The Best 20 Free Survey Tools for Researchin in 2024

What kind of products to sell? What kind of goods will attract the buyers? How to collect data from people for a research study? The online survey tool is the answer to all these questions. Collect responses to understand your target audience. Survey results can help to see how your research affects the real world. The best survey tool helps gather statistics for your research. Check out our 20 best free survey tools online to help you become a research expert. But first, let us see how these online survey tools work.

Online Survey and Online Survey Tool

An online survey contains a set of questions on the internet. Your participants can be customers, employees, or any group. Some carry out questionnaires to see how a particular product will perform. Some try to improve their services by asking for customers’ feedback. Researchers use surveys while carrying out experiments with participants. 

Online surveys come in different lengths and formats. You can choose whether to use short answers or yes or no surveys. It is the easiest way to learn about your audience and their surroundings. But, we need a survey tool to manage these online surveys.

An online survey tool is an online software program. It helps to send out thousands of questionnaires to the target group. You can then collect data from these responses to study them. Use the information collected to see what and where you need to improve. 

Many tools come with ready-made templates and sample questions. You can attach these questionnaires to your website or email. Options are available for easy collaboration with teammates in team projects. You will have a survey up and running in no time with the help of the tool. 

Benefits of Online Survey Tools

  • Unlimited surveys for free

Survey AppMany tools offer an unlimited number of surveys to create online. There is no need to pay for papers, printing, and pens. You can do everything on the internet within a few seconds. Click the send button and thousands of questionnaires will be ready in a minute. Almost all our picks are free or offer great features in the free trial version. The process is cost-effective with real-time results.

  • Ready-made tools and designs

The tool has everything to carry out a successful survey. Ready-made templates help you to start with data collection. Custom themes and designs make the process fast and easy. Share surveys with other apps to gain more participants. You do not need to know coding to create a custom questionnaire. Many programs also come with sample questions for a variety of topics. 

  • Accurate Data

Many people claim that survey tools give the most accurate results. It is by far the best compared to other data-collecting methods. It uses advanced technology to avoid any errors in the results. Survey tools also take proper security measures to protect your data. 

All the responses go to an online database. So, there is no way anyone can change the data. You will get the exact responses participants gave. There is no human error during the data analysis. Respondents have the option to stay anonymous. They become more open about their thoughts and give honest feedback. Honest opinions lead to more accurate results. 

The Best 20 free survey tool online for research

The majority of the tools in the list are free. Few of the tools are available for free in the free trial version. You can always upgrade to a paid version for more advanced features. Let us find out how to create your surveys for free. 

1. Google Forms

Google Forms free Survey ToolsGoogle Forms is a well-known web survey software. You must have a Google account to access it for free. Create unlimited forms with unlimited questions per form. The free package also has no limits on responses. The program offers 11 types of fields for custom designs. Choose a template according to what suits your business. 

Export the form results to Google Sheets for online sharing. Google Forms lets you add collaborators and attach forms to emails. You can use any device to edit your questionnaires. All the features are free as long as you have a Google account. 

Key Features

  • Google Forms has privacy settings to keep forms private. You can control who views the information. 
  • It records form results in real-time into a spreadsheet.
  • All the forms are responsive so that you can edit them from any device.
  • Google Forms uses SMART technology to collect error-free data. It gives appropriate questions to participants based on their previous answers. 

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2. Survey Monkey

Survey MonkeySurvey Monkey is proving to be an excellent mobile survey software. The program lets you create unlimited forms with ten questions in each. The free plan allows you to send your questionnaires to about 100 respondents. It is easy to use and great for small companies. It is a favorite of many freelancers in the research field. 

The free version comes with limited features. But those wanting to create short questionnaires will love it. The program has all the necessary functions to create and distribute forms. You can attach the link and share it on your website. You will get everything ready in a few minutes. Upgrade it to the paid version at $26/month if you like its performance. 

Key Features

  • Survey Monkey features automatic reminders through emails.
  • The free program accepts credit card payments in a form.
  • It collects form responses without the Wifi. 
  • You can convert the form results into a report.
  • You can study the data without exporting it.

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3. Typeform

Typeform comes with a wide variety of question formats. The program offers unlimited forms with unlimited questions in each. Every month you get to have about 100 respondents. People love it as community survey software. The tool helps you understand what and how the general people think in a community. Typeform free Survey Tools

Typeform includes picture choices, dropdown lists, and many more. The program offers custom design options to help you make your ideal forms. You can also use ratings and opinion scales for more accurate responses. The free version also offers data export options. The monthly paid version comes at $29 to provide more features.

Key Features

  • Typeform works on any device you choose. You can create forms by using a tablet, PC, etc.
  • It offers a variety of form designs and formats.
  • You can create a quiz, contact form, questionnaire, etc.
  • You can join with third-party apps like Slack, Trello, Autopilot, etc.

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4. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the best business survey software programs in the market. There is no limit to creating forms and adding questions. Enjoy an unlimited number of respondents with up to a million CRM contacts. The program allows you to export data into your CRM system for better management. 

HubSpot free Survey ToolsThere are over a dozen question types to add to your form. Use the drag-and-drop editor to create a custom questionnaire. The premium version lets you decide how forms appear on your website. Place it at the top or on the left side of the webpage. There are few but very effective ready-made designs in the free version. 

Key Features

  • HubSpot is available on the Web, Android, and IOS.
  • It can create forms that pop up to the web pages and visitors.
  • HubSpot also features fields like email, full name, and contact number. 
  • You can set up email notifications or follow-up alerts for participants. 

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5. Hotjar

Hotjar Survey ToolsHotjar offers a Net Promoter Score(NPS), amongst many other features. It shows companies an in-depth presentation of user behavior using heatmaps. You can also track user sessions, add tags to recordings, and prepare notes. Send invitation links to the participants to take part in the questionnaire. It also offers chat and email support for its users.

The tool can track customer feedback and improve interaction with the participants. Hotjar also enhances the user experience of your website. The tool uses user clicks and scrolls to understand which part of your webpage is the most liked. The free plan lets you collect 2000 page views per day. So, now you know which tool to use for your website. 

Key Features

  • Hotjar performs an in-depth study on the user behavior of the participants. 
  • It shows you a visual map of the customer journey.
  • You can export or import data using Hotjar.
  • You also get access to their dynamic content. 
  • It supports mobile devices such as Androids and IOS. 

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6. Offline Surveys for Android

Offline Surveys for AndroidOffline Surveys for Android are for creating surveys on Androids. It is an offline application, so use it from anywhere at any time. Collect information on your phone; the app will sync the data later. It is one of the most convenient software programs you will ever see. You only need your device to create and send forms to the participants. 

The device can be an Android, a tablet, or even a smartphone. You can send and receive data through your device in an instant. You can also take photos to add to your forms. The program also features tools like barcode scanning and voice recording. 

Key Features

  • Offline Surveys for Android provide you with an activity dashboard.
  • The offline tool lets you create unlimited surveys with endless questions.
  • It also includes custom questions and sub-question features.
  • Android multimedia questions include images and voice recordings.

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7. Qualtrics

Qualtrics Survey ToolsQualtrics features a drag-and-drop builder and many ready-made templates. The free version allows you to have 100 respondents. There are over 100 question types you can add to your forms. You can use it as an employee survey software for business purposes. It comes with advanced technology to help you study your data in-depth. 

Qualtrics can collect responses on many different devices. You can use it on mobiles, websites, chat boxes, etc. Attract more participants by sharing forms on different platforms. The program helps to improve response rates and engagement with participants. 

Key Features

  • Qualtrics is suitable for all-sized businesses. 
  • It supports various platforms like Android, Web, and iPad.
  • You get access to their 24/7 live chat support and phone support.
  • There are many training options available such as webinars and in-person sessions. 

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8. Survey Planet

Survey PlanetSurvey Planet lets you create unlimited surveys for free. You also have no restrictions on responses and questions for your forms. The program is only available in the web version. It is a good choice if you have a large audience. Large-sized businesses prefer this program for its unlimited offers on forms and responses. 

You also get access to many pre-written questions. The program is a cloud-based software program. It is a tool that can collect data of any type. Upgrade it to the pro version if you export data to other applications.  

Key Features

  • Survey Planet features many colorful themes to add to your questionnaires.
  • It is responsive and runs on various platforms.
  • The program supports 20+ languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • You can add images and logos to your forms.

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9. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurveySoGoSurvey is another program that allows unlimited forms with unlimited questions. The tool proves to be the best enterprise survey software for many companies. Ask your audience as many questions as you like. The program limits responses to 200 per year. But still, it is a good number for any sized firm.

Get access to 20+ question formats to create custom forms. So, create in-depth forms or short forms according to your needs. If you want more advanced features, then get the paid version. Paid plans starting from $25/month offer many more features. 

Key Features

  • SoGoSurvey lets you create forms in several languages. 
  • The free plan allows 200 respondents, with 100 respondents per survey.
  • You can export data in Word, HTML, and many other formats.
  • It also features the drag-and-drop option and custom templates. 
  • Get access to the activity dashboard and activity tracking.

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10. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrowSurveySparrow offers many features in its free package. It is the number one SMS survey software with many useful features. The free version lets you add about ten questions per questionnaire. Every month you get to have 100 respondents. The program offers enterprise-level functions to help grow your business. The tool is still a good choice for any survey despite its limitations. 

You can also attach the forms to your web pages. Unlike other survey tools, it can use third-party apps like HubSpot to offer more features. The program is strict on its security policies. It makes sure all your data is safe with encryption and SSL technology. 

Key Features

  • SurveySparrow lets you set up a password for your surveys.
  • You can also enable the Single Sign-On feature for your company.
  • The program supports several platforms like Web, Android, and iPad. 
  • You get access to some unique form formats like chat survey types.

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11. QuestionPro

QuestionPro Survey ToolsQuestionPro involves GDPR and EU compliance in its service. You can add MCQs, logic, and many other formats. Study your data in real time and make a report in seconds. The program offers you more than 88 features to use. You also get to use custom templates to make your tasks easy. It is by far the most innovative survey tool on the internet.

QuestionPro is another software to offer unlimited surveys in the free version. Enjoy a lifetime of access to all the features. Also, enjoy limitless responses per survey. There is no need for a credit card payment. The program has many pre-built templates to help create forms in a few seconds. You will love this tool if you want to build some quick surveys.  

Key Features 

  • QuestionPro gives you access to more than 25 types of questions.
  • You get to choose custom templates and colors from many options.
  • It lets you add your logo to your form.
  • You can add a custom thank you page on your website
  • The QuestionPro team offers 24/7 support to all its users. 

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12. ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker Survey ToolsProProfs Survey Maker offers a free trial for fifteen days. It includes 100+ different templates. You can create forms for research, employees, customers, NPS, and more. The program also joins with other marketing tools to gather more accurate data. After the free trial ends, you can choose a paid version starting from $7 monthly. 

The program also comes with advanced reporting features to present data. You will get detailed information about the questionnaires and the making process. The program joins with other third-party apps like Zendesk and Freshdesk. Try one of the best survey tools today. 

Key Features

  • ProProfs Survey Maker offers unlimited surveys and responses in the free trial.
  • You get access to custom templates, logos, and branding.
  • The free trial also includes survey scoring and logic.
  • It uses analytics to prepare reports in seconds. 

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13. Zoho Survey

Zoho SurveyZoho Survey allows three questionnaires every month. The free version offers about 15 questions for each form. It is a good tool if you plan to create short surveys. There are some ready-made templates and questions to build quick questionnaires.  

The program can be an excellent tool for marketing or sales. The ready-made formats help to create forms in minutes. It also features a Likert Scale to gather more honest feedback. 

Key Features

  • Zoho Survey features surveys and polls with many response options.
  • You can add over 25 different question types like ratings and drag-and-drop rankings.
  • The free plan includes 500 responses per month.
  • You can export results as CSV or PDF files. 

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14. Crowdsignal: Best survey tools

CrowdsignalCrowdsignal is a lesser-known but still powerful tool in the market. It puts no restriction on the number of questionnaires and the questions. On Crowdsignal, add as many forms and questions as you like. The free version allows about 2500 responses without limits on polls and ratings. You will enjoy its easy-to-use interface and different formats in questions. 

Key Features

  • Crowdsignal offers about 12 different types of question formats.
  • The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to create forms and add questions. 
  • Many options are available to customize the form’s look and feel.
  • You can share polls through different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can also export your report to Excel and Google Sheets.

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15. Alchemer: Easiest Survey Tools

Alchemer Survey ToolsAlchemy can perform conjoint analysis for the given data. You get to build three free questionnaires with no limits on questions. The program uses advanced technology to check the accessibility of the questionnaire. It also tracks the time the participants will take to complete. The free plan only allows you to launch forms and collect responses. You must upgrade the program to the paid version to access these responses. 

Key Features

  • Alchemy allows you to collect 100 responses per form. 
  • You get access to the activity dashboard and email marketing.
  • Exporting and importing data is fast and easy. 
  • Create a custom form with color schemes and ready-made survey themes. 

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16. FreeOnlineSurveys

FreeOnlineSurveysFreeOnlineSurveys is a top market research survey software and an excellent survey tool. It has no restriction on the number of forms you can launch. You can add up to 20 questions per form and collect 100 responses. Add your company logo onto the form and stand out from the rest. The monthly paid version starts at $19.99, getting rid of ads. If you want more custom options, then check out the paid version. The software lets you export data in full text for an in-depth study. It also groups data and compares the results to improve accuracy. 

Key Features

  • FreeOnlineSurveys can export your raw data numeric Excel spreadsheet.
  • It uses ReCaptcha to identify form spammings.
  • You can also add 2D drawings and 3D models to enhance the presentation. 
  • Set up notifications in your Slack workplace whenever someone submits a form. 

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17. Wufoo

WufooWufoo makes it fast when building questionnaires for its users. It features the drag-and-drop interface to add custom form logos. It builds databases, scripts, and everything else to collect and understand your data. The tool is a cloud-based form builder. You will find it easy to make registration forms and application forms. Smart captcha and SSL Encryption ensure your data is safe, and no spamming is present. Try out these survey tools and see the magic.

Key Features

  • Wufoo features 400+ templates that you can use for your questionnaires.
  • Add graphs and charts to enhance the visual presentation of the data.
  • You can use custom rules to create dynamic forms.
  • You can join with over 100 third-party applications for a smoother workflow. 

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18. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms Survey ToolsMicrosoft Forms is web-based software to create questionnaires. It is one of the modern survey tools that you can use easily. You must have an MS account to enjoy the features of MS Forms for free. Microsoft survey tool is powerful and teams up with Excel for better data analysis. It is fast in its performance and offers different options to customize your forms. After gathering responses, you can send a direct link or attach it to the website. You can have a quick overview of the MS Forms interface. 

Key Features

  • Microsoft Forms is a convenient tool that can run on any browser.
  • You can export all your data to an Excel spreadsheet for better analysis.
  • You can use a range of form themes to enhance the look and feel.
  • It allows you to collect real-time data and present them in charts. 

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19. 123 Form Builder

123 Form Builder123 From Builder will build any form without any coding. You do not need a tech expert to set up the tool. It is fast, simple, and easy to use with many web forms. Use the drag-and-drop features to build questionnaires in minutes. The free program lets you customize designs to create your ideal questionnaires. Choose from a wide variety of pre-built templates and create forms from scratch. You can then publish it on any social media site of your choice. 

Key Features

  • 123 Form Builder uses graphics to present detailed reports. 
  • It builds efficient online forms in real time.
  • You can set up a password to protect HTML forms.
  • 123 Form Builder can connect your web forms to other online services. 

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20. Survicate

Survicate Survey ToolsSurvicate is the final survey tool on our list. Many call it the best email survey software. You can create countless questionnaires with 100 responses per month. Get access to over 125 templates and build instant questionnaires. The program joins with the HubSpot software to offer more convenient features. A Feedback Hub is available where you can put all your insights. 

Key Features

  • Survicate uses website widgets to improve interaction with the participants.
  • It helps customize your brand to attract a larger audience.
  • Survicate users will find the installation process fast and easy.
  • Use custom templates and designs to create a custom questionnaire. 

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Final Thoughts

I hope you liked my list of the best 20 free survey tools online for research. Each one of them claims to be the best in the market. It is up to you to decide which one fits all your requirements as a researcher. My favorite would be Google Forms and FreeOnlineSurveys. Both of these tools offer all their features for free. They also have no limitation on the number of forms you can launch.

I still suggest you review my entire list before making the final choice. Let me know in the comments if you found the article informative. Do not forget to share my article with others. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you next time.

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