What to Look For in a Gaming Monitor for Pro Gamers?

Many gamers are now looking to build their own PC gaming rig at home. And if you have the resources and the time then why not? Having your own setup means your exact gaming demands and specifications will be met compared to buying a pre-built PC. That said, there are many things to consider and the first in our ‘Top 13 PC Building Tips to Boost Your PC Speed for Gaming’ is probably the most important: the monitor. Today we will discuss, What to Look For in a Gaming Monitor?

What to look for in a gaming monitor

What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor

Choosing a gaming monitor is a subjective matter. You have to trade-off between price, quality, brand, and other gaming features. Price is not the only criteria to look for in a gaming monitor. There are some other points to look for. Find out the 10 points to consider before purchasing a gaming monitor.

1. Display

Choosing the display type and resolution can be confusing given the number of options available. But for gaming, HP indicates that a full-array LED monitor is the leading choice as the quality of the images are superior to LCD monitors. It all comes down to backlighting. LED monitors use light-emitting diodes strategically placed behind the display panel that allows for more precise lighting across the screen.

2. Resolution

You’ll have your choice of resolution as well, whether 1080P, 2K or 4K, even up to 16K. It’s the number of pixels in width and height format, and the higher resolution offers displays in greater detail which is ideal for gamers. CNBC states that 1080P is standard for most computers, but gamers who prefer striking visuals, a higher resolution is a better option.

3. Screen Size (What to Look For in a Gaming Monitor)

That said, you need to choose the right screen size to accommodate your preferred resolution. Monitors are usually 21 inches to 27 inches and these provide comfort and clarity for casual gaming needs. If you want 1080P resolution, though, it’s not recommended to get a screen size bigger than 24 inches because the images might be pixelated.

4. Screen Type

Now panel type can either be twisted nematic (TN) or in-plane switching (IPS). The only thing you really need to know is that an IPS panel is has an overall better visual quality than a TN panel. The advantage of a TN panel, however, is the faster response time. There is a slight blur to the motion of the images but the difference is not so noticeable for casual gamers. If you want to play at a competitive level, a faster response time can be crucial to your performance, which makes a TN panel more ideal in that case.

5. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate, indicated by Hertz (Hz), is the number of times the monitor refreshes the image per second. The higher it is, the smoother the image appears on screen. To put things into perspective the new iPhone 12 is rumored to have a 120 Hz display compared to its current 60 Hz display. This is huge for mobile for phones but inadequate for the demands of gaming. In fact, 144 Hz is the standard while 240 Hz displays are becoming more available. Before choosing a monitor with a specific refresh rate, you need to make sure that your computer has a dedicated graphics card that can run those specifications. This ensures that there will be no lagging during your game.

6. Cost

Again if you ask me What to Look For in a Gaming Monitor? My answer will be cost. It is the biggest consideration. Gaming monitors can range from $200 to $700, maybe even more, depending on the exact specifications. Wired also reports that monitor prices have increased due to the recent surge in demand for PC components. But again, if you are serious about wanting to up your gaming experience and budget is not an issue, you can build the perfect PC gaming rig for you starting with the right monitor.

Final Thought

To select a good gaming monitor it is very essential to know the details. According to our expert’s opinion, you should choose your monitor based on regulation and size. Though the price is the vital consideration display, inbuilt speaker, and refresh rate is also important. It is also important to choose gaming monitor desk. You can also check the considerations before buying a gaming desk.

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