The 20 Best Free Audio Editing Software for Better Music

Besides being a professional in the music industry, you must have encountered at least one audio editor to execute your experiments on music. You cannot be happy-go-lucky every time you choose a random free editor to stand out your project. And then it will only waste your time and leave you frustrated with lots of unfinished works. Therefore, we have put together 20 best free audio editing software indicating elementary to pro-level edit on your audios.

20 Best Free Audio Editing Software For Better Music

Check out the ultimate list of editing software. Who knows, you might end up tracing the tool you were looking for but didn’t have any hint of where and what to find.

1. Audacity Sound Editor

Audacity MIDI Converter work processA discussion about audio editors and an absence of Audacity is quite impossible. Audacity has loads of simple to impressive features, which makes it the best audio editing software for a long ongoing time. Adding bass or removing noise Audacity is straight on the game. It is familiar as the best in vocal audio editing, no wonder why the professionals even clapping for this free software.

Positive Aspects:

  • Audacity is an open-source editor that allows third-party plug-ins.
  • It supports a wide range of file formats and analyzing tools.
  • It enables live audio recording and multi-track.
  • Audacity is one of the best MP3 to Midi Converter.


  • Audacity has an archaic interface

2. Ardour Audio Editing Software

Ardour Audio Editing SoftwareAt first glance, Ardour may seem one editor hard to deal with, but as you go progressing your work, this software will amend all the hard works you have done with a tremendous result. Ardour works as a hard disc recorder and known for best in DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Positive Aspects:

  • Ardour lets the user experiment on multi-track with multiple functions at the same time.
  • This editor simultaneously works in video tracks without ruining the original set.
  • It ensures a significant number of undo and redo to recheck the compatibility.


  • Ardour does not have any built-in recorder; you have to spend money on it differently.

3. Adobe Audition

Adobe AuditionAdobe audition has a lot of up-to-date features, which brings favorable outcome to a great extent for the professional’s editor. This editor uses artificial intelligence “Audio Ducking” technology to improve and adjust the raw vocals to be an accurate match. Adobe Audition is best for editing external vocals or voice-overs.

Positive Aspects:

  • The editor introduces numerous tools with an elegant and straightforward interface.
  • It has a nearly perfect edit record for voice-overs and external vocal adjusting in videos.
  • It supports a handful of plug-ins and a wide range of audio types.


  • It requires a subscription charge after one month of the free trial.
  • This editor is not a good one for producing music from scratch.

4. Acoustic Basic/Standard Edition

Acoustic Basic to Standard has six editions in total whereas, the 6th edition is the best and last free version of this software. This editor has undoubtedly one best updated and convenient design among all the open editors.

Positive Aspects:

  • This edition is capable of creating recordings on its own.
  • It works core in the local hard drive and makes the import and export of audio files in multiple formats easier.
  • It can navigate files simply and doesn’t cause any destruction.


  • It needs user’s impulse files to model the room.

5. Audio Cutter

Similar to a few software, Audio Cutter to states services through browsers with a secure process. It enables you to trim, convert, or apply any other method on your piece. It is best for making instant ringtones; hence, the best free sound editing software around the time.

Positive Aspects:

  • Audio Cutter works live on a web browser, no need to go through the installation process.
  • The performance is satisfactory on quick and necessary implements like audio extracting from a video file or resizing a ringtone.
  • It supports importing from cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.


  • It has fundamental features but not privilege with advanced functions.

6. DVDVideoSoft Free Audio Editor

DVDVideoSoft Free Audio EditorThe editor lets you make edits visually and share it live, especially when the audio belongs to windows. It is one of the most straightforward free audio editor software that is best in splitting the file and making the edits within a few minutes. Although, a beginner-friendly design attracts the newbies to this door.

Positive Aspects:

  • This editor supports and converts some rare audio formats.
  • It works on modifying the real volume.
  • The free version software serves tags usage to simplify individual files or projects.


  • It cannot work on stereo tracks one by one.

7. Hya-wave Audio Editing Software

Hya-wave Audio Editing SoftwareHya-wave gives you the privilege of making your work done online without installing software. It only promotes essential services and does not load the interface with optional tools, simplicity at its best. You can lean on this editor anytime, as it is best for finishing a quick edit professionally.

Positive Aspects:

  • Hya-wave provides DAWs based on different browsers.
  • It helps in previewing live effects and share them via URL in social media.
  • It has a basic UI design, and after cropping, editing, you can directly save the file on cloud storage.


  • This editor is not supportive of multi-tracking.

8. Mp3 Direct Cut

Mp3 Direct CutMp3 Direct Cut, just as its naming, avoids drama and directly hunts on editing the audio track. It has a few extraordinary features that make massive tasks easier within the shortest possible time. This audio cutter is best for both detection on auto pausing and batch processing.

Positive Aspects:

  • Mp3 Direct Cutter applies on both pre-recorded and live recording audios.
  • It has automatic detection of pausing to make audio splitting as an easier task.
  • It offers batch processing to make similar changes in a single audio or a bunch of sounds in one file.


  • It has a compact number of features to experiment with your item.

9. Audio Editing Software -Mixx

A secure pick software when the commitment is to create an exotic piece of music, capable of the club going crazy. It has justly earned its popularity by providing tools much needed for remixing music and live to broadcast. It has the best required for mixing tracks that make all the DJs work easier.

Positive Aspects:

  • Mixx owns all the needed functionalities for creating an audio mixer, a reliable tool for DJs.
  • It customizes hardware supports quite easily and allows live broadcasting.
  • This editor has a few automated features which speed up the tasks for you.


  • It does not support a few plug-ins.

10. Nero Wave Editor

Nero Wave EditorNero Wave Editor, on the contrary, is not a software for an experienced user. As it only flaunts the functions for finishing simple and easy motives for the novices of this sector. Though it has all the equipment to complete any 1st-degree edits and best in creating presets for individuals without ruining any portion of the authentic version, still an avoidance alert for the professionals.

Positive Aspects:

  • Nero wave is an unconditional beginner-friendly audio editor.
  • It has only a few effects, but those are quite useful.
  • It can create your personal presets with it.
  • Nero is one of the best CD/DVD burning software for Windows PC.


  • It does not help in making any significant changes in the audio track.

11. Ocenaudio Audio Editing Software

Ocenaudio Audio Editing SoftwareOcenaudio has taken place for the next best free music editing software after Audacity. Comparatively, it has a better outlook, which makes clear interaction with the users. It has equipped almost all the necessary tools and best for outstanding advanced level music editing with a simple interface.

Positive Aspects:

  • It does real-time previewing without making any destruction to the main file, faster method.
  • Ocenaudio has a spectrogram, and you can adjust your plug-in with the help of VST.
  • It has high-quality effects and filters without making the interface look messy.


  • Ocenaudio cannot work on multi-track at the same time; it supports only single stereo editing.

12. Power Sound Editor

Power Sound EditorPower Sound Editor is a creation of Power Media; this advanced editing software seems underrated even after having the choice of many users on serious projects. It does not encounter the user with any trouble and best for experienced and sophisticated usage.

Positive Aspects:

  • Power Sound Editor allows you to record tracks from versatile input devices.
  • It encourages a vast number of functions to run visually.
  • It can rip audio files into various formats.
  • The wide range of features makes this editor professionally usable software.

13. PreSonus Studio One

PreSonus Studio OnePreSonus Studio One is a premium software to edit sounds that will inspire you to flaunt your creativity more and more with its quality properties. Again, another tool for the next level user. This software is best for editing sound with lots of cool features on a prototype without spoiling the main track.

Positive Aspects:

  • PreSonus has a built-in security scanner plug-in that ensures danger-free operations on your file.
  • It frequently updates and introduces new features to the users.
  • It can immediately create a prototype to experiment on and keep track of the chords.


  • The functionalities do not motivate the newbies.

14. Reaper Audio Editing Software

Reaper Audio Editing SoftwareReaper is a paid tool that does not limit its trialing time. It does not take much of your memory, yet it gives you the pleasure of customizing your interface as your own accord. You can reorganize the colors and create extra bars. It is best for customizing the interface and using it as a home studio.

Positive Aspects:

  • Reaper has nearly 64 channels for an individual track.
  • It supports multiple tracks and a vast number of audio formats, including a few non-popular types.
  • The tutorials on the usage of the tools make the task easier and faster.


  • The expected result stays out of your reach unless you are a proficient user of this software.

15. Soundation Music Editing Software

Soundation Music Editing SoftwareSoundation is another software that you can implement online; besides, it plays multiple audios simultaneously. Along with adjusting volume and performing automation, you can also try out tons of effects or plug-ins. Soundation is best suited in composing, producing, and editing music.

Positive Aspects:

  • Soundation has a relaxed and attractive design like any other best music player for Windows.
  • It has time stretching and multi-track supportive DAW.
  • It helps in synchronizing numerous files by coloring similar tracks.


  • The editor is not an exceptional audio editor.

16. Twisted Wave

Twisted WaveTwisted Wave is one editor software you can start your work and finish at one go with the least possible time when the task is not a complex one. Though it has limitations in the free version, it is still best to avoid shuffle and detect silence.

Positive Aspects:

  • The basic features quickly perform the editing.
  • It has extraordinary effects, normalization, and ready to import files from cloud storage.
  • It quickly makes changes in pitch and variation on speed.


  • The trial account does not provide all the standard features.

17. WavePad Audio Editing Software

WavePad Audio Editing SoftwareWavePad is one editor software in the league of various software that converts a lot of audio formats, batch processing, and plug-in usage. It results best while working on large files and need instant changes altogether in short, batch processing.

Positive Aspects:

  • WavePad lets you use plug-ins of your choice.
  • It allows music to mix and create a blended version.
  • It has an easy installing process, including noise removal, reverb, and compression effects.


  • It is only capable of working on mono files.

18. WaveShop

WaveShop does not have many impressive features to bring vast differences in your audio files. It has an impact on the novice editors and best in perfect bit-handling of any record. With the help of free beat making software, your music will be more valuable.

Positive Aspects:

  • WaveShop is an easy to use windows application.
  • It doesn’t make any unnecessary changes to the samples.
  • It is an essential app that quickly makes the simple works done.


  • This editor is not a good recommendation for advanced users.

19. Wavosaur

Wavosaur Music Editor For PCThis 1.3 MB light-weighted Wavosaur editor is one old-school reminder. The primary duties it performs are quite straightforward and comes with a successful completion. It is multi-channel audio supportive and best identifying for VST plug-in and ASIO support.

Positive Aspects:

  • The VST plug-ins enable the edited music to play live while on processing.
  • It can import binary files, save it, and edit the loop points.
  • It has both noise and silence remover tools.


  • You have to add the VST plug-in on your own.

20. Zortam MP3 Media Studio

Zortam MP3 Media StudioWhen the detached portions of audio clips are enough to give you a headache, how hard will it be to organize each ripped and edited file? Zortam Studio is the rescuer free software that not only edits audio tracks for you but also keeps a draped collection. Therefore, this software is best known for its organizing tool.

Positive Aspects:

  • Zortam has substantial audio storage where you can fit more or less 5000 mp3s, at least.
  • It has a stable interface and tags automatically to organize and find out different files easily.
  • This one can directly operate from iPod whether to normalize or burn the file or play it.


  • It is not a favorable software to work on other files than mp3s.

The Verdict

When you are an amateur on implementing music and the paid tools are out of your budget, these free audio editing software can be your ultimate weapon. It can eventually help you ditch a paid pro software if you only achieve the knowledge of where and how to make the best use of these free tools.

Alternatively, when you are not acquiring any higher level in audio editing, a few of these underlying software are still capable of granting your wish without letting you face hard times with advanced features and critical interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do free audio editors provide proper safety?

Ans. Most of the sound editors ensure safety from spyware or virus. To avoid unwanted risks, they suggest keeping the updated version of your software and letting the antivirus do the rest of the protection.

What is the music editor in Windows 10?

Ans. Audacity is the music editor for windows 10. This open-source software accomplishes all the basic and advanced tasks.

How can I edit audio on Windows?

Ans. There are tons of free audio editor software, web applications, and a few online editors that help to perform any editing smoothly with these tools.

Does Windows have a default music editor?

 Ans. Ashampoo Music Studio is the default music editor launch in 2019 in windows that serves some primary options to edit music.

Can I run that music to Android?

With the help of Music Apps for Android, you can run all the edited songs on your mobile phone. It is easy to use and portable that you can use it everywhere.

Which software has better features than Audacity?

Ans. Audacity is known as one of the best audio editing software. For an alternative, Ocenaudio, Power Sound Editor, and a few others are capable of working at an advanced level.

Which software do professionals use to edit audios?

Ans. Audacity, WavePad is the popular name among all the free audio editors. However, different software offers various options to work with, so professionals do not tie themselves in one editor.

Does Sound Forge give a better result than Audacity?

Ans. These two editor does not have much difference, and the lacking of each software is easily replaceable with another option. Though Audacity got popularity over time, still you can go for any of these two editors. 

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