Best 30 Open Source Testing Automation Software in 2024

Have you heard of the term’ test automation tool’? Well, it is a tool to aid you in software testing. There are manual testing and automatic testing. The automation test tools test software automatically and provide you with a result. These types of tools are essential in software development. This software will help large teams or organizations automate their software’s testing process. This article discussed Open Source Testing Automation Software and listed 30 of the best internet tools.

What is Test Automation?

Test automation tool helps organization and developer teams automate their software testing process. We can put it define it as the automation of testing software. But it doesn’t explain it adequately.

Test automation is the technique or process of testing a product or software with no human intervention. This software makes the process speedier and removes human error from the equation.

We find a more understanding definition from Testim. According to the website,

“Test automation performs software testing activities with little or no human interaction to achieve greater speed and efficiency.”

Open Source Testing Automation Software

We have established what test automation is. So, the tool or software we use for this purpose is the test automation tool. A test automation tool is computer software that enables users to define software testing tasks and automatically run with minimum human interaction.

An open-source automation tool is an automated testing tool available for the mass for free. A community works behind these tools to make it. It is not licensed under a company, and you can use it for free. The user can also change open-source software violating no copyright rules.

Best Testing Automation Software

We have provided a list of 30 testing automation tools. Most of the tools on the list are open-source. However, some tools are licensed on this list. 

1. QA Wolf

QA Wolf is one of the best open-source testing automation software. It is the fastest way to create QA tests and is very efficient. They host the tool on the Web. So there is no need to download or install it. You can use this browser automation tool directly from your web browser. You’ll need an internet connection to use it.

The advantage of using QA Wolf is that it can create tests at warp speed. You must create a free account before testing. After that, the process is simple. Your entire team can get involved with the testing procedure.

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2. Selenium

Selenium web browser automation tool is one of the best free tools on the Web. It is an open-source tool that you can use for software testing. It is compatible with many programming languages and supports any web browser and operating system. Selenium has a robust automation process to help you with your need. It is primarily for automating web applications for testing, but you are not limited to that. You can do much more than with Selenium.

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3. Appium

Appium makes automation for Apps easier. It can drive Windows, iOS, and Android apps using the WebDriver protocol. This open-source application is primarily used for mobile apps. But as you see, we can use it for Windows apps too. It has made the task of manual and automation testing much easier for us. It has instruction videos on how to use it. There is a bunch of help online if you need it. The setup process is simple, and you can run tests anytime.

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4. Cucumber

Cucumber is another of the desktop automation tools that are available for free. This software has both a free and paid package for testing apps. This open-source tool is based on Behavioral Driven Development or BDD. It has cross-platform operating system support. It also supports multiple programming languages like Java, .NET, and Ruby. What sets Cucumber apart from other apps is that it lets you have a single live document for all testing. You can trust this automation program to deliver faster and better products.

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5. Apache JMeter™

The Apache JMeter™ is an open-source application. It can help you in testing the application. It is a 100% pure Java application that loads functional test behavior. Apache JMeter™ can measure the performance of the application efficiently. You can test web-based applications as well as other programing language apps. It has a large community to help you if you get stuck. We recommend using Apache JMeter for web automation.

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Web Application Testing in Ruby, commonly known as WATIR (pronounced as water), is an excellent Windows automation tool. It is a lightweight testing tool for web automation. This open-source program allows you to write simple and adaptable automated tests. It has a rich Ruby library for automation tests. It interacts with a browser just like a human. WATIR clicks links, fills up forms, and validates text. This web automation system will heavily reduce your workload.

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7. Sikuli

Sikuli is an open-source automation testing tool that is designed on the concept of image recognition. It can automate anything that is seen on the computer screen. It is suitable for non-web-based application testing. The tool has complete documentation on how to use it and explains everything. You can install and use it easily.

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8. WaitN

WaitN is another one of the best Open Source Testing Automation Software. It (pronounced as what-in) is Web Application Testing in. NET. This open-source framework aids us in user interface and functional web application testing. It is mainly designed for Firefox and Microsoft Edge web browsers. You can get the software for free.

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9. Eggplant automation tool

The eggplant automation tool allows you to run critical test automation. With this app, you can build a better digital world quickly. It can help you test DevOps and complete software. With the AI-assisted automation system, you can ensure the rapid release of applications and programs. You can monitor and manage your apps too.

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10. SoapUI

SoapUI is an open-source, free software testing tool. It is a popular API test automation tool for SOAP and REST APIs. With SoapUI, you can perform performance, functional, and data testing. This tool can also help you in test reporting. With SoapUI, you can automate and fit API testing into your organization’s constant delivery pipeline. It will highly increase your team’s work efficiency.

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11. Marathon

Marathon is an open-source test automation framework. We designed it to test Java-based applications. This automated software testing tool’s primary use is for acceptance testing. With Marathon, you can record and replay the tests. It generates accurate test results too. We recommend Marathon if you are working on minor projects. It can take a load of 10 screens. To run a large-scale test, you should use Marathon ITE, a successor to Marathon. Unlike Marathon, Marathon ITE is not free software. You can try out the free trial of Marathon ITE.

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12. Windmill

Next, we have Windmill on our list. It is free-to-use open-source automation software. We can use it for automating and debugging software and web applications. It is a cross-platform application that supports web app testing. You can use it on all web browsers. You don’t have to install it for use. Before May 2016, Windmill was actively maintained. But since then, it has been part of web driver/selenium 2.

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13. TestNG

TestNG is an open-source testing platform for Java testing. Junit and Nunit updated this testing framework with some extra features. It has now become one of the most potent Java testing applications on the open-source platform. It is compatible with all operating systems. You can use it for unit, integration, data-driven, functional, and end-to-end testing purposes. You can install it through the Eclipse plugin. Moreover, you need Java 1.7+ to run the TestNG for Eclipse plugin.

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14. Capybara

Another marvelous API testing tool, Capybara, is available for free. This open-source application testing tool helps in testing web applications. It can simulate the behavior of a genuine user and give you a perfect score. You can use Capybara with tools like RSpec, Cucumber, and Minitest. There is no necessity to install it for Rails and Rack apps. It works out of the box. Besides, the robust synchronization keeps it one step ahead of its competitors. It is easy to use.

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15. Maven

Maven was initially intended for testing Java projects. This open-source automation tester has the Maven plugins available for testing. It is under the supervision of the Apache Maven Project and a part of the Apache Software Foundation. This project has produced tools for project management and comprehension. You can download, install, and run the Maven software. So, you can also extend its features by installing plugins. You can also get support for the process. There are several mediums from which you can get support.

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16. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio brings you all in one test automation solution. The software supports Web, mobile, computer, and API app testing. It is a powerful automated tool for production operations on a large scale. There are no limits on how much you can put into work.

Katalon Studio is a codeless solution for your needs and is very easy to use. Besides that, the tool provides seamless integration with other apps like SDLC management and CI/CD pipeline. You can use it with other marketplace applications too. Gartner Peer Insights recognized it as the Customers’ Choice in 2020.

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17. Espresso Open Source Testing Automation Software

Though Espresso is a type of coffee, we are not talking about the drink here. We are talking about the open-source testing tool designed for UI testing. It is a helpful tool for Android application testing. It is also reliable for creating an Android User interface. Google LLC officially offers Espresso for public use. You can test Android apps efficiently with Espresso. Setting up Espresso is not hard, and it offers a lot for the developers. There are a bunch of tests you can run using Espresso.

18. JUnit

JUnit is an acceptance testing framework for developers. It is an open-source project and is available to the public for free. It helps users to get a high-quality automation test. JUnit is a simple framework for writing repeatable tests. It is easy to download and install. There is well-detailed documentation on how to use JUnit. You can add third-party applications with it. It can also be integrated with other apps. JUnit provides a detailed test result. It can run different tests for you.

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TestLink is a web-based test management tool. We can use it for various testing, such as user roles, test projects, test plans, test cases, and test specifications. Not only that, you can integrate with other debugging software to clean Windows too. It can also function with bug-tracking tools like Redmine and Zira.

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20. Grinder

The Grinder is a Java Load Testing Framework for automated testing. It is a proper open-source Java-based testing application that we can use for free. Grinder uses different load injector machines to ensure a good quality test. It is available to the users under a BSD-style open-source license. With Grinder, you can load test anything that has a Java API. The test scripts are written in Jython and Clojure languages, making them flexible. The Grinder also comes with automatic management of client connections and cookies over the years, and many individuals have contributed to making Grinder one of the best Java testing frameworks. You can put your trust in it.

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21. K6

K6 provides the best developer experience for load testing. It is a well-equipped performance testing tool for cloud application testing. It is also perfect for APIs and microservices. K6 is a modern developer-centric tool with test cases written in Java. HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, and WebSocket protocols are built into the support system. It offers an open-source license and a Cloud automation tester. Both of them are suitable for large-scale organizations. It offers the same scripts for local and cloud tests. It is easy to maintain and operate. K6 is mainly built for engineering teams.

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22. Xmind

Xmind is a free-to-use mind-mapping computer program. This open-source tool is helpful for regression testing. They build the software on Java and have cross-platform support. It is a lightweight app that allows good encapsulation. Xmind provides a well-detailed report. It also shows us the time and steps it takes for testing. Overall, Xmind is an excellent program for mind mapping for software testing.

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23. Multi-Mechanize

Multi-Mechanize is another open-source tool on our software testing tools list. It provides the best performance and a great user experience. It gives a detailed report of the test. Multi-Mechanize also keeps a web record of the test. It is the best framework for performance and load testing. It has an instruction guide showing everything you need to know about Multi-Mechanize.

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24. Wire mock

Wiremock is another Open Source Testing Automation Software that may satisfy your need. This software is an HTTP-based tool with a programming interface. We can use it as a service virtualization program that mocks the API for providing in-depth checks. You can mock your APIs for fast, robust, and comprehensive testing.

We can run WireMock from within the Java application, JUnit test, or Servlet container. You can record and replay the tests. They offer another paid API simulator based on Wiremoc called MockLab. You can check that out too.

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TSUNG is a distributed load-testing tool. It is available for free under open-source licenses. TSUNG is a functioning load and stress tool. It is compatible with different OS. TSUNG can work with protocols and servers like HTTP, LDAP, SOAP, etc. It is a high-performance automated browser testing machine perfect for the job.

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26. Gatling

Gatling is an open-source automation load-testing tool. It brings the best way to load test your applications, designed for DevOps and CI/CD. It is free from accidental crashing and improves time to market. Gatling provides an accurate picture of your slowest user experience. They designed Gatling for continuous load testing. Users can integrate with the team’s development pipeline. It also comes with a web recorder and colorful reports. It has both Cloud and Self-hosted services. But you need to pay for those services.

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27. FitNesse

FitNesse is a collaboration tool for automation testing tool. It is a wiki web server with a shallow entry and learning curve. It is an open-source project. Any company does not own the codebase. You will get a lot of information on the FitNesse community. With FitNesse, you can run high-quality tests for free. The interface is clean and easy to use. It supports all the major programming languages. As it is a wiki, we can use Specifications/requirements as test input. You can trust FitNesse for your testing automation.

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28. KIF

KIF, or Keep it Functional, is an open-source iOS automation software. It is suitable for running tests for iOS applications. You can test your app’s UI with KIF. This iOS integration testing framework is suitable for all iOS applications. It completes the tests using a standard XCTest testing target. This software gives you an overview of your apps.

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29. iMacros

You can access iMacros as a browser add-on for Firefox web browsers. It is a free-to-use add-on that helps you run online tests. You have to buy the license to access the full features of iMacros. You can get the iMacros browser for free. It is a handy tool for online testing.

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30. OpenTest

OpenTest is an open-source test automation framework for APIs, mobile, and web applications. It is perfect for scalability and extensibility. An open test is a spectacular tool for every testing you need. This feature-rich tool can help you with Web and mobile applications. You can use it for free.

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Final Thoughts

Testing Automation Software is an integral part of every software development. It gives us an overview of how the app will do on the user’s end. So, it is essential to have the perfect tool for this job. We have enlisted the best 30 Open Source Testing Automation Software in 2024. I hope this will help you in your app development process. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment.

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