Perfectly

Time Lapse Definition? What is it? Is it a photograph or a video? Very often we come across the word time-lapse photography. But is it photography? Because we always see a fast video right? So, there are many questions about this topic. Now, we shall try to understand what is a time lapse definition in a bit different way with some examples.

Time Lapse Definition

In a simple way, it is a video where a long event is projected using video within a short time. It can be considered as a general definition. Before making the definition of time-lapse let’s make some breakdown of salient aspects.

  1. It is a kind of photography or videography which ultimately appears as a video product.
  2. If it is done by making a video, then the main mechanism is to capture frames at a slower rate.
  3. If it is done with photographs, then the main mechanism is to project the frames sequentially by decreasing the projection time of each frame.
  4. There has to be a separate system or software which will compile all the frames as required either shot by videography or photography.

So, Time-lapse is a video either initiated by videography or photography where the appearance of each frame on the projector is shortened than the usual time by using a separate system either integrated with the projector or by another software.

Too Hard to Understand?

Is the time lapse definition too hard to understand? Well, now I shall elaborately discuss all the points mentioned in the definition. Why should you know this? Because, when you see the mechanism and procedures then you will be very comfortable and confident in case of making, photographing, post-processing a video. Let’s look at the points one by one:

time lapse definition

The First Point of Time Lapse Definition

The first point of time lapse definition was that it’s either photography or videography which appears as a video finally. It means the backend work to make a video can be done by photography or videography. So, it can be said as photography or videography according to the way it was done. But, the ultimate product of the work is a video.  

The Second Point of Time Lapse Definition 

According to the second statement, If it is a time-lapse done by videography then, we have to capture frames at a slower rate. Usually, human eyes are habituated with 24 per second on the projector. So, the video camera usually shows 24 frames per second on the projector or the monitor. Now, if you take fewer frames in one second and project those, the projector will ultimately show 24 per second. But it will cause a lapse in the time.

time lapse definition frame rate

However, nowadays there are many software available which can convert a video taken with an average frame rate into a time-lapse video. It can be done by increasing the FPS or by removing some frames with a definite interval and then projecting those by maintaining the standard rate of frame projection.

The Third Point of Time Lapse Definition 

The third point of time lapse definition was about photography. Here also, you have to capture photos with a definite time interval. It may vary according to the situation. For some cases, you may have to take one frame after every ten seconds, and for some, you may have to make one frame after 30 seconds. Like if a candle takes one hour to get burned to the end, then you can take frames each after 10-15 seconds. Finally, you have to run all these frames together which will make the lapse.

The Fourth Point of Time Lapse Definition 

This video can be made with many photos and it is another kind of photography. Then how will you make a video? Well, here you need a software which will help you in this regard. There is some software like Photoshop, Filmora, etc. which are usually used to make a videos like this. I use Filmora for making video.

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Last Words

So, this is all about the time lapse definition. But here is not the end. After knowing all this, you have to do photography and make a video. You can visit the links I have shared in between the paragraphs for learning more. By those, you will be able to know about what is time-lapse, how to make one. And the video will teach you the post-processing for making a video.  





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