Apps Review Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android To Tone Up Your Body

Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android To Tone Up Your Body

Good fitness and health is the key element for becoming happy in life. Daily workout makes our mind cheerful and helps us to concentrate on our work. But in the era of mobile technology, it’s challenging to get time as well personal willingness to go out for regular exercise or gym. And we all know gym membership and personal trainer is too much expensive. So how do you do our daily exercise and ensure body fitness? Here smart Fitness Apps or workout apps for Android device can play an important role to ensure our daily fitness workout.

Best Workout Apps For Android

There are lots of good and best workout apps for Android available in the market, but here I will be sharing some top rated and best workout apps which will definitely help you to maintain a regular body fitness via interactive gym instructions. And above all, it will be very inexpensive as well as effective and easily understandable. Note that this list is not following any particular order rather a generic list of some of the best workout apps for Android device. Before going into the gym apps list, you should check my recently written two best compilation on best educational apps and best quit smoking app for Android.

1.  Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & BodybuildingThis fitness app will let you leave your fitness and bodybuilding instructor. It offers a wide variety of fitness exercises supported by text instruction, interactive images, and videos. This app will keep all the data into a built-in calendar about every workout exercises and let you know how you improve.

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2.  7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout7 Minute Workout is one of the best and top rated fitness and workout apps for Android available in the google play store. More than 7+ million users are daily using this amazing workout app with satisfaction. If you want to lose your weight, get a six-packed tummy, improve core muscles, and strengthen the abdominal muscles, then this fitness app is the perfect match for you.

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3.  Abs workout 

Abs workoutThis fitness app is one of the best workout apps for Android which is solely designed for improving and making a perfect Six pack abs within 42 days. But remember that you have to follow the instruction every day for completing six exercises. It’s not an alternative of trained gym instructor rather before using this workout app; you must take advice from your gym instructor about how to do all those.

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4.  Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer

Gym Workout Tracker & TrainerThis gym workout app is a complete package for both beginner and professional. It will act as your personal trainer and improve overall body fitness. All the body fitness instructions are well supported by interactive images and high-quality, easy understanding videos. This fitness and health app will let you maintain a steady routine of daily exercises and show your active improvements.

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5.  Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts

Total Fitness - Gym & WorkoutsIf you have less time to go gym or seem that gym is too expensive, then this Total Fitness app is perfect for you if offers a complete package of gym instruction and how to use that, in an easy and step by step guidelines. More than 100+ exercises help you to gain your ultimate body shape and strength.

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6.  Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Google Fit - Fitness TrackingMobile technology becomes an integrated part of our daily life. So why don’t we use it as fruitful as possible? Here google fit comes into action with its versatile and useful features. This app tracks everything like running, walking, cycling, etc. and shows how much calories and weight did we lose in a day. It will keep all the records like speed, pace, route, elevation, and much more to motivate us in every moment for remaining on track. If you are a Google fan, then don’t miss to install this fitness app on your Android device.

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7.  Ultimate Full Body Workouts 

Ultimate Full Body WorkoutsDo you want to get your body shaped faster and easier? Then you must use this fitness app in your home. This app will let you practice a wide range of exercise scientifically covering the whole body. It first enables you to learn of dynamic warm up, then goes for exercise followed by a cool-down routine. This fitness and health app is a good alternative to any expensive gym machines and membership.

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8.  Fitness Buddy: 300+ Exercises

Fitness Buddy: 300+ ExercisesFitness Buddy is a comprehensive exercise planning app which is widely appreciated by various health and tech magazines like ESPN, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, etc. as one of the best and popular workout apps available out there. It replaces your gym membership, personal trainer, or even all the expensive gym materials because this app is all in one of all the physical exercises which are easy to follow on your own.

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9.  30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

30 Day Fit Challenge Workout30 Day Fit Challenge Workout app offers a proven and scientific method of a set of instructions and exercise guidelines for improving the health and fitness and overall lose weight effectively. This fitness app is well synced with google fit so you can get all the statistics of the daily workout, burning calories, walking and running speed, etc.

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10.  Runtastic Running & Fitness 

Runtastic Running & FitnessIn this fitness and health app, the modern Artificial Intelligence learning is integrated to provide the users with all the important customize info about daily workouts. It let you learn about distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned & more for activities such as running, jogging, biking & walking using GPS. This app is all in one fitness app which offers personal fitness tracking, real voice coach guidelines, daily and yearly workout goals, and much much more. This fitness app is one of the best workout apps for Android until now.

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Final Thought 

All the above workout apps for Android will definitely help you to maintain health and fitness, but you must have a strong and effective willing power and self-dedication to getting success to keep the body fit.

What’s Your Favorite? 

I hope you did like the top best workout apps list. Did I miss any other best fitness and health apps to include here? If I, then let me know and share your experiences and any suggestions for using fitness apps in the comment section.



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