Windows Defender ATP for Linux Now in Public Preview

Windows Defender ATP or advanced threat protection is a security product for enterprise-class organizations to detect and respond to security threats. ATP is an investigative response feature to work for prevention and post-detection for the windows defender. It provides various controlling and monitoring options to avoid the risk from portable devices and allow or block 20 a specific hardware. This service is now going to available for Linux, iOS and Android devices.

This year Microsoft is thinking to bring its defender antivirus to protect the Linux operating systems. In the subsequent term, it will bring the security system for IOS and Android. In recent times, Microsoft defender ATP becomes available for the public preview of Linux. The aim of Microsoft is to provide a “ single solution and streamlined view” to another operating system.

What is Microsoft Windows Defender ATP?

What is Microsoft Windows Defender ATPThe advanced threat protection of Microsoft defender is popularly known as defender ATP. It is complete. Security solution to deliver preventive protection, automated investigation, post-beach detection, and response. It has taken your security to a new level that has an unparalleled optics zero additional deployment requirement. In real-time it discovers the misconfigurations and vulnerability of your system. Moreover, in the unique environment, it empowers your security operations center with analytics, deep knowledge advanced threat monitoring.

ATP Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Defender ATP supports cross-platform via first-party offering and through partners. It supports Windows server like Windows server 2019, server 2016 and server 2012R2. In the client platform, it supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1 and macOS. To consider the additional platform it supports via partners for iOS, Android, Mac OS and, Linux.

Is Microsoft Defender ATP Really Unique?

There is a question in your mind that how much uniqueness does the Microsoft defender ATP has? To describe the answer we have to say that Microsoft is the largest Cloud and ML service provider with the capability of the latest protection. On the other hand, understanding is completely agentless and it offers unparalleled optics with better detection. It has the end power security systems which provide an automated response. Moreover, the integrated security portfolio enables the protection of the entire kill chain.

Capabilities of Microsoft Windows Defender ATP

Microsoft ATP is a cloud-based email filtering service which saves PC from malware. It safeguards the organization from several links and provides the computer with a strong protection system. However, Windows ATP has enormous capabilities like:

  • Windows advanced threat protection manages threats and vulnerability.
  • It is a managed threat-hunting service.
  • ATP can surgically reduce the attack surface.
  • To block threats and malware it can work as Next-generation protection.
  • Endpoint detection and response performs the automated investigation and remediation of threats.

The Public Preview of Microsoft Defender Antivirus

The Public Preview of Microsoft Defender AntivirusIn previous Microsoft defender antivirus was used only for Windows 10 but now you can use it for macOS and Linux as an endpoint security platform. To become focused on the specific field Microsoft has decided to rename the Malware protection software. Beyond Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8 this security protection tool is available to Mac operating system with a limited scale from February 2020.

ATP ReviewThe facility of Microsoft defender ATP is to detect investigate and respond to the attract of malware. The task of input securities to collect sensor data from industrial and Mac devices. Through the cloud computing infrastructure, stores the data on a cloud server. The analytics of Microsoft defender ATP converts the trade data into intelligence.

Now “NextGen anti-virus protection on Mac” is available to the customer as well as the market. In the preview of Microsoft, this shows the endpoint detection system’s high capability too quickly investigate the beach on affected devices. For the Mac operating system that developed a new feature called threat and vulnerability management (TVM).

Microsoft ATP for LinuxMicrosoft is working to deliver windows defender ATP on Mac and LINUX devices as the first-party solution. The system administrator of computers can install Microsoft defender ATP on various computers like Mac PC, high Sierra, sierra and any other similar PC like Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft defender ATP for Mac is highly customizable that any user can update automatically all manually as per configuration. The TVM feature of the Mac Operating system has a wonderful dashboard in the windows security defender center app. It shows the exposure score and configuration as scores of your computer.

The score is based on the sensor data that provides security configuration and vulnerability of data. Dadar factors that are core include software inventory an installation and patches, runtime errors, enabled SMBv1, etc.

Microsoft Antivirus Software for iOS and Android

Microsoft Antivirus Software for iOS and AndroidMicrosoft already announced this year they will expand defender ATP for Linux and after the successful inauguration of the new product, they will introduce antivirus software to iOS and Android. To provide anti-virus prevention as a “full command line experience” Microsoft has plant mobile operating systems antivirus.

in the next year, Microsoft will introduce new mobile antivirus software like defender antivirus on Mac OS. This is the successful continuation of Microsoft windows defender advanced threat protection (ATP). The software will be capable of who is come quickly from your mobile devices than any other system.

The technology experts are thinking that the new mobile defender ATP will be completely different from Microsoft defender ATP. Though there are lots of mobile antivirus applications in the Android market Microsoft is also trying to expand they’re going on the Android market. It will help the users to implement mobile Cloud computing.

Android defender ATP

The Android defender ATP will also be helpful for the employees who are working outside of the office. We know that is the most important asset for any organization. Data is leaked by any other means like mobile devices then the relationship will suffer a great loss. Employees require a continuation of the data connection with the database. But the database security of cloud computing can be insured by mobile defender ATP.

Final Thought of Windows Defender ATP

If Linux administrator uses the Microsoft Windows Defender ATP endpoint Client security system they will get the command line antivirus product to detect threat effectively. The system administrator will be more capable to detect the threads and malfunctions of the computer. They will ensure the risk of data leakage. Microsoft will support various Linux distributors like Linux server front, Ubuntu 16 LTS, or higher LTS, SLES 12+, RHEL 7+, CentOS Linux 7+, Debian 9+ and Oracle EL 7.

More Info of This Security Systems

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