Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator App for Android to Fast Calculate

Scientific calculator app for Android can easily convert to your Android phone into a scientific calculator or financial calculator. On the other hand, hardly you will get any people who do not carry a smartphone. It is not possible to bring the calculator everywhere. Taking it as capital, many Android developers developed a scientific calculator app to solve the articulated problem.

Top 10 Best Scientific calculator App for Android

A calculator is an essential element for all students. You can install a free calculator app or a financial calculator app. So, you will get a good flavor of mathematics. You will not feel the trouble to calculate. However, out of a thousand scientific calculator app for Android, we have discussed the most popular ten apps.

1. HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER Scientific CalculatorThe HiPER Scientific Calculator is a popular Android calculator app with a high user rating and a rapidly growing download. This calculator app has 15 digits significand with an additional three-digit exponent. In its paid version, it has up to 100 significant figures and nine-digit exponents.

The calculator has several layouts and various screen sizes. If you use tab, then expand, compact for smartphone, and pocket for the small device. It shows the previous history and provides access to the last result. The functions of this calculator are basic arithmetic operations, percentage, modulo, negation, fractions, mixed numbers, operator priority, repeated actions, complex numbers, and many more.

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2. Scientific Calculator

Scientific CalculatorThis App is one of the free calculator apps to calculate your desired calculation. It has both scientific calculator mode and general calculator mode. Some critical functions like covers angles, degrees, logarithms, exponential (inverse), and radiant equations can solve this app. The students can solve them all calculation easily with this Fraction Calculator App.

There are percentage finding options, delete history option, functions in degrees, radians, grads, and fixed-point display mode options in this financial calculator app. The standard tasks like necessary calculations like addition, minus, subtraction also have in this app. As a science student, you must have this scientific calculator app on your smartphone.

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3. Advanced fx calculator 991 es plus & 991 ms plus

Advanced fx calculator 991 es plus & 991 ms plusAdvanced fx calculator can calculate all types of mathematical operations. The functions of this calculator include matrix and vector calculations, complex number calculations, statistics, and 40 metric conversions. Some standout features are fractions, formulas, square roots, and other expressions. This scientific calculator app for Android supports most of the highlights of 500, 570 vn plus, 82es & 991 es, 82ms & 82 ms, 991 es plus, 991 ms.

This app has both natural and textbook displays. Matrix, vector calculation, calculus, and random integer are easy to solve with this app. It supports conversion between polar and rectangular coordinates. This app generates combinations, random numbers, permutations, LCM, and GCD.

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4. Scientific Calculator free

Scientific Calculator freeScientific Calculator free is an easy-to-use scientific calculator app for Android to perform a mathematical operation. This app can solve all types of basic math operations, trigonometric operations, hyperbolic operations, logarithmic operations, complex number operations, and matrix Operations. You can use it as a graphing calculator.

By the arrow key of this app, you can browse history. The HEX, BIN, DEC, and OCT calculation is easy to solve with this app. The calculator shows a maximum of two ads a day.

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5. Scientific Calculator

Scientific CalculatorThe Scientific Calculator is another beautiful Scientific Calculator app for Android to calculate all types of mathematical operations. You can efficiently operate this app without any hassle. It is prevalent on Google Play.

If you analyze the review of this app, you will find thousands of negative comments. Undoubtedly there is some good reason to download and install it. As a general student, you may use Scientific Calculator. You can transfer your math solution with Android File Transfer Apps.

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6. Stellar Scientific Calculator

Stellar Scientific CalculatorStellar Scientific Calculator app is one of the most realistic and well-designed apps for mathematics students. The layout of this app is easy to use. It looks like a real hand-held calculator. Its function includes fractions, advanced statistics, complex numbers, and history & memory registers. This scientific calculator mimics the user interface and the design to that of a real one.

Permutation and combinations, Arithmetic functions & Trigonometric functions are so easy to solve by this app. Some critical features include Algebraic input, Fraction calculations, and Log Functions. It supports Copy & pastes Clipboard and multiple calculations at the same time. You can record your calculation using Screen Recording Apps.

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7. HiEdu Scientific Calculator: Fx-570vn Plus

HiEdu Scientific Calculator: Fx-570vn PlusHiEdu Scientific Calculator is a simple but powerful calculator as well as a unit converter. You can solve Math, Physics, and Chemistry Formulas, graphs, and equations with this app. This perfect tool can add a bill and convert measurement. It is such a scientific calculator that has Casio fx570ms, fx570esplus, 570vnplus features.

This app can browse the history and select to edit previous math. You can create a favorite calculation to make the solution faster. It is one of the Best Educational Apps to solve your mathematical problem. This HiEdu Scientific Calculator has more than 1000 formulas to solve your desire problem. There are many beautiful themes to make peace on your mind.

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8. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific CalculatorRealCalc Scientific Calculator is one of the most popular financial calculator apps. It has more than 20 million downloads and 100000 high reviews. It looks like the original handheld calculator. Besides history, memory, and converter function, it has all other standard capacities. It also supports binary, octal, and hexadecimal calculation.

The RealCalc has 12 digit calculation facilities. Unit conversion, percentage, ten memory, binary to hexadecimal number. It supports an external keyboard. This app support multi-windows and drag and drop features. User customization is possible with this app.

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9. Scientific Calculator 995

Scientific Calculator 995Scientific Calculator 995 is an excellent calculator which has more than 76 functions. Some math functions include addition, subtract, multiply, divide, correct Order of Operations (M, D, A, S), Parenthesis, and constant Feature. Some advanced math functions are changing Sign (+/-), X^2/Square Root, X^3/Cube Root, Exponents (^key)/Powers of 10, xth Root, Pi, and Percent Calculations.

This app also can solve Fraction, Mixed Numbers, Simplification, Trigonometry, Hyperbolic Functions, Statistics, and many more. As a science student, you can install this app. You may consider it as a financial calculator app.

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10. Free engineering fx calculator 991 es plus & 92

Free engineering fx calculator 991 es plus & 92This app is another essential financial calculator app for students. It can solve all the features of 500 es, 500 ms, 570 ms, 570 es, 991 es, 991 ms, and 82 ms & 82 es. It has an advanced engineering design for all engineering components. The natural display of this app can show all of your desired calculations.

The excellent app can use as a financial calculator app. It has more than 500 functions. The other features are List-Based STAT Data Editor, Table Function, Matrix, Vector Calculations, and 40 Metric Conversions. We can tell you that it is a must-have app.

Final Thought of Scientific calculator app

At the present age, scientific calculators have already been replaced with apps on Android phones. But the problem is the examination hall does not allow you to use the mobile phone. However, you can use it on an emergency basis.

What is your choice?

We already described best Best Scientific calculator app for Android 2019. You may not choose any one of those. No problem, you may use any other calculator app. Please recommended us if you use any other financial calculator app. If you are an app developer, you may request to add your creation. Please comment, share or express your emotions.

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