The 15 Best Jackbox Games For Large Groups

Jackbox Games is an American company based in Chicago, Illinois, that makes video games. It is best known for the series of quiz-based party video games called “You Don’t Know Jack” and “The Jackbox Party Pack.” 2008 Jellyvision Games was brought back, and in 2013, it was changed to its present name.

Jackbox Games has a lot of party games like trivia, drawing contests, and guessing games where you have to fill in the blanks. These games are easy to play with friends from far away. You only need a laptop and a smartphone to take part, yet only one person needs to own the Game so everyone can play.

The History of Jackbox Games

The Game was originally known as Jellyvision, the company that developed “You Don’t Know Jack.” Jellyvision was founded in 1989 by Harry Gottlieb as an educational entertainment company, Learn Television.

Originally a PC game, its success established a franchise, and Jellyvision produced numerous installments from 1995 through 1998. In 2008, Jellyvision Games was relaunched as a subsidiary of the Jellyvision Lab, hiring Mike Bilder to lead the studio. The company released an iOS application of “You Don’t Know Jack” and a console version in partnership with THQ in 2011.

What are the Jackbox Games

These are the most famous games that Jackbox has released:

  1. You Don’t Know Jack series (2011–2013)
  2. The Jackbox Party Pack series (2014–present)
  3. Standalone games
  4. Lie Swatter (2013)
  5. Clone Booth (2013)
  6. Word Puttz (2013)
  7. Fibbage (2014)
  8. Quiplash (2015)
  9. Drawful 2 (2016)
  10. Quiplash 2: InterLASHional (2020)

The Jackbox Games and Their Player Count

The following list includes all the games that can be played on Jackbox and the number of players each Game supports.

Title Games Players Timers? Extended


Standalone Games Drawful 2 3-8 Yes Yes
Quiplash 3-8 Yes Yes
Fibbage 2-8 No No
You Don’t Know Jack Classic Pack 1-3 No No
Quiplash2 InterLASHional 3-8 Yes Yes
The Jackbox Party Pack  You Don’t Know Jack 2015 1-4 No No
Fibbage XL 2-8 No No
Drawful 3-8 No No
Word Spud 2-8 No No
Lie Swatter 1-100 No No
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Fibbage 2 2-8 Yes Yes
Bidiots 3-6 No No
Bomb Corp. 1-4 No No
Earwax 3-8 No Yes
Quiplash XL 3-8 Yes Yes
The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Quiplash 2 3-8 Yes Yes
Trivia Murder Party 1-8 Yes Yes
Guesspionage 2-8 No Yes
Tee KO. 3-8 Yes Yes
Fakin’ It 3-6 No Yes
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 Fibbage 3 2-8 Yes Yes
Survive the Internet 3-8 Yes Yes
Monster Seeking Monster 3-7 Yes Yes
Bracketeering 3-16 Yes Yes
Civic Doodle 3-8 Yes Yes
The Jackbox Party Pack 5 You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream 1-8 Yes Yes
Split the Room 3-8 Yes Yes
Patently Stupid 3-8 Yes Yes
Mad Verse City 3-8 Yes Yes
Zeeple Dome 1-6 No No
The Jackbox Party Pack 6 Trivia Murder Party 2 1-8 Yes Yes
Role Models 3-6 Yes Yes
Joke Boat 3-8 Yes Yes
Dictionarium 3-8 Yes Yes
Push The Button 4-10 No No
The Jackbox Party Pack 7 Quiplash 3 3-8 Yes Yes
Champ’d Up 3-8 Yes Yes
The Devils and the Details 3-8 No Yes
Blather’ Round 2-6 No Yes
Talking Points 3-8 Yes Yes
The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Job Job 3-10 Yes Yes
The Wheel of Enormous Proportions 2-8 Yes Yes
The Poll Mine 2-10 Yes Yes
Drawful: Animate 3-10 Yes Yes
Weapons Drawn 4-8 Yes Yes

Jackbox Games on Steam

Game Title Release Date Players Description
The Jackbox Party Pack Nov 26, 2013 1-8 A collection of party games, including trivia and drawing.
Jackbox Party Pack 2 Oct 13, 2015 1-8 Sequel with more fun games like Quiplash and Fibbage.
Jackbox Party Pack 3 Oct 18, 2016 1-8 Features games like Trivia Murder Party and Tee KO.
Jackbox Party Pack 4 Oct 18, 2017 1-16 Includes Fibbage 3 and Monster Seeking Monster.
Jackbox Party Pack 5 Oct 17, 2018 1-8 Introduces games like SplitPChe Room and Mad Verse City.
Jackbox Party Pack 6 Oct 17, 2019 1-10 It offers games like Dictionarium and Push the Button.
Jackbox Party Pack 7 Oct 15, 2020 1-8 Features Quiplash 3 and The Devils and the Details.
Jackbox Party Pack 8 TBA TBA The upcoming addition to the series with new games.

What is the Minimum Requirement?

To play the JaGBbox games smoothly, you should have the following specifications. Many people recommend the most recent and high-end CPU and GPU. However, you do not always require them. Different games have different hardware requirements.

  • If you want to play these games on PlayStation, you should have a PlayStation 3 or higher.
  • To Play Jackbox on Android, you will need ten or more.
  • On iOS devices, you should have iOS 10 or later.
  • Finally, if you play games on a PC, I recommend having at least these requirements.

Operating system: Windows 8 or later. You can use Windows 10 for improved gameplay.

Bit: A 64-bit operating system.

Processor: Intel Core i5/ AMD Ryzen 5 or higher.

Internal graphics: Intel Iris/AMD Radeon 8.

External Graphics: You should have at least 2 GB of external graphics.

Ram: 8 GB.

Storage: An SSD is always preferable to an HDD.

If you have fewer specs than the required amount, the Game may not even begin. If you do not meet the OS requirements, the application will most likely crash or not work.

The 15 Best Jackbox Games for Large Groups

Out of all the popular games, we have handpicked the best 15 games for you.

1. Fibbage 2

Fibbage 2 is in the Jackbox Party Pack. Depending on the version, 2-8 people can play each Game. Players must find the truth among everyone’s lies after writing lies in response to a prompt. Cookie Masterson runs the games. Each Game has three rounds: two with multiple questions and one with one. Fibbage 2 Jackbox Games

Then, players choose what’s true. The truth-teller and the liar earn points in—the KOst round: KO0 points for a correct answer, 500 for a lie. When a player presses “Lie for me!” the Game lies for them. After three rounds, the most points wins. The player with the most votes wins the “Thumbs Cup.”

Important Features

  • Number of Players: Two to Eight
  • The average Game lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • Optional Family-Friendly Environment
  • No Manual Filtering Conducted
  • The capacity of the audience: 10,000
  • TimersKOan extend time
  • It cannot initiate gameplay from the controller
  • There are new questions with a specific theme
  • The “De-Fib-Rillator” is an extra feature found only in this Game.
  • It can be used once to eliminate all but one lie and the truth in a game
  • A crowd of up to 200 people can also participate and vote for the lies they like best

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2. Tee KO.

In Tee KO, players are racing against the clock to make as many drawings and slogans as possible. The pictures and sayings are mixed up and given to other players randomly. The designs are put up against each other in head-to-head battles. The winner is the person whose drawings and slogans make the best t-shirt. The t-shirts that get the most votes in each round must make it through the gauntlet to be the best. Tee KO is probably most loved because you can make your stupid-but-great designs real and buy t-shirts with them on them. 

Important Features

  • Three to eight people can play.
  • The Game lasts about 30 minutes.
  • Family-Friendly Setting: By default, game content is safe for kids.
  • Ten thousand people can watch.
  • Timers with longer runs.
  • Players are asked to draw three T-shirt designs on their device to start the first round.
  • After all the t-shirts are made, they are put against each other in a match.
  • In The second round, players only have to draw one design and write at least two slogans.
  • The t-shirts that won in the earlier rounds go up against each other to see who the overall winner is.

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3. Fibbage 3

Like the games before, Fibbage 3 lets you have fun fooling your friends with clever lies. Players fill in the blank with their best “truths for obscure trivia.” Then, everyone votes on which “truth” they think best fills in the missing piece of the fact. You can still win the Thumbs Cup; if you get stuck, you can still use the “Lie for Me” button. Fibbage 3

The lobby for Fibbage 3 is where you can get to this different version of the Game. Instead of writing down strange facts about the world, you’re writing down unknown facts about your friends. In the last round, players tell one truth and lie about themselves, and you have to show how well you know your friends, coworkers, or that weird cousin you only see once a year. If you tell big lies about yourself, you get big bonus points. You will also get a “Reputation Bonus” when players show they know you well enough to guess the truth correctly.

Important Features

  • Participating Players: 2-8
  • Time Allotment: 15–20 minutes
  • Location with Family-Friendly Options
  • Manual Censorship
  • The capacity of the Audience: 200
  • Extra-Long Timers
  • Can Use Controller to Start Game
  • Each Game has three rounds: two regular rounds with multiple questions and one final round with just one question.
  • The person who won the most points after three rounds is the winner.

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4. Mad Verse City

In Mad Verse City, you can hear your MC avatar rap the lines you’ve written. They sound a little robotic, but they’re a fool. You can get help using the “Write for Me” and “Suggestions” buttons. Once you’ve sent in your rhyme, hit the “Fire” and “Boo” buttons. It will respond to the other players during the battle. At stake is a lot of money and whatever respect is left in Mad Verse City after your avatar is done rapping.

Important Features

  • Number of Players: Between 3 and 8
  • The length of the Game is between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • There is an option of a setting that is friendly to families
  • Manual Censorship
  • The capacity of the Audience: 200
  • Extended Timers are Allowed
  • You Can Start the Game from the Controller
  • Then, in the rap battle style, all the rap verses are against each other.
  • The rap battle winner is the person who wins the most money.

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5. Drawful

In Drawful, each player gets a strange and different prompt to try to draw on their phone. After each “artist” shows their work, everyone else sends an anonymous title for this strange drawing. You aim to find the right question while getting others to choose your fake answer. Drawful Jackbox Games

Bonus points are given to people who send in, especially smart or unsmart decoys. Usually, it’s the unsmart ones that get the most points. It’s an excellent game for PCrties and streams where you want everyone to be as silly as possible. Just bring your best finger for drawing. 

Important Features

  • Three to eight people can play.
  • Game length: 15–20 minutes
  • No manual censorship
  • No Timers with more time
  • Each player can use one of three colors to draw.
  • Two-frame animations take the place of single drawings.
  • You can also now double down on a guess to get more points. 
  • A “friend mode” where all the prompts are tailored to the user.
  • A “featured content” option where the player can play custom games 
  • A “timers for forever” option ultimately gets rid of the timer.

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6. Quiplash XL

Quiplash XLThe Jackbox Party Pack 2 has a game called Quiplash XL. As of The Jackbox Party Pack 3, all Quiplash games are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PC. 3 to 8 people can play the Game, and 10,000 can watch it. Players must answer questions on their devices with funny or stupid answers.

Players have two minutes to answer two questions in the first and second rounds. Once everyone has given their answers or the timer has run out, the “quips” of the players are shown. When both responses to the question are offered, players and audience members choose one of the two answers or don’t choose at all.

Important Features

  • Three to eight people can play Quiplash XL.
  • Game length: 15–20 minutes
  • Optional setting that is good for families
  • Players must answer two prompts in the allotted time in the first and second rounds.
  • A player would get a “Quiplash” if all the players were. More than half of the audience voted for their quip.
  • If more than 90% of the audience votes for the quip, it’s a “Super Quiplash.”
  • If a player does not answer the prompt in time, their opponent will get all the points by default.
  • The player who has won the highest points is declared the winner.

More Info

7. You Don’t Know Jack 2015

You Don’t Know Jack 2015 is part of a series of books called You Don’t Know Jack. It came out in 2014 as a part of the Jackbox Party Pack. The Game can be played by one to four people on mobile devices or with a controller or keyboard.

You Don't Know Jack 2015The Game works almost the same as the last one in the series. But for the first time in the series, you can use your phone or tablet as a controller by entering a room code. Other than that, most of the changes are cosmetic or involve different types of rounds from previous games.

Important Features

  • Player Count: one to four
  • The Game lasts 20 minutes.
  • Each Game has 11 questions—five in round one and five in round two. 
  • The Jack Attack has been changed slightly.
  • No more extended replays of questions that were passed or not answered the first time correctly.
  • The final scores are displayed after the last question.
  • After all rounds, the player with the most points wins.

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8. Fibbage XL

Fibbage XL has all the questions from the original Fibbage, plus some new ones. This makes it 50% more significant than the original Fibbage. Moreover, the Jackbox Party Pack had the Game Fibbage XL in it. When everyone’s answers are given without their names, it’s up to you to figure out which unwanted answer is true.

Players can also try to win the coveted “Thumbs Cup,” which gives extra points to incredibly clever solutions. You’re right. Now, you can finally show off a useless trophy to your family. YOU DON’T KNOW JACK fans will like that Cookie Masterson, who is famous and very desperate, is the host of Fibbage.

Important Features

  • Number of Players: 2 to 8
  • Game length: 15-20 minutes
  • The game place is safe for families.
  • In the first round, 1000 points are awarded for finding the correct answer, and 500 points are awarded for each person duped by a specific lie.
  • In Round 2, points are doubled, and in the final round – the Final Fibbage – points are tripled.
  • After all three rounds, the player with the most points wins.

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9. Quiplash 2

Quiplash 2 Jackbox GamesPlayers try typing in their best response to the prompt and compete in a head-to-head battle while the rest of the players vote for their favorite. Players can make their custom episodes in Quiplash 2. Make themed episodes for a dog’s birthday party, a holiday party, a bachelorette party, or anything else you can think of. Here, you can learn more about making your own Quiplash 2 episode. Quiplash 2 has new final round categories, like the “Comic Lash.”

Important Features

  • Three to eight people can play Quiplash 2.
  • Game length: 15–20 minutes
  • Optional setting that is good for families
  • Players must answer two prompts in the allotted time in the first and second rounds.
  • A player would get a “Quiplash” if all the players were. More than half of the audience voted for their quip.
  • The Last Lash, the last round in Quiplash 2, has also been changed to be one of three types of unique questions.
  • After three rounds, the player with the highest number of points is declared the winner.

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10. Fakin’ It

“Fakin’ It” is one of the games in The Jackbox Party Pack 3. The five players have one goal, and the Faker has the other. The players must figure out who the “Faker” is in their group, while the “Faker” must blend in and avoid being discovered. Players receive simple instructions on their phones each round, such as “Raise your hand if you’ve continued eating food after discovering a hair in it.” Except for The Faker, who doesn’t know the rules and must act accordingly.

However, when the prompt is revealed, and everyone inquires about your filthy hair-eating habits, you should prepare a short lie to explain yourself. Because this Game relies on seeing the other players, streaming or playing over screen sharing is challenging. It is one of the few Jackbox games that can only be enjoyed in person.

Important Features

  • Player Count: between 3 and 6
  • Game length: 15-20 minutes
  • Yes, the place is good for families.
  • Ten thousand people can watch.
  • The final round, titled “Text You Up,” requires the players to text their answers to 3 question prompts.
  • The other players are given three chances to catch the Faker, as in the first several rounds, with each selection revealing another question and its related answers.
  • Votes still have to be unanimous for the Faker to be caught.

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11. Patently Stupid

“Patently Stupid” is one of the games in The Jackbox Party Pack 5. It’s a drawing game where your primary goal is to solve a silly problem provided to you by another player. Each participant is given two blanks to fill out at the start of the Game.

These are the issues that the other players must address with their inventions. The problems are assigned to each player randomly, and each player must solve one with a tale. Players begin by drawing their imagination and giving it a name and a slogan. These concepts are then presented to the other players.

Important Features

  • Three to eight people can play Patently Stupid.
  • The Game lasts 20 minutes.
  • No, the setting is not family-friendly, but the content is.
  • Ten thousand people can watch.
  • Timers with longer runs
  • You can start the Game from the controller.
  • Once every invention has been shown, the players can put “money tokens,” the Game’s points, into their favorite creations.
  • The money that players put into their inventions stays with them.

In the second round, the player with the highest score will choose a problem for everyone.

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12. Trivia Murder Party 2

Trivia Murder Party 2The Jackbox Party Pack 6 includes the Game Trivia Murder Party 2. Players must answer trivia questions in a way that is more like a typical trivia game than “You Don’t Know Jack.” But with a twist that makes things interesting. If you lose, you proceed to the “Killing Room.” In there, players who lost the combat fight to the death until only one remains.

In the Trivia Murder Party 2, the serial killer host has returned to his childhood home, a murder hotel run by his family for decades. The stakes are more significant, the surprises are more comprehensive, and there are a lot of classic scenes, as with any good horror movie sequel.

Important Features

  • Number of Players: 1 to 8
  • Game length: 15–25 minutes
  • 10,000 people can watch
  • Trivia Murder Party 2 starts with up to 8 still surviving participants.
  • Following a minigame in the Killing Room to choose who will live, all players will continue answering questions until only one player remains alive or everyone has died. 
  • All the still-alive players are sent to the Lock & Key Killing Room, a game in which only one player can win.
  • In a game with only one player, the player must answer 7 questions correctly to get to the last round.

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13. Split the Room

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 includes the Game Split the Room. The main goal of the “would-you-rather”-style game is to try to change the other players’ minds. The more points you get, the less the group votes for one choice over another. In the form of a fishbowl, the audience controls the 9th player, which decides its questions and answers based on the majority vote. The Game makes all of the answers given to the audience. Split the Room

Instead of getting everyone to pick one option, your main goal should be getting as many different opinions as possible. For example, if 3 players say “yes” and 4 say “no” for a particular situation, they will get more points than if 1 player says “yes” and 6 say “no.” The player gets more points the more evenly the ratio is split.

Important Features

  • Number of Players: 3 to 8
  • The Game lasts 15 minutes.
  • Ten thousand people can watch.
  • The first round is, in a nutshell, Quiplash with more strategy.
  • Each player gets a hypothetical yes-or-no question with a blank space for them to fill in.
  • This only happens once in a game with 6 or more players, but it happens twice in a match with Three to Five players before the final round starts.
  • In this round, unlike the first, there are no yes-or-no questions. Instead, the players choose between two options.

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14. Word Spud

Word Spud Jackbox GamesWord Spud is one of The Jackbox Party Pack games, which came out in 2014. Two to eight people can play word spud. One player starts Word Spud by being given a simple word, like “real” or “life.” The player has to say a word or phrase that fits or is funny, like “world” or “a bitch.” During this time, the other players can type their ideas, appearing above their icons. After that, the other players vote on how good the entry is by putting a check or an X next. Every review gives you one point, and every X takes one away. If the entrance got a good score, that word or the last word of a phrase becomes the next player’s prompt.

Important Features

  • Number of Players: 2 to 8
  • Game Length: Never Ending
  • One player is given simple words like “real” or “life.”
  • The other players vote on the entry’s quality with a check or an X. Every review gives one point, and every X subtracts one.
  • If the entry gets a high score, that word becomes the next player’s prompt, and the input is colored in the writer’s style.
  • The next player gets a new word. If not, Each player receives a certain number of turns per round.

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15. Earwax

One of the famous games in The Jackbox Party Pack 2 is called “Earwax.” Earwax is like Cards Against Humanity, but you use sound effects instead of answering with words or phrases. During each round, one player is chosen randomly to be the Judge (the same player will not be selected as Judge a second time until all players have been selected once). The round’s Judge gets to choose a prompt that everyone else has to use.

Important Features

  • Three to eight people can play.
  • Game length: 15–20 minutes
  • The round’s Judge gets to choose a prompt that everyone else has to use.
  • Other players and audience members can vote for their favorite, but the Judge lately decides who wins the round.
  • Whichever combination the Judge likes best wins the round and gets 1 point. A new game starts with a new Judge.
  • The Game continues until one person gets three points and is declared the winner.

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Jackbox Games Party Packs

Jackbox Party Packs are social video games by Jackbox Games, played at gatherings using devices as controllers. They offer humor in diverse genres like trivia, drawing, and word games. Players join with room codes on devices to answer, draw, or choose.

Party Pack Release Year Notable Games Included
Party Pack 1 2014 You Don’t Know Jack 2015, Fibbage XL, Drawful, Word Spud, Lie Swatter
Party Pack 2 2015 Fibbage 2, Quiplash XL, Bomb Corp, Earwax, Bidiots
Party Pack 3 2016 Quiplash 2, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, Tee KO, Fakin’ It
Party Pack 4 2017 Fibbage 3, Survive the Internet, Monster Seeking Monster, Bracketeering, Civic Doodle
Party Pack 5 2018 You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream, Split the Room, Mad Verse City, Patently Stupid, Zeeple Dome

How to Play Jackbox Games Remotely?

Playing Jackbox Games remotely is a fun way to connect with friends and family. Follow these steps to set it up:
1. Choose a Game: Decide on a Jackbox Party Pack and the Game you want to play.
2. Communication: Set up a video call for interaction on Zoom, Skype, or Discord.
3. Host’s Screen: The host purchases and launches the Game on their computer.
4. Game Sharing: Share the host’s screen via the video call so others can see the Game.
5. Room Code: Each player opens a web browser on their device and goes to the jackbox. Tv.
6. Enter Room Code: Players enter the unique room code displayed on the host’s screen.
7. Name Entry: Players can input their names or nicknames.
8. Game On The Game will start once everyone has joined and is ready.
9. Using Devices: Players use their smartphones, tablets, or computers to participate.
10. Follow Instructions: Listen to the host and follow the game instructions for each round.
11. Submit Answers: Input answers, draw pictures, or choose according to the Game’s prompts.
12. Results: Enjoy the humor and competitiveness as the Game progresses.
13. Repeat: Play multiple rounds or switch to other games in the Party Pack.
14. Interaction: Keep the video call running for social interaction and laughter.
15. End Game: After finishing, you can play more games or end the session.

Remember, a stable internet connection is crucial for smooth gameplay. Also, make sure to keep the communication lively to capture the social aspect of the games.


If you want to play a fun game at a party or do something different than board games on family game night, Jackbox Games is the place to go. When the first Jackbox Party Pack came out in 2014, it only had a few online multiplayer games. Since then, there has been a new Party Pack every year, and the library of games has changed a lot. The games are easy to understand without much explanation, and people use their phones to play. Setting up is easy, so even your friends who aren’t very tech-savvy can join in with little trouble. If you have any recommendations for similar games or any queries, please write them in the comments section, and I will try to resolve your issue.

I am basically a curious person, and i believe that curious people can bring many new ways to make life easier. So, this curious mind is here to make "YOUR" life easier.

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