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How to Download or Install Kindle Driver Update Windows 10?

How to Download or Install Kindle Driver Update Windows 10

With the advancement of technology, every aspect of our life is digitalized. So why would reading be different? If you are a reader, then you must be acquainted with Amazon’s Kindle. It is an amazing e-book reader for book lovers. However, while using the device, you may encounter software problems. One of the common issues many users encounter is with the Download or Reinstall Kindle Driver Update Windows 10?

If you are reading this article, then it is likely that you are looking for a solution to this problem. Don’t you worry! This article will explain all the details about how to download and install the driver for Kindle on windows 10. Let us begin the journey.

What is Kindle?

For those who don’t know Kindle is a reading device from the American company Amazon. It is an e-book reader that can hold a huge collection of e-books digitally. You can read, buy, and review books using the device. Amazon Kindle

The first Kindle was released in 2007. Amazon is considered to be the holder of two-thirds of the e-books currently available on the market. And you can get access to them through Kindle. There are some free books on the device. However, for most of the books, you have to pay a fee.

What is Kindle Driver?

Kindle is an e-book reading device. You may be unaware of the fact that one can use a Kindle device to read, search, buy, and sell books on the go. It needs drivers (software) for you to interact with the operating system on your computer. Without a proper and updated driver, you cannot interact with your Kindle with Windows OS machines.

If you want to use the Kindle gadget on Windows 10 PC, you must install the kindle driver first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access it. You cannot get access to the gadget only with a USB cable.

 Why do you need a Kindle Driver on Windows 10?

Without the Kindle Driver on Windows 10, you cannot access the device you’re your computer. The driver is essential for accessing your Kindle. Without the driver installed, the device won’t respond to your commands, even if you connect it with a USB cable.

Another thing to remember is that you must use an updated driver. An outdated Kindle driver won’t be of any help to your system. Moreover, every update comes with proper system mechanisms and bug fixes. It also boosts your device’s performance. So, it is high time you update your Kindle driver and install it on your Windows 10 PC.

Download and install Kindle Driver in Windows 10

To install the driver, you need a web browser and an internet connection. Follow the steps for downloading the driver for Windows 10.Kindle Driver App Download Page.

Step 01: Open the web browser and go to the official Kindle App Download Page.

Step 02: you will see options for iPhone, Android, and PC & Mac. Click on the Download for PC & Mac button. The file will start downloading. This software includes all the latest updates and drivers for your gadget.

Step 03: After downloading, open the download folder and click on the Setup file. Follow the on-screen direction to complete the installation process.

Step 04: Click on the installed software icon to check whether the Kindle app is working on your Windows PC.

Kindle Driver Update Windows 10

We have successfully installed the Kindle app on your system. Now the driver needs to be updated, otherwise, your system won’t function properly. To update it follow the instructions below.Update Kindle Driver

Step 01: Turn on your PC.

Step 02: Press and hold Windows + X keys to open a new tab. Click on the Device Manager from the options.

Step 03: The device manager will open on your screen. Find and expand the Portable Devices category on the menus.

Step 04: You will find an option titled Kindle. Right-click on that to expand a window.

Step 05: From the window, select and click Update Driver Software.

Step 06: Now choose the options subsequently. Browse my computer for driver software > Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

Step 07: Put a check-mark on the Show compatible hardware checkbox. Chose MTP USB Device and click on the Next button.

Step 08: Hit Yes, on the pop-up warning window and start installing the update.

In this way, you can easily install the required updates for your Kindle device.

Final Thoughts

I tried my best to make this article helpful for you. This guide will help you install and use the updated version of the Kindle Driver on Windows 10. If you are still facing problems then contact the Help Line Service of Kindle or comment on your issue below. Happy Reading!!



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