The 20 Best Home Design Apps for Interior Design in 2023

Are you planning to give your house a makeover? Are you stuck on choosing the right furnishings for your place? Not sure where to begin? Well, worry not! This article is here at your rescue. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even office spaces, we have solutions for any free space you want to redesign or renovate. It does not matter whether you are a pro or just a newbie. Our home design apps for Android are for everyone. There are so many house decor software tools right at your fingertips. Over a million furniture options from well-known brands like IKEA are all in your Android.  

Home Decoration with Interior Design

Interior Design is changing an ordinary-looking free space into an aesthetically pleasing place. The interior design should match the purpose of the room. Professionals must work with the designs, textures, color paints, room symmetries, light effects, furniture, and floorings to provide a remarkable appearance. It takes time and money to hire professionals to do the job. Thankfully, we have Android applications that can help us make the process faster and much cheaper. Some free home design apps can even get the entire job done for free. 

Benefits of Home Design Apps?

Interior design applications simplify your project and help keep things organized. No matter your project’s size, you will complete it quickly without stress. Let us have a look at some more of their benefits.

  • Less Time and Less Money

Interior design apps come with clear instructions and ready-made designs. You can get inspired and apply similar designs to your projects. You can complete your projects quickly as you do not have to wait for appointments from professionals. Also, many home design applications are available for free. Even the pro versions are affordable. 

  • Advanced Technologies

House decor applications are known to make our lives easy through many advanced technologies. AI and Augmented Reality are significant factors in the success of house makeover software. Virtual reality has improved user visualization. Users can now try out many decor options for their project before buying it. Thanks to these advanced technologies, You will experience a 3D house decor environment. 

  •  Products and Discounts

One of the advantages of using Android applications is access to unlimited decor products. Zoom in these products in 3D to have a closer and better look. One can browse thousands of decor items from their homes before deciding. The users can also view items available at discounts. You are saving a lot of time, energy, and money by using such applications.  

  • Social Media and Friendly Communities 

Decor applications let you connect with other social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. You also get to grab some designs from these social sites for inspiration. Share your design, work with friends and family, and ask for their opinion on your choices. Many of these applications come with friendly communities of professionals and amateur users like you. Joining such communities is a great way to stay inspired and be on the right track. 

  • Available 24/7

Nothing can beat decor Android applications when it comes to the availability of their services. You can access these applications anytime from anywhere you want. They are always at your service 24/7. Projects that could have taken months would now need a few days to complete.

20 Best Home Design Apps for Interior Design in 2023

We have finally reached our listing of the 20 best home design apps for Android. Let us see what these applications have to offer us. 

1. Houzz

Houzz is a world-famous application featured as the best app for in-home designs by the New York Times and the Washington Post. According to CNN, it is the Wikipedia of exterior and interior designs. Houzz has many ideas and inspirations for remodeling, building, and interior designs. There are 20+ million high-quality pictures for both exterior and interior projects. Houzz lets you save and share your home automation designs with friends, family, and professionals. 

houzz home design apps

You can browse over 5 million products for your project and purchase them. You can get pretty much anything starting from lighting to cabinets. Reliable product reviews will help you find the best products for your place. The application includes featured sales for the users to enjoy up to 75% discounts. 

Key Features

  • Houzz has a community of more than 2.5 million experts like interior designers, repair professionals, architects, etc. You can collaborate or even hire them if you want.
  • It features Visual Match that uses visual recognition technology to help find the exact products you see on Houzz decor catalogs.
  • You can get access to biweekly articles that will educate and inspire you more on house makeovers.
  • Houzz also features a Houzz TV show to help you with your project. 

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2. House Design & Interior room SketchUp – Planner 5D

 House Design & Interior room SketchUp – Planner 5DHouse Design and Interior Room SketchUp has 6723+ decor ideas to inspire you. You can choose from many floor plans and layouts. The application uses AR Room visualization to display these plans in 3D environments. You can access many ready-made projects and add unique elements to these decorations. You have high-quality samples for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, etc. 

The application lets you view house decor ideas with Chromecast. You get to try out different items like clocks, wall paints, curtains, etc., to your project before actually making the purchase. With the right landscaping plans, you can easily decorate spaces like cafes, gyms, swimming pools, or gardens. Anything is possible with this application. Customize accessories, furniture, and other decor items from their regularly updated catalog. 

Key Features

  • House Design & Interior Room SketchUp features ready-made projects in 3D mode with the help of virtual reality technology. 
  • You can apply different colors and textures from the given option. You can even combine them to make your unique style.
  • The application lets you change the size of any items you want to try for your free space. 
  • Challenge your creative skills by participating in weekly design battles. Winning will get you rewarded with amazing prizes. 
  • The application works fine without an internet connection. 
  • It is available in 7+ languages.

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ikea home decoration appIKEA is always the first choice for many people to buy furniture and house decor items. Now IKEA is available 24/7 to you as an Android application. The application is winning millions of hearts from all around the world. It makes shopping at IKEA a lot easier and simpler. You can make your purchases online and deliver them to your doorstep. You can find thousands of different products and view their prices and availability information. 

Key Features

  • IKEA displays personalized decor options for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and many more. Take inspiration from these options and create your dream house projects. 
  • You can join the IKEA community for free and get membership discounts. Enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea whenever you visit the store.  
  • If you are unhappy with your product, you must return it within a year for a full refund. 
  • The application has a high-quality user interface. So you can easily use the application and enjoy the features. 

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4. Home Design: Caribbean Life

Home Design is a game-based application that is also a home design application. It features many fabulous houses on the Caribbean islands. You can enjoy playing the game and get inspired by viewing many beautiful decor samples in 3D graphics. Find aesthetically pleasing rooms and spaces that draw inspiration from Pinterest. The furniture collection provided is from IKEA and Ashley. So, it is a game with real-world samples of interior designs.  

Home Design app Caribbean Life

Get proper guidelines from professionals like Jennifer and Kevin. You can gain expertise in decor projects by using the application. The game finds fictional clients who want to hire you for their creative projects. Use your imagination and create something unique. It is a fun way to improve your decorative skills. 

Key Features

  • Home Design creates a platform to run your interior design business in the virtual Caribbean islands.
  • Find some charismatic individuals as your clients to create many unique projects.
  • Get inspiration from many real-world samples on Pinterest and Ashley HomeStores. 
  • Learn decorative skills from experts like Jennifer and Kevin.
  • It is a great home design 3d app download to view virtual scenarios in 3D mode. 

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5. Design Home: House Renovation

Design Home: House RenovationDesign Home is the second game-based application on our list with many cool features. It lets you be a decorator in a fictional world with real-world decor brands. Turn your dreams into a reality by applying all your creative ideas to make something stylish and different. You can customize many features and options according to your requirements. Select your favorite rug or wallpaper from various options available in the application. 

The application features many free spaces for you to decorate. The game includes visually appealing rooms in three-dimensional that almost feel real. There are choices for wallpapers and many other house decor items. The furniture collection is from popular decor brands, which makes the game even more realistic. You can participate in daily challenges to improve your decorative skills. 

Key Features

  • Design Home lets you participate in challenges to win rewards.
  • Level up your skills to access the feature called ‘My Homes.’ 
  • Be the boss of your project, where you decide everything from choosing the right ceiling to getting the right floor tiles.
  • Join their friendly community to view some great samples and vote for your favorite rooms. 
  • Connect your account with Facebook to easily share your creative ideas with friends and family. 

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6. Room Planner

Room Planner AppRoom Planner is one of the best applications for providing floor plan ideas. Access many layout samples for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. Room Planner gives its users exclusive access to suggestions and guidelines by expert room decorators. It will help you design your own house online for free with many pre-designed projects. Million+ users from all around the world are using the application to make their creative dreams come true.  

The application is well-known for having high-quality user visualization. Their virtual reality technology allows you to try different items for your space before deciding. You can view products from world-famous brands and add items to your pictures to see how they look. Their simple features simplify renovation, remodeling, room planning, and many other house projects. 

Key Features

  • Room Planner lets you easily share your creative plans with friends, family, and professional contractors.
  • The application needs no internet connection to function.
  • The application can give a three-dimensional look to your entire house.
  • Paid subscription gives you access to a furniture catalog of 5000 products.  

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7. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan CreatorFloor Plan Creator lets you create floor plans in three-dimensional. You can make detailed and accurate floor plans with the application. Add furniture to your plan and many other options to create a beautiful project yourself. The application also lets you shop for decor items while you work on your project. The application performs automatic calculations to give you correct measurements of rooms, walls, etc.

You can work with rooms of any shape and size. The application includes plans for all kinds of free spaces. It has options for windows, furniture, doors, and many other house furnishings. It is a great home design app for pc. Both mouse and S-Pen users can enjoy the application.

Key Features

  • Floor Plan Creator lets you export files in image, SVG, PDF, and print to scale on a paid version. 
  • It supports imperial units and metrics.
  • You can get a three-dimensional view of house spaces with their 3D feature. 
  • Cloud synchronization will automatically store your files as backups so you can easily share the files between devices. 

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8. Homestyler:3D Home Decor Tool and Makeover

Homestyler 3D Home Decor Tool and MakeoverHomestyler will help you to build your dream house. The application allows you to enhance your decorative skills by providing many virtual decor projects. Check out the application if you want to do something creative and fun. You can work on many projects, including renovation, decoration, remodeling, and other exciting challenges. Access thousands of house decor items from well-known stores like IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Target, etc. 

Homestyler gives you access to its community of many creative users like you. Socialize with them and share vibrant ideas with your new friends. This is considered the best free home design software by its users. 

Key Features

  • Homestyler lets you decorate and publish your work in their online community.
  • Using the application, you can create your profile and get followers, likes, and comments about your work.
  • Make DIY(do-it-yourself) projects and share them with others on social media.
  • Easily make scaling adjustments to furniture in 3D and see how they appear in your floor plan.
  • Augmented Reality technology helps visualize any product you choose in your free space.
  • You can take pictures and add furniture to plan your dream project.  
  • Connect with 100k+ house improvement experts, interior decorators, and home makeover enthusiasts through the application.
  • Participate in weekly house-decorating contests and improve your skills as a decorator.   

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9. Magicplan

Magicplan home design appMagicplan is like a magic wand that does all the complicated planning and reports for your house projects. Field reports, floor plans, and estimates can all be done with the application. With state-of-the-art technology, you can make sketches and accurate measurements in 2D and 3D. It is no surprise that the application has more than 20+ million users across the world. It is easy to use the application with its simple interface. 

Key Features

  • Magicplan gives you access to its training session on using the application efficiently.
  • You can create 2+ projects with the application.
  • The application lets you collaborate in teams to build projects.
  • The free version gives you access to the magicplan API.

More Info

10. Home Design 3D

Home Design App 3DHome Design 3D includes 250+ objects you can add to your creative projects. Depending on your phone’s capacity, unlimited floor options are accessed with the gold plus version. You can use the copy-and-paste feature to duplicate your favorite decor items. You can easily undo your mistakes by using the redo feature. A tutorial is also available to educate you about the app’s functionalities. 

Key Features

  • Home Design 3D includes a compass feature that tells you where the light will fall at different hours of the day. 
  • You can easily make and view your floor plans in 2D and 3D modes.
  • Add and edit objects by adjusting the color, size, and position.
  • Export and import creative files and view them on different devices.
  • An eyedropper is available for you to use an existing color in your work. 

More Info

11. Space Decor

Space Decor appSpace Decor is another game-based app for space decoration. It is one of the best free 3d home design apps for Android. Space Decor has different styles like European, Mediterranean, Modern, etc. You can decorate many houses and venues with your imagination and decorative skills. The application provides a platform for all those creative individuals who want to upgrade their decorative skills for free. 

Key Features

  • Space Decor is a free application to enjoy.
  • You get access to many house decorating projects.
  • The application hosts fun events every week for users.
  • Fictional characters, detective stories, and puzzles make the application more interactive. 
  • You can play the game with others and share your work with them.   

More Info

12. Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden

Home Design 3D OutdoorHome Design 3D Outdoor/ Garden has all the tools you need for indoor and outdoor decor projects. The application allows you to build your ideal outdoor space, like outdoor wedding programs, play areas, swimming pools, garden furniture, a greenhouse, etc. You can also use the application to build a swimming pool, garden, or mini playground inside your house.  

Key Features

  • Home Design 3D Outdoor/ Garden has simple functionalities that act as powerful decor tools.
  • The application includes 100+ different options for you to build your ideal project.
  • You can create and view your works in 3D mode.
  • There are many beautiful textures and items available in 2D and 3D.
  • You can press the Cancel/Restore option to undo your mistakes. 

More Info

13. Prisma3D – 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering

Prisma3D home design appPrisma3D is amongst the best home design apps for Android. It has many tools you need for rendering, animating, and modeling. You can create projects in a high-quality 3D model. You will almost feel like an expert with such advanced tools and functionalities. The best part is you do not need expert knowledge to use the application.

Key Features

  • Prisma3D can create many multi-dimensional objects like cubes, spheres, etc.
  • You can select an object and transform it into anything you want. 
  • Change colors easily with the help of a color picker.
  • You can import 50 files in 3D format and export them in .obj files.  

More Info

14. SketchUp Viewer

Sketchup Viewer is another home design app for Android with great 3D features. It comes with high-quality AR technology to display all your creations in 3D. Sketchup Warehouse gives you access to million+ samples for free. You can also upload your work on Google Drive for later use. 

SketchUp Viewer

Key Features

  • Sketchup makes navigation easy with options like zooming, orbiting, and panning.
  • Find detailed information about edge lengths, the volume of solids, the area of faces, etc.
  • You can change between orthographic and perspective cameras for production and architectural sketches. 
  • The Tape Measure tool helps you take measurements in your chosen units. 

More Info

15. House and Office Interior Design Ideas

House and Office Interior Design IdeasHouse and Office Interior Design Ideas has many unique ideas to share with its users. Get inspiration from 200,000+ high-quality decoration pictures. You can personalize your search by room, location, and style. Share your favorites on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Key Features

  • House and Office Interior Design Ideas share design ideas for house and office spaces.
  • You can access more than 200K high-resolution pictures for inspiration.
  • An easy-to-use search engine lets you search by style, location, and room.
  • Easy-to-use features and a simple interface make it an ideal application.  

More Info

16. Dulux Visualizer

Dulux VisualizerDulux Visualizer offers the best wall color options for interior and exterior decorations. The application uses AR technology to make the user experience more colorful and lively. You will get to choose from many bold and light colors. It can be a great companion to help you choose the right colors.

Key Features

  • Dulux Visualizer re-decorates your room with Dulux paints of any color you want.
  • You can easily match colors with existing furniture.
  • The application can automatically find colors for your rooms that go well with your furnishings.  
  • You can paint testers with the help of the application. 

More Info

17. Palette Home

Palette Home designer appPalette Home claims to be the number 1 application in 3D interior decoration. The application educates you about the cubic measurements of your rooms. It will provide information about door placements, window placements, pitched roofs, and wall installations. It will guide you in the right direction as you work on your creative projects. 

Key Features

  • Palette Home lets you view and examine your room in 3D mode.
  • You can enjoy the application in real-time.
  • It comes with an impressive user interface and incredible graphics.
  • You can save backups of your files on your PC as well.

More Info

18. Interior Design

Interior Design AppInterior Design includes pretty much everything you need to know about interior decoration. You will find countless decoration ideas for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, ceiling, carpets, floors, shelves, and just about anything you need decoration help. It has made its way to the hearts of many users as the best home design app for Android. 

Key Features

  • Interior Design comes with a user-friendly interface.  
  • All the designs are in well-organized categories. 
  • The pictures available are of high resolution. 
  • You can zoom in and out to better look at the pictures. 
  • Save sample ideas as favorites and store them using an SD card.
  •  Social media lets you easily share sample photos and ideas with your pals. 

19. Photo Measures

Photo Measures home designer appPhoto Measures can immensely help when taking high-quality pictures for interior designs. Many popular websites, magazines, and blogs have recommended the application. You can take pictures to help you with measurements. You will not regret your decision to download the application.  

Key Features

  • Photo Measures lets you take pictures and add your measurement notes to the photos. 
  • You can use the zoom-in option to improve the precision of measurements. 
  • You can view the pictures from different angles. 
  • The application supports measurements in imperial and metric units. 

More Info

20. Myty AR

Myty ARMyty AR is the last application in our list of home design apps for Android. It is a powerful tool to help you decorate and buy items in real-time. You can try out different colors for your rooms with the help of AR technology. The application will never run out of decoration ideas, and you will never run short of inspiration. 

Key Features

  • Myty AR can test out different furnishing items in your space. You can easily make adjustments to their positions.
  • Thousands of pictures are available to inspire you and push you to hone your decorative skills. 
  • You can view popular brand decor catalogs to decide which will go well with your project. 
  • The application also lets you save pictures and ideas as favorites to use later. 

More Info

Final Thoughts

We hope you like our list of best home design apps for Android. Check out all the apps and let us know your favorite one in the comment section. The apps are suitable for both professionals and beginners in interior design. There are many tools to try out to help build your dream projects. If you are unsure of your plans, try consulting an expert through the application. So, do not delay any more time and get started with your renovation project. Good luck! 

Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Mehnaz loves to show her creations through writing and drawing. She is a tech-savvy young individual who loves learning something new every day and helping others with her knowledge and work.

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