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Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Power Bank

When you regularly use devices like laptop, tablet or smartphone, then you realize the importance of power banks because this is the only thing that can be your assistive power backup in the time of need. If your devices are suddenly running out of battery, then power bank can save your time and charge them.

Charging your device normally will definitely require a charging point or someplace where you can get electricity for your device charging. However, if you are traveling or if you are in a location where you cannot get the charging point or any other source of electricity then you will have to wait to find a charming spot.

This is quite inconvenient when your battery runs out and when your devices start to shut down one by one. This is the worst situation anyone can imagine because devices like smartphone allow us to stay connected with the people and give us freedom of research as well.

When our devices are turned off, then you will have no other option but to give up your device requirement for a while until you find a charging source or you might need to hassle in your search of device charging electricity option. No matter which option you choose, both are inconvenient.

Therefore, the easiest way to deal with the situation like this is to go for buying a power bank because it will be a backup charging source for such an emergency. When your devices are running out of battery, you will no longer need to look for other charging sources because it will be the most suitable and convenient option.

There are so many power banks available in the market, and if you want to buy a power bank, then this will not be very difficult for you. If you have any specific budget limit, then you can search your power bank accordingly, and there is a high probability that you will find the right choice for your need.

Choosing the right battery bank is not really a hard task to do, but it is really very important that you know all the necessary facts about power banks so that you can make the most appropriate and suitable purchase decision. This is an easy and convenient thing to do once you understand all the necessary facts.

In order to understand the facts of choosing and buying a power bank, you would need to spend some time in research so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. However, if you want to skip the research time, then you can see the list of 10 facts about power banks that we are sharing here.

This list of ten facts is meant to guide you so that you can understand the basic facts of power banks before purchasing which will definitely help you to get exactly what you need. After reading it, you would be able to make the right choice and avail the advantage of buying a power bank for your need.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Power Bank

Gone are the days of when we were forced to just use USB wall chargers and have our devices stay right next to the charger until they were charged to a good point. Only then were we able to take our devices with us, but then what if our devices were low in power when we were out and about? Right back to the USB charger or be stuck with a dead device.

Facts About Power Banks

Thankfully, those times can be the past for you because of power banks. Power banks are portable chargers that can basically be taken anywhere. With that said, because of their increasing popularity, there are lots of companies that sell power banks which means there are lots of different types on the market. It can be difficult to know what things are important to know and what parts are irrelevant. In this post, I’ll be going over the major points that you should look out for when you’re searching for buying a power bank.

1. Power Bank Capacity

The capacity of power banks is the most important thing that you should check when you are purchasing your battery bank. There are so many different types of power banks available in the market and making the selection will require a capacity check.

Power banks can be found in a variety of different choices, and these choices differ in size and mAh capacity as well. This is the basic measure that will allow you to know the capacity of your power bank battery.

Power Bank Capacity

When you need to buy power bank that will allow perfect charging of your device then make sure that the capacity of your device’s battery is considered while you make your power bank purchase decision so that you can ensure that your power backup would be useful for perfect and complete device charge.

Simply put, when you will see that the mAh figure is high in the specific battery, then you can consider that it is a high capacity battery which will give you the advantage of saving a larger amount of power for your devices. Your devices can be easily charged when the power bank mAh figure is larger than your device.

It is believed the best way to confirm the performance of the power bank is considering the mAh it contains. However, periphery factors should be considered since wrong information could be inscribed on the body of this bank.

2. Power Bank Quality

Quality of the power bank is determined on the basis of the power bank’s capacity, durability, and features. Many features make power banks superior or inferior choices for customers and that are the basic aspects of determining the quality of power pack.

If you want to make sure that you purchase the best quality power bank, then you need to pay attention to the necessary details of your purchase selection. First is the size of the power bank. You need to make sure that you don’t go for buying a power bank that is large in size.

When your power pack is small in size, then you would be able to carry it with you conveniently, and it will take less space as well. Then you will need to check the body’s strength because this is something that will give you the assurance of durability.

Finally, you should check the features of your power bank so that you can make sure that you get what you are expecting from your power bank. If you make your decision in haste, then you might regret it later. So, take your time and go for buying a power bank.

3. Power Bank Charging Option

There could be a huge variety in the market of power banks. However, not all of them will offer you multiple charging or all in one charging option. If you want to make sure that your power bank supports the charging of all your devices, then you will need to check it.

Power Bank Charging Option

Some power banks will offer to charge for only a few specific devices which will become a limitation of charging backup option. It is always best to choose power banks that can offer you multi-charging support.

4. Built-in Cable

As we learn further about power banks, it is important to consider the usability which is friendly. The traditional power banks did not have extra cables. It requires the individual to buy an extra cable. If you forget your cable, then forget about charging. There are models which come within built cables. This act as a supplement in case of external connection cable not available.

5. Power Bank Device Charging

There are some people who presume that having power bank is enough for charging of all devices, but this is a wrong conception. For example, if you have a laptop and you have purchased a battery bank of medium capacity, then it would not be possible for you to charge the laptop with it.

When you want to charge your laptop with power banks, then you will need to make sure that your power bank is capable of charging larger energy consuming devices like a laptop. This is the important thing to check for people who have a laptop for their regular use.

Power Bank Device Charging

Most importantly, general power banks usually come with a 5V USB output option that only supports small energy requiring devices. However, in order to charge a laptop and other high power demanding devices, you will need to get a power bank that will support the high voltage output of up to 16 Volts – 20 Volts.

You can check your device’s AC adapter to find out the exact requirement of charging voltage requirement of your device so that you can purchase the best power bank that will support charging larger devices such as a laptop.

6. Power Bank Lifetime

Lifetime of batteries usually depends on their frequency of use. Lithium-polymer and Lithium-ion batteries are used in power banks. These batteries can provide the best backup and charge for devices.

According to the basic life cycle of power bank, it can give you 200 to 1000 charging cycles for your devices without any problem, and it will be perfectly fine in this duration of the life cycle. However, this cycle can be reduced or enhanced by handling and usage frequency.

Power Bank Lifetime

There is a chemical composition in battery that can also become the reason of some differences in power bank battery’s life cycle. Basically, when you use it less frequently, then you can rest assured of its long life.

7. Power Bank Charging Time

There are some people who ask the question about charging speed of power banks. Some battery bank requires too much time in charging, and that becomes a problem for people who need their power bank completely charged on urgent basis.

Well, the most important thing to understand here is that not all the power banks will take too long to charge because charging time will depend on the type of their charging process. If the power bank is being charged with a USB cable, then this will definitely take a long time.

Power Bank Charging Time

However, if you will purchase power bank that will offer you high voltage input (at least 5 volts) with direct wall socket charging option through AC charger, then this will automatically become quick in charging, and it will take less time in comparison of USB cable charging power banks.

8. Casing and Material

Everyone is looking for a durable and compact power bank before buying a power bank. The longevity is contributed by the materials used to make it. Lightweight gadgets are more durable due to their portability nature. As far as durability is concerned, the hardness of the material comes into play. Sturdy casing prevents damages in case of accidental fall.

Most of the problems that affect power banks emanate from the daily activities that we engage in. Regular falls cause short charging destroying the internal components. If the outer material is resistive, the internal elements are protected.

9. Power Bank Power Saving

Power banks are best for emergency charging purpose. When your device is half charged or 80%-90% charged, then it is not ideal to use power bank for charging because it will be unnecessary wastage of power in power pack.

Power Bank Power Saving

The best way for fast charging from power bank is to keep your smartphone in flight mode while charging. This will save a lot of energy, and your device will be charged quickly. This is the best charging process to save energy and save time.

When your device is on flight mode, then only necessary features of an operating system will be working. This will make it easier for the charger to supply power directly to the battery without any other charging power consumption.

10. Power Bank Right Use

Using power bank should be a priority of emergency and not the habit. The power bank is not the most suitable option of charging when you have other direct charging option for your device. Having a battery bank means that you have back up charging option, you should use it as a backup.

Power Bank Right Use

You need to make sure that your power bank is kept in a place which is not too hot because when the temperature is over the medium level then this will be harmful to your battery’s life cycle and that could even result in problems in your power banks.

11. Solar Power Banks

If electricity is not reliable in your area, settling for solar power bank could be an alternative. It is trustworthy because it works when the sun shines. It converts this energy into electrical power which can drive your device.

12. Power Bank For Big Devices

Power Bank For Big DevicesPower bank can be useful for devices like television, fans, picnic coolers, and other batteries if you will select the power bank properly. You need to see the capability and mAh figure along with charging connection support of the power bank to avail the advantage of it.

13. Quick Charge

Quick charging batteries are becoming extremely popular. This has been attributed to the need to hearken the speed of charging. The high charging power banks range between 2-3 Amperes. The demand is based on the nature of the gadget one is using. More sophisticated smartphone with high demand for power is invented at a rapid rate.

The bank with an output of 3A unbelievably charges very fast. It is a perfect choice one can settle for. However, if your phone does not demand such a high output, then 2A is good for you. The higher the output, the higher the cost.

14. Power Bank Battery

If you have multiple big and small devices then you need to make sure that you buy a power bank that will allow you to support charging all of them. You will need to select the power pack with big energy capacity to get the necessary charging of all devices.

15. Physical size

Power banks vary in size and shapes. The major idea behind this factor is portability. You need to understand the reason you want to go for buying a power bank. Very large sizes discourage one to carry them. Settling for small sizes, which can be carried around is a good choice. Typically, hand-held size is mostly sought by the buyers.

16. USB Port

The current power bank output is crucial. In most cases, the input is not equal to the output. The running current is the one which determines how fast your gadget charges. Buyers mostly ignore this before buying a power bank.  A lot of focus is directed to capacity rather than giving the same attention to output. At least2.1A is recommended. Settling for higher amperage is allowed. You have heard complaints from the people concerning slow charging when using a power bank. The problem is primarily in the output rate.

Charging multiple devices at the same time is good stuff. One could be having one or more devices to charge simultaneously. For spouses who want to save on cost, the number of ports in a power bank is a strong factor. Two or three ports are sufficient for a single bank. It beats logic when the power bank has only one port. This is the generation where even the phone manufacturers appreciate duo sim card gadgets.

Everything is coming in pairs. Another advantage of more than one port is safety. If one fails, one can continue charging his or her gadgets. It eliminates the fear of failure. This is the generation where even the phone manufacturers appreciate duo sim card gadgets. Everything is coming in pairs. Another advantage of more than one port is safety. If one fails, one can continue charging his or her gadgets. It eliminates the fear of failure.

Types of Power Bank

It is comparable to a professional without the right tools of a trade. Technically, the surety of longevity of the charge in a smartphone helps an individual to reduce anxiety. Thankful to the introduction of portable batteries. Well, before you go buying a Power Bank, it is crucial to know the type that you are keen to buy.

Lots of Other Types of Power Bank

There are two base types of power banks. Ones that have high power capacities and ones that have low power capacities. They both hold a strong place with the customer because they each have traits that make them very powerful to use.

1. Small Power banks

Power banks that are small are the ones that are bought and used the most. The reason for that is because they have low power capacities, which means fewer batteries are used, as well as smaller ones. As a result, the power bank is smaller. These are so small that these power banks can fit into your pocket.

With that said, the flaw that they do have is that most are really only able to charge most smartphones at least once or twice before they need to be recharged.

2. Large Power banks

I may be using the word “Large” just a little too freely, but there are power banks that are certainly bigger than Mini power banks. The reason for that is because these have high power capacities, so they have more batteries and larger ones. Not exactly the best to fit into your pocket and they also have heavier weights.

On the bright, power banks that have high power capacities are able to charge smartphones and other devices to their full power many times over. The great thing about having a high power capacity is also that they have many charging ports so that you can charge multiple devices at once.

Lots of Other Types

There are many different types of power banks on the market, and each of them holds their place with people that are looking for certain attributes.

3. Built-in Cables

There are power banks that have built-in cables, and these are the ones that are the most reliable. That’s because there can be times when you forget to bring your charging cable with you when you’re headed out with your power bank. If that happens, then that renders your power bank useless. So not only do these types of power banks have a single built-in cable, but they also have multiple built-in cables that are able to charge your devices if you choose to get one of those.

Built-in Cables for Powrbank

Some even have USB ports to use with any charging cable, as well as built-in methods to recharge the power bank, such as an AC Adapter or a USB cable.

4. Rugged

These types of power banks are very tough; they’re able to withstand things that are able to damage just any normal power bank. That’s because Rugged power banks have reinforcements that can take fall onto the hard ground. They’re also waterproof when their charging ports covers are covering their ports. With that said, just because a Rugged power bank is labeled as “waterproof” does not mean that it’s fully waterproof against everything. Since there are different Enclosure levels that are able to withstand different exposures of water.

Charging, Ports and Special Charging Tech

Power banks that make use of multiple charging ports are great to use. However, many people forget to take a closer look at the charging speeds of each of the ports. The reason for that is because there are power banks that have many charging ports, and yet each of the ports is only capable of charging at 1 Amp speeds.

Charging, Ports and Special Charging Tech on Power Bank

When a power bank has many USB charging ports, then it’s vital that you know what each of the ports is Outputting. So you can charge each of the devices at a good charging speed and have them charge to full promptly. For power banks that have 2-4 ports, each of the ports should at least be able to Output 5V/2.0A or higher since most smartphones and other devices have their max charging speed at or at least close to there.

There’s also special charging tech that you have to take into account while buying a power bank because many smartphones now use Quick Charge and USB-C for charging.

Know the Max Output

The Max Output is just as important as the individual charging speed that each port has. The reason for that is because you want to use each of the ports near or at their full potential. If a power bank has 3 USB ports and each port is able to Output a charging speed of 5V/2.0, and the Max Output is 6 Amps, then that is a good output.

Know the Max Output of your power bank

That’s because you’re able to charge three devices and still use the max power of each of the ports that those devices are charging from.

Input is Just as Important as the Output

The input means the recharging part of the power bank. Most Mini power banks have slow recharging speeds, and it makes sense because they have smaller capacities to recover. However, when it comes to high capacity power banks, the Input charging speed matters a lot. Since a power bank can have a 20,000mAh+ power capacity and yet it has a single Input with a speed of 1 Amp. That is going to take a LONG time to recharge to its full power.

2 Amp recharging speeds and beyond are the best. Some power banks even use two Input ports, and that makes them able to recharge at double the speed. Then there are ones that use special charging tech like Quick Charge or USB-C to recharge, and those are faster options for recharging.

Lots and lots of Brands

There are lots of brands of power banks on the market since many companies know that power banks are popular products, there are lots of them selling. It’s a good and bad thing. There are quite a few companies that are actually innovating with their products and are offering the latest tech. Then some companies still sell power banks that are very outdated.

Lots and lots of Power Bank Brands

That is why it’s vital to purchase power banks from reputable sellers that know their product and have a proven track record of selling great products. One of the most notable ways to tell this is by checking their warranty and see how long it’s for and what it entails.

Final Thoughts

The power bank is one of the major inventions in the present time. It is an impressive move in the era of the smartphone. Most people have appreciated portable batteries which save them the trouble of moving around with uncharged phones. Who doesn’t like using a smartphone? Irrespective of the quality of the phone, low battery is a nuisance to the user.

These are aspects which can be employed before buying a power bank. Take care not to be ripped off by insensitive sellers. Take every detail into consideration to save on cost. Your money should go where efficiency is guaranteed.

Tell us your suggestions and tips that our audiences need to know before buying a power bank in the comment section. Thank you for your time and patience in reading.


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