Photo Tech Top 10 Online Photo Editor for Outstanding Editing

Top 10 Online Photo Editor for Outstanding Editing

We all edit out photos before sharing or uploading for any purpose. Almost all the images need editing. Photography is an art, and photo editing is another category of art. If the editing is not a good one, then the photo may get spoiled or may not attain the standard which people look for. For editing purpose, we all use some apps. But, one app may not always fulfill your all demands. To satisfy your requirements, you need many apps at the same time. However, you can do it with an online photo editor.

Top 10 Online Photo Editor

In this article, I shall highlight some good online photo editor to ease up your photo editing. These will help you in both editings for developing your photography and photo enhancing for uploading to the social media. These were chosen after analyzing the popularity, features, usability, etc. I hope you will like them all.

1. Free Online Photo Editor

free online photo editorThe name itself says about it. This free online editor has a great option for editing your photographs. This site is straightforward for editing purpose. You can do all your basic level photo editing with this site. The page setup and layout is straightforward and easy to understand. Withing a concise place you will get everything you need for photo editing. This page contains ads, but these ads will never bother you while editing. With its all setup and output, this is one of the best online photo editors.

Important Features

  • Easy browsing.
  • Browse from URL.
  • Can upload and edit direct selfie with the device.
  • Provision of the blank image.
  • You can convert to any format.
  • Different categories of clipart are available.
  • All basic editing like crop, resize, flip, rotate, brightness, etc. are within one option.
  • Different types of preset enhancers with customization options.
  • An extensive collection of filters, effects, borders, and colors are available.

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2. Befunky Online Photo Editor

be funky editorBefunky gives you a fascinating way of editing photos with fun. You can edit your pictures with hundreds of amazing effects very quickly. This site has taken the photo editing to a new artistic level with its powerful way of editing. The editing has become very easy with its excellent tools. You will get enough flexibility in editing. There are much options in the site to give you comfortable editing with an outstanding output.

Important Features

  • Browsing can be done from the device, google drive, Facebook, Dropbox, Webcam.
  • You can save your output in the device, google drive, Facebook, Twiter and so on.
  • General and usual editings are in a single option.
  • With the touch-up option, you can make your skin perfect by removing wrinkles from face, fixing a blemish, and using bronzer, blush, flashpot and clone tools.
  • Eyes can be decorated with Mascara, Eye color, Eye brightener, Eyebrows pencil, fix red eye tools.
  • You can whiten your teeth and add lipstick.
  • In the ‘miscellaneous’ option, you can change hair color, and use Reshape, Pint brush, and Slimming tools.
  • There are more than 30 default effects.
  • There are around ten artistic effects which give a new dimension to the photo.
  • Around 15 different frames are available.
  • A vast number of badges are available to add with the photo.
  • Sixteen different overlays are available.
  • You can add text and texture with your photo.
  • The app also allows you to make collages and designs.

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3. Pizap

pizap editorThis is an all in one photo editor which provides many additional options with the basic editing. With the Pizap you can now bring your imagination into photo reality. This site has a user over 50 million with a vast collection of fonts, filters, stickers and more. No need to be an expert on Photoshop to use Pizap as the functions are too user-friendly. Besides basic editing, you will get enormous options for making stunning photos.

Important Features

  • Necessary edits that people usually search for sharing on social media are available here.
  • It has more than 100 unique filters to decorate your images artistically.
  • You can upload photos from your device or many other places on the internet.
  • A vast volume of stickers is available.
  • There are numerous fonts to add text with your photo.
  • The smooth and fantastic cut-out tool will help you to replace or place anything from or on your photo.
  • The outstanding frames will make your simple ash photo a unique one.
  • Now you can make funny meme easily with pizza meme tool.
  • Do you want to add paint? The paint tools are there to fulfill your desire.
  • Once you have finished your editing, you can save and share your photos to devices and social media’s very quickly.
  • The clone tools will help you to allow you to replace any element with anything within the photo.
  • Remove the wrinkles and age marks from the photo with the Touch Up tools.

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4. Fotor

fotorThis is a revolutionary photo editor, collage maker, and design maker website. This editor is outstanding for users with different languages as it covers all the main words around the world. You can have a personal account here for doing your editing and keeping your work safe. Fotor helps you to make your imagination photo and design with few clicks. More than 300 million people are using this site to get stunning photo edits.

Important Features

  • A vast collection of templates for your design.
  • Stickers and clip arts to make your more interesting.
  • Graphic design, Photo Montage, and Background tools under Design option.
  • Basic editing with 1 Tap Enhance option and Background remover tools.
  • Many photo effects including AI (Artificial Intelligence) effect.
  • Enhancing the beauty of the face by removing the problem of face and age marks.
  • Different collage making tools with additional Photo Stitching option.
  • HDR option.
  • Adding text, Frames and banner maker.
  • A photo can be edited after uploading from a device or any link.

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5. Pick Monkey Online Photo Editor

pickmonkey online photo editorPick Monkey is another best online photo editor with all essential tools to make a picture look amazing. Besides the standard editing tools, this editor contains many extraordinary and great functional tools. The editor is very user-friendly to navigate. You can initiate a free trial for seven days and can buy the Basic, Pro, and Team offers different features and prices. You can choose a plan which fits you.

Important Features

  • Photo editing with dozens of effects and filters.
  • Add and modify text.
  • Design business cards, different ads, and logos.
  • Add text, graphics, watermarks, and design announcements, invitation cards, and postcards.
  • Use more than 2,400 templates which are customizable.
  • More than 70 blank pre-set canvases.
  • You can create multi-photo designs.
  • Change color of the eye, whiten teeth, remove wrinkles with dozen of enhancement tools of Touch Up.
  • All changes will be saved as you progress.
  • You can access both from desktop and mobile.

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pho to is a free website which helps you to edit your photo without having complicated interfaces. You can very smoothly and effectively edit your pictures without facing any problem on this website. The basic operations which you need very often like cropping and rotating are made very easy-to-use, intuitive and fast. Besides this, you can use many filters and other effects to your photo for making it a great one. Let’s see the features.

Important Features

  • There are more than 600 creative photo frames, effects, and filters.
  • A fully automatic face retouch tool.
  • More than 40 stylish photo effects for face retouch.
  • Photo enhancement with a single click.
  • Solving the common digital problem of photos with a single click.
  • Upload a portrait and convert it into a cartoon character or animated gif.
  • Design and create different cards.
  • Provision of making avatars.
  • Select photo from disk, device storage, URL or from social media.

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7. Ipiccy

ipiccyIpiccy gives you everything to make your photo awesome. Edit photo, make a collage and create a design with Ipiccy online photo editor. It has many powerful and easy tools for editing your photo. You can make stunning photo collage with the natural means of Ipiccy photo editor. Besides editing photo, you can create awesome designs with this website. The editor is straightforward to use due to its simple and effective navigation system.

Important Features

  • You can open an image from device, webpage or the webcam.
  • The primary editor covers all the essential and additional tool you may need.
  • Photo enhancing is super easy.
  • There are a lot of filters.
  • You can use more than 50 effects.
  • Around 25 tools for face touch up.
  • You can add layers to your photo for editing.
  • You can work on the background of the photo as well.
  • Add paint effect on your photo with different tools.
  • Around 15 stunning frames.
  • More than ten texture customizable effects.
  • You can check the before and after effect at any time you want.

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8. Canva

canvaIf you want to make some excellent photo editing within a short time, and in a straightforward way then your choice must be Canva. This is a straightforward and simple photo editor. You can do all your basic editing with its straightforward and user-friendly navigation. The impressive features of Canva also allow you to create stunning designs within a short time. You can use the best graphics, photos, and fonts by merely searching and dropping them on your subject photo by dragging.

Important Features

  • Fifteen different stunning filters.
  • Comfortable brightness, saturation and contrast adjusting tools.
  • Simple cropping tools with different and customizable framing ratio.’
  • Resizing tools maintaining the ratio by locking the ratio.
  • Rotating and Flipping tools.
  • Speech bubble maker.
  • A delicate fade effect with Transparency tools.
  • Easy photo enhancer tools.
  • Blurring photo with Blur Slider tools.
  • Design Grid tools for stunning designs with photos.
  • Add different frames from the vast collection of frames.
  • Web designing with Web wireframe tools.
  • Sticker and badges tools.
  • Texture effect tools with massive collection from the vast library of Canva.

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9. Pixlr Editor

pixlr online photo editorPixlr is a great photo editor available online which can take you to the advanced level of editing with its numerous tools. Though it has a variety of editing tools, it has no complicacy to use. You can use everything without having advance knowledge of editing. Start your editing by uploading a photo from a device, computer or any website with URL. The good thing is that you can do all your editing free of cost.   

Important Features

  • Add, delete or modify different layers in the layer panel.
  • Check your history of editing, do and undo anything with the History Panel.
  • Wand Tools to select all the shapes automatically for editing, cutting, etc.
  • Gradient Tool for background effect.
  • Cloning tools for easily replacing and cloning anything on the frame.
  • Blur, Sharpen, Smudge, Sponge, Dodge, Burn, Spot Heal, Bloat, and Pinch Tools.
  • Colorpicker and Hand tools.
  • Zoom in-out option for better and precious editing.
  • Free Vector, Font, and Graphic Editor.

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10. Photo Mania

photo mania online photo editorPhoto Mania is for those people who often share their photos on social media because the editing in this online photo editor is suitable for uploading to the social media. The site is rich with many tools and facilities which are very simple to use, and anyone can use it without having advance editing sense. You can convert your photo to any situation like fun, romance, artistic, etc.

Important Features

  • Uploads from device or Facebook.
  • More than 40 stunning photo filters.
  • More than 20 Sketch effects.
  • Around ten artistic effects with a vast collection of each of them.
  • 12+ Fun effects with multiple in each of them.
  • Lots of e-cards creating preset effects.
  • Special valentines effects.
  • Just click and edit, no adjustment.
  • Directly share your photo.

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Last Words about Online Photo Editor

Some of us are interested in doing photographs of nature, and some of us are interested in a self-portrait and then uploading them to social media. Before uploading them, we always try to touch up with some editors. We don’t become satisfied with one single photo editor. Here are ten online photo editors who shall help you to fulfill your all demands without downloading any apps and taking some spaces from your device. Hope you will enjoy these.



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