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Best 3 Easy Tips for Choosing a Good Password

Coming up with a password is nothing new for most people, as we all have users and profiles online. We often need to come up with passwords, and the criteria for these are becoming stricter and stricter. This can seem a bit annoying at times but is ultimately there for your safety. In this article we will discuss the best 3 easy tips for Choosing a Good Password.

Tips for Choosing a Good Password

Cyber security is as important as ever, as more people are online, and hackers are getting smarter. Research shows that people are still making bad choices when making passwords, which is a huge risk to your safety no matter what device you’re on. Luckily, you can use a password manager for your Android devices which makes it easier to keep track of your smart passwords. Here we will have a look at some smart tips when it comes to making up passwords for your online profiles.

1. Never use the same password

Many of us have one or a few passwords that we keep using across multiple platforms. This might be the easiest way to remember your password, however, it is not the safest. If someone has one of your passwords, they can easily get a hold of your e-mail or username, and then log into multiple accounts. So, try your best to vary the passwords, and never use one twice.

2. Find passwords that are hard to guess

For many of us, this is a given, that you should not use easy passwords or personal information that is easy to guess. If you like to post pictures of your dog Teddy on Instagram, hackers can easily find his name and use it when trying to crack your password. While a lot of people are aiming for safer and more advanced passwords, a study finds that too many people are still using “123456” as their password, and other easy combinations of numbers and letters. It is best to conduct a password that consists of randomly placed letters, numbers, and special characters, to make it near impossible to guess. tips for good password

3. Use a password manager

There are so many ways to keep yourself safe online, for example by downloading an antivirus program, turning your laptop camera into a security camera, and using common sense to stay away from sketchy situations online. Passwords also play a huge part in being safe online, and a way to make sure you have the best passwords, and that you never forget them, is by using a password manager.

These are computer software that store your passwords in an encrypted database locked with a master password. There are several different types of this, for example, one for android devices, and Apple’s built-in password manager that lets you access all your password with a touch or face id.

Final Thought

The moral of the story is that you need to be cautious when you make up passwords for your profiles online, to make sure that you can be totally safe. Cybersecurity is a subject that keeps being important, and perhaps more important than ever. Making sure that you have strong passwords is a great way to start becoming safer online, and a password manager will allow you to always access them. So please follow those tips for Choosing a Good Password.

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