The 20 Best Gardening apps for Android that Every Gardener Should Have

Do you have an area in front of your house and plan for gardening? Or, are you willing to create an attachment with soil and want to grow flowers and vegetables? If so, this article would be very informative for you. Many of us possess a hobby of cultivation. It is effortless, but a few tips can turn your land into a unique one. Free space design apps can play this role efficiently. If you take help from a farming planner app, it will save your time and create your planting schedule accurately. Here I’m going to let you know about the top 20 best gardening apps for Android

What is Gardening?

Gardening is an activity that turns any cultivable land into a green paradise. It is the art of organizing plants on specific land. This act includes digging the land, weeding, plowing, and making the soil ready for cultivation. After that, you have to sow seeds or plants, water them, apply fertilizer and insecticides, etc. In short, planting is an overall package of growing plants, flowers, or fruits from the soil. You may take it up as your hobby too!

What is Good About Plantation?

The plantation is one of the best ways of leading a happy and prosperous life. Because this specific activity generates your body and mind with positive energy. You can gain immense mental peace after creating a wonderful piece of paradise in front of you and enjoying its beauty. You can find lots of benefits for landscaping. Here, I’m mentioning some of them.

  • Plantation can make you a strong and stout person.
  • This activity reduces the possibility of heart diseases
  • It removes depression from your mind and makes you feel fresh. 
  • You can enjoy the happiness of growing a green life from the soil.
  • Landscaping is a source of acquiring a sufficient amount of Vitamin D for your body. 
  • It can keep your family healthy as you can get fresh vegetables and fruits. 
  • Tree plantation helps you to burn your extra calories.          

Is Floriculture an Expensive Hobby?

As a hobby, landscaping is not expensive if you plan it properly. You can start planting with a few pieces of equipment. Your cost will vary upon cultivation size, the price of seeds/plants, water facilities, weather, and other matters. If you are new in this line, cost determination might be a matter of worry for you. Here, it is wise to take help from a floriculture app.

A land planner app will help you reduce your planting cost and ensure the best use of the land. So, it is wise to get help from a simple downloadable app and expand your planting ideas in this technical era. The improving features of the apps can make your veganic experience very much pleasant and reduce the tension of cost for it. 

The 20 Best Gardening Apps for Android

A land Designing app can be an amazing companion while you are working on your land. Such an app can turn you into a pro at landscaping. You can easily save time which you would have wasted searching for various information related to floriculture.

Planting apps can serve as a package of making plans, providing information, taking experts’ opinions, suggesting plant care tips, choosing appropriate plants for your land, and whatnot! These apps have reduced the hassle of visiting a nearby local floriculture center to collect these tips.

You can find many cultivation design apps on Google Play. But it might be difficult for you to choose the best one among them. In this article, I’m trying to make this task easy for you. Here is a list of the top 20 best gardening apps you may use.

1. Moon and Garden

Moon and Garden design app‘Moon and Garden’ is one of the best firm design apps available for android. This app helps you to relate the influence of the lunar cycle in your cultivated area. Focusing on biodynamic agriculture, this app will give you the best information. You can get this app free in Google Play. 

Key Features 

  • Moon and Garden” notify you of the current weather condition.
  • It helps to schedule your daily routine task.
  • This app makes firming plans according to lunar phases.
  • The app gives you the correct information about plant growth.
  • It provides a note-taking option to record your regular tasks.
  • Moon and Garden suggest the perfect time for sowing seeds, watering, and harvesting.
  • This app contains community features for sharing images of your land with others. 

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2. Sowing Calendar- Gardening

Sowing CalendarSowing Calendar is one of the best planting apps that help you sow seeds and grow plants at the right time. Its calendar feature will notify you which time and weather would be perfect for growing a specific plant. It is a free online land area design app.

Key Features 

  • The Sowing Calendar provides all the necessary tips for growing flowers or vegetables. 
  • It analyzes the calendar to suggest the best information. 
  • This app contains a note-taking feature.
  • It provides full data along with other nutrition tips for plants. 
  • The app suggests which species of flowers, vegetables, or fruits will suit your weather. 
  • It can prepare you to tackle any extreme natural conditions like heavy rain, drought, etc. 
  • The app has options for taking experts’ opinions. 
  • It enables you to maintain a scheduled diary. 

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3. Gardroid

gardroid- garden design app freeIf you are interested in growing a kitchen yard, Gardroid will be your best companion. This app helps you to grow vegetables and herbs to your satisfaction. It is an app for plant care, which can make your knowledge about gardening wider than before. You can get this area layout app from google play for free of cost. 

Key Features 

  • Gardroid gives plenty of new tips for making a unique firm. 
  • This app makes you aware of the time for sowing seeds and harvesting. 
  • It provides you with a planting calculator along with a calendar. 
  • This planting app informs about the temperature necessary for your plant. 
  • Gardroid contains garth plan note-down facilities too.

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4. GardenTags- Plant ID & Care

GardenTags–Plant ID & CareAre you facing problems in making a garden on your balcony or rooftop? Then GardenTags can be an excellent solution for you. GardenTags is a free firming journal app that can design your land swiftly. 

Key Features 

  • Garden Tags provides you a large number of experts’ suggestions
  • It teaches you different ways of watering plants thus works as a plant watering app. 
  • This app can suggest various unique yard designs.
  • It informs you of necessary plant care tasks by maintaining a photographic journal of the plants. 
  • This garth planner app contains personalized alert features for notifying the optimum environmental condition needed for your plants. 
  • It has fast working facilities. 

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5. Agrobase- Weed, Disease, Insects

AgrobaseWe can term Agrobase a free garden answer store because it provides many suggestions regarding flower and tree planting. It will give you a vast knowledge about plants, weeds, bugs, and the common diseases of the plants. It provides accurate information about protecting your crops, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Key Features 

  • Agrobase contains an updated database.
  • This app provides info about the registration and expiry date of any crop protection product.
  • It gives you the best suggestion to prevent diseases of your plant.
  • It informs about the medicines and techniques needed for your plant to recover from any disease. 
  • Agrobase suggests the best nutrition tips.
  • This app helps you to choose the right pesticide for your plant. 
  • It provides tips for protecting plants from insects.
  • You can purchase tree-related things from this app too!

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6. PlantSnap- Identify Plants, Flowers, Trees, and More

 PlantSnap water plant organizerIf you are looking for a free garden answers app, PlantSnap will meet your needs. It is one of the best lawn planning apps that enlarges your idea about firming. It can answer all the common problems you may face while making your yard plan. PlantSnap identifies the species of your plant and gives you the best suggestion for growing it up properly. 

Key Features 

  • PlantSnap instantly recognizes over 600,000 plants
  • It gives you a chance to get connected with over 50 million nature lovers all over the world.
  • This gardening app provides you with key information about plants. 
  • It has searching facilities both by names and images.
  • This plant care app teaches you innovative ways of taking care of your plants. 
  • It allows you to make a collection of your plant images and access it whenever you want. 
  • It is an easy-to-use and lightweight app. 

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7. Green Fingers: Free Gardening App

green fingers: plannerGreen Fingers is another area planner app that can give you the best planting moments. This app is free of cost. You can access a huge amount of information necessary for your plant health here. 

Key Features 

  • Green Ginger identifies various flowers and seeds
  • It helps you to differentiate among look-alike flowers.
  • The app contains the option of maintaining a plant diary. 
  • Green Ginger recommends the best flowers that suit your land and weather.
  • This app notifies you to complete your daily routine tasks. 
  • It also allows you to make a lot of nature lover friends. 
  • This plant tracker app records the development of your plant’s growth. 

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8. MiracleGro Twelve

Are you planning to create an indoor land? Want to go on a diet and eat healthily? If so, MiracleGro Twelve will certainly be a miracle for you! This is a wonderful vegetable firm planner app that can be used as a plant watering app too. It is a free land layout app. 

miraclegro twelve

Key Features 

  • Miracle-Gro Twelve creates growing schedules for plants.
  • It contains a feature of harvesting and feeding information about over 20 species of flowers, herbs, and plants. 
  • This app controls the light mode with 3 different shades of light. 
  • It also monitors water level and reminds you of the time for watering your plant.
  • The app keeps track of the growth of your plants using the calendar feature. 
  • It can give you tips to grow plants even in the cold winter weather.
  • This app notifies you of the harvesting time.  
  • It provides you with simple animated instructions that can be easily understood. 

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9. Garden Organizer

garden organizer android appIf You are searching for the best gardening app for growing vegetables, you may choose a land organizer. You can get this free area design app on Google Play. It is a lawn management application. This app will act as your guide while planning for forestation. 

Key Features 

  • The Garden Organizer manages your harvesting plans efficiently.
  • This app provides you with detailed information about the vegetables and fruits you want to grow.
  • It gives an option for personalizing your data.
  • The app informs you about the nutritional benefits of various vegetables and fruits. 
  • Garden Organizer ensures your plant’s growth by integrating with the moon calendar. 
  • It acts as a well-developed virtual plot land for growing veggies.
  • It is an easily usable land layout app.

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10. Gardenize

gardenize app on google play storeGardenize is one of the best tree plantation journal apps available on Google Play. You can make your mini-forest more organized and beautiful by using this planting app. Gardenize advises on your landscaping activities. You can document your plant’s growth from seed to a grown-up one and track your soil and weather too. This planting app researches to find out which plants are suitable for your land. Gardenize recommends the best ways of organic farming. It is available on Google Play for free. 

Key Features

  • Gardenize Helps to organize your agro firm using borders or raised beds. 
  • It has facilities for creating your flowers library containing unlimited information about various species of plants. 
  • This app keeps notes about all your landscaping activities.
  • It reminds you of watering, weeding, harvesting, and other activities.  
  • You can connect with other nature lovers by sharing each other’s experiences. 
  • The plantation inspiration feature helps answer all your questions with the help of different blogs, YouTube videos, etc.
  • It selects the specific area where you should plant the bulbs.
  • This app locates your land on the map and shares the view of your beautiful area with others!
  • Gardenize provides an offline mode and is allowed by multiple android devices. 

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11. Smart Plant

smart plant free planting appSmart Plant is one of the best apps for plant care that contains a huge number of features to make your cultivation more enjoyable. It discovers new plants and helps you to take proper care of them. Smart Plant can organize your plants in any place smartly. We can term this app a land plan pro.

You can easily learn about thousands of new plants by using this app. It provides a free version for beginners, which is full of amazing features. If you want to take advanced facilities, you may go for the Premium and Pro version of Smart Plant. 

Key Features

  • Smart Plant reminds you of time to take care of the plants.
  • It identifies pests and insects accurately.
  • You can upload uncommon flowers and plants in the app by scanning images.
  • It finds suitable plants for growing in your house.
  • This app provides experts’ opinion facilities.
  • Smart Plant alerts about plant diseases.
  • It gives you access to a large plant library.
  • The app provides plant care facilities.
  • The Pro and Premium version offers unlimited chat with the experts, reminders, and plant identifications. 

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12. R.H.S. Grow Your Own

If you want to use a new space planner app for your android, you can try R.H.S(Royal Horticultural Society) Grow Your Own. This app helps you to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs quite successfully. It is an R.H.S plant identifier app that will suggest landscaping equipment according to your knowledge level. ‘My Garden’ app feature enables you to personalize your cultivation activities.

R.H.S. Grow Your Own

Key Features

  • R.H.S Grow your Own suggests suitable plants for landscaping according to your knowledge level and skills.
  • It provides you detailed tips for sowing, growing, and harvesting crops.
  • This app contains a personalized care calendar function.
  • It alerts you to finish your field tasks timely.
  • The app helps to tackle common problems faced in planting.
  • It identifies pests and diseases accurately.
  • The app can record notes for every plant. 
  • This yard planning app provides facilities to get linked with RHS online shops.
  • It Allows buying quality RHS seeds, pants, and other necessary things for cultivation.

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13. From Seed to Spoon

From Seed to Spoon Plant Android appAre you willing to create a project but don’t have sufficient knowledge about it? From Seed to Spoon app will teach you every aspect important for cultivation. This gardening app plays a significant role in making a perfect plantation plan for beginners. You can download From Seed to Spoon free from Google Play. 

Key Features

  • From Seed to Spoon acts as a guide for making you a successful farmer. 
  • It informs you about the planting and harvesting times.
  • The app chooses plants according to health benefits and your preferences.
  • It maintains a customized plan to ensure that your planting and harvesting time is perfect and acts as a plant tracker app.
  • This app uses GPS location to provide accurate planting information needed for your area.
  • Companion Planting Strategies are used to prevent attacks of pests and diseases.
  • From Seed to Spoon provides information about attracting beneficial insects. 
  • This app associate with a popular agricultural product online shop, ‘Burpee Seeds.’
  • It gives access to a rich library with planting tips. 

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14. SunCalc Org

suncalc org sun locating appA plant’s health depends on sunlight. This sun mapping lawn app will save your time by making your Sun locating task easy. If you want to track the sun’s location accurately, this app will play a fantastic role. It will inform you what is going on in your planting location. SunCalc can also figure out the pathway of the sun by using its compass grid function. You can get this free space design app from Google Play. 

Key Features

  • SunCalc org can detect the crossway of the sun very efficiently
  • This app informs you of the time of sunrise, sun-peak, and sunset. 
  • It works as a garden compass.
  • The app combines data regarding time and weather.
  • It displays shadow lengths, altitude, and azimuth for every location and time.

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15. Plantifier: Best Gardening Apps

plantifier free plant appPlantifier is one of the best plant identifier apps available for android. This app connects with a large community of people who can help to identify your plant. The only thing you have to do is take a photo of the specific plant and share it with the community. Plantifier can remove your regret for not knowing about any plant, leaf, flower, or tree. 

Key Features

  • Plantifier identifies any plant accurately.
  • It offers connections with a large community of nature lovers through ‘’. 
  • This app provides tips for your project. 
  • It also makes your knowledge vast in the field of identifying plants. 

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16. LeafSnap

leafsnap garden making appLike the previously mentioned app, LeafSnap can identify unfamiliar plants very quickly. The accuracy rate of this app is about 95%. This plant identifier app can detect 90% of the species of plants and trees worldwide. You can access this app free on Google play. It has an in-app purchasing option too. 

Key Features

  • LeafSnap uses artificial intelligence in identifying plants.
  • It offers detailed information about thousands of plants.
  • This app has a Quick working capacity.
  • It gives you access to a huge plant database. 
  • The LeafSnap app includes a collection-making facility for the descriptions of rare plants.
  • It allows saving your data on your device. 

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17. Planta- Keep Your Plants Alive

planta free water appPlanta is a well-reviewed plant-growing app that helps you to find impressive plants. This app will provide you with proper suggestions regarding your firming activities. Planta plays a prominent role in helping you to keep your plant alive.

Planta is one of the best apps for plants. We can find the app in Google Play Store. You can choose its free version or may go for the premium one. Planta will make your project bloom like never before. You can now relax in your boundary and listen to your favorite music on a music player. 

Key Features

  • Planta notifies you of the time for watering your plant and doing other plant care activities. 
  • This planting app informs you when to fertilize, mist, clean, or repot the firm. 
  • It works as your instructor for keeping your plan alive. 
  • The app guides you step-by-step to make you a green thumb.
  • It uses the light meter feature to find out the suitable places to place your plants.
  • Planta recommends plants based on your cultivation skills.
  • It also performs the work of a plant identifier.
  • This app plays a role as a plant care app.
  • Planta allows you to create a plant journal. 

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18. Planter: Best Garden Design Apps

planter garden customize appPlanter is one of the best design your cultivation apps available on Google Play. It will teach you how to make better plans for making your vegetable growing a fantastic one. This yard planner app will help you select the best plant for your forest and the ways of taking care of them. It contains an intelligent interface facility, which makes your work planning easy. It also does a lot to make a layout of your land. You may find this app free from Google Play. 

Key Features

  • The Planter makes your firm plan according to your preferences.
  • This plant planner app makes a schedule to remind you of watering the plants. 
  • It uses a square foot planting layout to reduce space. 
  • The app allows you to make custom plans, including your favorite plants. 
  • It works as your brilliant companion in acquiring information about plants. 
  • This app provides descriptions of over 50 fruits and vegetables. 

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19. DIY Gardening Ideas

DIY garden planning appIf you want to make a small decorated yard in your house area but are unwilling to spend a lot, the DIY Gardening Ideas app will help you by giving spectacular ideas. This cultivation app will teach you how to plant flowers and vegetables individually in a small place. It will enhance the beauty of your firm naturally. DIY Gardening Ideas is an application, which contains a lot of ideas relevant to your lawn planning. You can download this garden design application from Google Play.

Key Features

  • DIY Gardening Ideas provides detailed information about the flowers, vegetables, or other plants on your lawn.
  • It supports multiple languages. 
  • Decorates your land with unique ideas.
  • This app shows new ways to plant flowers and vegetables systematically.
  • It gives you knowledge about seasonal flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • The app offers the quicksaving option to save your time. 
  • DIY Gardening Ideas allows downloading firm ideas.
  • It contains sharing features. 
  • This app helps you create both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • It includes a large collection of videos and tutorials. 

20. Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

Garden Manager is one of the best planting apps. It is an essential cultivation tool that notifies you about your lawn works by setting alarms. It also lets you track your plants’ growth and share it with your friends through Facebook. If you want to decorate your balcony or rooftop by planting flowers in the flowerpots, Garden Manager can enlarge your ideas in this regard. This app will take care of your yard just like a manager. This yard planner app is very user-friendly and makes you understand your works step-by-step.

Plant Alarm garden planner

Key Features

  • The Garden Manager makes you alert about watering your plants timely by setting the alarm. 
  • It provides you with important tips to make your yard more beautiful.
  • The app suggests wonderful decoration ideas.
  • It contains sharing options to motivate others. 
  • This app allows you to find nearby nature lovers.
  • Garden Manager contains features to seek help from the experts. 
  • The app tracks the growing process of your plant.
  • It has a note-taking feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which planting apps are the best in 2021?

The best gardening apps for 2021 are Gardenize, Gardroind, Garden Manager, Garden Journal, From Seed to Spoon, Moon, Garden, garden answers, etc.

What are the best vegetable gardening apps in 2021?

Gardroid, Garden Manager, Vegetable Tree, Garden Answers, Garden Compass, Landscaper’s Companion, etc., are the trending Vegetable cultivation apps in 2021. 

What are the free landscaping apps for android?

From Seed to Spoon, SunCalc-sun finder for garden planning, Seek by iNaturalist, Homegrown with Bonnie Plants, Lawn to Wildflowers, Garden Answers, etc., are the best free cultivation apps for android. 

What are the best plant identification apps in the USA?

The best Plant identification apps for the USA are- PlantNet Plant Identification, LeafSnap Plan Identification, Picture This- Flower and Plant Identification, Plant Lens- Flower and Plant Identification, Plantifier, iTree App, etc. 

Which gardening apps are the best for iOS?

Smart Plant, PlantSnapp, Gardenate, Garden Answers Plants, LeafSnap, WaterBug, Sunseeker, Plant Light Meter, Grow it! Garden Companions, Garden Tags, etc., are the trending yard planning apps for Apple. 

What are the best Yard Planner Apps in the UK?

RHS Grow Your Own, Plant Snapp, Garden Tags, Smart Plant, Garden Plan Pro, Into Gardens, etc., are some of the best garden planner apps in the UK.

Final Thoughts

Cultivation is a wonderful hobby. It enhances the creative ideas of a person. You can feel the peace of growing something from the land. This activity makes a close connection between humans and soil. By taking help from any planting apps, you may increase your happiness by times more. A well-designed land planner app can surely boost your confidence level, even if you are not a green thumb.

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