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Timereaction: Cloud Based Collaborative Workflow and Communication App Review

Timereaction is a popular cloud-based application software. It offers project management software and cloud collaboration platform for small to medium size business organization. To be more specific it is suitable for IT, software, retail, marketing manufacturing, advertising, and engineering. It is a good application of cloud computing.

Timereaction Features

It has some specific features which are as follow:

1. Collaborative Workflow Management

Timereaction cloud app has customization tools to recreate the workflow process to ditch the spreadsheets. Both for simple and complex workflow process it takes a few minutes to make the system running.

2. Workflow Management

Timereaction cloud application needs a few seconds to create the new workflow. It creates opportunities for conversation between the team members and keeps up to date.

3. Process Management Automation

If the workflow needs to create parallel sub-process Timereaction cloud application helps to do that. It fills the spreadsheet automatically.

4. Export to Excel Spreadsheets

Export to Excel SpreadsheetsSome people loves spreadsheets. So time reaction cloud application import and export all data to the spreadsheet for further calculation.

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Pros of Timereaction

  • The team members, suppliers and, customers can manage process workflow, collaborate and communicate in real time.
  • The user can configure consistently, update workflow through dynamic calculation.
  • Integrated instant messing systems
  • Integrated document management systems, issue management, project management and portfolio management system.
  • This cloudapp is accessible from the various platform and almost all devices.

Cons of Timereaction

  • It does not take update automatically. You need to make an update after each update.
  • Your members need some time to understand the method of operation.
  • Since the demand of each user is separate and specific. It is difficult to manage everyone’s needs.
  • Some users try to bypass the login process
  • To be honest, after taking the review of more than 10 users I do not find anything negative regarding Timereaction.

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Price Model

Export to Excel Spreadsheets



Final Thought

Timereaction is suitable for a small and medium organization. Its pricing model starts from $150 per month and they follow the subscription pricing model. Timereaction supports only the English language. It does not have any API. Dropbox and Google drive has the integration capacity with Timereaction. They offer online support and various reporting.

Finally, according to the analysis, we can get a conclusion that Timereaction is one of the best cloudapp to support small and medium organization. It reduces the cost of business. All types of business reporting are available on timereaction cloudapp.


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