The 15 Best Study Apps And Homework Apps for Android

Technology has entered every span of our life in this modern era. You can find technical support in almost every aspect of your life. So, why not use it in making your study plan? A study planner app can make your learning period more enjoyable than before. MyHomework is one of the best study apps. It has become very much popular since 2009. But some other myHomework alternatives can be your best study companion. If you are new to using apps that help you study, this article will be worth reading. Here I will show you the best Homework Apps like myHomework Student Planner.

What is myHomework Planner?” is one of the best Homework apps. It helps you to organize your study materials. It is trendy among English-speaking students. We can use this highly-rated app quickly. The free version of the myHomework app offers to organize your homework.

MyHomework app also helps to make your study schedule, maintain a homework calendar, etc. You can access other advanced features by buying the premium version at $4.99 annually. It will provide you with sharing options too. You may import homework and add accessible features to it.

MyHomework also accesses the external calendar option, attaches files with your study plan, etc. This app can sync between several devices. It shows you the upcoming homework widgets. But nowadays, the myHomework app is losing its efficiency. So, the users want to find other apps that can serve their purposes. 

How Do You Use myHomework as a Student Planner?

MyHomework study planner app does not require any advanced knowledge to use it. Students can download this app from Google Play for their Android. Create an account using your email address to sign up. You should turn on the location of your device. It requires an internet connection to sync with the official website. 

MyHomework Study Planner helps to design your study plan more precisely. After using the myHomework app, you will never have to waste your time remembering your to-do list. It will convert the premium version into a free version when the premium time expires. 

How Can an Android App Help My Study?

There are many reasons a person cannot achieve maximum success in his study area. Lack of organizing quality is a common reason for it. You have to plan your academic activities properly to achieve maximum success. Laziness is a barrier to making correct plans. You may also face time managing problems while making a study plan.

A homework app can reduce this burden of your life. It can give you a well-organized plan for your study life. It is also easy to maintain a connection between the teachers, students, and parents. A digital app that helps you in your Study may offer incredible benefits. Those benefits can increase the outcome of your learning process to times more. 

Significant Benefits of Using a Study App

1. Improving the organizing capacity: A study planner app makes you confident about organizing your study plan. Such an app can help you to track your classes and assignments. It can also remind you of the deadlines and take notes on necessary matters. 

2. Increasing responsibility: A homework tool will make you responsible for completing the tasks you have planned in the application. The app can develop your commitment level. This app makes you accountable for working according to your study plan. 

3. The achievement-tracking process: The best study planner apps will help you track your achievements. Those apps encourage a lot in your study area. This skill will help you to gain success throughout your whole life. 

4. Creating Communication-line: A study planner significantly reduces the communication gap between teachers and parents. 

5. Alternative to traditional study plan: A digital app can change your study planning experience. It will record your activities and help you to carry on your consistency. It also increases your concentration level. A study planner app gives you the motivation to study harder too.

Why Do You Need a myHomework Alternative?

MyHomework Student Planner app has some drawbacks, so we feel the requirements of some alternatives. The app is not working according to the desire of the users. There is a crashing problem in the app. Users are also facing problems in using this app on their Android devices. In some cases, the app is not easy to handle. Most of the users opined that this app was a great one when it arrived. But unfortunately, the myHomework Student Planner app has lost its previous glory and efficiency.

Best 15 Study Apps As myHomework Alternatives

MyHomework is undoubtedly one of the best study planner apps. But recently, there have been some terrible reviews of this app. So, users are now searching for some myHomework alternatives to get their work done. I’m here to inform you about the best study planner apps available for Android. 

1. School Planner Pro- Best Homework App

You can trust School Planner Pro to find your study-related activities systematically. It is one of the best myHomework alternatives that will organize your study plan according to your wish. School Planner Pro is very suitable for teachers, parents, and students. This app works as a timely reminder. It notifies you about all your tasks. You can also determine your next lesson plan using the app. 

School Planner Pro- Best homework app

The School Planner Pro app is free of cost. No advertisement will annoy you while using it. This app keeps a record of all your assignments and exams. The School Planner Pro offers a sharing option too. The app gives you an overview of what has happened recently and which event is nearby. This homework app also informs you of the essential notices of your school regarding tests, classes, etc. 

Key Features

  • School Planner Pro shows you detailed information about your school, including classes, tasks, assignments, exam results, etc.
  • This app summarizes the most important events of your study plan. 
  • It is a great time management app for students. 
  • School Planner Pro can schedule all your tasks and never allows you to forget that. 

2. My Study Life- School Planner

My Study Life- School PlannerA study planner app can work accurately only when you commit to the plan. My Study Life app has so many features to make your Study easier. This app will teach you how to make your daily study plans. My Study Life app makes you aware of your study time and increases your accountability regarding the Study.

My Study Life is a free homework app similar to the myHomework app. More than that, it has a storage feature. This allows you to access your classes and other records from anywhere. 

My Study Life offers you to sync your data on different devices. My Study Life is one of the best study apps that work as a great supporting hand in achieving the best result. The app is perfect for parents to track their child’s progress. There is no complaint about crashing the app while using it. My Study Life app integrates all the aspects of your academic life easier. 

Key Features

  • My Study Life keeps track of your assignments, classes, and other school activities and keeps them safe in the cloud or other online drives.
  • It also stores your essential exams, including revision tasks.
  • This app manages your classes and helps you to follow the Timetable. 
  • It is one of the best apps, like myHomework that notify you about all your study events. 

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3. Chipper

Chipper best homework appChipper is one of the best study apps. It can be an excellent alternative to the myHomework app. This app helps you maintain a scheduled study plan. It will inform you about all the important upcoming events. Chipper is a free app and can be easily installed. This app can be used as an assignment tracker. It will also help you manage your daily life plan like meetings, gym, social networking, etc.

You can track your study plan here by importing items from Google Calendar. Chipper also has the option of setting a timer for your study period. But recently, a bug has been showing an empty event in the app. When the user clicks on that event, the app crashes. There is also an issue with the widget display. 

Key Features

  • Chipper provides you with Study organizing plans by using a homework calendar.
  • It reminds you to complete homework in due time.
  • This app offers an effective learning process by helping to improve your study focus. 
  • The app contains a to-do list feature to track your daily progress. 
  • Chipper also motivates you to utilize your time through its ‘earning’ feature.  

4. Class Timetable

Are you facing problems in maintaining your time? If yes, then Class Timetable can be the best app for you. This app is one of the best time management apps for students. Class Timetable offers your multi-week support along with homework planning features. It can help you track classes and assignments with no mistakes. This app also makes a schedule that you can follow easily. 

Class Timetable best timetable app

Class Timetable contains an excellent color-filled interface. This feature removes the boredom of studying. The app also supports dark mode and home screen widgets. It contains data import and export options too. We can download the class Timetable free from Google Play. 

Key Features

  • Class Timetable is one of the best-scheduled apps for school, college, and university students. 
  • It keeps track of your homework to organize your Study.
  • This app notifies you about class time.
  •  Class Timetable reminds you to finish your home tasks and helps you to reach your goal. 

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5. – The to-do list, planner & Calendar – To-do list, planner & calendarYou can plan your academic activities by using a digital calendar. app will serve you this feature. You can easily make your to-do list using this app. It is also a myHomework alternative that can track all your daily activities, including Study.

Any. do is a great planner app. It organizes your daily activities and gives you a precise plan of what you must do. You can find your daily activities according to your preference list. 

Any. do app can play a significant role as your project tracker. This homework app will remind you of every pending work on your list. It improves its working capacity. They integrated this app with popular sites like Outlook, Google Calendaetcat App, Google Task, and Gmailetcty. app also contains note-taking facilities. This single app can re-organize your puzzled life planning and helps you to get the best result in your studies.

Key Features

  • Any. do app contains an advanced tracking calendar and reminder features.
  • It offers sync facilities between different devices.
  • This app provides you with an organized study plan.
  • This app has a collaboration option with other friends about your Study. 
  • Any. do app Increases your productivity by working as an all-in-one planner. 

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6. Bartleby: Best Study App

Bartleby- apps that help you study Do you need an app that can substitute for your tutor? Here is a perfect solution for you. Bartleby app can serve as one of the best homework apps. This app will help you finish your home tasks with no hassle. It will guide you on different subjects. The Bartleby app can also help you in preparing for any competitive examinations. 

This is one of the best study apps to solve problems using the question/answers feature. The app will assist you in studying Math, Social Science, Science, Engineering, Business, and the branches of these heads. You can find answers to your questions 24/7 using this app’s ‘digital key’ feature. This free app offers the fastest online service to solve your academic problems. 

Key Features

  • Homework Helper & Homework Answers app solves the textbook Math problems using Bartleby’s math answer scanner and calculator.
  • It can find the Bartleby homework helper’s answers to the History, Science, Engineering, and Business-related questions.
  • This app offers you 24/7 online support to help you finish your learning. 
  • It supports the fastest reply features.
  • The app provides you with an easy search option on their digital database.  

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7. Todoist: Best Homework App for Android

Todoist: Best Homework App for AndroidTodoist is a free app with an in-app purchase option. This app can be an alternative to the myHomework app with an activity tracking option. Todoist helps you to keep in mind all your academic activities.

The Todoist Android app focuses on essential features like capturing and organizing the events in your mind, creating the study plan according to your priority level, fixing a due date to finish your task, etc. 

Todoist is one of the best study apps to recognize your needs by typing simple info. This app can personalize your study plan. It is integrated with tools like Google Calendar, Amazon Alexa, Gmail, etc. The app offers syncing options between other devices. You can get a lock screen widget, quick add title, assistance, and notifications while using it in Androids. 

Key Features

  • Todoist tracks your study progress and personalizes plans to record productivity.
  • It organizes your activities very systematically.
  • This app contains a collaborating option that helps you to share your plan with others.
  • Todoist helps you to complete your tasks within the due date.
  • It offers you an easily functional homework-tracking system. 

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8. Power Planner: Homework/Grades

Power Planner can take the place of one of the best myHomework alternative apps. This app is perfectly made for middle school, high school, or University students. Power Planner helps you to track your daily lessons. It also makes you aware of completing your assignments or homework. This app manages all your essential Study matters like semester plans, study schedules, etc. 

Power Planner-apps that help you study

Power Planner has enhanced its effectiveness by integrating with Google Calendar. This app made your study planning task easier. The widgets of this application allow you to know about your upcoming homework. You can also pin a widget for your convenience.

The Power Planner app supports grade and GPA calculations. Power Planner requires an online account. The paid version of this study planner app allows more advanced functions like adding over five grades per class, using multiple semesters, and so on. 

Key Features

  • Power Planner manages your daily study plan effectively.
  • It notifies you about upcoming home tasks.
  • This app uses Google Calendar to track your activities.
  • The app calculates Grades and GPAs perfectly. 
  • Power Planner offers an online sync option. 

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9. Easy Study

Easy Study- time management apps for studentsIf you face problems making your study plan, you can take help from the Easy Study app. It is one of the best study apps to provide a perfect study routine. To use this app, you must select the courses you want to study. After that, you must mention how long you will study those courses daily or weekly. That’s all! Easy Study will provide you with a perfect plan up to your wish! 

The Easy Study app can be one of the best apps like myHomework as it contains even better features than myHomework. Easy Study will organize your study plan in cycles. This feature facilitates you to review the subjects. The app effectively prepares students for a particular school, college, or higher studies exam. 

Key Features

  • Easy Study offers a plan of the subjects you must study every day.
  • This app contains an option to make a to-do list related to each study session.
  • You can track the record of your study history (courses, duration of the Study, etc.) for each day, week, month, and so on. 
  • The app notifies the summary of your daily study plan.
  • Easy Study allows you to customize your subjects with different colors mentioning the time you need to spend on each. 

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10. Student Calendar

 Student Calendar myHomework alternativeAre you searching for the best timetable app? The Student Calendar app for Android is here to give you the best solution. This app focuses on increasing your organizing capacity. It helps you to carry on your consistency in the academic field.

The Student Calendar will track your study activities. It reminds you to finish your homework within the due time. By using the app, you will never miss a deadline for submission. It is like embedding Google Calender but for your studies. 

The Student Calendar app makes a to-do list of your daily studies and highlights the important ones. When you complete the task, it will no longer remain highlighted. This app also groups your past and future study activities to help you to maintain the Timetable. This light-weighted, straightforward app can make your study life more organized and stress-free.

Student Calendar can be an alternative to the myHomework student planner app. Users can download the app from Google Play for free, but it also offers in-app purchases.

Key Features

  • Student Calendar proves its efficiency in managing your study timetable.
  • The notification option of this app never allows forgetting your deadlines.
  • This app creates a schedule for your study-related events and maintains a calendar.
  • It also records the marks you have obtained in your exams. 
  • Student Calendar designs your plan according to the order by day, month, or year. 

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11. Task Agenda: Organize and Remember Your Tasks!

Task Agenda: myHomework alternativeTask Agenda is another free time management app for students. This app will help you to utilize your time using the best method. It will reduce your tension for reaching deadlines and offer a stress-free life.

Task Agenda will turn your unsystematic study life into a well-organized one. It will show you ways to remember your daily tasks efficiently. 

Task Agenda Personalize your routine with your favorite colors and widgets. It also notifies the work which you have finished. The app straightforwardly manages your activities. But this free app lacks in setting time duration for a task. Sometimes it doesn’t show all the events put there by the user. Still, the app is considered one of the best apps like myHomework.

Key Features

  • Task Agenda enables you to maintain your time in an organized way.
  • It helps you to remember all your daily academic events and tasks.
  • This app offers a personalized customizing option for your plan.
  • The app is free of complexity, and everyone can use it. 

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12. Todait

Todait - study plannerTodait is an authentic homework app. This app ensures to utilize your time and makes you 100% prepared for your exams. It works as a great time management app. Todait is very useful for students preparing for competitive exams like- SAT, ACT, PCAT, LSAT, MCAT, Bar exam, A level exam, etc.

Today app increases the productivity of your Study and makes you more confident. It helps to organize your substantial study materials and complete those systematically. 

Today provides a study routine that lets you figure out which course you should start reading. It creates your habit regarding a routine-based study plan and remaining accountable to your academic plans. You must let the app know how many hours you want to spend studying each course a week.

Todait will divide your study materials and organize them according to your time. It is one of the best study apps available for free on Google Play, containing an in-app purchase option. 

Key Features

  • Today app emphasizes more on your Study rather than planning for it. 
  • It shows your weekly study progress and manages your time perfectly. 
  • The app uses a calendar to track your activities.
  • Maintaining a study diary and checking your activity list is an option. 
  • Today reminds you to finish your tasks and prevents you from being distracted by notifications from other apps using the ‘lockout mode.’

13. StudySmarter: Flashcards, Notes, Quizzes & Planner

StudySmarter: Flashcards, Notes, Quizzes & Planner Trello: myHomework alternativeStudy Smarter is an All-In-One study planner and Homework app. This app is one of the best alternatives to the myHomework Student Planner app. Study Smarter allows you to collaborate with other students studying similar courses. Study Smarter takes quizzes, provides flashcards, lecture notes, study notes, etc., acting as your study guide.

You can access various online and offline study materials in this app. Study Smarter also provides sketch features to make hand notes and create a comprehensive study plan. 

Study Smarter provides different features for three different categories of people- University students, School/college-going students, and one for everyone. It acts as an aid to study and helps you achieve the best result in your academic life. You can sign in free from different devices to use this app. This app offers an in-app purchase option too.  

Key Features

  • Study Smarter helps you to create goals, make a routine, and track your progress using artificial intelligence. 
  • It provides your study statistics and summarizes the report.
  • The app shares PDF files, class notes, lecture notes, flashcards, etc., to make your Study easier. 
  • It provides all the necessary tools to make you prepared for your exam. 
  • This app offers a sharing option that helps you learn more from the other students. 
  • Study Smarter also allows taking hand notes and sketches. 

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14. Egenda – School Planner & Assistant

Egenda – School Planner & AssistantEgenda is another homework application that manages your day-to-day assignments. It is one of the best study planner apps containing the best features for organizing your study routine. Egenda creates a better plan than a physical schedule. Students made this fantastic designed app for students! Egenda Overviews your previous tasks and notifies them on the top of the screen. 

Egenda offers the easiest way to record and find your study activities quickly. Add some classes in the app, add your assignment lists, and complete your home tasks. This app will manage your study materials perfectly. Egenda is an app requiring no subscription fee. After adding a task in the app, there is no option to delete and repeat it the following week. This issue might bother you a little. 

Key Features

  • Egenda offers you a well-featured homework management option
  • This app has a note-adding option. 
  • It sorts your assignments by order of classes, due date, and completion. 
  • The app always reminds you to finish your tasks in due time. 

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15. Trello: Study Apps

Trello: myHomework alternativeTrello is one of the best myHomework alternatives. This learning app provides you with a visual tool for organizing your tasks. The app is very flexible, and you can customize it. It makes a to-do list for you and helps you to work according to it. Trello also offers you a checklist, deadlines, and other necessary motivations so that you can finish your task within the minimum time. 

Trello can be an excellent companion in your academic life. The app minimizes your mental stress by making you an easy study plan. It records all your necessary articles and reduces your tension in remembering them. This free app also notifies you of your pending and completed tasks. It would have worked better to add a calendar for tracking activities. 

Key Features

  • Trello offers you an easily maintainable study plan.
  • This app Keeps a record of your study progress.
  • It reminds you about critical academic events and deadlines.
  • Trello offers an offline working facility.

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Final Thoughts

So, after going through this article, I’m sure you will use an app that helps you study. You don’t have to worry about choosing any myHomework alternative now. This article will help you select the best Homework Apps to serve your needs. Don’t forget to share your feedback! And I hope you can solve your study problems with the help of these apps and reach the desired goal in your life.

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