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Top 10 Ways To Improve the Battery Life on Your Phone

We tend to get ‘battery about to die’ caveats from our gadgets whilst texting with our close ones. Okay. Text all you want but please bear with me throughout before you plug the device on hand into the socket. Please note, these are guidelines that try to both provoke and offset some myths about battery charging, not a tutorial. The best learning experiences, after all. We are going to discuss the matter that mostly deals with the ways and means to improve the battery life on any smartphone.

Top 10 Ways to Improve the Battery Life

Here I am going to spell out a generic list of best tips and ways to follow to improve the battery life in your Phone. Though there are many tips available over the net, I think the below hacks will help you to maintain a good and healthy battery life.

1. Be Wary of Fast Charging Mechanisms

USB charging has forayed to even smartphones. And, yet, there are ambiguity w.r.t switching chargers. Is it needed? I could only draw examples from personal discretion. My Honor 6, for instance, has a non-removable battery. Plus, it has a unique fast-charging mechanism as mentioned below:

fast-charging mechanism

Image Source: Document Slide

Do we know the models which got exploded recently had gotten iron hot including, maybe, Galaxy Note 7? More on that later.

2. Charge on a Pro-rata Basis to Avoid Battery Swell

Normal batteries have a ‘memory effect’ which demands you to drain the battery fully before recharge. Whereas, Li-Ion batteries don’t require the device to be fully drained. In this respect, experts say it is advisable to charge only if the battery falls below 20%.

3. Keep Aside Magnet-proximity during Hibernation

Laptops-batteries tend to dip a wee bit when we close the lids. That is because the cover magnets keep backlit keys to be on even after shutdown or during hibernation. This has been doing the rounds for a long time and having tried it once I feel it exists.

The variations were subtle in my Honor 6, but they were variations nonetheless. And, least of all, when I removed the back cover of my phone – it had a tiny magnetic snapper – it’s battery life seems to have improved.

4. Be Wary of Charging Temperature

The ideal temperature for charging Li-Ion batteries is 0-45 degrees Celsius as Google has said it. Whereas, the ideal discharge temperature is 20-60 degrees Celsius. It’s got to do with the fact that lithium is subject to energy density, unlike a car battery. The Stefan-Boltzmann Law makes an inference with radiation and energy density, for instance. Of, course. That radiation does diminish battery life is somewhat obvious.

5. Fix Application Bugs, Get Rid of Unwanted Apps

Applications would demand a bigger memory and performance. Like, for instance, the apps which require GPS and Wi-Fi. Or, the ones which synchronize photos and images to Google Plus. Using a battery saver apps would help you monitor such applications, and either limit or prevent excess usage.

6. Rely on Adjustable Brightness, Power Saving Modes

Both can be accessed easily through widgets or home screen notification panel. My Honor 6 has an “Ultra Battery” mode which turns the screen into black, to Nokia 1110 lookalike. Not just in terms of look it keeps the functionality of the phone to a bare minimum. It gives you approximately 2 and ½ hours longevity than normal. I think such kind of features is there in almost all smartphones, just need to pay heed that is all. (Note: Not selling my phone. Just an example).

7. Rely on Manual Firmware Updates

OEM’s release firmware updates to fix the battery related issues in both phones and laptops. Recently Microsoft released an update for Surface Pro, it’s Macbook-equivalent tablet. MS explained the reasoning behind this in a press release:

This update corrects the firmware component that functions as a “fuel gauge” so that the battery capacity is accurately reported.”

Okay. Point Eight ↓ ↓↓ ↓ builds on this further.

8. Do that, but don’t forget Over the Air (OTA) Updates

This is available in both Apple and Android. OTA firmware update varies from 50 MB to 150 MB. Whereas, for a manual update in PC via USB would take roundabout 1GB. Companies such as HTC M9 have released such OTA updates to rectify specified features such as camera, Battery life and more.

9. Buy Stock Android and Legit Windows

Speak of which, I am still bestowed with the pirated version of Windows for my Laptop. Pirated software would come up with unwanted updates all the time. Of, course. The original software works more fluidly than pirated ones, requires less update, and avoids sluggish performance too. All influencing factors on how much workload would the laptop have to carry.

10. Avoid Multitasking and Frequent Charging

You didn’t see the italicized double entendre the introduction, did you? Of, course. There is very little VR gaming, web browsing, texting and headbanging with headphones you can afford. You can ill afford such things, for it diverges from the main problem behind battery failure i.e., excess charging.

I invented the term; we all did. After all, how many times can you afford to charge your battery in one day? I would say the single charge is ideal. Like, what I am doing whilst writing this blog – my laptop had been in charge since forever. Okay. Guilty as charged.

What Galaxy Note 7 fiasco taught us?

It has been touched upon in many blogs already. Even after product recall and relaunch, the same fiasco returned to haunt Samsung and its patrons. But, the best thing they did is to officially take a stance on sales and urge users to return the product. There is no right or wrong in that, for it was one of those tactical decisions which had to be taken.

But, other than tactics, what it does is bring back the need for recycling portable battery through e-waste channels. You wouldn’t have thought about that yourselves, but truth be told – “Dumping is not a solution; showing responsibility without urge, is.”

I hope all these above-mentioned hacks will let you help to improve the battery life on your smartphone. If I missed any important tips and tricks about improving battery life, please don’t hesitate to share with our audiences in the comment section.

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