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Wanna Boost Your Holiday Sales? 7 Ways Social Media Can Help You

The holiday season is just around the corner. This is the best time for eCommerce businesses to leverage the various marketing opportunities to tap the larger audience base. With limited time and huge competition, the store owners need to come up with innovative and cost-effective means to grab the attention of the customers. Just gearing up the website for the sale season is not enough. The e-merchants needs to stay on their toes to reap the desired results.

With over 92% of respondents, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms are the best ways to enhance the customer base within your budget. Are you preparing for the upcoming season sale? Follow these tips and drive the quality traffic on your website with the help of social media.

1. Be a Holiday Advisor, Not a Seller

The best way to sell a product or services is to sell the idea. With the content marketing taking the front seat and with the changing behavior of online shoppers, this has become an inevitable aspect of eCommerce scenario.

Whether you run an eCommerce fashion company or offer any online services, you just need to convince them to consider your offerings. The various social media platform is the best way to identify and engage your target audience.

Engage them with posts specifying the information that they must be looking for during the holiday season. Post the blogs and articles on your Facebook pages. The posts need not be promotional. Just motivate them to share their problems and offer your suggestion on the same.

The information, thus, collected from the people can be used up to identify the target audience and convert their need into leads.

2. The Hashtag Mania

As per the report, 64.8% of the shoppers, use social media to find the perfect gift during this season. Hence, enhancing your store’s visibility and standing out on the various social media platform is a must. Hashtagging is not a new concept in social media marketing.

The Hashtag mania

The promotional technique has proved it’s worth time and again. This is one of the best ways to earn more and more exposure during the upcoming holidays. Hoping on the hashtag bandwagon can make your brand and offerings newsworthy. Be it Instagram or Twitter, this is the best way to align your business in the trending list.

3. Social Media Contest

One of the ways to gear up for holiday sales is to engage the customers on social media platforms as much as possible. The online store owners may run campaigns and contest on the various social media platforms motivating the target audience to participate.

Social media contestThe customers can be lured to be a part of it by offering discounts and free gifts. Ask your followers to pin your post on Pinterest or run any campaign of this sort on the other platform. Offer coupon codes in return to the customer.

This would not just enhance social media engagement, but they will turn to the website to use the coupons. This engagement spreads the much-needed word-of-mouth and ensures greater store visibility.

4. Indulge in a Facebook Posting

The ad campaigns are not enough at times during the holiday season. It is not just the big brands that you are competing with. The competition is actually against the thousands of small vendors operating online.

Indulge in a Facebook PostingThus, you need to keep your offerings at an arms distance of your customers. Approximately 40% of online shoppers believe that Facebook influenced their purchase decision. Hence, it is probably the handiest platform to stay in touch with your target audience.

Keep posting the product images on the Facebook page of your store. This will help them stayed informed about the happenings of your website. Prestashop Facebook wall post addon is one such addon that allows the Prestashop store owners to update their wall posts with minimal effort.

You may even ask the customers to post their holiday pictures on Facebook. The better is the engagement, the more are the chances of conversions.

5. Create an Emotional Connection with the Social Media Audience

Creating an emotional connection with prospective customers is the need of the hour. With so many eCommerce websites operating, building a customer relationship is a must. Share the holiday spirit with them and the conversions shall follow.

Create an Emotional Connection with the Social Media AudienceSince social media is the best way to stay in touch with your customer, it can be used to create that connect effortlessly. Posting personalized messages and wishing the loyal customers on special occasions including birthdays and anniversaries is one of the ways to strengthen this relationship.

Bring your store in the pockets of the customers and tapping the right audience base during the holiday season will get easier.

6. Create Alluring Call-To-Action

Call-to-action is not just a deciding factor on your website. It can even affect the conversion of social media marketing. Flash sales and other such motivational triggers can reap best results if they are promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other such sites.

Create Alluring Call-To-ActionThe CTAs such as Buy Now, Visit the Site and others on the social media platform can effortlessly drive traffic to the web store. However, these triggers should be appropriately placed and designed in order to grab the maximum attention of the users. The time-bound offers on social media create a quick decision-making scenario for the customers.

7. Reward Loyal Customers

Offer to give enticing giveaways to a randomly selected customer. Reward the loyalty of the customers who have shopping from your site regularly. This can be done by inviting them to post their pictures with your product and award the winner.

Reward Loyal CustomersThis is the easiest way to make promotional campaigns go viral. Tempt the customers to share the posts and the product images to their friends and reward them in return. Make your customers a part of the promotional campaign and you’ll definitely stand out of the competition.

Wrap up

Before the commencement of the sales season, you need to make the basic preparations. Make sure that you are in touch with your target audience. Social media is the driving force for holiday sales. So, leverage the reachability of the platform and ensure greater conversions.


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