Top 20 Fishing Apps for Android to Use Outdoor

Fishing is a favorite pastime for many people. It is a popular outdoor activity that relaxes and re-energizes you. Enjoy it with friends and family. Many parents go angling with their kids to have a good time. Any age group can try out this activity. Angling can be a good hobby, a way to earn money, or even bring home some tasty seafood to eat. This is the perfect article if you are new to angling or an avid angler. Find out in our article the 20 best fishing apps for Android.

What is Fishing?

Catching Fish with a rod, hook, and line is an activity. Many people try angling to pass their free time. Others catch Fish to have them as seafood. Some earn money by selling Fish in the market. Many free fishing apps for Android phones help you with angling. You can use these applications to learn how to become an angler. 

Is Fishing a Good Hobby?

Fishing can be a relaxing game that eases your mind and body. It acts as a stress reliever for many people after a hectic day. It calms your soul when you are in nature. The soothing sounds of water waves make you happy. You can even wear your diving suits and catch some seafood in the blue waters. Nothing is as relaxing as angling in the wilderness. 

Some of its other benefits are-

  • It is a good exercise.

Angling means working out in a fun way. Looking for the perfect angling spot on foot is like performing cardio. It can help to improve the posture of your body. Throwing the angling rod and line in the water needs strength. It is suitable for your muscles as you exercise your biceps and triceps.

  • Fishing improves mental health.

Angling is also good for your mental health. There is an opportunity for some quality time with your loved ones. Your mind is at peace when you are in a peaceful atmosphere. You will have a good night’s sleep after coming home.

  • Fishing gives a sense of achievement.

It is not an easy job to catch a fish. Fishing takes a lot of patience, strength, and preparation. A successful day at angling will boost your confidence. You will feel a sense of joy and pride. 

  • You get to travel to many places.

Angling is a way to visit many different places. It is a gateway to an adventurous trip. You do not have to stay in one designation for angling. You can rent a boat to Fish in the lakes or rivers.

Can you make money from hobby fishing?

Definitely! It is one of the common ways of making money. If you run short of cash, go out and catch some fish. Everybody loves seafood. You can sell some in the market and get some decent money. Many professional anglers make a living out of it. All you need is some practice. Then you will be ready to earn some cash from the activity. 

Top 20 Fishing Apps for Android to Use Outdoor

Everything you need to know about angling is on your Android phone. Check out our list of the best fishing apps for Android in 2022 to level up your angling skills.

1. FishAngler

FishAngler fishing apps for AndroidFishAngler deserves the #1 spot for the saltwater fishing app. The application is perfect for professional and amateur anglers. It helps you find ideal spots for angling with detailed map layers. You will get access to real-time angling forecasts. Record your catches with automatic logs. You can fill in the details with date, time, water temperatures, weather, sun and moon phases, etc.

The application offers free service to its users. It tells you the best times for angling. The app features 45+ catch attributes to help you. Meet other fellow anglers and learn some angling tips from them. Share your catches and become famous in the community. Many photos, angling locations, and angling reports are stored in the database. Learn about different kinds of water bodies such as oceans, lakes, etc.

Key Features

  • FishAngler provides detailed descriptions of different fish species.
  • Get access to information like wave directions and angling tides.
  • Learn about the most used lures, bait, hooks, and flies.
  • You can decide whether to share your catches or keep them private.

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2. Boating Marine & Lakes

Boating Marine & Lakes fishing apps for AndroidBoating Marine & Lakes is a Fishing App for Android. Use it for angling, diving, sailing, and other water activities. The application provides marine charts and maps to find angling locations. You get access to detailed nautical charts for different marine areas. Detailed chart layers are also provided offline. You can try out all the features on their free version for a limited time. 

You can access millions of sonar logs by other boaters in the Sonarchart section. The application creates a beautiful social platform for boaters, anglers, and sailors. Share your profile, routes, markers, tracks, and live locations with the community. You can also view real-time weather reports based on hourly forecasts. The track timeline enables you to view your past trips. 

Key Features

  • Boating Marine & Lakes gives you access to local information from reliable sources.
  • The underwater topography is available, including lake bottoms and seafloors.
  • Detailed land maps and nautical charts help to locate angling spots.
  • Get suggestions for good routes with the Auto-routing feature. 

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3. Fish Rules

Fish RulesFish Rules include the basic angling regulations for the federal waters across America. You should follow these rules as a responsible citizen. Texas, Marine, California, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Hawaii all have angling rules. You get access to 1000+ fishing spots, reef locations, and their angling rules. You can now have all the required details in your Android application. 

Find out the regulations in your current location. All you need to enter is the longitude or latitude. You can take pictures of your catches and record them in logs. You can also share these pictures with others to show off your angling skills. Clear illustrations of different species help you to identify your catch. The application lets you view your previous catches to become better at angling. 

Key Features

  • Fish Rules provides the most updated regulations for the users. 
  • You get access to maps, locations, and waypoints for angling.
  • Illustrations help to identify your catch.
  • The location filter will tell you the angling rules for your present location. 

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4. Fish Deeper

Fish Deeper Android fishing apps Fish Deeper is famous for its pleasing user experience. Many options let you create a personalized sonar display for angling. You can also select an angling mode from Standard, Ice, Onshore, and Boat to get varying sonar displays. The application performs advanced scanning with beam angle. The feature will tell you the size of an area with in-depth scanning. So, download the application to improve your catch rate.

The application includes tools to identify the best time and place for angling. It measures water depths to help locate targets. You can mark these locations and note them down in log files. There are weather forecasts that get updated every two hours. You can then plan your day. From choosing the best location to the best time to angle, the application will be by your side. 

Key Features

  • Fish Deeper takes you deep into the waters with its advanced scanning technology. You can rewind and view the data.
  • Onshore mode lets you make bathymetric maps from the shore.
  • Customize sonar display from many different options.
  • You can access their official website from Android to view lake maps.
  • The application offers unlimited storage of data. So, store all your angling notes in your application for later use. 

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5. Fishidy

Fishidy Android fishing apps Fishidy finds the best spots and locations for angling. It is by a well-known industry called the Fishing Hot Spots. So, you can put all your trust in its accurate data as you hunt for some seafood. There are some fantastic tips and tricks to help you with angling. The application includes some of the top U.S. destinations perfect for anglers. Please do not wait any longer and download the application to try its features.

The application now has 1+ million users who constantly share their success stories. Find out ideal spots to use your angling rod and line. You can keep records of your successful catching patterns for future reference. Information is available on weather conditions and mappings of vegetation. The premium version will give you access to coordinates and expert tips on angling. 

Key Features

  • Fishidy provides navigation help and depth contours.
  • You will know the best times for Fish to take the bait.
  • Join the community and connect with other anglers.
  • Offline maps are available to access from remote locations. 
  • Accurate data on locations show the most productive waters for angling. 

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ANGLR fishing apps Anglr is a fishing report app for Android. Study previous reports and data on angling to find more success on the water. Tracking accessories are available for sale within the application. You can use the Bullseye feature to record waypoints and catches—the Abu Garcia Virtual Rod option stores important angling information for you. You will have all the information and resources to prepare for the water hunt. 

Anglr features many videos on angling adventures. You will get access to analytics and data trends on angling. Learn some common angling patterns for a successful hunt. A GPS routing feature provides detailed waypoint information to you. You can add, delete, edit, or share these waypoints with others. The application keeps all your spots private by default. 

Key Features

  • Anglr includes trip analytics, angling statistics, and historical data in its database. 
  • It provides weather forecasts and water patterns for a successful angling trip.
  • You can save photos and journal your catches in your logs.
  • You can also create a profile for your angling trips. Save all your favorite locations and performance details.

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7. Fishbrain

Fishbrain fishing apps for AndroidFishbrain has garnered 13+ million anglers across the globe. The application stores more than 10 million catches in its log file. You will learn the successful lures and baits with accurate angling predictions. You can journal your trip’s detail strip in your private angling Log. It also acts as a forecasting and mapping tool to give you a view of your trip. It should be in every angler’s Android to make hunting more convenient. 

This fishing App for Android features an advanced search engine. Use it to search for nearby species that you want to hunt down. You can also find the exact position for catching one with accurate data. The application currently has data on 130+ different species, including catfish. Bass, carp, trout, etc. All the information stored is on actual catch data. Learn to use the right bait and successfully engage with the application. 

Key Features

  • Fishbrain creates a platform for anglers to share their angling experience. 
  • Join the community to get valuable tips from the experts on angling.
  • Learn the best baits, the best gears, and the best places for angling. 
  • You can keep track of other anglers to know what they’re catching.
  • Trip suggestions help you organize an exciting angling trip with family. 

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8. Fishing / Angler Guide TIFNIT

Fishing / Angler Guide TIFNIT Android fishing apps Fishing / Angler Guide TIFNIT is to help anglers hunt in fresh and salt waters. It covers 5500+ spots for angling and provides detailed maps to guide you. Maps for tackle shops help to find angling tools from nearby places. Accurate predictions on weather and tides help you to make trip plans. You can use the save option to save angling spots and locations. Use the GPS feature to guide you to these saved places. 

The application calculates road distances to inform how far you are from the place. It also provides data on solunar phases and marine forecasts. Learn the major and minor times to feed and hunt the species with fish activity forecasts. Download the application and make it your companion for your adventurous trips. It provides guidelines to help you make the most out of your time. 

Key Features

  • The Fishing / Angler Guide TIFNIT provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset timings.
  • Learn the sun phases and moon phases with their accurate solunar data.
  • Guidelines help to prepare knots for angling.
  • You can calculate the distance to your destination and use GPS to guide you. 

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9. WeFish

WeFish Android fishing apps WeFish has all the tools and features to help you succeed in angling. You can track your improvement with a logbook and analyze your catches. Add details about your catches, including the species type, weather, and locations. The application helps you to view and study your previous catches. Find out all the hotspots for angling with nautical charts and maps. You can also use WeFish to buy equipment for your trips. 

The application knows when and where you should go for your hunt. It has the best angling forecasts to offer to its users. Choose an area on the map to get helpful information about that location. Learn about the popular species there and the effective bait to use on them. The application has over 500,000 catches in its database. The vast data helps to analyze and identify behavior patterns of water species. 

Key Features

  • WeFish includes meteorological data, including solunar phases, tides, wind, temperatures, etc.
  • Learn to use the most effective colors for lures for different species.
  • Take part in angling challenges to win discounts and attractive prices. 
  • You can use the Marketplace option to buy and sell various angling tools and equipment. 
  • Ask and get help from pro-anglers in the community.

10. Fishing Points

Fishing Points fishing apps for AndroidFishing Points helps you find your favorite angling spots, trolling paths, and trotlines. This fishing app for Android is a valuable tool for anglers on lakes, rivers, open seas, or lakes. Use it offline to view nautical data for boating. Weather forecasts and solunar phases help you find the best times for angling. Make a journal to keep a record of your catch details. Save photos, length, weight, and solunar information for your catches. 

The GPS guides you in the right direction to your destination. Nautical charts, compasses, and distance calculations ensure you stay on the right track. You can view some charts and maps offline from remote locations. Join thousands of others to enjoy the best satellite view with the application. It

Key Features

  • Fishing Points teaches you the best times for feeding the Fish.
  • It includes hourly updates on wave forecasts.
  • You will also find information about sea temperature and sea currents.
  • Detailed solunar data and prediction charts on weather and tides are also available. 

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FISHSURFINGFishsurfing is a free fishing app for Android phones. It is an excellent application for all angling enthusiasts across Europe. Fishsurfing welcomes all kinds of members in its vibrant community. Fishsurfing does not matter whether you are a beginner at angling or an expert. The application is for everyone to enjoy. The beginners join the community to learn from the experts. The experts join the community to teach and share their knowledge in angling. 

This fishing app for Android has the largest database of angling locations in Europe. You can plan your trips and share your experiences in the community. Local guides are everywhere to help you in your angling adventures. Never feel lonely when you have this Android application in your hand. It also lets you register your company profile for free. You can then advertise your stores and motels to the community. 

Key Features

  • Fishsurfing has a friendly community of members. They help each other out to become better anglers.
  • Follow your favorite anglers to view their pictures and blogs on their catches.
  • Get inspired by watching pro anglers catch Fish and share their adventures.
  • You can create or grow your business here by registering your company for free. 
  • Inspire others by sharing your tips and experiences with the community. 
  • The application contains 4000+ verified private grounds for angling, including lakes and rivers.
  • Local guides can help you arrange your accommodation for your next trip.
  • Learn about the public waters and angling rules for these places.

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12. Anglers’ Log

Anglers’ Log fishing apps for AndroidAngler’s Log is a digital logbook to track your catches and analyze them. You can manage your trips, dates, times, and more with Angler’s Log. Create journals to record species with locations and baits. Share your success stories with others on social media sites. 

Angler’s Log includes maps and spot coordinates for angling. It provides directions to help you reach your favorite angling spots. Detailed statistics enable you to analyze your catches. Anything you need for angling is right here in this application. 

Key Features

  • Angler’s Log can record locations, dates, anglers, catches, etc.
  • You can save photos of your catches and the baits you used for them.
  • Interactive maps display nearby hotspots for angling.
  • Create a gallery of pictures with all your successful catches and share them with others.

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13. Fishing Spots

 Fishing SpotsFishing Spots will find you all the local spots for angling. It provides a logbook to keep records of your catches. The application is free that shares tips on angling. Join their community of anglers to get inspired and learn from them. You can find maps, solunar forecasts, and weather information all in one application. 

Key Features

  • Fishing Spots include information on water temperatures, precipitation, and tides.
  • You can create your logbook with all your catch details.
  • Angling forecasts help to find the best angling times for feeding.
  • The application offers premium features without any subscription fees.
  • Make friends with other fellow anglers and your experiences with them.

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14. Fishing Knots

Fishing KnotsFishing Knots will teach you how to tie the knots for angling. Angling the knot is a crucial step to consider. If you fail to tie the knot, you lose your chance of catching a fish. So, check out the fishing knots apps for Android and achieve success on the water. The application teaches you everything about knots, hooks, lines, and their sizes. 

Key Features

  • Fishing Knots provides step-by-step guides for tying knots. 
  • It provides detailed descriptions for each type of knot.
  • You can run the application without using an internet connection.
  • You will enjoy the app’s simple user interface with clear instructions. 

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15. Fishing Times

 Fishing TimesFishing Times help to know the best times for angling. Daily weather and angling forecasts give accurate results. Determine the best days for angling with the help of these results. 

Key Features

  • Fishing Times includes angling forecasts for every species type.
  • It uses color codes to display angling times for different locations.
  • Find out the best days and places for hunting with forecast data
  • Find out local hotspots for angling with detailed maps. 

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16. FishTrack

FishTrack Android fishing apps Fish Track features sea temperature charts and weather forecasts for suitable angling times. You also get access to their global satellite imagery. Save catches and spots as your favorite waypoints.

Key Features

  • Fish Track lets you create routes and view distances for trips.
  • Save chart images for angling to view offline.
  • Solunar tables and marine weather forecasts help to improve your angling experience.
  • You can view your present location with or without an internet connection. 

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17. iAngler Tournament

iAngler TournamentiAngler Tournament operates and manages tournaments for angling. It is a popular fishing game app for Android phones. It stores data for environmental and marine research. Use the application to learn more about angling. You can also challenge yourself by taking part in the tournaments. 

Key Features

  • iAngler Tournament lists all the available tournaments for you to play.
  • Test your angling skills by taking part in outdoor activities.
  • You will receive messages about tournament activities.
  • Grab the chance to have hands-on learning through active participation in angling. 

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18. Fishing Times Free

Fishing Times FreeFishing Times Free comes with a simple user interface and easy configurations. You can read the solunar data and tide information without any difficulty. Improve your hunting skills with their accurate predictions. 

Key Features

  • Fishing Times Free offers a free version for seven days.
  • Blue bars represent the state of the tides.
  • Green bars display the best times for angling.
  • You can understand the solunar charts without any struggles.

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19. When to Fish

When to FishWhen to Fish is one of the best fishing spot apps for Android. It calculates and predicts the best weather and season for you to hunt. It offers a 7-day free trial for the premium membership. You will get daily forecasts on angling, wind, and solunar phases. The application is only for hunting in the freshwaters. 

Key Features

  • When to Fish can help you identify suitable times for angling.
  • You get hourly forecasts of the weather for today and tomorrow.
  • Find ideal spots for angling adventures.
  • Receive daily updates on solunar phases for the next three months. 

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20. Rippton

RipptonRippton is an all-rounder when it comes to fishing apps for Android. It lets you create a personal logbook with your catch details. Take help from maps to find spots suitable for angling. Real-time updates on angling forecasts help you make the most of your trips. Join the community and make friends with other anglers. Ask for tips and gain valuable insights on angling. 

Key Features

  • Rippton predicts the best times to take an angling trip.
  • You will receive forecasts on weather, tide, wind, and water temperatures.
  • Connect with like-minded people and share your experience with other anglers.
  • Play fun games to win discounts and prizes. 
  • You can use the application to control Rippton’s intelligent devices. These smart devices include a bait boat, an angling drone, and a fish finder. 

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Final Thoughts

If you feel bored by staying home, check out our Android fishing apps in 2022. You can take angling as a hobby or as a job. If you crave seafood, go out with friends and start angling. It is one of the best outdoor activities to enjoy. Let us know which one you like the best. Do not forget to share the article with your friends, family, and other anglers.

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