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Top 10 Best Gaming Magazines For Gamers in 2022

With the progression of technology, paper magazines are slowly dying off, which is very unfortunate. As we all know, there is something unique and exciting about holding a paper magazine and enjoying the contents, and you wouldn’t get that feeling on a tablet or smartphone. I cannot describe the excitement of getting a vast collection of information and entertainment delivered to your doorstep in words. Gaming magazines have always been a dominant source of information on what is happening in the industry.

From upcoming games to the exciting lifestyles of gamers, we can find everything in a good gaming newspaper. Despite the popularity of digital magazines, there are still some best quality paper magazines that you can subscribe to and enjoy. Today I will talk about 10 of the best gaming magazines that are still worth it.

With the surge of digital magazines, it seems print magazines are slowly falling behind. But is it a good thing? Which is better, print or digital magazine?

Digital magazines are easy to produce and distribute. They are very cheap too. Readers can easily access a digital magazine copy and enjoy it on any electronic device. You can also carry the magazine with you anywhere you go. Users can easily subscribe to tons of content for free that are available on the internet.

Print media has an unshakable appeal to it. The feel of folding the pages, the smell of the ink, and enjoying a relaxing time can only come from a printed magazine. Many of us prefer the print magazine compared to the digital version. One perk of a print magazine is that you can store it and show off your collection. It is not possible with a digital magazine.

In 2017, Freeport Press researched magazine preference. Out of 1,083 people, around 44% prefer print magazines, and 27% prefer to read digital magazines. So, we can say the demand for print magazines is not going away soon.

Best 10 Gaming Magazines to Read in 2022

Here is our recommendation of the best 10 PC gaming newspapers that you should read to get up to date with the gaming world. Most of the magazines listed below have both print and digital versions for you. But I recommend subscribing to the printed version to have the whole experience.

1. PC GAMER-The world’s number one PC gaming magazine

First issue published on: November 1993.

Country: United Kingdom, United States.

PC GAMER-The world's number one PC gaming magazineIf you play games regularly, then you must be acquainted with PC Gamer. They are the best place to know everything about games. On PC Gamer, you can find information about PC, iOS, Android, Online, and console games. They provide us with the best news and updates that are happening in the video game community.

Each issue of PC Gamer is packed with lots of enthralling articles on various topics. There is both the UK and USA-based copy of PC Gamer. So be careful before subscribing to the gaming PC newspaper. Compared to other magazines, PC Gamer is cheap. You can save money if you subscribe to the digital version of PC Gamer.


  • Printed USA version: $2.47 for a single issue.
  • Digital USA version: $1.47 per issue.

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2. EDGE Gaming Magazine

First issue published on: October 1993.

Country: United Kingdom.

EDGE Gaming MagazineIf you are looking for the most entertaining information, there is no other magazine better than Edge. Every month Edge delivers us with the latest gaming topics and in-depth analysis of games and technology. It brings reviews and previews of the latest games to your doorstep.

Edge rates different games on a ten-point scale. You can look at their scores and find the best game to play. The reviews about games in the magazine are well detailed.

Edge is a UK-based magazine company. The delivery charge may vary depending on your location. However, they can deliver it to you no matter where you live. You can also get the digital version of Edge if you don’t want to go through the hassle of delivery issues.


  • Printed version: USD 10.00 for 1 issue (Delivery included).
  • Digital version: USD 2.77 per issue.

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3. Game Informer

First issue published on: August 1991.

Country: United States.

Game InformerGame Informer is one of the top gaming magazines owned by GameStop. It is a great place for game reviews, previews, opinions, and exclusive game deals. GI has been publishing for a long time, and it is worth subscribing to the magazine. Not only does the magazine contain vast information, but you also get an additional loyalty bonus from your purchase at GameStop.

Game Informer publishes an issue every five weeks (10 per year). You can either get the print version or the digital copy. With a digital copy, there is an additional power-up facility. So I would recommend going for the digital version of Game Informer. One drawback of Game Informer is that you have to subscribe annually to the magazine. You can always check out the free copy before subscribing to the magazine. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you do not wish to continue.


  • Printed version: USD 19.99 annually (10 issues)
  • Digital version: USD 17.99 annually (10 issues).

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First issue published on: January 2004.

Country: United Kingdom.

RETRO GAMER Gaming MagazineRetro Gamer is the best gaming industry magazine if you are looking for updates on classic games. Several gaming veterans are putting their effort into this newspaper to bring us high-quality content. Retro Gamer is all about old-school games that dominated the gaming industry in the past. The magazine is published every month.

Retro Gamer features articles on the history of games, interviews of professional gamers, creators, and developers. There are a bunch of unknown facts described in this classic magazine. Like Edge, Retro Gamer is also a UK-based publication. So, you will need to spend a little more on the shipping cost to receive the paper copy of Retro Gamer. There is a digital issue of the magazine. If you don’t want to spend more, then choose the digital version of the magazine.


  • Printed version: USD 9.17 for 1 issue (Delivery not included).
  • Digital version: USD 2.77 per issue.

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5. 110% GAMING

Country: United Kingdom.

110% GAMING MagazineThis gaming magazine covers everything there is to know for an aspiring gamer. 110% Gaming is a newspaper for gamers of age 7-12 years old. Games popular among the teens like Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, and Valorant are featured in the magazine.

If you aim to become a pro gamer in the future, I suggest subscribing to 110% Gaming. You will also receive gifts with each issue of the magazine. With excellent pro tips, tricks, and epic stories, 110% Gaming is the best video gaming newspaper for teens. It is a UK-based magazine. So, you will need to spend some extra bucks to get it delivered to you. However, you can always try out the digital version of 110% Gaming.


  • Printed version: £50.00 for six issues (US Delivery included).
  • Digital version: £3.99 per issue.

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First issue published on: January 2013.

Country: United States.

NINTENDO FORCE (NF Magazine)Are you a Nintendo fan and looking for a Nintendo dedicated magazine? Then look no further; Nintendo Force is here for you. It is a Patreon-funded magazine that requires a subscription to read.

NF Magazine has been a bi-monthly publication delivering Nintendo game reviews and previews since January 2013. Nintendo Force was published to continue the legacy of Nintendo’s official magazine, Nintendo Power. The design and stylization of the magazine are similar to Nintendo Power.

You can send your fan art and letters to the editors of Nintendo Force. If it is up to the mark, they will feature it in one of the editions of the magazine. The subscription fee of the magazine is very cheap. The cost of an issue of Nintendo Force with shipping is only USD 6.99. you can get the digital version of this top gaming magazine at a cheaper rate.


  • Printed version: USD 6.99 for 1 issue (USA Delivery included).
  • Digital version: USD 2.99 per issue.

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Country: United Kingdom.

MINECRAFT WORLD Gaming MagazineMinecraft World is the independent and unofficial Minecraft guide for every Minecraft fan. You can get the latest updates, how-to, and tips & tricks about Minecraft in this magazine. If you want to learn everything to protect against mobs, creepers, or enemies, you should read Minecraft World. Not only that, there is a gift with each issue of the magazine.

Whether you are a new gamer or playing for years, Minecraft World is an excellent magazine to read to know about the game. You can subscribe to their printed copy at a low price. They are offering three issues of Minecraft World for only £3 if you subscribe today. Unfortunately, they do not have a digital copy of the magazine.


  • Printed version: First 3 issues for just £3, then £19.99 every six issues.

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First issue published on: September 2013.

Country: United States.

IND13 MAGAZINEInd13 Magazine is a magazine for Indie Developers and the Indie Gaming Community. It features news, game reviews, previews, and gameplay of different indie games. They also do crowdfunding for the development of aspiring indie game developers. Ind13 Magazine is catered to fulfill the thirst of any indie game enthusiast. They accept articles from the public too. You can write about a game and send them to the publisher. If the writing is good enough, they will publish it in one of the issues of Ind13 Magazine.

Ind13 Magazine is mainly an online gaming website, and you can download and read a PDF version of the newspaper for free. You can get daily updates by visiting their website too.


  • Digital-PDF Version: Free.

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9. FAMITSU (Famicom Tsūshin)

First issue published on: June 1986.

Country: Japan.

FAMITSU (Famicom Tsūshin)Famitsu is the best Japanese gaming and manga magazine published by Kadokawa Game Linkage. The video game magazine is available in both print and online versions. The magazine has a frequency of weekly and monthly publication. The magazine features reviews, tips & tricks, and updates of upcoming PC and console games. Famitsu also publishes manga and anime reviews in the magazine.

Famitsu rates games on a scale of 10. The scoring is helpful if you are looking for what game to play. If you want to experience the depth of Japanese gaming, you should get a copy of Famitsu. Though the magazine is in Japanese, you can enjoy the English version from their website blog. You can order the magazine from the link below.


  • Printed version: USD 7.99 for 1 issue (USA Delivery included)

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First issue published on: September 1988

Country: Italy

THE GAMES MACHINE (TGM)The Games Machine is an Italian gaming journalism publication published by Aktia Srl. The magazine has a circulation of over 25,000 copies in Italy. Moreover, it is published every month containing previews, reviews, news, and about games. You can also find movie reviews and recommendations in the magazine. The Games Machine features all games, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Mobiles. 

The Games Machine is one of the longest-running magazines on the planet. You can subscribe to their annual plan to get the magazine at a reasonable price. You can also purchase a single issue from The Games Machine magazine.


  • Printed version: € 39.90 ($47.99) annual subscription (12 issues).
  • Printed + Digital version: € 44.99 ($53.99) annual subscription (12 issues).

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Final Thought

Having a gaming newspaper subscription is a smart way to keep updated about the gaming industry. There are much more information and insights about the gaming world in a newspaper than you would find on the internet. As the cost of printing rises, the number of printed magazines is decreasing at an alarming rate. In this article, I discussed 10 of the best video game magazines from all over the world. I hope you will find the magazine you are looking for and subscribe to it. Always check the shipping cost before subscribing to a magazine service. Let me know if I skipped any one of the Gaming Magazines on this list. 

Fardeen is a technical content writer who specializes in the areas of Windows, Android, and Online Tips. He is highly up to date with the technological world. Writing is not just his passion but the only thing that carries life satisfaction. If not writing, you may find him playing games on his phone.

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