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Top 20 Best News Apps for Android

The news is a vital part of the entertainment. Today we will discuss top 20 Best News Apps for Android for the recreation purpose. The Internet has changed the lifestyle with some important news apps. Now you are more updated with all types of news. There is tons of news but picking the best one is so tricky. It is not possible to install all the newspaper apps. So we have collected the best news app for Android to make you happier.

Best News Apps For Android

There are lots of newspaper apps, but all the apps do not provide real information. In this article, we will give you the top 20 best news App for Android 2019. All that apps were chosen based on the number of install, download, review, and popularity.

1. Google News App

Google News AppGoogle news app is a smart app to provide the related latest news. It can take care of your chosen story. Google news app offers the full context and gives you everything by highlighting different perspective. It provides quality content from any credible content.

Google news app provides all types of news like sports, entertainment, gossip, politics and many more. More than a million people given the positive feedback about this app since it is an international hub, so some people think that its local news is annoying.

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2. Flipboard: News for Our Time

Flipboard- News for Our TimeFlipboard is an award-winning one of the best news apps for Android and smartphone. More than one million people use this excellent news app to know their favorite news. It gathers news, popular stories, conversation, and important breaking news. Investment time on Flipboard to get the report is the wise decision.

Flipboard helps you to read a story from the best publisher. You can collect stories from a different source and create your magazine. It is good to discover your interest from this all newspaper app.

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3. BBC News App for Android

BBC News App for AndroidBBC news app is one of the best news apps for android. It is a wing of BBC News. This app brings you the real and accurate news from BBC and another network of journalists. It offers BBC news, BBC radio and other galleries of BBC.

The essential features include top stories, my personalized news, big news, video, audio, and image. It can push you latest and relevant news. You can have the videos over the 3G and Wi-Fi network. Offline experience, font control, related stories, and associated topics are some other favorite features of BBC news.

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4. CNN Breaking US & World News

CNN Breaking US & World NewsCNN Breaking news app is another awesome best news app to give you real information. It shows you what is happening outside the world. You can create a custom alert setting to stay informed without being overwhelmed. This app helps you to see CNN, CNNi or HLN television at any time and anywhere.

CNN news app tells you in-depth stories of world breaking news. It offers video on demand and lives TV for US citizen. You have to log in with US satellite or cable provider to get unlimited viewing.

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5. Feedly – Smarter News Reader

Feedly - Smarter News ReaderEach day a thousand people use Feedly on their Android phone or tab. With Feedly, you can easily organize your blog, Youtube and publication to use news more efficiently.

People use Feedly to read the blog, learn the news, and track keywords. It can connect more than 40 million feeds. It helps you to discover feeds in one place. Feedly offers useful integration with Facebook, Buffer, Twitter, Evernote, and one notes. It believes the speed of simplicity. So it is one of the best news apps.

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6. Reddit: Social News, Trending Memes & Funny Videos

Reddit- Social News Trending Memes & Funny VideosReddit is a secure network having more than 100k communities. It can think, discuss, laugh and dig deep into some special topics that matter you. Reddit is free and open for everyone to read, review and share any types of relevant news. You can easily chat with the online group with this app.

The user of Reddit join a discussion, upload photo, and contribute stories with a natural process. This app consistently updates its content and user group get a benefit. It is one of the most benevolent social sharing app for news lovers.

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7. BuzzFeed: News, Tasty, Quizzes

BuzzFeed- News- Tasty- QuizzesBuzzfeed is one of the buzzing apps for social sharing and collecting stories. It is a mix of Quizzes, best News, trending articles, delicious Tasty recipes, and fun videos. You can use the explore tab to drive versatile news. There is a trending option to see the viral story.

This app provides you comment and reaction button to get your opinion. Push notification can make you updated. One tap can share on Facebook, Viber, and other social media.

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8. The Guardian: Top Stories, Breaking News & Opinion

The Guardian- Top Stories, Breaking News & OpinionThe Guardian is one of the best breaking news apps to provide real and accurate news. It gives you access to politics, business, and sports. This app offers breaking news directly to your phone.

The Guardian is a news app of top stories and award-winning journalism. All the news and feed of it is customizable. It supports all sports like NFL to F1. This app has a premium version to give you another flavor.

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9. Yahoo Sports – scores, stats, news, & highlights

Yahoo Sports - scores, stats, news, & highlightsYahoo news app is one of the beautiful and best news apps for Android and smart gadget. Now watching NFL game is so accessible from your phone and tab. Yahoo sports app is the fastest means to reach the news, scores, and stats of sports.

Yahoo sports app keeps you updated about all types of games like MLS, NFL, NHL, NCAA, MLB, NBA and many more. Now you will be more updated on cricket, football, and golf. It would help if you needed to sign in your yahoo account to get all features.

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10. Topbuzz Lite: Breaking News, Funny Videos & More

Topbuzz Lite- Breaking News, Funny Videos & MoreTopbuzz lite is another excellent best news apps for android, tab and any other smart gadget. It is a funny news app to make you laugh. It has powerful artificial intelligence to provide you with the relevant news.

If you use Topbuzz lite, you will be a news expert because of its in-depth service, and it’s easy to scroll feed aggregates all the headlines in a single platform. Finally, it is full of fun!

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11. USA Today

USA TodayUSA today is such an app to keep all the nation at your palm. The experienced, mind-blowing news coverage gives you the extra flavor of news. You can personalize your story, video and whatever you like.

If you turn on the notification of this app, you will be first of your friends to know the latest news. In this app, there are opportunities to play games. This app highlights celebrities.

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12. ESPN

ESPN News AppESPN is a live gaming app to provide you live score, sports news, and much other relevant news. This app dramatically changes and update by a fraction of second. You can get easy access to your favorite team news with this app.

ESPN serve the news of College Football, NBA, MLB, NFL, College Basketball games and more. You can subscribe to your favorite ESPN postcard to know and listen to the sports news. The sports analysis of ESPN team makes it one of the best news apps for Android.

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13. Microsoft News

Microsoft News AppMicrosoft News is one of the most trusted breaking news networks to provide you accurate news. It offers in-depth news and story behind the incident. It can sync your choice from desktop to your smartphone.

Microsoft News has more than 100 publishers over a dozen countries. It carries content from over 3000 brands. Microsoft provides meaningful news from a trustworthy source.

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14. World Newspaper Apps

World Newspaper AppsWorld newspaper apps give you the opportunities to read all the latest report by a blink of the eye. It has the customization facilities of popular, trending and the most recent release of your country. The UI of this app is fantastic to use.

The World Newspaper App cover more than 150 countries from over 6000 sources. Some important features include reader mode, offline mode, favorite and bookmark options, browser and translate service. It does not annoy you showing ads.

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15. Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera EnglishAl Jazeera English is another best news apps for Android and smart gadget. This app provides live on-demand news without any cost. It also has the breaking news option with push notification.

You can customize the home screen with Al Jazeera app to make you more updated. It provides 24 hours access with audio and video streaming. You can browse all categories news within no time. There is an option to share the story whatever you like.

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16. CNET: Best Tech News, Reviews, Videos & Deals

CNET- Best Tech News, Reviews, Videos & DealsCNET tech news app is one of the best tech news apps to provide you with technological news. It is no 1 source of news about technology. It combines all technological editorial and significant story.

CNET mainly derives the decision to purchase any technological product. It is a collection of self-drive tech survey. It is user interaction based app.

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17. News Republic – Breaking and Trending News

News Republic android appThe News Republic is powered by artificial intelligence. It delivers world local news, daily breaking news, and viral headlines. The News Republic collect news from more than 250 authorized source. In a single app, you will get gossip, sports, politics, technology and more.

The News Republic had the option of editors choice which is appropriated by google user. It is easy to get access and set up in this app. Its artificial intelligence can personalize your selection. It also shows the videos on its newsfeed.

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18. SmartNews: Breaking News Headlines

SmartNews-Breaking News HeadlinesSmart News is one of the best news apps for Android. It is an award-winning app which had more than 35 million active installations over 100+ countries. Smart news delivers high-quality news headline and breaking news from qualified news publishers. It is an excellent free and popular news app.

In this Smart News app, there are the options for notification for breaking news. Its readability mode offers optimum news reading experience. It has offline news reading options. In Japan, it is the best news apps for Android.

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19. Fox News – Breaking News, Live Video & News Alerts

Fox News – Breaking News, Live Video & News AlertsFox news is one of the best news apps to make you update. It allows you to show the story on demand at anywhere and anytime. Fox news is good for politics, sports, and entertainment. It has 24/7 breaking news service.
Most of the news of fox news app is relevant and formatted. It connects directly with the latest trending news headline. You may like its video, slideshow and formatted content.

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20. Economic Times: Market News

Economic Times - Market NewsEconomic Times is one of the best news apps for Android. If you are fond of knowing economic, share market news, then you can use this beautiful app. It covers the story of Finance, Stock Market, Business, Sensex – BSE India, Nifty- NSE India, Personal Finance, Business News and Economy News as they happen.

This news app has relation with BSE, NCDEX, NSE, Sensex, Nifty, and MCX. It allows home screen widget and keeps updated all times. As a business person, you must have this app.

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Final thought of best news apps for Android

There are millions of best news apps for Android to make you updated. Finding the best one is difficult. So our analysis may help you to find your required one. However, we will keep on updating this article to provide you with more satisfaction. If you are more interested to know weather please have a look into best weather apps for Android.

What is your choice?

If you are a journalist, you may not choose such a few apps. You may select a different one. Please suggest us by comments of your choice. However, you may express your feelings on emotions regarding this article.


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