The Best 20 White Noise Apps for Android in 2024

Proper sleep and rest are necessary for our well-being. Everybody needs some quiet time where you can have a piece of mind. But nowadays, finding a quiet place without outside noises is very hard. There are traffic noises, neighbors playing loud music, or even your partner snoring. The bad news is that we cannot eliminate all the outside sounds. But the good news is that we have white noise apps to our rescue. I present to you the best 20 white noise apps for Android. Continue reading to discover how the apps can help you sleep better in noisy places. 

What is White Noise?

Did you know about the color of sounds? Different colors represent relaxing sounds of different frequencies. Such sounds as brown and pink can help calm our minds. White noise is the most common one that soothes our souls and relaxes our bodies. It includes steady background sounds like ocean waves, distant thunder, falling rain, etc. People use such sounds to cancel out all the noisy distractions around them.  

White Noise Uses

Such calm sounds help mask disturbing external sounds that could ruin your peace. You can sleep better or focus better when working or studying. Let us learn more about the use of these sounds.

  • Sound Asleep

One of the most common uses is that they help you sleep faster and better. Such soothing sounds will help cancel out other annoying external sounds. It is helpful for those suffering from sleeping disorders like insomnia. When you listen to relaxing sounds, your muscles relax, and you fall asleep.  

  • Focus better

Crowded places such as offices, schools, or parks are full of loud sounds. External sounds can distract you from work, studies, or reading a book. White sound can help you eliminate distractions and get the quiet time you need. It also helps to cure ADHD. People struggling with paying attention can use soothing sounds to improve their focus. 

  • Helps to cure Tinnitus

Someone suffering from Tinnitus always hears a buzzing sound in their ears. It usually happens when they are in quiet places. It may ruin their sleep or their focus on tasks. White sounds can help block the noises from Tinnitus.

  • Babies go to sleep.

Many parents use calming sounds to put their crying babies to sleep. Before birth, babies hear sounds like their mother’s respiration, heartbeat, and digestion. White noise apps can copy such sounds to create a familiar atmosphere for babies. Babies will calm down and fall asleep. 

  • Meditation

We all know how important it is to have a quiet place for meditation. It is hard to meditate when there are noisy disturbances around us all the time. Here we can use a soothing sound app to avoid getting distracted. We can then perform our relaxation exercises without any noise interruptions. 

Best 20 White Noise Apps for Android

We can use various custom options and features thanks to white-noise Android apps. Most of the apps work offline and come at zero cost. You can carry your phone anywhere and use soothing sounds anywhere to relax. Let us start the list to help you find the perfect white noise app. 

1. Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds white noise apps for AndroidSleep Sounds is one of the Play Store’s most downloaded white noise generators. You will find many options to customize your Atmosphere with relaxing sounds. The sound quality is top-notch, with all kinds of soothing natural sounds. There are over 12 different natural sounds you can listen to while enjoying some quiet time. 

Many people with insomnia use the app to eliminate the annoying outside sounds. You feel nostalgic when you go to sleep with sounds like rain droplets or train sounds. The comfortable setting helps you to sleep like a baby. Enjoy the app anytime, anywhere, for its offline features. 

Key Features

  • Sleep Sounds have simple features and a beautiful user design.
  • The app helps cure snoring with its soothing background soundtracks.
  • A timer is available for automatic turn-off of the app.
  • You can install Sleep Sounds on your SD Card.

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2. Sleepa: Relaxing sounds, Sleep

Sleepa: Relaxing sounds, SleepSleep comes with many customized options for sleep and relaxation. It is also a brown noise and pink noise app with HD soundtracks. You can mix and match the sounds to your liking and save the mixes as Favorites. You will find all kinds of sounds, like city sounds, rain, etc. 

Use the offline app to listen to relaxing sounds anywhere you want. There are over 20 different sounds that you can use for meditation or sleep. Every sound aims to help calm your mind and body. You can set up a time for the automatic turn-off of the app. 

Key Features

  • Sleepa divides its collection into four groups: Rain, Nature, City, and Meditation. Every group comes with a unique collection of natural sounds. 
  • The app features three different color sounds: white, pink, and brown.
  • You can personalize your playlist by mixing different sounds and saving it.
  • Many options allow you to use it for sleep, meditation, and better focus on tasks. 

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3. Atmosphere

Atmosphere white noise apps for AndroidThe Atmosphere promises its users to bring them the most relaxing experience. Many claim it to be the best free white sound download. Go stress-free as you listen to sounds of different natural environments. You can use it to relax, sleep, or meditate. You can play the app if you need intense focus while doing yoga. 

The app can help those suffering from insomnia or anxiety. It soothes your mind and helps to cope with your stressful life. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sounds of nature. Atmosphere succeeds in bringing nature to your little Android phone. The collection includes forest, underwater, etc. You can even upload your audio in the app. Mix them with the app’s default sounds to create something different. 

Key Features

  • Atmosphere features a collection of over 100 relaxing sounds for sleeping.
  • You can mix different soothing sounds to create a custom playlist.
  • Use natural sounds for your children to calm them down. 
  • The app features isochronic tones and binaural beats to calm your body and soul. 
  • The app works offline, and its interface design does not cause eyestrain. 

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4. White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

White Noise Baby Sleep SoundsWhite Noise Baby Sleep Sounds put your baby to sleep. The app uses classic monotonous sounds to calm down your kid. The sound collection used by the app is a proven technique by generations of parents. You can use the same sound to get your crying baby to sleep. 

The app has all kinds of color sounds and nature sounds. It contains themes like blue sound, pink sound, sea, and more. All the sounds are available in HR quality to give you the best experience. You can use a mixer to combine different sounds of different volume levels. So, customize the perfect relaxing sound for yourself and your babies. 

Key Features

  • White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds come with four baby lullabies and 36 white sounds.
  • Enjoy the app without getting any full-screen ads.
  • The app features background audio support.
  • The app works offline with a timer for the automatic turn-off. 

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5. Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep white noise apps for AndroidBaby Sleep is another baby-based white sound application you should check out. It has many soothing sounds similar to those we hear in the womb. The app makes it easier for the parents to get their baby to sleep. Your baby will feel safe and comfortable and sleep better. There are many lullabies and calming soundtracks like shh-shhh recorded by parents.

Baby Sleep works fine without the internet. It comes with a convenient timer that saves up your battery. Use the app to reduce stress in your baby. Make them listen to sounds like wind, river, and fans to get them to sleep faster. You can even use it for yourself to calm your mind. 

Key Features

  • Baby Sleep can help your baby to cry less and sleep better.
  • It features all kinds of white sounds, such as pink, white, and brown.
  • The app comes with four lullabies to put your baby to sleep.
  • It has a good collection of calming sounds like a clock, fire, heart, etc.

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6. White Noise Lite

White Noise LiteWhite Noise Lite creates a calm atmosphere around you with relaxing sounds. Use the app during the day to relax and listen to it at night to sleep. The app could be your best friend when flying on a plane or traveling by bus. Use the app anywhere you want to reduce stress and cancel out distractions. You need to play the app and let it perform its magic on you. 

The app offers 40 different calming sounds, including various color sounds. You get access to the collection for free. Listen to light rainfalls, heavy rainfalls, ocean waves, and many more to eliminate the world’s chaos. You can use other apps while playing this app. Get creative and mix different sounds to personalize your soundscapes. 

Key Features

  • White Noise Lite features advanced settings to prevent interruptions. So do not worry about getting notifications or alarm snooze times.
  • You can record sounds and upload them on the app for later use.
  • The app supports Chromecast TV for playback.
  • It also acts as a digital clock that comes in many different colors. 

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7. White Noise Generator

White Noise GeneratorWhite Noise Generator can also be a great white noise app for PC. Find your ultimate comfort zone with your custom playlist of soothing sounds. The app allows you to create mixes using a collection of default sounds. Use the app to improve your concentration and sleeping habits. It can also be your yoga partner while practicing yoga poses. 

The app relaxes you with gentle winds and fire cracks to give an outdoor vibe. You will feel like you are in nature as you hear the sounds of the forest on your phone. Leaves, rain, creek, and thunder will give you the peace of mind you were missing. 

Key Features

  • White Noise Generator has over ten different relaxing sounds for users.
  • All the tracks sound real due to their HD quality.
  • The app features Relaxio, which makes it easy to create sound mixes.
  • You can customize your list and save it as Favorites.

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8. Sleep Orbit

Sleep Orbit white noise apps for AndroidSleep Orbit is different from the rest in providing soothing sound effects. Put on your earphones and hear the sound orbiting around you. The incoming sounds will change randomly to block all the outside sounds. Use Sleep Orbit offline and listen to the perfect mix of ASMR sounds. All the default soundtracks are of high quality. You can also upload other audio in the app and save them as Favorites. 

Sleep Orbit has a collection of more than 100 different relaxing sounds. It includes ocean waves, water, animals, and soothing nature sounds. Mix several sounds to create a unique track of your own. Beautiful themes like dynamic themes of scenic views are also available. The shutdown timer will turn off the app after a specific time to save the battery. The app also contains different color sounds. It also has positive messages to lift your spirit. 

Key Features

  • Sleep Orbit features 17 different sound categories.
  • The app also features positive messages to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It offers intuitive binaural controls to provide sound from every direction.
  • Mix unlimited soundtracks to create something unique and soothing to your ears.

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9. Bedtime Fan Noise

Bedtime Fan Noise white noise apps for AndroidBedtime Fan Noise contains many soothing fan sounds for relaxation. Many users relax or fall asleep to the steady fan sound. You feel a sense of comfort listening to the fan sound. The app now allows you to carry your homely fan wherever you go. Download the app and listen to various fan sounds on your Android. 

The app is amongst the best free white noise downloads on the Play Store. You will fall asleep faster as you listen to the moving sound. It is the perfect app that you can use during bedtime. The app brings you the best collection with its high-quality sounds. 

Key Features

  • Bedtime Fan Noise features three unique fan sounds of high quality.
  • The app takes up a small space in your phone and works fast.
  • You can run the app in the background while using other apps.

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10. White Noise

White Noise white noise apps for AndroidWhite Noise contains about 40 unique relaxing sounds for free. Enjoy listening to their collection of high-quality sounds at no cost. The app features color and mechanical sounds such as fan, AC, rushing waters, etc. You can find more free sounds on the White Noise website. Mix and match to create a unique sound for your collection. 

The app provides the option of saving sounds as Favorites. You can now access all your favorite tracks quickly within a few seconds. The app also features a full-screen digital clock that you can use on a nightstand. It is available in many colors with an option to change the brightness. The app will be your companion during the day and your bedtime. 

Key Features

  • White Noise can run in the background while you work with other apps.
  • It comes with an App Widget and is compatible with Chromecast TV.
  • It features an advanced timer system that fades audio, and you feel refreshed after waking up.
  • Use the on-screen media player and navigate with easy volume controls.

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11. White Noise Sleep Sounds of rain, nature, and more.

White Noise Sleep Sounds: rain, nature, and moreWhite Noise Sleep Sounds have a sound collection of over 30 soothing sounds. More than 5,400,00 users are using the app due to its high-quality sound. Channels like ABC, BBC, and CBS positively review the app. It effectively provides the best kind of calming sound to you.

The app helps to separate you from all the noisy disturbances around you. Enjoy listening to the rain or wind while reading a book or napping. Use it if you lack concentration on your studies or work. Many also love playing the app during meditation or yoga practices. Download the app and check out for yourself why everyone loves the application.

Key Features

  • White Noise Sleep Sounds allow you to use other apps while running in the background.
  • View some beautiful images of high quality to soothe your eyes. 
  • The sleep timer comes with a slow fade-out to help you sleep better.
  • The app will play even if the phone gets locked or the screen darkens.
  • Shortlist tracks and save them as favorites so you can access them faster. 

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12. White Noise Market

White Noise MarketWhite Noise Market is like the shopping mall of white sounds. There are more than four million sounds available to download for free. From box fans to blizzards, the app has unlimited sounds for relaxation. Download your favorite track and add it to another white noise app like White Noise Lite. The app is the best market to shop for calming sounds.

You can also add your recordings to the app’s collection. View and navigate the map to find sounds from around the world. Use the search engine with a keyword to give you the exact sound you want. You can also leave comments and chat with the friendly community.

Key Features

  • White Noise Market is an online app where you need the internet to download content.
  • It presents a platform of white sound listeners where you can make friends and chat with them.
  • You can buy or stream sounds from popular apps such as Spotify and Google Play.
  • Get notifications every week when a featured sound is available for download.  

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13. Noise Generator

Noise Generator white noise apps for AndroidThe Noise Generator features color sounds such as white, violet, blue, pink, and brown. You can customize further with high and low-cut filters. Use your creativity and use different sounds and filters to make relaxing tracks. Enjoy the modern interface with easy navigation. Get fast access to whatever you need from the app. 

Key Features

  • The noise Generator features different color sounds for masking outside disturbances.
  • Personalize a soundtrack by using low and high-cut filters.
  • It uses advanced mathematical formulas to provide high-quality audio waves.
  • There is no audio file in the app, which makes the app lightweight with fast performance.   

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14. White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

White Noise Deep Sleep SoundsThe app has an impressive catalog of soothing sounds. White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds are good at blocking unwanted sounds. It will lull you to sleep like a baby. Many users are benefiting from using the app. Those with insomnia or anxiety problems use the app to calm themselves. Check out the features to see how they can help you.

Key Features

  • White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds have over 25 relaxing sounds in their collection.
  • You can use the app to put babies to sleep with soothing “whooshy” sounds.
  • The sound catalog is free for users to use. 
  • The premium version includes 23 sounds of nature, animals and 8+ binaural audios. 

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15. White Noise: Sleep Sounds

White Noise : Sleep SoundsWhite Noise is another white noise generator that you must check out. The app is best for people suffering from insomnia or Tinnitus. It has a good sound collection that helps with concentration and meditation. The timer has an automatic fade-out feature that will close the app. You only have to enjoy relaxing and listening to the calming sounds. 

Key Features

  • White Noise has about 30 different white sounds for relaxation.
  • The audio auto-pauses during incoming calls.
  • There is no need for streaming audio. You can use White Noise without the internet.
  • The Favorite section allows you to save your favorite soothing sounds.

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16. White Noise Free

White Noise FreeWhite Noise Free is a popular free white noise download app. It is well-known for offering a wide range of calming sounds for free. The sound catalog includes rain, pure white noise, and many more to calm your mind. The app helps cure migraines and headaches. It can work offline with no annoying full-screen ads. 

Key Features

  • White Noise Free has a collection of more than 50 white sounds.
  • It has a timer with a soft fade when the app is running.
  • The app is lightweight and has accessible settings for you to use.
  • You can adjust the volume of sounds and mix them to create your collection. 

More Info 

17. White Noise

White Noise white noise apps for AndroidWhite Noise gives you the freedom to mix and create soothing soundtracks. Soundtracks such as thunderstorms and birds chirping help create a calm atmosphere. You can customize the app by changing the background colors and display mode. It is fun to use and helps soothe you with some relaxing sounds. 

 Key Features

  • White Noise allows you to set up animation time and background colors.
  • It can run in the background while you use other apps.
  • You can set up a timer with an automated turn-off time.
  • Save your favorite tracks in the Relax Combo and replay them as many times as you want.

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18. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Rain Rain Sleep SoundsRain Sleep Sounds have different types of soothing rain sounds to offer. If you enjoy the sound of rain, this is the right app. Relax your mind with light, heavy, or rain falling on a tin roof. The app also has non-rain sounds such as cat purring, Shih Tzu Snoring, and many more. All the rain and non-rain sounds are of the highest quality.

Key Features

  • Rain Sleep Sounds can play tracks all night until you set up a fade-out timer.
  • It also features a Bedtime Reminder to remind you when to go to bed.
  • The app has about 35 free white sounds that you can enjoy.
  • The Premium version brings in 60 more white sounds exclusive for the users. 

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19. myNoise

myNoise white noise apps for AndroidmyNoise is another free application with many realistic calming sounds. It is a modern white noise machine in an Android application. Use it for any activity where you need some quiet time for yourself. It will block out all the annoying outside sounds interrupting your peacefulness. 

Key Features

  • myNoise is a free app that you can use to cure Tinnitus and reduce anxiety.
  • The app has a unique sound catalog containing tracks like Spring Walk, Temple Bells, etc.
  • My Noise app has a white noise website to learn more about its services.
  • The app does not need any expensive equipment for its service. Just download the app and use your Android to play the tracks.

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20. White Noise – Sleep Sounds

White Noise - Sleep SoundsWhite Noise is the last app on our list. It deserves the spot for its influential relaxing tracks that instantly put you to sleep. It is also a sleep app that you can get for free on the Play Store. There are sleep sounds, meditation sounds, natural sounds, and many others. It is the perfect solution to your stressful life. Download the app and improve your sleeping routine with its sound catalog. 

Key Features

  • White Noise lets you combine several sound effects to create your music.
  • It features a sleep timer with an automatic turn-off sound.
  • Enjoy using the app for its beautiful interface design.
  • The sound catalog contains sounds like city streets, bonfires, tides, and many more. It also includes different color sounds.

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Final Thought

Here we are at the end of our article on the best white noise apps for Android. Could you decide which one you want for your next relaxing session? I suggest going through the sound catalog of every listed app. If you prefer natural sounds, then go for Sleep Sounds. If you find fan sounds soothing, then Bedtime Fan Noise is good. Rain Sleep Sounds is a good choice if you like rainy sounds. The list has apps for everyone. I hope you found the article helpful and informative enough to share with others—comment below to tell us which one you got and how it changed your life. Cheers!

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