The Best 20 Sound Booster for Windows 10 in 2024

Suppose you started watching a movie after a tiring day. But, the sound system of your device is not working correctly. Isn’t it an irritating situation? Of course, it is. Whatever you want to watch or hear, the audio system plays a vital role. But do you know that you can enhance the sound system using some simple software? This article will briefly describe the top sound boosters available for Windows 10. It will help you to experience the best sound quality for your device. Here is our top 20 Sound Booster for Windows in 2022.

The Best Sound Boosters for Windows 10

If you can select the best sound booster for Windows, you can quickly identify the difference. The built-in sound system for Windows 10 might not be enough to meet your needs. By installing sound-boosting software on your computer, you can enhance the sound quality.

It is safe to install and use. Besides, sound-boosting software never harms your device. Here, I am showing you how to develop the audio functions of Windows 10.

1. FXSound

FXSound Sound Booster for WindowsFXSound is one of the best sound boosters for Windows 10 64-bit. Its powerful sound equalizer containing 20 bands will easily catch your mind. Significantly, game lovers will fall in love with its fantastic sound quality. It gives you a low-resolution output. You can boost your device’s volume and sound efficiency effortlessly by using FXSound.

This audio booster is compatible with all kinds of output methods. You can even attach a jukebox with your device and customize the music. Moreover, FXSound offers you genre bases presets. It can enhance the whole sound system of Windows 10, including bass and overall volume. You will get these features for free. The upgraded version offers some more functions for $19.99. 

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2. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO Sound Booster for WindowsAnother great free sound booster for Windows 10 is Equalizer APO. It enables you to increase the volume of your computer. Moreover, this open-source sound booster is a light-weighted one. It is software with VST Plugin support. You can enhance the sound quality up to youse choice using Equalizer APO.

This sound-boosting software contains no latency issues. It offers you several filters to customize audio. Equalizer APO can work with multiple channels. So it is easy to get the audio effects you want to add to your sound. Moreover, it is compatible with VoiceMeeter and Peace Interface. Overall, Equalizer APO can be one of the best options to boost sound for Windows 10. 

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3. Boom 3D

Boom 3DBoom 3D remains on the top of the favorite list for sound boosters sung by Apple users. To meet the demands of other device users, this sound-boosting software is now available for Windows 10 too! It can serve as an alternative to any surrounding booster software. You will experience excellent 3D surrounding sound effects using Boom 3D.

Boom 3D is easily compatible with other third-party apps. It can provide you with all the detailed sound effects-from blast to whisper. It can also be an equalizer preset, volume booster, and app volume controller. Boom 3D will excite your movie-watching time on Youtube, Netflix, or other mediums. It offers 30 days of a free trial. After that, you need to buy the upgraded version for $39.95.

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4. Ear Trumpet

Ear Trumpet Sound Booster for WindowsEar Trumpet is a default audio mixture appropriate for Windows 10. You can enhance the sound system of your device using this software. It allows you to increase volume and add sound effects to it. With a single click, you can set Ear Trumpet on your computer. You will be astonished to see the fantastic sound-enhancing quality of the Ear Trumpet. 

Ear Trumpet contains a standalone volume mixture. It enables you to set default tones for all apps. Besides, it can be upgraded automatically through store apps. Ear Trumpet also provides multilingual facilities. You can use different themes for the audio and add dark mode on the screen. It is compatible with the hotkeys configuration too! This free sound amplifier is one of the best software for Windows 10. 

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5. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Fidelizer Audio EnhancerFidelizer is software that optimizes your audio system. It can enhance the sound of your device to an optimal level. Besides, Fidelizer gives the most priority to improving sound quality. It also enhances low latency stability. It is compatible with nearly all renowned software like Youtube, VLC, Spotify, etc. Other streaming services are included under its area too.

Fidelizer never hampers other audio or non-audio processes of your device. You have to re-optimize your computer each time after the software’s optimization process ends. There are three options available for the users. You can take the Fidelizer Pro, Fidelizer Ultra, or the free version. But you will get limited functions in the free version. Detailed instruction is available to help you install the software. 

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6. Voice Meeter

Voice MeeterAnother free sound booster for Windows 10 is Voice Meeter. It is pretty much popular among users. This software can auto-tune all your device’s audio clips, including the streaming videos. It provides a separate equalizer for each app you have. It increases or decreases the volume and can customize the audio. 

Voice Meeter can record any streaming audio, sidelining other sounds. After reading the tutorial, you can easily set the software on your device. This audio mixer app is endowed with a virtual audio device. It can manage and amplify any tune without any cost. For these reasons, it is wise to use Voice Meeter as the sound booster for Windows 10.

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7. Viper4Windows

Viper4Windows Sound Booster for WindowsYou can increase the volume of your sound system by using Viper4Windows too. It is one of the best free sound-boosting software containing natural bass-boosting features. There are two versions available for this sound-enhancing program. You can use it for both your Android and PC. Most of the custom ROMS for Android contain Viper4Windows as the default audio software. 

Viper4Windows provides the best sound quality. It also works as a good compressor. Besides, this sound booster can equalize other sounds and echoes. It also contains alerting features for your excessive use. You can also choose the music, movie, and freestyle modes according to your needs. 

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8. DeskFX Audio Enhancer

DeskFX is specially made to enhance the sound quality of your desktop. Its 20-band equalizer helps you switch between different equalizer modes like parametric, graphic, visual, etc. You can include various effects to the audio using this software. Besides, you will get some other functions here. 

DeskFX Audio EnhancerIt is easy to use the reverb, chorus, vibrato, and amplification functions of DeskFX Audio Enhancer. You can also reduce sound distortions from any voice clip. Using various filters, you can enjoy the best quality of sound. Moreover, it is compatible with all popular music-playing software. DeskFX provides 14 days of a free trial. After that, you need to buy it, paying $19.99. 

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9. Audio Retoucher

Audio Retoucher is a perfect tool for simplicity lovers. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to handle this sound booster. It simply helps you to enhance the volume of your Windows 10. By following some simple steps, you will be able to solve the sound-related problem of your PC.

Audio Retoucher Sound Booster for WindowsAudio Retoucher contains some calibrated parameters. Using this sound booster, you can customize, intensify, and adjust tempo and bass levels. Besides, it can also measure the BMP correctly. You will experience a high-quality sound effect within a simple interface by using Audio Retoucher. It will cost $39.95 to install the premium version of this top-ranked audio booster.  

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10. Letasoft Sound Booster

Letasoft Sound BoosterIf you want to boost the sound system of Windows 10 by up to 500%, Letasoft can serve you the best—one of the best sound boosters contains an inbuilt distortion detection module. You can enhance your device’s sound without any unwanted noise. It can effectively work with all other apps.

Letasoft Sound Booster is equally appropriate for streaming videos, watching videos or audio, or playing games. You can easily detect the difference between the inbuilt Windows sound system and this software. It can also multiply the sounds while using web browsers like Chrome. Letasoft Sound Booster offers you a trial version for 14 days. The upgraded version will cost $19.95. 

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11. Chrome Volume Booster

Chrome Volume BoosterOne of the most reliable software for enhancing sound is Chrome Volume Booster. It is available for Chrome on Windows 10. Using this software, you can enjoy a hassle-free procedure for improving your sound system. Its intuitive design can attract anyone to solve their audio-related problems by themselves. 

Chrome Volume Booster can amplify any audio volume up to 1000%. It is used by more than 5,00,000 people all over the world. You can use this Chrome plugin one tab at a time while amplifying audio. You have to slide plugins to increase or decrease the volume. This simple and highly famous sound booster tool will serve you for free. 

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12. Techspot Sound Booster

Techspot Sound Booster for WindowsTechspot Sound Booster is another top-notched sound booster available for Windows 10. It does not require any addon or plugin to function on yourpluginter. This software can work properly with any other audio or video platform. It does not harm the existing audio systems of your device. 

Techspot allows you to amplify the volume of any audio by up to 500%. It also provides you with a purified sound, free of distortion. You can easily control the functions of this tool. Slide bars and pop-up options help you conduct the software effortlessly. Techspot Sound Booster contains free features, and the upgraded version costs $19.95. 

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13. VLC Media Player

VLC Media PlayerVLC Media Player works as a sound booster for any audio file. It can effectively customize your audio file and improve your sound system. It also offers you some practical tools for enhancing sound quality. You will get an equalizer, compressor, and equalizer within this software.

VLC Media Player provides the simplest methods of increasing your device’s sound. You can do that with this software only by scrolling the mouse. It also contains some other modules to control the clarity of audio. VLC Media Player supports multi-channel layouts. So, You can enjoy the best audio quality if you use it as your sound booster. It is one of the most effective ways to enhance the audio volume on Windows 10.

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14. GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player Sound Booster for WindowsGOM Media Player also plays a role in enhancing the audio quality. You can use this media player as a sound booster for Windows 10. Moreover, it has unique features that provide the best hearing experience. Generally, GOM Media Player is used to play audio and videos. But you can also enrich the sound quality by customizing the options in the control panel.

This free software is famous for its sound-boosting and volume-controlling capacities. GOM Media Player allows you to increase volumes using your keyboard’s ‘Fn’ keys. You can access some advanced features of this software by pressing the ‘F5’ key. Besides, there are audio effects, 3D surrounding effects, and output device settings in GOM Media Player. It allows you to increase volume by up to 150%.

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15. Clementine Music Player

Clementine Music PlayerClementine Music Player is another tool that contains both features as a media player and a sound booster. It includes some standard tools to enhance the sound quality of Windows 10. Here, you can use two options to amplify your audio clarity and sound. Those are- Equalizer and Pre-amplification methods.

You have to choose between these two options from the control panel of Clementine Music Player. It contains a ten-band sound equalizer with slide options. Besides, you will get balancing, presetting, and frequency customizing features here. All these accessible facilities made this software attractive to users.

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16. SM Player

SM Player Sound Booster for WindowsSM Player has more features to increase the volume for Windows 10. It contains the extra stereo feature to boost any audio system. The equalizer option of this software includes ten different audio frequency channels. You can customize the bass, pitch, treble, and sound audio levels using it. 

Moreover, SM Player also contains the Max-amplifier facility. Here, you can select preferences to amplify any audio manually. You can also add subtitles and customize the interface using this tool. This simple sound booster will solve your problems for free.

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17. POTPlayer

POTPlayer Sound Booster for WindowsContaining an intuitive interface, POT Player works as a sound booster for Windows 10. You will get specific features in this software to improve your sound system. However, the audio customizing features are more numerous than the sound-boosting facilities. 

POTPlayer contains a ten-band equalizer. You can change the setting in the control panel to increase or decrease the sound level of your device. The sound quality you get after customizing the volume is satisfactory. You may use this tool as an alternative to the best sound boosters.

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18. Bongiovi DPS

Bongiovi DPSBongiovi DPS is an appropriate software to increase sound clarity on Windows 10. It works with modern DPS technology to provide you with the best facilities. Besides, this tool can increase and adjust your computer’s sound without hassle. 

Bongiovi DPS can instantly detect any irregularity in the sound system while playing audio. It can automatically correct the flaws. It also allows you to customize the sound’s bass, speakers, clarity, and depth. Overall, Bongiovi DPS is a complete package to solve your volume-enhancing demands. Try out this Sound Booster for Windows now.

19. Windows Media Player

Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player is popular among most Windows users. But, you may not be aware of its sound-boosting capacity. There is an option to enhance the sound quality of the audio. Here, you have to choose that option and select SRS WOW effects. You must select between Trussbuss and WOW effects to increase your audio quality.

Windows Media Player offers you several sliders to help you do the task. By increasing the background sounds, it can enhance the audio quality. It can also provide noise-free audio. This tool also works well in increasing the bass level. You can keep this sound-boosting tool as your companion for free.

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20. XM Play

XM Play Sound Booster for WindowsLast but not least, XM Play is one of the best free sound boosters for Windows. It contains ‘Autoamp’ and ‘Equalizer’ to increase audio volume. These are available in its interface. You can also use these two methods at once. XM Play supports a wide range of audio formats.

The ‘Autoamp’ feature of the XM player will provide the optimum automatic sound-boosting facilities. The equalizer allows you to customize the clarity of any audio. You can increase the bass, pitch, etc., to improve the sound quality. Amplifying the audio volume is pretty easy in this software.

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Final Thought

So, haven’t you selected a sound booster for your Windows 10 from this list? I would have chosen FX Sound, Boom 3D, or Chrome Volume Booster if you asked me. Because they can meet my needs correctly, let me know your preferences. Please give me feedback after using any of these best sound boosters. And, of course, don’t forget to share this article!

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