The Best 20 Google Docs E-signature Solution in 2024

The traditional signing process can be troublesome and time-consuming. It may take days to get one signature for an important contract. Luckily, software developers have figured out how to make document signings easy and convenient. E-signature online is the answer to all your problems. Many are familiar with Google Docs e-signature, but we will share the 20 best e-signature solutions for Androids that can work as great alternatives. Many applications are free to use, like the famous DocuSign e-signature. So, go paperless and make quick, easy, and secure signatures online. 

What is an e-signature?

An electronic or e-signature is a digitally drawn signature on digital documents. Electronic signature software can protect your signature and files from outsiders. You e-sign and send the signed copy to anyone worldwide through your Android or computer. The recipient will sign it off and return it online within a few minutes. The e-signing process is fast and very reliable.  

  • Go paperless to reduce deforestation.

Electronic signature does not involve any use of paper. Paperless means less cutting down trees to reduce deforestation. One of the significant reasons for climate change is deforestation. Many organizations are avoiding traditional signatures and moving towards e-signing tools.   

  • Faster with greater efficiency

Collecting signatures involved a long and complicated process that would last many days. You had to check for appointments, select the right day and time to sign, print the documents, and be ready with a pen and a working scanner to return the signed copies. Many people had to get involved in getting the job done. But Electronic signature can make it all happen in just a few minutes. It involves greater efficiency because e-sign only requires the sender and the recipient to complete the task. With a few taps, you can easily e-sign online and send all your signed copies to the recipient. 

  • Cost reduction

Going paperless reduces deforestation and reduces the cost of paper waste for companies. Studies show companies could save about one billion dollars by reducing paper waste. 

  • Greater security and legal validity

Almost all e-signature tools come with digital encryption and audit trails. Proper security measures are placed to protect your electronic signatures from hackers. Electronic signature software also records the date, time, IP address, and unique user ID when you make the e-sign. Changes made to the Document are recorded along with the person’s name who made these edits. 

  • Safe Storage

From e-signing to making edits, everything is done on a digital platform safely and securely. You can keep all your e-signed files organized online. You can make copies of the files and save them in different digital storage media if required. Thanks to the e-sign software, everything has been made easy for you. 

Digital signature Vs. Electronic signature

digital signature vs electronic signature

Digital and electronic signatures are two different terms, but both are important in the signing process. It does not matter much whether you call it an electronic or digital signature because both are essential to one another. An electronic signature is defined as the actual signature of the user. A digital signature is a lock and key to secure your Document and its contents. A digital signature records the time, date, IP address, and other essential details necessary to validate an Electronic signature. It also records the document history and any changes made to the signed Document. E-sign applications are reliable and trustworthy because of digital signatures. 

Best 20 Digital Signature Providers

We now begin our list of the 20 best digital signature providers for Androids. The listed applications have gathered many users and followers from all around the world. Let us find out why these e-signature companies are famous across the globe.  

1. DocuSign

DocuSign is known to provide the best e-sign service in the market. You can send your copies of e-signatures from anywhere to anyone worldwide. Millions of users are relying on DocuSign to make deals and seal contracts. The application is free to be used on your Android phone. You can customize your signature directly on your device and use it to sign off digital documents.

Upload the required documents through email, DropBox, Google Drive, or photo scanner and sign them for free with no monthly limits. DocuSign is secure that encrypts documents, and provides audit trail service. It strictly follows the eSign Act and complies with ISO 27001 SSAE16. You can indicate where to sign, add initials, and even set up multiple signers for a document. Set up reminders for the signers for their signatures.

Key Features

  • DocuSign lets you customize your signature for free from your Android phone.
  • The application supports PDF, Excel, JPEG, PNG, Word, and many more types.
  • You can set up a signing order for multiple signers.
  • Add the “Sign Here” tag to indicate where to sign.
  • DocuSign is reliable and compliant with eSign Act and ISO 27001 SSAE16.

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2. SignEasy

SignEasy has 7 million users worldwide who frequently use the app to close important deals. Over 30,000 organizations and institutions love SignEasy for being secure and trustworthy. Forbes and Inc have featured it as one of the best e-signature vendors in the market. SignEasy works well on Androids, tablets, and computers. It supports Word, Excel, PDF, PNG, and many more. 


SignEasy lets you sign up for a free trial. Your first three documents will be free for e-signs. The regular plan costs $14.99/month, and the pro plan costs $24.99/month. You can e-sign unlimited documents if you upgrade to either of these plans. It includes offline e-signing, advanced security, collecting in-person signatures, and annotating documents in freestyle. You also get to customize your signature size and color.

Key Features

  • SignEasy allows remote e-sign and in-person signatures on your device.
  • The application legally binds all your documents with an audit trail. It will record the signer’s email ID, completion time, and the device IP. 
  • SignEasy is compliant globally with ESIGN, eIDAS, UETA, and Aadhaar eSign.
  • The application uses standard SSL encryption to protect all your confidential data.
  • You can easily save and share your commonly used documents as Templates.
  • File editing does not need an internet connection. 

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3. sign now

signNow does not need any introduction. You can e-sign PDFs and many other file formats. Use an Android or a desktop to e-sign and send the Document to multiple recipients. You can customize signing invites to allow the recipients to fill out the PDF files. signNow helps you to fill out and e-sign documents in a few minutes. 

signNow e-signature app

The application has garnered over 6 million users worldwide. You get a 7days free trial to check out its features. The subscription plans include $8/month to give you access to more documents for e-signs. You can put all your files into folders for safekeeping and easy access. signNow uses 256-bit encryption for data protection and complies with the ESIGN Act 2000. The application allows its users to personalize their signatures and documents securely.  

Key Features

  • signNow enables its users to e-sign their documents right away from any internet-connected device. 
  • You can create a team allowing multiple signers to e-sign and make the necessary document changes.
  • Upload files online in PDF, PNG, Word, or PPT and fill in the details with the application. 
  • Add texts, stamps, checkmarks, and e-signature to the PDF files.
  • You can edit your Document offline. When you reconnect with the Internet, all the changes will sync automatically. 

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4. Sign Doc

Sign Doc - Sign and Fill DocsSign Doc is a convenient application for users to e-sign and manage files in PDF, images, etc. You can customize your signature with many different options for better presentation. Use the application as a PDF Editor, PDF Viewer, and PDF maker for your files. It does not require signing up or registering to use the application. Download the application and create your e-signature on Doc, PDF, PPT, or Xls. 

Sign Doc respects your privacy and does not store your details in its server storage. The application allows you to scan your documents with an auto-crop option. It also auto-detects page edges. You can set sizes for your PDFs in A4, letters, etc. You can also share files in PDF and JPEG formats. Download the application if you are working from home or taking online classes. You can easily fax or print the scanned documents directly from SignDoc. 

Key Features

  • Sign Doc allows you to add e-signature and annotations to documents and images.
  • It features OCR Scan and auto-crop edge detection.
  • You can set your file size in A3, A4, A5, PostCard, etc. 
  • The application can generate images in high, medium, or low resolutions. 
  • You can use Passcode for better data security.
  • You can also share photos in ZIP format. 

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5. Doc Sign

Doc Sign - Sign & Fill Document and Pdf

The same Electronic signature company creates doc Sign as Sign Doc. It gives its users various choices to customize their documents with e-signature. You can e-sign and share your files with others in PDF and JPEG. You can also add annotations to your documents. The application supports files in Xls, Pdf, Docs, and images. The application does not use cloud service to store your data. They are very strict in keeping your data confidential and always protected.

You can customize your texts and signature with a few simple steps. Doc Sign features auto-crop to scan your documents. The page edges are automatically detected and cropped. You can set different sizes for your PDF pages, like A3, A4, etc. There is an option for setting up different resolutions for images. Use a passcode to provide better security to your data. The application also features OCR Scan to make editing easier.  

Key Features

  • Doc Sign lets you print the scanned copies directly from your Android.
  • You can set up a password for your file and share it with others.
  • There is no need for you to sign up or register.
  • Use ZIP to share your images.
  • There are many options to set different image resolutions.  

6. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is secured and easy to use from anywhere you want. Make a few taps on your Android and create your e-signature quickly. Adobe Sign requires you to subscribe to one of the following Adobe applications: Adobe Sign, Adobe PDF Pack, Adobe Acrobat DC, or Adobe Creative Cloud Complete. You can track your documents and get signatures with the in-person signing option. 

Adobe Sign e signature app

Adobe Sign legally binds all your documents. It complies with the European Union eIDAS Regulation and the US ESIGN Act. So, do not worry about the protection of your confidential data. The signed papers are well encrypted and stored as certified PDFs. Both parties can validate the authenticity of the Document after signing it. You can trust and use the application for deals, contracts, or agreements. 

Key Features

  • Adobe Sign is fast in its performance and easy to use.
  • Use a stylus or a finger on the screen to e-sign.
  • Import or export documents using Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • You can scan and convert multiple documents into one PDF.
  • You can view edits in real-time to track the progress. 

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7. Fill: PDF Editor, Sign Doc Expert, e-Signature App

Fill is a fast and easy e-sign application for Android. You can instantly sign off and scan any PDF documents of your choice. It is a free application with many cool features to enjoy. The application auto-detects fillable fields, forms, checkboxes, and words on your PDF file. Editing documents is simple and easy. You can scan and share your files with others via email. It is a good application if you urgently need to close the deal with e-signature. 

Fill: PDF Editor, Sign Doc Expert, e-Signature App

Use the email option or fax option directly from Android to share to share files to request signatures. Fill can also convert images and Word files into PDFs. You can add information to your documents, like annotations, dates, icons, stamps, and texts. Create your personalized e-signature and customize font size, color, and other options according to your preferences.  

Key Features

  • Fill provides a clear view of all your edited documents. 
  • Import and export your files using their cloud storage option with Google Drive, DropBox, etc. 
  • Save and share your e-signed copies with others via fax or email,
  • Fill in autosaves your e-signature and other personal details for future use. 

More Info

8. OneSpan Sign – eSign PDF & eSignature Documents

OneSpan Sign is among the top choices for e-signatures by many global banks. It is reliable and keeps all your confidential data private and protected. The application comes with a monthly subscription at $32.99 and a yearly subscription at $329.99. The application is known for its high-quality user interface. You need a few taps to edit, e-sign, save, and share your files with the concerned party.  

OneSpan Sign – eSign PDF & eSignature Documents

OneSpan requires users to create a OneSpan account before enjoying its features. DropBox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage services can import and edit files. Share your documents with recipients for their e-signatures and track the progress. Monitor the changes in the files with the built-in dashboard. 

Key Features

  • OneSpan uses Q/A, email, and SMS to validate the signer’s identity.
  • The application is compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2, and FedRAMP.
  • You can edit your PDF files and w-sign them without an internet connection. All your changes will be auto-synchronized once you are back online.
  • Frequently used templates are saved for future use. 

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9. Zoho Sign – Upload, Scan, and Sign Documents

Zoho Sign is known to be the perfect application for e-signing business documents. It ensures legality and security as a reliable e-signature vendor. Zoho Sign is used in legal, sales, and finance departments to sign off papers. The application legally binds all your documents and keeps them safe from outsiders. 

Zoho Sign – Upload, Scan, and Sign Documents

You can easily share your documents with multiple users to view and edit. Use the application with Google Drive, Gmail, and Dropbox to store and share files. Zoho Sign lets you e-sign Invoices, lease agreements, sales contracts, etc. You will automatically receive audit trails, IP addresses, and timestamps for completed documents. 

Key Features

  • Zoho Sign features Passcode and Touch ID to prevent unauthorized access to your data.
  • You can use security codes and share them with the recipient.
  • Set alerts to remind the recipients to sign the papers on time.
  • Zoho can set up an order for e-signature when there are multiple signers.
  • Easy customization option for your signature, texts, name, etc. 

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10. PandaDoc

PandaDoc allows you to edit and e-sign any Document from anywhere. Use the application and complete proposals, contracts, and business deals with easy e-signing. It legally binds your files and keeps your confidential data safe. Hundreds of companies from all around the world are trusting the application for its reliable features. You will also come to like this application. 

PandaDoc - Track & eSign Sales Docs

PandaDoc lets you e-sign and edit documents for free. You can share your files with multiple recipients directly from the application. It uses its camera to scan documents. You can also upload your files without any hassle. The application comes with ready-made templates for you to use in the future. It is easy to monitor and track the progress of your files. You can also use the audit logs to view the last edits made by the last user.   

Key Features

  • PandaDoc keeps your files organized and secured.
  • The application features predefined templates to create and edit files quickly and easily.
  • It is easy to track activities with accurate audit logs.
  • PandaDoc is compliant with HIPAA, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, ISO 27001 SSAE 16, ESIGN Act, FERPA, and SOC 2 Type II.

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11. Signature Maker

Signature Maker offers many different styles to make different e-signatures. The application allows you to draw your signature manually. You can protect your personal information by adding watermarks on documents and photos. It is one of the best e-sign service providers that makes your professional life easy. 

Signature Maker e-signature

You can type your name and order Signature Maker to auto-create your signature. You can get your personalized signature by customizing the font style. The application offers many options for pen colors and pen strokes. Make your digital signatures look professional with different text styles. Get creative with the application by changing the background color and adding pictures in the background. 

Key Features

  • Signature Maker lets you undo and redo your actions with convenient buttons.  
  • You can use the application to create a suitable signature for you.
  • You can change the pen color, pen stroke, and even the background color of your Electronic signature. 
  • Customize your soft signature with different font styles and different pen sizes.

12. Digital Signature Maker – eSign Document

Digital Signature Maker – eSign DocumentDigital Signature Maker is all about creating stylish Electronic signatures for PDF files. Directly fill out PDF forms from Android and easily create e-signatures on the documents. There are multiple signature styles available for you to select. You can add your signatures to text messages when editing a document. So, download the application to create quick and short digital signatures for your files. 

Digital Signature Maker is free for Android users to e-sign. You can personalize your signature by customizing your signature color, style, and size. You can use many different options to create elegant signatures on digital papers. The application features a generator for handwritten signatures. 

Key Features

  • Digital Signature Maker offers different colors, sizes, styles, and drawings for your soft signature.
  • You can easily erase your signature if you do not like it.
  • Share your digital signatures with a few taps on the phone. 
  • You can download signatures and save your work for future use. 

13. mignon

eSignon helps you to complete your remote work by providing easy e-signing options. You can now relax and quickly e-sign all your electronic contracts from home. The application securely stores all the templates and files in the MS Azure cloud. Its reliable service has attracted many users and companies worldwide. The application aims to reduce the cost and time of its users by 80%. 

 eSignon(Electronic Signature)

SSL encryption is applied to improve the security of the application. The application is subscribed to the “Personal Information Protection Liability Deduction” to prepare for sudden data leakage. You can safely import files from your device or Google Drive in PDF or Word format. The application features a signature box, photo, time, and date to make your documents more informative. 

Key Features

  • mignon notifies you via email when the recipient signs the digital paper.
  • You can view the history of all the changes made to the Document with the history certificate.
  • Create templates and save them for future use. 
  • The application includes a bulk sending option to send documents to 500 people simultaneously. 

More Info 

14. SIGNply

SIGNply, electronic signature in PDF Handwritten e-signature is a free application with no ads. So, android users can enjoy the application without any cost or disturbance. You also do not need an internet connection to use the application. Go offline and e-sign your documents with a few easy steps. It is an ideal e-sign application for Android users.SIGNply e-signature

You need to follow three simple steps when using the application.

  • First, import the file from the mailbox, Google Drive, or your device.
  • Use SIGNply to create your signature using a finger or a stylus.
  • Save your file and send it to whoever you want. 

The application strictly complies with European Legislation and the Law on Electronic Signatures. It guarantees integrity and authenticity through its service. The application also collects your biometric data as you apply pressure and speed to your Electronic signature. No other application can provide such advanced protection to your signature. It includes SHA256 to add another layer of security. 

Key Features

  • SIGNply uses SHA256 and your biometric data to ensure the authenticity and integrity of your signature.  
  • You can create as many signatures as you want for free.
  • The drag-and-drop feature lets you adjust your signature’s size and location.
  • You can type additional information like cause for signature, author description, location, and contact information. 
  • You can use Adobe Reader to verify the signature. 
  • The encryption of biometric data strictly follows international interoperability standards.

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15. E-Signature App – Fill & Sign PDF Forms Now

The Electronic signature App features both auto-signing and custom signing. You can use it to sign contracts, autographs, etc. There are many options available for you to create a personalized digital signature. The application offers its features for free. You can edit your PDF files and draw your signature as you want. The application is also called the text signature app, which allows you to save your signature. 

E-Signature App – Fill & Sign PDF Forms Now

You can use the application to generate stamps. The application includes a manual and an auto option to create eye-catching signatures. You can fill out forms and scan documents directly from your Android. Add Electronic signatures and stamps to make your documents more appealing and professional. The application lets you be creative as you e-sign and edit the digital paper. 

Key Features

  • Electronic signature Apps can import files from your cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • You can fill out forms, draw e-sign, and add stamps using the app.
  • The application can convert files of any format into PDF.
  • You can use your company stamp on your documents with the electronic stamp option. 

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16. DottedSign – eSign & Fill Documents

DottedSign is another e-sign application that is used globally by individuals and organizations. It allows you to e-sign documents, set up signing tasks for several signers, and monitor and track the signing progress of documents. You can use your Android or web browser to view the signing status. Hundreds of professionals use the application for agreements, sales contracts, NDAs, etc. 

DottedSign – eSign & Fill Documents

DottedSign belongs to a well-reputed e-signature vendor. The free version lets you sign unlimited documents, send out three signature tasks per month and assign three signers for a signature task. The subscription plans include the annual plan at $59.99 and the monthly plan at $9.99. The pro version allows you to set up unlimited tasks for signers, use the SMS secure code to authenticate the signer, access reusable templates, add radio buttons, checkboxes, and many more. 

DottedSign can import files directly from the camera, images, cloud accounts, emails, and other compatible applications. You can set a signing order when you have multiple signers to sign the paper. It offers security via digital audit trails. Encryption is applied using AES-256, TLS/SSL, and RSA-2048. You can be at peace using the application to transfer confidential data over the Internet. 

Key Features

  • DottedSign uses auto alerts to remind the signer if they haven’t signed yet.
  • You can set up expiry dates for signatures and alert other signers with email reminders.
  • One-Time-Password or OTP is sent through SMS and emails to authenticate the signer.
  • The application features a visual progress bar to help you view the signing status of other signers.
  • You can record the activities of your tasks and share them with others.

More Info 

17. ScanToFill: Document Scanner

ScanToFill is a Pdf scanning application that features e-sign technology. You can use the application to edit your PDF files and draw your e-signature to send them to the other party. The application lets you save and share the signed files with others via email. It is a great application to download if you are running short and quickly want to scan and e-sign documents. 

ScanToFill: Document Scanner e-signature

ScanToFill scans multiple pages at once. It uses the phone camera to convert images into Pdf documents. You can scan papers of any size and aspect ratio for free. It is helpful for e-signing job application forms, tax forms, etc. ScanToFill provides a convenient way for users to edit, e-sign, and share documents quickly. You can customize your scanned copies and add more content to them to make them more informative. 

Key Features

  • ScanToFill uses different filters, like contrast, desaturation, etc., to improve the visual quality of the documents.
  • You can use your camera and point toward the Document to take its picture. The application will then scan the photo into a fillable pdf file.
  • You can scan more documents to add to your Pdf file.
  • You can use the web-based editor to edit your documents by adding or removing texts, creating checkmarks, inserting fillable fields, etc.
  • The app lets you email or print the scanned Document directly from your device.

18. ZorroSign Sign and Fill Docs

ZorroSign and Fill Docs is a popular application for electronic signatures. It is patented by one of the app’s co-founders. Zorro Sign legally binds the papers to be approved in international courts. The application is compliant with the E-sign Act of the USA. It uses Proprietary 4n6 Token technology to protect your documents from signature forgery and tampering. You can now easily authenticate your digital papers for free without the help of a third party. ZorroSign is widely used for e-signing NDAs, financial agreements, sales proposals, sales contracts, real estate documents, lease agreements, and many more confidential papers.

 ZorroSign Sign and Fill Docs e-signature

ZorroSign lets you e-sign papers and fill in your details with many options for customization. You can tag to send the files to others for their signatures and track their progress. The dashboard helps you to manage your files from any device you use. The application uses bank-grade security protocols and permissions-based blockchain to protect your data. ZorroSign is undoubtedly one of the e-signature companies to provide data security.

Key Features

  • ZorroSign is used to create both handwritten and auto-generated signatures.
  • It auto-fills details as you prepare your documents.
  • It integrates with other cloud accounts to provide better management services.
  • You can set up a signing order and reminders for multiple signers. 
  • You can easily cancel out documents with completed signatures. 
  • Ready-made templates are available for you to use later.   

19. GetAccept

GetAccept e-signatureGetAccept is the favorite e-signing and document editing tool for many sales representatives. Please create a free account for the application and enjoy its features. You will get instant notifications whenever someone views and signs a document. The application features a chat option to communicate with prospects about document signing. GetAccept will help to make the signing process fast and easy. 

The application proves to be a helpful tool when you are dealing with clients and customers. GetAccept makes it easy for you and the prospect to confirm agreements by electronic signatures. You can also record videos to personalize your proposals. A dashboard is available to monitor all your deals and view which ones need your special attention.

Key Features

  • GetAccept features instant push notifications to notify you when a document is opened and edited.
  • It includes a chat option with your clients or customers to make the signing process faster.
  • A Dashboard gives you an overview of which deals are hot and which need special attention. 
  • You can record videos and add them to the library or your documents.

20. Signable

Signable e-signatureSignable is well-known as one of the best e-signature companies in the world. The app helps you avoid any delays when signing off official agreements. It lets you e-sign and send digital copies to prospects instantly. There is no need to run after people for days for their signatures. It is only a matter of minutes to sign and prepare your documents. You can use the application online and get all signatures from multiple singers to close the deals.  

Signature is famous when signing sales contracts, finance documents, estate forms, etc. Signable legally bind your signed digital papers and complies with the UK and EU eIDAS legislation. All the signed papers are available with a legal certificate containing a digital audit trail. The application takes all your confidential data very seriously and takes proper security measures to protect your documents. 

Key Features

  • Signable can track the progress of the sent documents.
  • You can share templates with others for signatures.
  • The application also features in-person signatures. 
  • You can use Touch ID or fingerprint for account login.
  • You can now edit your files without the need for the Internet. Once the Internet is back, the changes will be auto-synced.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who provides free e-signatures?

Many of our listed applications provide the best e-sign services for free at no additional cost. DocuSign, Fill, PandaDoc, Digital Signature Maker, Electronic Signature in PDF Handwritten Electronic Signature, Electronic Signature App, DottedSign, and Signable are some well-known applications providing e-sign services for free. 

  • What are the best e-signature tools?

It depends on your priorities. If data security is your priority, Electronic Signature in PDF Handwritten eSignature and ZorroSign are two of the best digital-signature applications in the market. If you want an application that quickly scans, edits, and creates soft signatures, then ScanToFill would be a good choice. Check out all the applications and their features in our list to decide.   

  • How to create an electronic signature?

Our e-sign applications usually provide two ways for digital signatures. One way is to draw out your Electronic signature using a mouse or a stylus on the screen. Another option is to type out your name, and the application will automatically create an electronic signature.  

  • How do e-signatures on google docs work? 

Google Docs has two options for digital signatures. You can e-sign with the built-in Drawing feature or try other e-sign apps as add-ons from Google Workspace Marketplace. 

Final Thoughts

We hope our list of best e-sign applications will help you to choose the best e-signature app. If you are uncomfortable using the google docs e-sign app, you can get many other alternative apps. Now you know that google docs are not the only e-sign app available in the digital market. Check out each of these applications and let us know which one you like the best and why. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends, family, boss, and colleagues.

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