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Top 30 Best Free Music Apps for Android Device in 2020

Music is the vital part of life. Without music many of us feels like fish out of water. Though we are not good at singing but listening song is obvious. Sometimes we become confused to select the right application of listening song out of thousand free music apps for android device. Our best 30 list of best android music app collection is for them.

Today we will be talking about those apps that can store not just “300 songs” but create a whole music collection of millions of songs for you. Not to mention other features like- voice commands, audiobooks, Bluetooth support, song recommendations, and lyrics display.

Sony Walkman TPS- L2 has introduced us to a portable music player. But when your old cassette collection sighs in some junkyard, the android operating system is taking over the world. This evolution has turned the apps suitable for android into today’s Mr. big shots. This article will deal with the top 30 best free music player app for android users.

Top 30 Best Free Music Apps for Android

In our previous article, we have discussed The Best Free Music Player for Windows. After getting a huge response from the readers we feel proud to write about android best free music player article. In fact, all those apps are not free but you will get a free trial. But, some of the music apps are absolutely free.

1. Player Pro

Player Pro- Best Free Music Apps for AndroidIf you are looking for an app to start a music concert in your car, this is your app. Amazing music experience should be continued on-road as well. “Android Auto” deserves an applaud here. It is just one of the many distinguishing features of this app.

A listener may have his preferences on how he wants the music to be played, for example, based on his selection list or an album or artist. Keeping this requirement in mind, this free music app for android will allow you to play songs in your very own way. And if you are already bored with the song, give your phone a shake.

Next, guess what you have moved to the next song. Who could have thought of something easier than this? The illustrations, portraits, photos, and artwork on your background are a treat to your eyes. What makes this app a very easy going one is its voice support search system.

Any song you want to listen to just ask your app and the next thing you know is the soothing feeling of music in your ears. If that’s not enough, then let’s illustrate some more features of this app.

Important Features

  • Using this app, you can share text notifications on music on any social media you are on.
  • It will edit your playlist considering the trending music, billboard top chart, and other priorities
  • This app supports Bluetooth devices, TV and other audio compatible devices
  • It has an automatic backup system
  • It offers interchangeable home screen widgets
  • This App does not just display lyrics instead help you edit the lyrics
  • It makes your experience unbelievable with High-Res audio quality

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2. Google Music Apps for Android

Google Music Apps for AndroidGoogle Music is the best music app for android. This app has made its way to our list because of its simplicity and familiarity. There is hardly any android user who has not heard of this app yet. It has a vast music storage capacity that makes it unbeatable.

If you already have your music collection and want to add more to it, this app is here in your aid. As the songs are separated into categories, it is easier to seek your type of music out of a big collection. It is the most used music app. The beauty of this app is its simplicity.

Important Features

  • One can create his very own music library with its large storage capacity
  • It works online as well as offline
  • This app helps you to download anything you want
  • It will offer you wise recommendations on music
  • This app is suitable for iPhones as well

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3. Deezer Music Player

Deezer Music PlayerAre you too troubled with the advertisements they show while playing music? Then you can just switch back to this app. Because Deezer Music Player is offering you an ad-free music experience. So, as a passionate music lover, you can give it a go.

Music is categorized here by genre so that you can go for your kind of tune smoothly. Its gigantic music collection (over 56 million songs) will never fall short for your demands. And guess what! Yet they are enlarging their music collection. Some music lovers share their songs on social media. Don’t worry, and It has that capability.

Important Features

  • Deezer Flow can create any music mix as per your demand
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other audio compatible devices are connectable here
  • You can listen to any radio stations you like
  • It will display lyrics as per your demands
  • It has a unique “song catcher” to seek through your playlist and catch the song you are looking for
  • It has offline play mode

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4. Pi Music Apps for Android

Pi Music Apps for AndroidSuppose you need to browse a website while listening to songs, but you don’t want any interruption in your music. If you often feel like that, Pi Music Player can be your go-to app. They have a floating YouTube player. So you can continue music and texting and browsing at the same time. All you have to do is place your YouTube music in some suitable place on your mobile screen.

Important Features

  • It gives access to YouTube playlists
  • It allows battery optimization
  • It has an inbuilt ringtone and MP3 cutter
  • It will provide you customized themes
  • It has options like sleep timer, hides a folder, playlist backup and restore features

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5. YouTube Go

YouTube GoWhat if you have a slow internet connection? Will it stop your journey with music? If you have YouTube Go on your phone who can stop you! This app works offline. You can go for this one if you have a sketchy Internet connection or are out of data. If you are going to download a song, it will show the data required first. Then you can decide for yourself if you do or do not want to download it based on your data storage.

Important Features

  • It manages your storage
  • You can download videos with this app and enjoy music without those annoying buffering
  • Downloaded videos will not require any data cost
  • It prevents phone hanging

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6. Free Music: Unlimited Offline Music

Free Music Unlimited Offline MusicAre you one of those music buffs who always keep with trends? If you are, then this app is what you are looking for. This app will introduce you with new albums, new artists, new songs – all the “news” in the music industry. While you are using this app, you can continue using other apps simultaneously. And of course, this one is an offline app. So, you can download songs and enjoy them here.

Important Features

  • Free Music is a multitasking app
  • It does not show that occasional “errors” while you are playing music
  • Here users can enjoy music online and offline in both ways
  • It has “free music discover” option that will update you with new top charts, trending, and upcoming songs
  • It has both headphones and speakers support feature

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7. MP3 player

MP3 playerMP3 Player is a android music player open source. Someone having a versatile music choice will find satisfaction here. It plays music by genre, songs, artists, folders, and playlist. If you feel like adding in or dropping off anything, you can do that. Because it has a very easy editing option.

Important Features

  • MP3 Player has an “MP3 Cutter” tool
  • It supports every well-known music player files (OGG, WAV, AIFF, MP3 to MIDI converter, XM, MP1)
  • To adjust the volume, it has 5 bands graphic equalizer
  • It has additional features like sleep-timer, lock screenplay
  • It includes 6 home screen widgets

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8. Black Player: Free Music Player

Black Player Free Music PlayerDoes that one or two-second gap between two songs annoy you? Then you should switch back to Black Player. It offers back-to-back play without delay of a second. It has a smooth audio quality with 5 band equalizer, bass booster, 3D Surrounding Virtualizer, and power amplifier.

If that’s not enough for you, you can add any external equalizer. It had that option as well. Besides, users can not complain about its illustrations. It has customizable themes, fonts, and animation. Plus, it offers 3 widgets. You can never take your eyes off their animation work.

Important Features

  • Black Player supports MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and MP4
  • It has options for editing song lyrics
  • Its ID3 tag editor will edit tracks, albums, artists, and genres of songs
  • You can activate sleep timer by making changes in interface settings

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9. Sound Cloud Music Apps for Android

Sound Cloud Music Apps for AndroidIf you believe in diversity, this is your app. It will offer you such a versatile category that you will never run out of options. It claims to have the rarest collection of music that you never knew existed. Also, if you are very particular about any genre, it can provide songs of that category. And whenever you feel that you are lost in the sea of songs, Sound Cloud will be your guide.

Sound cloud has a curated playlist for quick search of songs. The fantastic thing about this app is it not just lets you explore songs, and instead, it introduces you with the voice behind that beautiful song. Yes, I am talking about the artists. It is the best app for musicians. It has a music-community of 20 million-plus artists. One thing that should be mentioned about this app, it will allow you a free trial for 30 days. Later on, you have to pay a monthly fee to continue.

Important Features

  • Sound Cloud has a collection of over 200 million soundtracks
  • This platform is a get together of music lovers and artists
  • You can experience add free music here
  • It offers the best audio quality you have ever experienced
  • This app is available in 9 languages
  • This app is a big platform to support the artists you love

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10. Jet Audio HD Music Apps for Android

Jet Audio HD Music Apps for AndroidJet Audio HD already has basic features like the other music apps. But, it has prioritized the development of audio quality. And they have created such a fantastic sound effect that you can never complain about. What we can call the cherry on the top is its sound enhancement system and effects like Wide, Reverb, X Bass. Its free version is already well enough. Yet if you are looking for something more, you need to purchase the plus version of this app.

Important Features

  • Jet Audio HD has unusual pitch adjustment features
  • It will allow you to play all well-known music file formats
  • Jet Audio HD has a balanced volume control
  • It supports Bluetooth headset
  • For beauty seekers, it has 14 app widgets
  • This player comes with a ten band graphic equalizer that will give you an outstanding audio quality (plus version has 20 band graphic equalizer)

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11. Power Best Android Music Player Free

Power Music Apps for AndroidSometimes we just fall in love with some tune or a particular part of a song. It often happens that we want to crop and preserve it, and later on, turn it into a ring tone or alarm bell. It has this feature to do that. It is beautifully designed to meet all your requirements.

Power song player combines fabulous background skins with mesmerizing music. If its 22 background skins are not enough for you, you can set any photo from your collection to the background. More to be added, it has an MP3 editor plus. It is an audio editor. It’s for those who love to experiment with music. This app is one of the best ones in 2020. Let’s look at the features that make it so.

Important Features

  • You can use your standard headset or Bluetooth headphone here
  • Power Music has three options for audio editing
  • You can Trim, Remove and Add a Copy
  • It offers a quick search option
  • Power Music has a bass amplifier with ten bands equalizer
  • It has a power amplifier

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12. Pulsar Music Player: MP3 player

Pulsar Music Player MP3 playerPulsar Music Player is one of the best android music app free to use. It has the fastest search option to find out your desired song. Still, if you get lost in the collection of songs, you can use their newly added “rescan library” option. This app is already available in 36 languages. Still, the developers are continuously working on increasing more language availability to reach out as many people as possible across the world.

Important Features

  • Pulsar Music Player supports pitch and sound balance adjustment
  • It will help you to sort your music library by artist, genre, and album
  • Pulsar Music Player has a metadata tag editor
  • It displays embedded lyrics
  • It supports voice command for easy use
  • The colorful themes here makes this app a beauty

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13. Jango Radio

Jango RadioIf you are looking for an app for commercial-free listening. This one is here for you. It might be your most desired feature. But, hold on. It has many more to offer. What makes this app an adorable one is its unlimited skips. Very few apps have this feature. Besides, any user can find satisfaction with a variety of stations. Plus, you can create your customized radio station.

Important Features

  • Users can share their favorite stations with friends in social media
  • If you do not like any song you can just block it and prevent to play it again
  • Jango Radio will keep an eye on your “most searched” songs, artists or genre and create a station for you if you like
  • Some of their exclusive radio stations are – Top 100, Hot Country, Classic Rock

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14. LiveXLive Video

LiveXLive VideoAre you one of those who loves to jam with your favorite singer at a music festival? Or are you that cool fellow who rocks in concert? If yes, LiveXLive is what you are looking for. You might be stuck somewhere far away, and you are unable to join that concert you were so looking forward to. Don’t worry.

LiveXLive has got your back. With it, you can’t miss a single concert. It is exclusively made for live music lovers. Its live video feed will give you a fantastic experience. It had a shaky start. But with time they have improved a lot. So, you can put your faith in it

Important Features

  • With this app, anyone can watch any live music show he or she wants
  • LiveXLive Video supports Google Chromecast
  • It will notify the users about the upcoming music shows on social media
  • One can enjoy live interviews here as well

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15. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music PlayerMusicolet Music Player is an offline music app. It has no feature that can connect the users with the Internet. So, it is not for streaming, of course. Besides, if you are using this app, you can not download music with it. If you have got disheartened already and canceling the idea of considering this app. I would suggest you read further. We have so far stated the “cons” of this app. Let’s take a look at the “pros.”

Important Features

  • It supports multiple queues
  • It offers one-tap navigation
  • It includes a tag editor
  • It has a powerful equalizer with gapless playback
  • Users can easily remove, replace or add any songs from anywhere in their playlist
  • It supports “Android Auto” that gives you access to your playlist while you are driving
  • It has dark mode considering the comfort of your eyes
  • It will show offline lyrics

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16. AudioMack Music Apps for Android

AudioMack Music Apps for AndroidAudioMack Music Apps is free streaming and downloading the app. It is a must for Rap and Hip hop fans. It offers you to step in the diversity of Hip hop, Rap, R&B, Afro-pop, EDM, and Electronic music. All the top artists are present here on this platform. Let’s talk about its primary features

Important Features

  • AudioMack Music Apps is easier to create and edit your playlist more than ever
  • With thousands of songs, you can create your very own playlist
  • It had categorized songs by top artists
  • It has a “trending” section for exploring new songs

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17. Gone Mad Music Player

Gone Mad Music PlayerSome of us complain of disconnection while you are trying to attach your headset or Bluetooth device. Gone Mad has thought about this problem and come up with a solution. It automatically adjusts itself whenever you connect a headset.

Gone Mad lets the music flow undisturbed. An interesting thing about this app is probably that it is the most customizable one on your list. You can customize your playlist, gesture system, headset control, and tons of other things.

Important Features

  • The customized widgets come in 5 different sizes
  • Gone Mad Music Player has both lock screen player and music control support.
  • It supports Bluetooth headset with a single button
  • It has 1k+ themes

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18. Lark player: Free Mp3 Music and YouTube player

Lark player Free Mp3 Music and YouTube playerYou can keep this app on your phone without any worries. Because it is a very light weighted one. Just like other apps, one can create his playlist here. Also, one can enjoy free YouTube with this app. The new thing about this app is it displays downloaded subtitles of movies

Important Features

  • Lark player supports a floating music player
  • It allows sharing songs on social media
  • Users can set sleep timer considering what is convenient
  • It has a handful of preset mode such as classical, usual, dance, folk, heavy metal, jazz
  • It supports gesture control

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19. AIMP Music Apps for Android

AIMP Music Apps for AndroidHere comes another app for concert-in-a-car. You can play your favorite songs and start a party in a car if you are with AIMP. It supports Android Auto and Car PCS. This app has other common features, but they have taken special care of their themes. As a result of that, users can have customized themes, built-in themes, and also night and day mode.

Important Features

  • AMIP has access to your file manager
  • It has a separate widget for the notification
  • It will group and sort your files by template
  • It has bookmarks.
  • It supports all kind of audio format
  • Users can enjoy online radio here

Let’s talk about some cons now. Unlike many other apps, this one does not have a built-in music library. Another thing that will upset the users is its playlist based approach to music playback.

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20. RockMyRun Music Apps for Android

RockMyRun Music Apps for AndroidNow we will talk about an out of the box music app. It is an app for workout music. If you are a fitness freak, this can be your daily companion. After all, who wouldn’t like music while shaking off some extra calories at the gym? It has everything to make your regular exercise more exciting. Just install this app and move your limbs with the rhythm of the music.

The power of music will prove to be genuinely motivational in your everyday workout routine. What’s unique in this app is its special-mix only created keeping exercise in mind. So, here it is to make your run on the treadmill more energetic than ever.

Important Features

  • It has specialized “body driven music” to motivate you to an energetic workout
  • Music in this app is unlike any other music because it reacts on your body
  • Here you can explore music with the world’s best DJs

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21. Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph Music PlayerThis easy-going app will perfectly fit with whatever you are looking for. It gives you both outstanding auditory and visual experience. When you see the color changes on your screen with the beats of music, you will agree. Some features like – one long press to delete files at once makes it handy to use. The only thing that you can complain about is the list of names (album or artist) is not alphabetically organized. It makes things a bit messy. But apart from that, it has excellent features.

Important Features

  • Phonograph Music Player has an intuitive interface
  • It has to lock screen playback controls
  • It is designed in a way that you can skip some categories and jump to the next one
  • It has a handy tag editor
  • It will give you additional information about artists you love

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22. Pixel- Android Free Music App

Pixel- Music Apps for AndroidPixel app is designed for playing music, podcasts, and radio stations. It does not just play music for you; instead, it suggests new songs and radio stations according to your taste.

So, whenever you get confused, ask Pixel for suggestions. Plus, it has a stable audio quality with a five-band equalizer, bass booster, and 3D sound. To make it easier to use, it has added one tap lyric download option.

Important Features

  • Pixel app has an intuitive UI feature
  • It is a music, radio, podcast and video player
  • It has a headset button control system
  • It will notify you on new podcast releases
  • This app has three underlying themes – dark, grey, light, black
  • It has an extensive podcast collection
  • To make a playlist, there is no need to add songs one by one because users can make a playlist from a folder

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23. Boom play: Stream and Download Music for Free

Boom play Stream and Download Music for FreeThis app is a must-have for Afro-music lovers. You can explore a whole range of different songs in this genre. There are a few apps that can offer you songs of a particular type so exclusively. This app is one of these apps.

Though Boom Play has primarily focused on the Afro-music style, it has an extensive collection of international tracks. It will also aid you in staying connected with the entertainment world by giving you news on music, sports, and lifestyle. So, install this and go crazy with Afro-beats.

Important Features

  • You can explore the vibrant world of Afro-music with this app
  • Boom play has a music-news station update users with all latest info on music
  • Users can create customized radio stations
  • It establishes a regional-music top chart with top 100 trending songs
  • It supports crossfade
  • It allows live video streaming

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24. Sound Hound Music Player

Sound Hound Music PlayerCan you imagine a party without karaoke? If you love it that much, then you must need lyrics with the songs. This player is here for all karaoke lovers.

Sound Houndl display real-time lyrics of any songs when you ask. In this way, you can memories the words of that song. And who can stop you then! Plus, you can search for songs here by lyrics.

Important Features

  • Sound Hound Music Player has a controlled voice player
  • It has voice command option to search songs
  • It shows real-time lyrics
  • If you have a Spotify account, you can connect it here
  • It also supports IOS devices

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25. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn RadioMusic, news, sports, and podcast – who could have thought of bringing them all in a single app! Yes, that’s TuneIn radio. It is not just any music app. It is a complete package. If you get bored with music, you can go for sports instantly. Aren’t games working either? Switch to the news channel and learn what is going around the globe. When you have so many options like that, it is hard to stay no entertainment. Let’s explore some more features.

Important Features

  • TuneIn Radio has 5.7 million podcasts
  • It includes 100k local AM and FM radio stations
  • With this app, you will never miss a single live sports match
  • All renowned news broadcasting channels, for example, CNN, BBC, Fox News will be available here

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26. Dub Music Apps for Android

Dub Music Apps for AndroidDub Music Apps covers songs of all primary genres like pop, hip hop, rock, metal, dance, Latin, classical. Download music here and create your music collection. It will also allow you to edit your music library. Plus, you can save your songs in cloud storage. Those who like it loud, thinking about you, it has created “Loudness Enhancer.” The fantastic thing about this app is its equalizer preset.

Important Features

  • With a five-band equalizer, it will affect the best audio quality to you
  • It has different predefined music genre preset
  • It supports all well known audio formats
  • It will offer two sorts of widgets –
  • Home screen widget
  • Lock screen widgets

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27. Musix match Lyrics

Musix match LyricsHow would you like it if somebody translates a song for you? Wouldn’t that be awesome! Musixmatch has thought about your requirements and presents your translated songs. Yes, you heard it right. This android best music player will bring the perfect song for you. And the very name of this app suggests that this app is for lyrics. So it’s a holy grail for those who prefer to read words while listening to the music.

So whenever you feel that intense need to have words, just turn to Musixmatch lyrics. It also happens sometimes that you can’t remember the title or anything about the song. But one fragmented line is just spinning in your head. Musixmatch will take care of that. Put that line you remember here, and it will find out the song for you. Isn’t it cool?

Important features :

  • Musix match Lyrics has the biggest collection of song lyrics
  • You will find out words of any song you want without any hassle
  • It displays a floating words widget
  • It is capable of showing words on the lock screen
  • You can find out a song putting one line from that song in the search bar

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28. Hungama Music

Hungama MusicHungama Music app is initially developed to give you the test of authentic Indian music. It includes songs in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi. It has a massive collection of all trending and old Bollywood songs.

After all, who can deny a large number of Bollywood music fans across the world? Besides Indian music, it has a beautiful collection of western music. What makes it a must to keep in your app gallery is the full range of genre of Indian music it provides ( classical, ghazal, bhangra, bhajan, retro music)

Important Features

  • Hungama Music is a must to create your music library with Indian music
  • It has all the latest Bollywood songs
  • It will offer international music as well
  • Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Panjabi songs are available here

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29. Boom: music player

Boom music playerAgain this one is a radio, podcast, and music player. The smooth interface of this app makes it super user friendly. It might not be a very new feature for you. So, let’s move on to what is new here in this app. The thing they have highlighted here is its three-dimensional surround sound. This technology is here to offer you a surreal music experience. Those who are looking for something extra in audio quality this app is meant for you

Important Features

  • It is a Hi-Res audio system and 3D surround sound feature will take you to the next level
  • With this app, you can enjoy 20k+ radio stations
  • It allows you to customize your equalizer settings
  • It lets you stream and download songs from Google drive

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30. Retro

Retro Music Apps for AndroidThe simplistic nature of this app will make you comfortable as a user. It has all the features you can ask for. You will find all the necessary features you are looking inside a best music making apps for android. But there is some drawback in this app. It doesn’t have an automatic sort option in the playlist. Otherwise, it is a decent app.

Important Features

  • Users can customize the interface
  • It offers gapless playback
  • It comes in 3 themes – white, dark and black
  • This app has music duration filter
  • It is available in 30 languages

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Final thought

It’s almost impossible to run out of apps for music. The objective of this article is to introduce you to some great music apps worth your attention. This article is not intended to tell you which one is the best which one is the worst. It is entirely on your judgment. As a user, you need to decide which one you like. No matter which one you choose, your journey with Music Apps for Android should not stop.


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