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Things To Know Before Making Uber Like Taxi App For Android

The cut-throat, yet lucrative business of taxis is moving in leaps and bounds. If you are looking to invest in the taxi app, then you need to know what features are needed in a successful app that will result in generating maximum income for your business.

The gripe of many taxi drivers and taxi company owners over the last few years has been the lack of business. For drivers, the lack of driving opportunities means no cash. No cash means that they need to look for alternative ways to support themselves and their family or learn to live on the little that they earn. Taxi businesses have always been under competition from other similar companies.

Things To Know Before Making Uber Like Taxi App

There is no customer loyalty as far as this business is concerned. Customers will give their business to whoever gives them a ride that is cost-effective, fast and reliable – in a nutshell, best value for money. Taxi businesses are being taken up by Uber clones such as the Uber taxi app for android.  It is, therefore, important for every traditional taxi business owner to understand what these apps are, how they run and how their business can benefit from it.

Changing Face Of The Taxi Business

Since the concept of Uber, there has been an influx of similar apps in the market – some cater to taxi businesses that have their fleet of taxis, while others cater to taxi businesses that have absolutely no taxis but have registered drivers who will be available on demand with their vehicles.

Therefore if you are a taxi business owner who does not have his fleet of taxis or an entrepreneur looking to start your own taxi business, then it is better that you invest in an app that thinks, talks and runs like Uber. It is easier to make that meager investment in the frontend, backend, and server and then link up with traditional taxi businesses or with drivers to start your own taxi business.

Things To Know Before Making Uber Like Taxi App For Android

Dual App Saga

The apps come as a package of two – one for the driver and the other for the passenger. You need to have both for the smooth and synchronized riding experience that you want to offer, right from the search and book a ride to the final payment, completing the process with ratings and reviews from both parties.  

Necessary Elements Required In Your Taxi App

To be the best, you have to have the best features in the industry. The following is a list of components that are a necessary requirement in any taxi app that you develop.

1. Location Tracking

The app needs to have the facility to track drivers. Users should be able to locate a driver in seconds. Not only that, they no longer have to worry about the driver turning up or not because they can track the driver’s position at all times once they are confirmed the ride.

2. Efficient Navigation Systems

Drivers are better equipped with an efficient navigation system as it allows them to take the easiest and fastest route to the pickup point and the drop off point, giving everyone value for money by saving on fuel costs. An efficient navigation system will warn the driver of traffic congested areas, road works, accidents, roadblocks, etc.

3. Fare Estimation

Clients see the estimated fare on booking the ride. This is a good feature to have as passengers do not like the idea of a hefty bill at the end of the ride. By knowing the fare beforehand, they know the tentative amount and can, therefore, make an informed decision on whether they want to take the ride or not, depending on their budget and circumstances.

4. Integrated Payment System

The fact that passengers do not physically have to hand over cash to the driver gives that feeling of having a “free” ride.  Passengers do not feel that they have paid a huge amount for the ride because they physically do not count the money and give it to the driver.

Drivers also benefit from this system because for them this means a quick and easy payment that is ensured at all times. Furthermore, they do not have to get into any bargaining situations with the passengers as this is so often the case with conventional taxis.

5. Evaluation System

Since e both the driver and the rider know who is going to be in the car, the security aspect for both parties increases tenfold.  Both the driver and the rider have the facility to evaluate the ride and rate and review their experience with each other.

6. Focussed On Drivers

The launch of similar apps in the market means that there is a very high level of competition between drivers and taxi companies, including brands like Lyft and Uber. Everyone wants the best drivers to work for them, and it is, therefore, important that you check the drivers of other companies and get the best to work for you.

Now that you know the features that your uber taxi app android needs to have look for some good companies that will give you that best app and launch your taxi business today.


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