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Workout Apps for Android: Best 20 Reviewed as Fitness Tracker

Most of us don’t care about taking physical exercise and don’t know about its importance. But taking physical exercise can be the solution to many fatal diseases. It improves our health and reduces diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart failure. But admitting to the gym and making it regular can be troublesome. So we have collected some of the best workout apps for android.

With the help of the fitness tracker app for android, you can take your exercises regularly and make your schedule. The reminders will help you to take your exercises regularly. So you should check these physical exercise Android apps as Endomondo alternatives to ensure your fitness.

The 20 Best Workout Apps for Android

Endomondo was a social networking site that was invented in 2007 by Endomondo LLC. It is used to track fitness and tracking statics like running, how many k.m. you’ve crossed, distance, duration, and calories and connected with a mobile device. It was invented to motivate people leading to a healthier life.

Endomondo had both free and paid versions. In the free version, there were numerous advertisements, and in the paid version, one could enjoy the ad-free premium quality of Endomondo. There were a few premium features in the paid version of this app. But it has been disbanded, but similar apps can help the same way that Endomondo would do. 

1. Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Google Fit Activity TrackingGoogle fit is the best fitness tracker that has the highest positive review online. It collaborates with WHO and AHA. Moreover, it will show your heart rate when you’re working out. You can get this free from the Google Play store and access it with any Android watch thus.

Google fit will keep you updated with your fitness tracking. It is effortless to operate Google fit. When you’re working out, tap on google fit. It will begin to count your steps, heart bit, and every move that you’re taking. 


  • There is a floating activity tracker on Google fit, and it helps track your every activity like running, walking, and even stair steps that you take. It also measures the heart’s rate, weight, BMI, and blood pressure.
  • Google fit sync with other devices. If you keep using your phone and upload your data on clouds, it will record the data. So, if you change the device, you can use your previous data.
  • You don’t need to do anything special. It just runs by itself in the phone’s background and records your activity.
  • It also has a dark mode. If you activate this option, it will consume less battery percentage.
  • The updated version of Google fit also tracks elevation and monitors your sleep cycle, and the remainder will remind you to take proper exercise and sleep from time to time.

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2. Notify for Mi Band: Your Privacy First

Notify for Mi Band Your privacy firstThe average stride length takes 2000 steps to cover a mile. So it means 10000 steps cover 5 miles. So an adult should take 10000 steps regularly because it will strengthen their stamina and boost their immune system.

With Notify for MI Band, calculating steps will be way easier. This app supports all MI bands, including 6, 5, 4, 3, 3i, 2, HRX, 1S, 1A, 1. The using process is relatively easy. All you have to do is install Notify MI band in the same device where you have downloaded the MI Fit app and then allow the location, and that will sync with your band, and you can use your band without touching your phone.


  • Notify for MI Band is a helpful workout app for android. You can get quick access to your social media accounts with your band.
  • Also, you can reject and accept your calls while you are working out or running. You can also check your important messages and emails by using this app.
  • Using an MI band is not harmful to your health. You can also sleep with the band on your hand. It will track your sleep cycle and notify you if you need more sleep or not.
  • The features of Notify for MI band are pretty simple to manage. If you find MI fit app is hard to manage, you can switch to this app. It will sync with your phone, and it is lightweight, and you will not feel any burden in your hand.

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3. VeryFitPro Workout Apps for Android

VeryFitPro Workout Apps for AndroidVeryFitPro is a pretty good fitness tracker you will find. It is elementary to work with, and it will count gross steps when you switch to activity mode. If you don’t want any complicated features to deal with, you can try this app. It will also monitor your heart rate and know if you have a light sleep or deep sleep. VeryFitPro is an accurate fitness tracker, according to Google.


  • VeryFitPro is a kind of shortcut version of the Fitbit app. Its features are way easier than Fitbit. You just have to install the app and then connect to your preferred device, and it will start working.
  • This app also has personal Reminders, and it segments different apps into different sections. So you won’t miss any of them.
  • It is certified by the Google play store, and it’s safe to use.
  • VeryFitPro is water resistible, so it will resist water to penetrate, and if there is an accident like you fell in water or wash your hand with the band on your hand. Primarily it won’t cause any harm.
  • It is hassle-free and can work finely from five to ten days with only two hours of charging.

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4. Workout Planner by Muscle Booster

Workout Planner by Muscle BoosterIF you want to work out in your home and don’t want to go out in this pandemic situation, Workout Planner by Muscle Booster is for you. It has a barbell squat, bench press, barbell bent-over row, overhead barbell press, and dumbbell overhead extension. These exercises will help to burn your body fat and also help you track your calories.  


  • Muscle Booster has different types of subscription programs going on. You can subscribe for one week, one month, or can be for three months as well.
  • You can also switch to a premium subscription if you find it useful. But you can download Muscle booster from the google play store for free, and it’s a legit app.
  • When you set your goal about losing body fat or weight or maintaining your current health, this app will lead you to the way you are suggesting.
  • You can also stop the subscription when you want. You have to go to the menu of this app and then cancel the subscription, and it will stop. 
  • It is one of the best workout apps to take exercise from home, and if you maintain this app regularly, it ensures to achieve your goal within 30 days.

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5.  Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout - No EquipmentHome workout is a free app. It combines advice from famous gym instructors and includes all types of sports workouts and gym workouts. It also gives instructions on how to do 7 exercises to keep your body fit.

Those 7 exercises are walking, Interval training, squats, lunges, push-ups, abdominal Crunches, bent-over Row. These are all exercises that can do without any type of equipment. Mixing those exercises and following the tips will help you to maintain your body safe and sound.


  • If you want to make home workouts work, you have to test your physical ability first. The home workout will help you measure your physical ability, and when you start this app, it will gradually prep for your exercises.
  • Home workout not only builds up your muscles but also increases your strength. It also supports with full video and explanation about each workout.
  • Home workout works like your endomondo alternatives. You can store your progress data, which will give you a weekly review of your progress.
  • You must find out what your body needs, and it can cover hundreds and hundreds of reps without failing. Then you have to select a specific type of exercise that your body needs to develop, like a specific part of your body and a Home workout works best this way.

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6. DayBand Workout Apps for Android

DayBand Workout Apps for AndroidDayBand is a kind of pedometer app with many positive reviews you can find online. It is a stylish app for workouts. You have to download it from the Google play store to follow this app, free of cost. It only needs some access to your device manager to run smoothly. After installing DayBand, you can change the browser location. This app also uses captchas to confirm your identity. 


  • DayBand tracks your sleep cycle and lets you know the statical analysis of your sleep pattern. The number of hours you were in deep sleep or light sleep will be calculated by monitoring your heart rate and sleeping pattern.
  • It will also notify you about health issues and sports pieces of information. 
  • Deactivation of your Dayband account is also easy. The system will automitically deactivate you.

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7. Fitness Coach Fitness Tracker App for Android

Fitness Coach Fitness Tracker App for AndroidFitness Coach is like a personal trainer or personal coaching that will help you to reach your goal. It runs in a systematic way to develop its user’s health. Fitness Coach will guide you personally and only focus on your goal, and it also helps increase your confidence level.

Fitness Coach app is kind of cheap if you compare it to authentic coaching in a gym. Physically taking a fitness session in a gym can cost you 500 USD in a week. But the premium version of this app will be 15 USD for a month. It will give you the same vibe, and it is good for a workout app.  


  • You have to set your goals first then this app will notify you of what kind of workouts you need to build your body.
  • There are a handful of exercises to shape up your body. First, it will instruct warm-up and basic exercises.
  • It also has numerous sessions about different workouts. You need to follow yours. 

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8. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal is voted as the best calorie counter app of 2021. People’s thoughts of this app are very positive. It has the most extensive food databases online and over 200 million users. You can get and comments or advice about your progress from this large community.

Calorie calculator of this app is pretty correct. It tracks your net crab along with your calories. It is also a micro tracker. Moreover, it will track your net fat, protein, and nutrition correctly. MyFitnessPal is free to use, and you can download it from the Google play store app.


  • MyFitnessPal will help you to lose weight. When you set the goal, it will show you the necessary step.
  • If you need to lose weight, it will calculate the gross calories you take during the day and the calories you have burned, and then sum up how many calories you need to burn more. 
  • It gives you weekly update about your progress and will show you unlimited diet plans that suit your taste.
  • By sharing your data, you can see how you are progressing towards your goal. Sharing your progress can also encourage other members.

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9. Glory Fit Workout Apps for Android

Glory Fit Workout Apps for AndroidGlory Fit is a low-key sleep monitoring app. The usages procedure of this app is really simple, and you can use it for free. There is an automatic sensor in this app. When you install this app, open it to connect with your wristband, and then every time you raise your hand, it will turn on the screen of the wristband. You can also reset all the data that you have recorded so far, can start all over.


  • Glory Fit will monitor your sleep cycle and update you about taking the right amount of sleep every day.
  • Glory Fit is safe to use. It also supports the pedometer feature. Whenever you are taking a step, it will monitor it. Glory Fit is a fantastic calorie tracker.
  • It will entertain you by sharing health tips, news about sports, and other information as well. You will never get bored with this app.

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10. Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness)

Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness)Pro Gym Workout is one of the best workout and Gym trainer apps you will find in 2021. It is simple yet sophisticated in its way. It has more than 120 exercises and 9 workouts. 

Pro Gym Workout works like the 7 minutes workout app. It has divided its programs into different types of users, like pro users and beginner users. No matter what your states are, you can take exercise and use this app. Pro Gym Workout programs differently for beginners.


  • Pro Gym workout has 21 built-in workout programs, and you can choose your desired one from those.
  • You can also lose fat and gain muscle by following the workouts programs. You can also gain weight.
  • It has both premium and free versions. When you use the premium version of this app, you can enjoy the ad-free version and unlock all the premium features.
  • This app personalizes every user, and workout apps work well this way. Because it knows what you need personally.

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11. Strava: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming

Strava Track Running, Cycling & SwimmingStrava is the best activity tracking app for cycling, running, and even swimming. When you are cycling, you have to turn on the GPS with this app on your phone. You can even join challenges with your friends and can share your position online.

Strava is the best cycle tracking app. It will count your distance and pace, and how many calories you have burned will show that immediately. When swimming with your wristband on, it will count the speed, elevation, and burning calories. 


  • Strava ranked 3 as the best activity tracking app. It has both free and paid versions. If you subscribe to the app, you can watch live exercises and get advice on your performance.
  • You can customize your own goals and workout planning and then can follow that separately.
  • There are a wide variety of bike computers that work with strava and track activity.

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12. Body Coach Fitness Tracker App for Android

Body Coach Fitness Tracker App for AndroidBy installing Body Coach, you can watch live exercise by joe. Physical exercises not only build up our muscles but also helps us to recover from depression. And after installing this app, you can also use a seven-day free trial. By this time, you can decide you want to follow this app or not.

This workout apps for android is considerably cheap instead of hiring a body coach. Exercises keep away all the negative thoughts from us. By sharing your states in Body Coach, you can tailor the right amount of food needed for you. If you choose the yearly plan, you have to pay around 9 USD for a month.


  • Whatever body states you are in, you can take Joe’s exercises. Because it is customized for every user. You just have to get this app and join the live stream and follow him.
  • You can also eat your mindful. So, you don’t have to follow any diet and starve yourself to death. There is numerous workout diet plan, and it will give you what ideally suits your taste.
  • You can also smash HIIT- high-intensity interval training by following this app. It is one of the seven exercises. You can select your week plan about exercises, and rest of the day, you can redo your past workouts.
  • You can start with a 90 days goal. This app will assist you in reaching your goal within 90 days. This app makes you feel good in body and mind.
  • You can stay on track by setting the app planning and can unlock unlimited new cycles of content.

13. Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout

Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs WorkoutSix Pack in 30 Days is a legit app. It is proven safe to use. And it helps to make a visibly showed pack within 30 days. NLP observes that over 15 thousand people have positively reviewed this app. And the safety score of this app is 62.9 out of 100, and that is quite good. To make a visibly toned app, you have to cut out your body. Without cutting your body fat, whichever exercise you choose won’t make any difference. You have to get a grip on your meals first with the help of this app.


  • You can make abs without any equipment. If you maintain a sensible diet plan and workout routine, you can build abs within 30 days. This app will provide all the necessary materials according to your need.
  • The fitness coaching this app will be providing, all done by the professionals. And following the steps in the correct way, you can build muscles.
  • This fitness tracker app for android provides the best fat-burning workouts, and HIIT workouts and fat burning are the key points you should maintain before building up muscles.
  • If you do 100 crunches a day without following a diet, this won’t help you lose body fat, so you should follow 30 Days of Workout routines and diet plan.
  • This app will perform as your trainer at home and will share animation workout videos. You can follow those videos anywhere because it shows workouts without any types of equipment.

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14. WalkFit: Walking, Fitness Coach & Distance Tracker

WalkFit Walking, Fitness Coach & Distance TrackerWalkFit is the best exercise for people from all walks of life. It is the best walking tracker to lead a healthy life. It will help you to live a safe and healthy life more easily. From adults to kids, all can use this app.

As we all know, walking is the safest way to lose weight. WalkFit has the most superficial features, and it can track all-day activity, including steps. You can set the beginner’s plan and then lose weight or can maintain your current weight. By fast walking, for 30 minutes, we can lose about 150 calories in a day.


  • WalkFit will track all your activity and calories that you lose by walking. It can track your activities wherever you put the device. 
  • You can download this free workout app for android, but you have to pay for a subscription when you are willing to use it for a long time. 
  • This endomondo alternative helps keep you motivated by the daily notifications, and it will share numerous tips and tricks about walking. Walking can help you to reduce your belly fat as well.
  • It is better to walk 1.5 miles to 2 miles a day to lose weight in a short time. Activate this app and then start walking. It will track your pace and distance and inform you.

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15. Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker

Wahoo Fitness Workout TrackerWahoo Fitness can sync with both iPhone and Android. It tracks cycling, running, and monitoring the heart rate. It is one of the best cycling and running trackers. Moreover, it coordinates with the GPS and can track cardio workouts. Wahoo is a free app. You can download it from iTunes for iPhone and Google play store for Android. 


  • You can track your history by Wahoo. Make your history your new challenge and break it. Then set a new goal.
  • You can set audio alerts and customize your goals according to your stamina. 
  • The Wahoo band fits with arms no matter what your shape is. With the band on, you can run, climb stairs, indoor cycling and let the band track your calories.

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16. GymRun Workout Log & Fitness Tracker

GymRun Workout Log & Fitness TrackerGymRun is entirely customizable and has a sleep tracker. That gives sleep analytical statics, and it has expandable built-in databases. 

GymRun allows you to customize your goals and routine for cardio exercises, workout exercises. It also has smartwatch support features. It syncs with the Samsung watch and other devices.


  • GymRun has a light, dark, and pure dark OLED them. If you set the dark mode, then it will consume less battery percentage.
  • You can record the live workout and get notified whenever the live workout starts and repeat them later.
  • It has also lock screen widgets for log workouts, and you can use them with your phone being locked.

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17. Planet Fitness Workouts

Planet Fitness WorkoutsPlanet Fitness is a considerably best workout app. It gives you a proper workout plan. First, you have to put your height, weight, and other measurements, giving you a healthy workout plan. But only doing exercises is not enough to reach your goal. So you have to change your lifestyle as well. Planet Fitness ensures to help to change your lifestyle.


  • You can get this app for free, but you have to pay for that if you want a membership.
  • This fitness tracker app for android suggests a 30 minutes workout plan. 30 minutes workout plans of Planet Fitness are effective. You can lose 200 to 700 calories in just thirty minutes by following this app.
  • You can customize your workout plans according to your schedule.

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18. Stridekick Activity Challenges

Stridekick Activity ChallengesStrideKick is a fun and active game-like app. It is a free activity challenge app. With this app, you can challenge your friends and family members and work out together. But you can’t challenge more than 10 members.

This app can sync with different wearable devices. So you can set your customized challenge named Leaderboard, Streak, and Target. Then you can invite your nine friends to participate in this challenge.


  • This app is a fun activity so that you won’t get bored with this app. SrideKick is a safe app to use and join the challenges.
  • You can also join a more extensive community, participate in those challenges, and boost your immunity.
  • You can track your position weekly, monthly, or even daily. By joining the challenges, you can increase your strength.

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19. Yoho Sports Workout Apps for Android

Yoho Sports Workout Apps for AndroidYoho is a free app. You can simply set up your Yoho smartwatch. First, you have to download this app and then allow the regarding permissions. It will sync with your phone via Bluetooth. It can track your blood pressure, heart rate, and many other things.


  • You can pair your Yoho band with your phone. You can both connect from the band and the phone and can customize and synchronize data. Besides that, you have to allow the permission and make sure your Yoho band is on.
  • You can also reset all your data and performance by pressing the off button for four seconds and starting again.

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20. IFIT: At Home Fitness Coach. Workout Tracker. HIIT

IFIT At Home Fitness Coach. Workout Tracker. HIITIFIT is a legit app that provides you all the workouts you can take in your home without any equipment. If you invest money for the membership, IFIT is worth investing because the instruction you are getting is all from the world-famous trainers and bloggers.


  • IFIT is the best workout app for beginners as well. It sets the four-week light workout plan for the beginners then raises their intensity.  
  • It has unlimited fitness libraries. You will never get bored with your workout plan. 
  • You can also do free-hand workouts by following videos and live workouts.

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Final Thought

These are the best workout apps for Android. You can follow these apps and do the exercises without any sort of equipment. Maintaining your physical health is a kind of maintaining your mental health. By exercising with friends or challenging friends can increase your sociability. Exercise can lead you to live a healthy life and can improve your sleep pattern. Regular exercising also boosts up your mood. We all should work out every day for at least 30 minutes. 

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh is a student of fashion design. She is an accomplished Graphics and fashion designer, but she loves to write. She enjoys using her skills, talent, and desire professionally.


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