The 6 Best Video Converter Online and Offline in 2024

Today, there are many devices on which you can play videos. However, many users often face the problem of devices not supporting video formats. This causes great inconvenience, especially if you need to view the video file and start working with it quickly.

One such common situation is watching videos on smart TVs. Many people, coming home from work, want to download their favorite movie or watch the latest release, but when they start playing a video file, they see that this video format cannot be played in the player. This is because when downloading a movie, we do not think about what extension this video file has.

Most intelligent TVs only support the .mp4 extension, so we wonder how to convert a video to MP4.

The answer is simple: you need to use special software that helps you convert video files quickly and without losing quality. Users who often work with video files see an urgent need to find top video converters. 

In this article, we’ll look at the best desktop and online video converters to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Desktop/Offline Video Converter

All of us want a fast solution. Offline Video Converter through a Desktop computer will make you faster. Once you install your favorite program, you must upload and convert. There is no hassle at all in converting your required videos.

1. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video ConverterIf you have been looking for an answer to how to change video format for a long time, we present a program to your attention that can do this. This program is fantastic in that if you often watch videos on your smartphone, but are faced with not all formats being available for viewing on your device, then this program can help you. Of all the proposed device options, you need to select your smartphone, and the program will show you what characteristics are needed for the final video.

Moreover, here you can also find a built-in video editor to crop the video, flip it, and remove black bars. However, according to many users, the most crucial advantage of this program is support for 4K and Full HD.

In addition, if you run your YouTube channel, you can convert videos to comply with the requirements of this social platform. You can also convert YouTube videos to any format you need.

2. Any Video Converter Freeware

This program works with dozens of video formats and is designed to change videos so you can view any video file on your smartphone, set-top boxes, and media players.
Often, professionals who work with video materials have the problem of a lack of free space on their drives. This tool can be one of the video compressors to reduce the size of a video file without losing its high quality.

When watching a movie, users sometimes hear soundtracks or background music. It can be challenging to find such an audio recording on the Internet. In this case, the software can copy background music and convert it to a format convenient for personal listening.

3. Prism Video Converter Software

The answer to the question “how to change video extension” can be given to you by this program. It can convert formats such as AVI, WMV, 3GP, etc.

Prism Video Converter SoftwareOne of the main advantages is the ability to convert multiple video files simultaneously. All you have to do is add video files; the program will convert them independently. After that, you can quickly download files to a flash drive to view them on your phone or TV.

Once you start working with the program, you will be pleased with the easy-to-use interface and the ability to work with numerous basic formats.

Among the shortcomings, one can note the slow conversion mode of some formats and the inability to convert uncommon video formats.

Online Video Converter

If you think installing any Desktop video converter is difficult, you can use the online solution. You do not have to install any application. Instead, you have to upload and convert the video. Here are the three best solutions recommended for you.

1. Zamzar Video Converter Online

This service can convert the most significant possible number of different formats among all online programs. In general, there are more than 1100 of them. In addition to converting video files, you can take advantage of the ability to convert audio, e-books, images, and various documents.

Zamzar service can convert the most significant possible number of different formats among all online programs.Among the disadvantages, we can mention that if you need to convert a file larger than 150 MB, you will need to purchase additional cloud storage space, and you will be able to convert files up to 2 GB in size. Also, a slower conversion speed is possible during high demand.

This online service does not require installation, is easy to use, and can receive email notifications when the video file conversion is completed.

2. Online-convert

This online service is popular among users who upload video files to social platforms. When uploading content, social media video specs must be considered, as each platform has different video features and format requirements.

The service is easy to use. You must go to the site, upload the video file, specify the format you need, and start the conversion process. After the conversion, you can save the resulting video to the cloud storage or your laptop.

3. Convertio

Apart from video conversion, this service helps to convert music and images. Here you can choose one of over 250 possible formats for conversion and get the converted file in seconds.

Using this converter, you can also save the file to cloud storage or your computer’s hard drive. In the course of work, you can save the previously used characteristics for conversion so that you do not have to adjust them later when converting the video.
One of the disadvantages of the online service is the inability to convert files larger than 100MB. To do this, you will need to have a paid subscription. Also, one of the main disadvantages is the inability of the converter to convert videos from YouTube.


Among the many video converters, you can find the program or service that will help you convert the desired video file quickly and without quality loss. Each program has both advantages and disadvantages. Suppose you often encounter the problem of video format on your devices. In that case, the best option is to install the desktop version of the converter, which supports the conversion of many major video formats.

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