Apps Review Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone for Unique Editing

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone for Unique Editing

Let me ask you a question. Are you a photographer?  Maybe not. But I am sure you capture a lot of photos for uploading them to social media, or you send pictures to your dear persons and friends. Again, if you are a photographer, then you must be uploading them on social media and photography platforms. Whatever is the situation, before taking your photo to the next person you go for retouch with the editor. But what should you use for editing them? So, I have tried to gather some of the best photo editing apps for iPhone lovers.

10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

In this article I have gathered total ten best iPhone photo editor from a massive number of apps available in the app store after analyzing their ratings, download and install volume, people’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction,  etc. All the apps are unique in their characteristic and features. Most of them have prevalent features, but you will find at least one stunning different feature which shall catch your eyes. Hope you will find your desired iOS photo editor.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express- iOS Photo Editor

best photo editing apps for iPhone adobeThis is one of the most used iOS photo editor and a very reliable iPhone photo editor who not only works in iPhone but also in iPad and iPod touch. The app will give you fast, powerful and easy editing on mobile devices having minimum iOS 10.0 or later. This app with vibrant features can be operated with twenty-seven languages. The app has earned a massive rating from the users’ end.

Important Features

  • All basic editing with easy navigation and stunning performance.
  • Fixes contrast, exposure and white balance automatically with one-touch.
  • Seamlessly edits TIFF images with Tiff support.
  • Uploads photos from many places like your device, iCloud, google drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Facebook, google photos, etc.
  • Creates stunning collages with the intelligent layout.
  • Suggests suitable collages layout with auto intelligence collages system.
  • Provides the measuring effect by highlighting one color.
  • Easily adds watermark to the image.
  • One click sharing to multiple destinations.

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2. Bazaart Photo Editor & Design

best photo editing apps for iPhone bazBazaart is an award-winning iPhone Photo Editor to create a masterpiece of the photo. You can edit beautifully with numerous photo effects, gorgeous photo manipulations, and stunning collages. You will get state-of-the-art creative tools, fast processing times, and unparalleled simplicity in editing photos with this iOS photo editor. This app can run with iOS 11.0 or later in 14 different languages. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Important Features

  • Selecting photos, scale, position, rotate, duplicate, and flip is simple with touch gestures.
  • Removes background from photos like magic.
  • Separates elements of the photo artistically with different cutting tools.
  • Cuts photos perfectly with a pencil.
  • Add 100 independent layers while editing photos.
  • Hundreds of amazing stickers.
  • Photo enhancing with a simple touch and numerous tools.
  • Stunning and fabulous filters for the photos.
  • Creates stickers for WhatsApp.
  • Saves images in JPG (opaque) and PNG (transparent) format.
  • Photos are saved in HD qualities.

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3. Polarr- Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

pollarPollar is the photo editing tools for all even if you are new to photography or a pro. The auto-enhance tools, layer support, curve tools, the local adjustment will be highly acceptable by the amateurs. This widely used apps has 17 different languages to use while running them on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Remember, you need to have iPS 11.0 or later to get the outstanding help of this app. In-app purchases offer ten different offers.

Important Features

  • Custom overlay and complex blending modes.
  • Depth adjustments and dual lens effects.
  • Local adjustment tools and a complete set of masking.
  • A smart face detecting with smart face editing tools.
  • Use and share your own created and customized filters.
  • Around ten blending modes to superimpose photos.
  • A smart collection of realistic filter effects.
  • 8-Point perspective distortion tools.
  • With iOS 11 or above it imports and exports 3D Lut.
  • Tools and options are customizable for making it comfortable to use.

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4. PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

best photo editing apps for iPhone picsartPicArt is an all-in-one photo editor for making a moment perfect. It has a massive collection of default and customizable filters, templates, etc. The app is suitable with 20 different languages with an age rating of 12+. No matter whether you are using iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can work with this app if you have iOS 11.0 or later. This best photo editing apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch offers ten different categories in-app purchases.

Important Features

  • It has thousands of photo editing features.
  • There are more than hundred fonts to add text to the photo.
  • A massive collection of filters, effects, frames, etc.
  • You can use free stickers from a huge collection.
  • You can create, use and share stickers, clipart.
  • Edit and share images by Photo Remix option.
  • Add different brushes, layers and utilize different easy drawing tools.

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5. Photo Editor- Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

i Phone photo editor appsPhoto editor comes with unlimited editing possibilities where you can apply lots of enhancements and effects. This massive collection of photo editing tools with 16 different languages will let you operate it on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can avail ten different offers in-app purchases. From the above-mentioned devices, you can use any of them with iOS 9.3 or later.

Important Features

  • Photo enhancing withing a second by touch only.
  • Endless sticker collection.
  • Amazing effects for enhancing photos.
  • A massive collection of unique frames and overlays.
  • Color Splash tools.
  • Drawing and painting features.
  • Different easy and stunning face beauty enhancing tools.
  • Smart blemish remover.
  • Vignette tool.

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6. InstaSize Photo Editor

instasize iOS photo editorInstasize is a very easy app as iPhone photo editor. This iOS photo editor is fast, powerful and stunning in its work of editing. This app allows you to edit like a pro even if you are with negligible knowledge about photo editing. This one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone requires iOS 10.0 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can operate this app in 23 different languages. There is a total of ten different offers in-app purchases.

Important Features

  • Natural enhancing filters for photo and video editing which were inspired by 80 renowned photographers.
  • Editing is very easy with user-friendly tools.
  • You can easily resize your photo for making it suitable for social media upload.
  • Collage making is super easy and outstanding with easy tools.
  • Disappears blemish with beauty tools.
  • Sking glowing tools for enhancing beauty.
  • Add 50 different unique fonts to your photo or video.

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7. Filterra – Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

filterraIt is the number one GO-TO iOS photo editor with more than a million filter and effect combos that makes any photo look awesome and unlike other photos edited with just a few taps. This iPhone photo editor which is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch can be operated with thirteen different languages and requires iPS 11.1 or later. You will get ten different offers in-app purchase with a very negligible amount.

Important Features

  • Selects filters or effects and allows you to compare the same photo with different effects and filters.
  • No critical adjustment as there is plenty of pre-set setup for enhancing photo beauty.
  • Smooth interface for easy editing experience.
  • Has a collection of more than a million filters and effects.
  • Customizable filters and effects to unleash your creativity.
  • Dual-Lens Camera as a pro-tools.
  • There are tools for professional adjustments.

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8. Photo Lab: Picture Editor Face

photo lab iOS photo editorHere comes to the laboratory for editing pictures with the ever-growing app with over 120 million fans. This outstanding photo editor is one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone and has earned much highly praised feedback from many users. Run this app with 10 different languages with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You have to have iOS 9.0 or later in your device for running this app.

Important Features

  • Contains over 900 awesome effects.
  • There are over 100 styles driven by AI.
  • Change eye, hair color or ay makeup with makeover options.
  • Replace background easily with AI (artificial intelligence) support.
  • Realistic photo montages.
  • Automatic face detection for easy editing.
  • Add effects that are photorealistic.
  • Create arts from photo with photo-to-art effects.
  • Make stunning collages with multiple photos.

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9. Photo editor- Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

iOS photo editorIt is an all-in-one photo editor which has more than 50 million installs. You can avail a massive number of editing facilities from Free Photo Editing app. However, there are options for purchasing many offers in-app purchase. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can use English, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish as a language. You have to have iOS 10.0 or later to operate this app.

Important Features

  • Basic editing like resize, rotate and adjusting are very easy.
  • Unique text effects with multiple layer option.
  • Add stickers from a delightful collection.
  • Use over 50 gorgeous and fun filters on your photo.
  • Draw on your photo with the draw tools.
  • Edit photos with hundreds of shapes, overlays, borders, textures, light leaks and more.
  • Unique and run collage maker with different combinations.
  • Edit photos like a pro by adding overlays and masks.

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10. Enlight Quickshot

enlight quickshot iPhone photo editorEnlight Quicshot takes you beyond the reality in photography with it’s amazing and outstanding editing facilities. This app has great assistance with artificial intelligence (AI) in editing and using different tools with perfection. Use this app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with 12 different languages. Make sure that you have iPOS 10.0 or later before you install it. You can avail different offers in-app purchase.

Important Features

  • Use the new feature Strobe Mode and capture action & moments.
  • Quickshot mode automatically aligns, straighten, and enhance your photo.
  • HDR mode which is state-of-the-art allows all lights around to make a unique outstanding photo.
  • A huge number of filters for better editing.
  • Enhance the beauty of the sky by the Sky control tools.
  • Use the on-the-go Batch Editing for saving your time.

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Last Words: Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Now you enjoy your photo editing with iOS photo editors after selecting any of the above mentioned iPhone Photo Editor. Please check your iOS version of your device and match it with the specified version written with the apps before you install them. For more info downloading them, you can click the button given after each app’s description. I hope you can easily select your desired iPhone photo editor from these 10 best photo editing apps for iPhone.



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