Apps Review Top 10 Best Notes Apps for Android to Stay Organized Anywhere

Top 10 Best Notes Apps for Android to Stay Organized Anywhere

Most often, we try to do almost all our works using our smartphones. In this case, Android has made our life easier and comforter. It has the play Store that stores apps, related to almost all the aspects of our life. Notes taking apps have fallen in a kind of them. These apps have become very popular because of its usability and needs in our daily life. If you are thinking of using a note-taking app, then the list of best notes apps for Android can come as a great help for you.

Best Notes Apps for Android

Whether you are a student or service holder; you will feel the need of it sometime. This app will always save your time and energy as you don’t have to take notes and pens with you wherever you go. So, you should have a virtual note on your Android. All the note-taking apps in the play store are not worth to use. So, follow these ten best notes apps for Android. I hope you will get helped.

1. Google Keep

Google KeepIt is extravagant to say more about Keep by Google. If you didn’t know about it before I will give you another scope to know about it in details. It is basically Google’s own note-taking app that has a vast functionality and it is available in play store for free. Often it is considered as one of the best notes apps for Android. Let’s look into some of its main features in the next section.

Important Features

• Gives you the option for note taking, listing, and sharing.
• Includes add photos option, drawing, and direct draw functionality.
• Provides customizable lists and grouping option for better identification.
• You can use your Keep from anywhere with your devices through the internet.
• Integrated with various color choices for your convenience.
• Includes smart schedule management and reminder option.
• You can find your notes at ease with its interactive interface.

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2. ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do

ColorNoteIf you are looking for a versatile note-taking app then ColorNote Notepad Notes will be a great companion. It is one of the most featured notepads you can find in the play store. It offers an easily accessible interface for your convenience. Let’s go through some of the key features that it offers in the next section.

Important Features

• Offers color choosing option for better management of your notes.
• Equipped with better saving capabilities as SD card back up option is available.
• Provides smart task reminder and alarm integration for better notification.
• Includes quick memo and listing option for better note taking
• Equipped with a social sharing option for your convenience.
• Includes calendar schedule making and also writing option in a calendar.
• Provides password protection for better privacy.

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3. NOTEBOOK – Take Notes, Sycn

NotebookTaking notes is essential for today’s busy life. Notebook- Take Notes, Sync is another the best note-taking app you will find lurking in play store. It provides premium functionality at no cost and gives you the opportunity to manage your daily life at ease. Let’s go through some of the key features it provides in the following phase.

Important Features

• Provides unmatched versatility for arranging your notes, memo, reminder, and stickies.
• Equipped with photo and audio integration option for your convenience.
• Supports attachment for word files, PDF and many more.
• Provides customizable theme, text, font, and template color choices.
• Supports synchronization with your other devices so you can access your notebook at any time anywhere.
• Includes drawing option and Sketch Cards that allows handwritten notes.

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4. Sticky Notes +Widget

Sticky NotesAs an organized person in today’s busy world, I suggest you get an Android note taking app that suits your home screen. Sticky Notes+ Widget is one of the convenient apps you will find in the play store that will surely make you more organized. Let’s look into the main features the app provides in the following section.

Important Features

• Gives you scope to take notes at ease with fun.
• Provides local storage option for your convenience.
• Includes cloud storage and online extensions.
• Includes widget and text scrolling option.
• You can share text or drawing as needed.
• Includes rearranging option and you can also manage the trash.
• Provides scalable transparency and resizable widget.

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5. Sticky Notes! 

Sticky Notes!In a busy life, you just need an app that keeps you tidy up and helps you note down your plans and activities with ease. Sticky Notes! is one of the free apps you can download from play store. It will help you all day long whenever you need it. Let’s dig deep into its keep features in the next phase.

Important Features

• Provides a much faster experience than other note-taking apps on the Android platform.
• Provides customizable fonts and text sizes as needed.
• Integrates better interface and search option.
• Includes beautiful themes and widgets for both lock and home screen.
• Integrated with easy share option to Facebook, email and other social platforms.
• Includes text to speech option for your convenience.
• Provides easy and secure saving and back up facility.

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6. Keep My Notes: Wordpad & to do list  

Keep My NotesSay hello to Keep My Notes: Wordpad & to do list, a free and very lightweight note taking app that provides premium service for your convenience. It is very easy to use with its interactive interface and wide compatibility. Let’s go through some of its key features in the following section.

Important Features

• Provides easy saving facility and no need to have an internet connection all the time.
• Includes password protection for your privacy.
• A memo is Integrated with alarm and notification functionality.
• Provides handwritten notes with fingers and drawing ability for notepad.
• Includes audio recording option in taking notes.
• Includes customizable text size and different fonts with customizable color patterns.
• Integrated with user-friendly IU and easy to use functionality.

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7. Notes

NotesNow, I will suggest you another note taking for you. By the users’ review, it is one of the best notes taking apps for Android. Notes are one of the light-sized apps that you will find in the play store. In your daily life Notes will surely give you an edge making your schedule. Let’s know about some of its key features in the following part.

Important Features

• Provides a wide range of compatibility support.
• Takes very little space and Integrates memo and pad functionality.
• Totally free and gives premium notepad options.
• Includes customizable text and also share option.
• Provides import/export function for your convenience.
• Provides pattern screen lock feature for better privacy.

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8. Evernote 

EvernoteLet’s meet Evernote, one of the best notes apps for Android. It is very easy to use, and the appearance is worth to appreciate. Also, it is easy to customize, and you will meet a handful of amazing features when you start using this app. If you are interested, you can ve a glance over the important features of this app below.

Important Features

• You can write and collect notes, checklists, notebooks, memos, and to-do lists using it
• You can use the phone camera to scan the notes.
• You can create save journals, news, and articles in this app.
• You attached lots of documents and photos in the notes.
• Offers you lots of beautiful themes and widgets.
• Let you share your notes through different social media.
• You can use it as your planner and organizer.

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9. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNotesReally I’ll be surprised if you say that you are not familiar with this app, Microsoft OneNotes. It is really the best Android note taking app. It is very popular because of its satisfying services and functions. It is very easy to use and customize. To use this app, you need a smartphone with Android OS 4.1 or more. However, you can see the features of this app below.

Important Features

• Provides you with tons of fonts and writing style to decorate your notes.
• Appears with an amazing look along with the familiar physical 3-ring binder.
• You can mark and level up your notes when you need it.
• Let you share your notes with others.
• Very fast and you can use it whenever you want to.
• You can also use it while you are on a phone call.
• Easy to customize and edit the notes.

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10. Diary with lock 

diary with lockLastly, it is Diary with lock, unique notes taking app that you will find in the play store very easily. It is especially for you if you want to keep your diary private and safe. This is why the name ends with the lock. However, this awesome app is aesthetically awesome, and you will find it very easy to keep notes, journals, articles, and other documents. Also, it was packed with a number of essential features. Let’s meet them in short.

Important Features

• You can enjoy your privacy with passwords and pin codes.
• Let you customize color, text-size, and font-style.
• You can also sync any notes between any devices.
• Includes auto reminder and download backup.
• You will be offered search entries, and you can use emojis.
• You will need a smartphone with Android 4.1 or more to run it.

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Final Thoughts 

Do you make your choice? To make the best choice, you should prior your need and then look over the functions. It will help you to make the best decision. Also, you can choose anyone from the list because all are the best notes taking apps for Android. All of them are free and very easy to use. So, I hope you will enjoy using this app.

Let me know about the app you have chosen and also about your experience. It will motivate us to write about more apps. However, thank you for staying with us.



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