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Top 20 Family Portrait Poses Tips That You Can’t Overlook

Are you planning to make some good family portrait? Or you are a photographer going to capture a photograph for a family. If you are in any of these conditions but have very less family portrait ideas or family portrait poses ideas then I recommend you to know some family portrait ideas and family portrait poses before you march for family portrait photography. You may know all the settings for a family portrait photography, but if you are not well conversant with family portrait poses or family portrait ideas, then all your knowledge will go in vain.

20 Family Portrait Poses Tips

In this article; I will appraise you about some family portrait ideas and family portrait poses which shall take you to the pinnacle of family portrait photography. These Ideas will act as a guideline for your family portrait photography which will further help you to invent new family portrait ideas and family portrait poses. I hope at the end of the article you will be enough confidence to start for family portrait photography.

1. Act Like Family

How can you act like family! If you are already family members then where is the requirement of acting? Or why should you expect this act from family members for a family portrait when they are already family members?

family portrait poses act like family

Well, if you stay far from your family members, you will still then remain a member of the family, but when you are standing for a family portrait with your family members, then you must bring your members closer keeping no gap between any two persons. It is the act as a family member. For any family portrait photography, this should be the first family portrait ideas for making a great family portrait poses.

2. Hands Together

Never miss this portrait poses for a family portrait photography. These family portrait ideas can be used in many ways. It will be better if all the members of the family are walking along the beach and holding their hands together.

family portrait poses hands together

Repeat this pose is changing positions of the family members. They may make a circle by holding their hands. You can also keep one person inside the ring. Like, if there are more family members, then you may follow the senior most inside the circle or the junior most inside the circle.

3. Family Triangle

The family triangle is another fascinating family portrait poses for family portrait photography. How can family portrait ideas like this be done? Well, suppose you have five members in the family. Then keep the two members preferably the parents at the front.


Then keep the next two behind them and a bit closer. Finally, the rest member will be at the middle holding his/ her head at the middle and top. So, these heads will make a formation like a triangle. Family portrait poses like this is also known as pyramid pose.

4. Be Seated

know, if you are a photographer, then you will surely tell your clients to sit down for any kind of pose or if you are the subject then definitely you will sit with your family members for a pose. But how to sit, where to sit? Select something meaningful where you can sit.

family portrait poses sitting pose

Keep something at your background which is meaningful. Like, you can sit on the root of a big tree, you can keep your house as background, etc. Kids can be held on the lap as well.

5. Eyes in the Same Line and Direction

In almost all the family portrait poses you all will look towards the lens. It fulfills the heading of this paragraph. However, a difference in family portrait ideas can be easily made. Suppose something is exciting and meaningful around you.

family portrait poses: eyes on same direction

Like, there is a very nice place and a house around you. All the members may look towards that and pose for the photo. Here you are suggested to keep that thing in your frame using your judgment. Try to maintain the rule of thirds in this case, but the main focus should be on the family.

6. Shadow and Silhouette

Don’t neglect the shadow always while photographing. Sometimes shadows play a vital role in photography. Capturing shadows should be included in your family portrait ideas. Family portrait poses can be done for making shadows.

family portrait poses shadow

In this case, you should stand in the way so that it makes a meaningful shadow thus depicts the structure of the family. A photographer may or may not take both the shadow and the main subject. But, it is better to capture in both ways so that you can compare at the end and select the best family portrait photography.

7. Back Against Back

More than one member of the family is enough to make family portrait poses keeping back against the back of each other. It can be utilized in many ways. Parents may sit leaning against each other end and holding the children at their front. They may also keep one at each other.

If there are more members, then a circle can be made a bigger one. With the extended legs at the front after sitting, keeping their back against each other, a big ring can be made.

8. Lying on the Ground

Grounds with grasses are suitable for family portrait photography. Family portrait poses can be done here quickly. Just lie down there. You can maintain some formations for this kind of family portrait ideas. However, this is not mandatory. The critical point is, you need to remain close. The photographer should also take the photo from the ground level.

family portrait poses lying on the ground

Family portrait poses sometimes becomes for both photographer and subject. Here, the photographer should also not miss lying down to capture their photo. By the way, the photographer has just to take the photo from the ground level, lying down does not affect the photo.  

9. Play with the Kids

family portrait poses playing with the kids

Kids are ornaments of the family. Family portrait poses can’t be imagined without kids. Kids play a vital role in family portrait ideas. Nowadays, kids are used to with the cameras from the very initial days after they start understanding a little bit.

Play with the kids and ask them to pose for a photo. If they don’t understand even, keep on capturing. Those candid moments of the kids will be great portrait photography.  

10. Individual Items

There are certain items which have different owners. In a family, there are certain items like that. Family portrait poses can be done with this as well. For example, in a family of four members, the father goes to the office with a bag, mothers cooks in the kitchen, elder child studies, and the younger plays with toys. So, make them stand with their items and shoot a photo. Using this idea, you can find out some more family portrait ideas.  

11. Baby on Air

We all know that from long before people tried to fly. They always wanted to fly. Today with the blessing of science we can fly in many ways. But, I think people want to fly before they understand about flying.  Take a baby, throw him on the air and catch him again.

family portrait poses baby on air

I am sure most of the babies will enjoy that. You do once; the baby will make its face which will demand the repetition of the same. Let’s come to the main point, do the same with a baby and capture it from different. It adds a new item to family portrait poses.

12. Hugs 

It brings happiness and inner peace. The same way hugs bring family portrait poses. Father hugging mother, father/ mother hugging the kids or anything else is an excellent subject for family portrait photography.  If you can shoot candid, then it will be best. Try to focus the facial expression while hugging because the facial expression will tell the meaning of hugging.

family portrait poses hugs

13. Ascending Line

Youngest at the front, eldest at the rear, others at the middle maintaining the serial. It is one sequence. Again, the tallest member at the back and shortest at the front. Make an ascending line and capture the photo. Family portrait poses like this makes great family portrait photography. This line can be made not only by standing, but you can also sit in a place and make the same formation.

family portrait poses ascending line

14. One Pose Everyone

I am sure that you have seen a military parade. In a military parade photo, you will see that all are in the same pose. I am not telling you to pose like the military people. But, you all may make the same pose. Let’s make you understand with an elementary example. Suppose there is a wall on the balcony of your house. You all have kept your elbow on that and held your palm on your cheeks. It can be one of a family portrait poses.

family portrait poses same pose

15. Look Towards Each Other

While doing family portrait poses you must sometime look towards each other. Suppose in a frame there is a family where there are a father mother and a baby. So, the father may see towards the baby, and at that time the mother may keep her eyes on her husband.

family portrait poses looking towards each other

This idea from family portrait ideas works better to make an excellent family portrait photography. One thing to mention is that a smile should be added to every face while looking at each other.

16. Baby with Old

I always like the combination of old and new, and I always suggest to others to combine in this way. Baby with old makes a significant moment. This moment is a subject to be captured.

family portrait poses baby and old

If you look closely, then you will find a strange expression both on the face of the baby and the old person. The old person will give a surprised and nostalgic look, and the baby will provide a stunning look. Never miss this idea from your family portrait ideas.

17. Family Dress/ Shoes

Father mother and their baby make a family. There might be more members of the family. Their dresses will usually become identically different because of their age and choices. Sometimes you do not need to pose for family portrait poses.

family portrait poses shoes

Your these dresses or shoes can perform that. For many, it may not be a family portrait to them. But, I consider this idea as one of the family portrait ideas.

18. Heads on Heads

Already I have mentioned that family portrait poses demand closeness. How far close you can be? Well, there should not be any gap between the family members. In this point, there is another idea among the family portrait ideas. Suppose you are capturing a family portrait photography by making a triangle, now you can make a slight adjustment of the heads of the family members.

family portrait poses heads on heads

The person who is sitting or standing side by side will keep their heads together, and those who are at the back will keep their chin on the heads of their front persons. It will give the closest possible pose for the family members.

19. Be Regular Sometimes

For family portrait photography you don’t need to pose always. Family portrait poses should be vibrant. Your family portrait ideas should be such so that it gives a live look. As a photographer, you should sometime allow your clients to continue their normal activities.

family portrait poses candid

You should endeavor to capture their lively moments then. If you are the subject of photography, then you should also follow this idea. Most of the photographer will capture some of your regular activities on their own. It is otherwise called candid photography. I always consider Candid as one of the poses for family portrait poses.  

20. Pose for a Drone Shot

So far many family portraits pose as part of family portrait ideas have been discussed. Many of these can be done from a different perspective which will make a very stunning family portrait photography. The only requirement is a drone.

family portrait poses for drone

Lying on the ground, back against the back, shadow, etc. can be shot with a drone as well. All family portrait poses can be performed with this idea. A photographer may have an endeavor to use a drone for making his family portrait ideas great.

Final Words

Family portrait poses are fundamental nowadays as family portrait photography has become very demanding for every family. Family portrait photography tips will let you know the norms and ways to capture family portrait photography.

But you need to know all the family portrait ideas and family portrait poses for making an outstanding family portrait photography. I hope, this article will help you to learn a few family portrait poses which will further help you to invent something new on your own.


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