The 20 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android in 2024

If you are an Android mobile user, a music streaming app is a must-have for your Android device. It will help you to stream unlimited any time, anywhere. You don’t have to wait for a download. It will serve all your audio needs. Some offer you free use, and you have to pay for some. A premium subscription will offer you unlimited plays with Hi-Res audio quality.

After Social media, music is the most used feature for mobile phones nowadays. For some people, music is like medication, and for some people, music is like relaxation. Are you having a bad day? Playing favorite songs will help you raise your mood and relax your brain.

What is Streaming Music?

What is streaming? Streaming is the continuous flow of data via Internet service. You don’t have to keep the data on your hard drive. As an alternative to downloading a file, streaming is more helpful in saving your space.

Streaming music is the same; you don’t have to download and store a song. An internet connection will offer you to enjoy your favorite music. Streaming music is better than downloading one. There are various sites for downloading music for free. You don’t know which one is virus-free.

Best 20 Music Streaming Apps for Android

Previously, if you wanted to enjoy a song, you had to download an audio file in MP3, WMA, ACC, or OGG format. It is a long process, and you can’t download too many songs if you don’t have space on your hard drive. Streaming music is the solution for you. It will give you access to tons of music with no limitations. So, find the list of the best free music streaming app for Android.

1. Spotify- Best Music Listening app

spotify- best music streaming app for androidListening is everything. That’s the motto of Spotify. It is one of the most recognized music-enjoying apps of all. Three hundred sixty-five million users enjoy Spotify, available in 64 languages. It is paid and accessible for both versions. The free version has limitations, you can’t access all music, and it will not be made. The paid has four different premium packs: individual, duo, family, and student packs.

Spotify is student-friendly. In 2024, it announced its HiFi subscription with the best sound quality. If you choose a premium subscription, you will enjoy unlimited music, download any song, no interruption, and unlimited skips. The student’s premium pack is only $4.99. Google Play store has this app for free.


  • Spotify offers you Unlimited music in different languages and genres.
  • You can create, edit playlists and share your playlist with your friends.
  • This app offers to mix up music with the shuffle feature.
  • It has a non-stop auto-play feature.
  • It allows you to choose the language of music you want to listen to.
  • You can see your favorite artist’s profile.
  • It will suggest new music according to your taste.

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2. Apple Music for Android

Apple Music for androidApple Music Broadcasting app is also another most used music app. It offers you millions of songs and 24/7 live radio service. It is a massive platform for artists too. Some famous artists like Drake and Tylor release their albums on apple music. You can have a six months trial subscription to this app. 

Google Play store has this app. A single license will cost $9.99/month and $99.00/year for a family license per month at $14.99. It also offers a student pack which costs $4.99/month. If you clear out the cache, Apple Music will serve you better. It will solve the problem and improve its performance.


  • This app offers you a personalized playlist of your own.
  • It will show lyrics on the screen on your demand.
  • You can search for a song in this app with lyrics.
  • You can customize your library screen.

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3. Amazon Music Unlimited

amazon music apkAmazon is a well-known American multinational technology company. It operates a music streaming service named Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon Music offers a bundle of 75 million songs and dozens of stations.

Usually, it will cost you $9.99/month, but if you have an amazon prime subscription, it will cost $7.99. It also offers a student’s friendly subscription. You can also have a three-month free trial. If you are a member of the Amazon family, this music streaming is very suitable for you. You can download it from the Google Play store.


  • Amazon music unlimited has a library of millions of songs.
  • You can shuffle music mixed with them.
  • It allows you to create a playlist with your favorite songs.
  • You can also listen when you are offline.
  • Lyrics will pop up on your screen while listening.
  • It will give you a recommendation of new tracks based on what you mostly listen to.

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4. Tidal

tidal APkTidal is one of the best music streaming apps that do care for music. It has almost 70 million tracks of different genres and is available in 55 countries. It introduces itself as the best sound quality. You can discover new songs on its radio service.

Four subscriptions, premium, HiFi, family premium, and family HiFi, are available in Tidal. It also has a discounted premium for students, $4.99/month. Tidal offers you 30 days of a free trial. Tidal is available on the Google Play store.


  • You can personalize your songs with My Mix.
  • You will have an experience of supreme sound quality in this app.
  • It will offer you a bundle of the latest music genres.
  • This app will meet you with a lossless audio experience.
  • You can discover new songs on the 24/7 radio.
  • Tidal allows you to download your favorite song.
  • It will offer you to listen to tracks offline.

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5. Deezer

deezer music appIf you can’t afford Spotify or Apple Music, don’t worry. Deezer is here for you. It has a free version with ads supported. It is a fantastic Pandora app for streaming music. The paid version costs $5.99/month for individuals and $8.99 for a family pack. It’s more like a cheap version of Spotify.

Deezer, a French music streaming service, has over 30,000 radio channels. It offers you 73 million old and new tracks. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, don’t worry. With Deezer Premium, you can enjoy it offline. You can also enjoy music in CD quality with a Deezer Hi-Fi subscription. Deezer also works as one of the best free music players.


  • Deezer will collect your favorite song, which you mostly listen to.
  • You can see the lyrics on the screen.
  • It offers you personalized recommendations for new tracks.
  • It offers you offline listening.
  • You can change it to dark mode.
  • You can create your playlist, download your favorite songs and listen offline.

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6. YouTube Music

youtube music appYouTube is the most popular and used digital video platform, and it’s entirely free. As related to YouTube, YouTube music also has the same popularity. It is not as accessible as YouTube. You can have a free version with an ad-supported. In the paid version, the individual pack is $9.99, and the family pack is $14.99. 

YT Music offers you not only famous artists’ songs but also lesser-known artists’ songs. You can find content here that you will find nowhere else. You can upload a new track on its online music locker. Google play store has it for free.


  • YouTube Music will suggest new songs based on what you like to hear.
  • You can share your playlist with friends and family.
  • This app is easy to use for everyone.
  • It offers you an excellent home screen.
  • It supports background sound play.

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7. Qobuz Best Free Music Streaming App

qobuz streaming appIf you are waiting for the best sound quality, Qobuz is for you. This French music streaming service offers you studio-quality sound. Qobuz offers you over 50 million tracks. You can find a vast collection of newly released and old tracks. Artists also write a description. That’s how you can know about the artist.

We know this application for its sound quality. It offers you a hi-res sound system which is better than CD quality. It also takes approval of sound quality from the artist of the song. However, it doesn’t offer you any free version or live programming. It has both individual and family plans. If you have an annual plan, you can buy it for $12.49/month, which will be a little cheap.


  • Qobuz offers high-resolution and lossless audio quality. 
  • You will have experience with the best sound quality for music.
  • It’s an immaculate app and offers you features that are easy to use.
  • You can buy your favorite albums, download them and listen any time to anywhere.
  • Offers you the artist’s history and exciting newcomers.
  • In this app, the song’s artist first listens to the sound quality of the song and then approves it. 
  • The ‘Artist’s description’ feature lets you know about the artist.

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8. LiveXLive

livexlive android music streming appLiveXLive, its actual pronunciation is Live by Live. We have previously known this music streaming app as Slacker Radio. It is an upgraded version of Slacker Radio. You will find multiple genres of music in LiveXLive. Old Android users have mostly known about this app.

LiveXLive has Slacker’s unique content; it links the past with the present. Another specialty of this app is it offers you traditional genre and artist stations pre-programmed by professional DJs. 

It has a free version. You can subscribe to an ad-free and unlimited version by paying $3.99. It offers you a premium of $9.99. It doesn’t offer you any family pack. You can find this app free in the Google Play store.


  • It suggests new tracks and the best DJs mix.
  • As an upgraded version of Slacker Radio, the app’s design is impressive.
  • This app gets you close to traditional tunes.
  • It arranges its homepage based on songs you like.

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 9. Idagio

idagio streaming apkIf you are a classical music lover but can’t find any perfect music-listening app, don’t worry, Idagio will take care of your taste. Spotify, and Apple Music, these kinds of apps have all kinds of genres, especially newly released tracks. Adagio takes care of classical lovers with over 2 million tracks.

You can enjoy the complete catalog in the free version. If you want to enjoy exclusive concerts, you hate to get their premium subscription. In music, every one of us has a different taste. Adagio is the best music streaming app for classical lovers out there. You can quickly get this app on the Google play store for free.


  • You can discover new classical music and exclusive concerts using this app.
  • Adagio offers you a personalized recommendation and playlist.
  • You can have lossless audio streaming and high-quality audio.
  • As a user, you can enjoy this app for free forever.
  • You can share your playlist and listen offline.

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10. Pandora

pandora app for streaming musicPandora is one of the best music enjoying apps for US users. Previously it was an internet radio service, and now it offers a vast catalog of tracks. Pandora’s Music Genome project analyzes every track and gives the best recommendation.

Search music according to your mood; if you are doing a workout, you can search for songs that will make your workout enjoyable. Pandora has a large number of users for its freemium service. Yes, you can enjoy the basic features for free. You must go for the paid version for additional features like improved sound quality, offline music, and downloads.

Pandora Plus is $4.99/month; Pandora Premium is $9.99/month for an individual and $14.99/month for a family pack. In Pandora Premium, you can create and share your playlist with friends. It is available on the Google Play store for free.


  • Recommend you based on what you like to hear.
  • Pandora allows you to make your playlist and share new music with friends.
  • In its free version, it has the best features for you.
  • Download your favorite songs and listen offline.
  • This app has improved sound quality and songs for your every mood.

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11. Mixcloud

mixcloud stream appMixcloud is a music streaming app that creates an excellent platform for creators and listeners. It is a vast place for the DJs community. They release their new collection on Mixcloud and get close to their fans. Here you can create your channel and upload unlimited audio. Thus you can get your community of fans.

Mixcloud has a very cheap premium which costs $2.99. The Pro version has 30 days of a free trial and costs $15.00. The free version will come up with some limitations and ads. Mixcloud is an up-and-coming app for creators. It promotes newcomers very warmly.


  • You can create your music channel here and upload unlimited tracks.
  • It offers the best DJ mixes of all time.
  • This app offers you various music shows and radio shows.
  • You can download your favorites and listen offline.

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 12. SoundCloud

soundcloud apkSoundCloud is an excellent medium for both artists and listeners. It has a collection of 135 million tracks. Soundcloud has two mobile apps one is SoundCloud, and the other is SoundCloud Pulse. Soundcloud mainly offers you unlimited streaming, playlist, and sharing of tracks with friends and family. On the other hand, SoundCloud Pulse works for new content, creators, and user uploads. 

Soundcloud offers different subscriptions depending on whether you are a listener or a creator. If you are a listener, you have two types of subscription SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+.

SoundCloud Go offers unlimited tracks, ad-free and offline listening, which costs $5.99/month. It gives you access to an entire catalog, the highest quality audio, and offline listening for $9.99/month. SoundCloud is available for free in the Google Play store.


  • SoundCloud has an enormous collection of tracks of different genres.
  • It offers you high-quality audio.
  • It also offers you to listen to your favorite tracks offline.
  • This app will connect you with the artist.
  • This app will recommend new tracks. Thus, you will not miss any discoveries in music.

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13. iHeartRadio- free music streaming apps

iheartradio music streaming appYou might think iHeartRadio is like other music broadcasting apps. No, it’s not. If you are a radio lover and looking for a perfect radio app for your Android, iHeartRadio is the best solution to your problem.

Where other apps focus on streaming new tracks, iHeartRadio focuses on streaming radio. It has an old-school feeling where you can tune track80s or ’90s. You track can easily find your local station.

It offers you classical, oldies, rock, and music you will love. It gets you closer to the artist with their biography. You can personalize your station with all your favorite songs. It is safe for children’s use as it meets all Children’s Online Privacy Protection. iHeartRadio has two subscriptions: iHeartRadio Plus for $4.99/month and iHeartRadio All Access for $9.99/month. Google Play store has it for free.


  • You can personalize your favorite stations on “My Favorite Radio.”
  • It collects the songs you listen to most weekly in the “Your Weekly Mixtape” feature.
  • It offers you a great collection of your favorite radio songs.
  • If you want to listen to your favorite radio during your sleep, you can enjoy the sleep-timer option, which will turn off the radio after a specific time.
  • It shows the lyrics of tracks you hear on the screen.
  • You can see the artist’s biography, which helps you to know more about the artist.
  • It offers you to share your favorite stations with others.

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14. Shazam

shazam free music streaming appShazam is one of the most excellent apps for your Android. If you hear a song on YouTube or anywhere but don’t know its name, you can search for it by sound. Yes, it has an audio fingerprint. It can identify a song from sound or noise. You can find a song in seconds. Shazam stores the identified songs on tags. You can listen to your discoveries at any time. You can also share a song with your friends.

Shazam takes good care of your taste and recommends songs you will love based on your listening history. You can personalize your favorite and download songs. Shazam is a free app, but you can have Shazam Encore at $6.99. Download Shazam free from the Google Play store.


  • Shazam has a great feature of a digital audio fingerprint. If you don’t know the name of a song, you can effortlessly search for it by sound.
  • It offers you a brilliant suggestion of new tracks according to your taste.
  • This app has the feature of time-synced lyrics on screen.
  • It supports unlimited auto-play.
  • You can use a dark theme.

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15. Spinrilla Best Free Music Streaming App

spinrilla free streaming appIf you are a hip-hop lover, Spinrilla is waiting for you. It is the first mixtape music app in the world. This app is handy for people of all ages. Spinrilla allows you to leave a comment on a track. When a new track is released, it will give you a notification. You will also have the best chart of famous artists, underground artists, and DJs.

 It offers the world’s best built-in equalizer, boosts your base, and enjoys your favorite hip-hop. You can also enjoy its radio service. It is free, but you can have a pro or premium membership which costs low. Download this app from the Google Play store for free.


  • Spinrilla has an unlimited collection of Hip-Hop. Any Hip-Hop lover will love this app.
  • Its ‘trending chart’ feature will always keep you updated.
  • Spinrilla has a feature of a built-in equalizer.
  • You will get a notification for new tracks.
  • You can leave a message in the comment section for the artist.

16. SiriusXM

siriusxm music streamSiriusXM is a leading combination of live radio and streaming music. You can enjoy 350+ channels with all your favorite genres. In SiriusXM, besides music, you can also enjoy news, talks, weather, traffic, and interviews.

SiriusXM’s radio service is awe-inspiring. You can pause and rewind. It has two channels of Howard Stern, an American famous radio personality. You can also enjoy interviews with your favorite artist.

You can download SiriusXM from the Google Play store. It doesn’t have Hi-Res audio, but you can change it to Normal, High, or Maximum audio quality. It offers you thousands of stations to meet your every mood. You can follow the artist on his personalized station. SiriusXM subscription will cost you $10.99/month and offer a free trial for 30 days.


  • Using this app, you can enjoy exclusive collections of music. 
  • Thousands of radio stations are available here.
  • It offers you the personalization of your favorite channels of famous radio persons.
  • SiriusXM has a changeable audio quality.
  • This app can pause and rewind live radio.
  • You can personalize your favorites.
  • Talks and interviews of your favorite artist.
  • Car-Play is available for you on SiriusXM.

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17. TuneIn Radio

tunein radioIf you are a hardcore radio lover, TuneIn can be the best music streaming app for you. It will offer you popular stations around your area. You can easily search for songs or artists; it will show you all radio stations that play that song or artist. Monthly 75 million people use TuneIn.

TuneIn also offers you news and sports talk. CNN, FOX News Radio, MSNBC, and CBS News Live famous stations are available in this app.

Google Play store offers you this app. If you want an ad-free version, you can, for the premium subscription costs $9.99/month. You can get a 7days free trial for the premium subscription.


  • You can discover unlimited radio stations in the TuneIn app.
  • While traveling, you can enjoy your favorite tracks in this app.
  • It has a collection of tracks for every mood.  
  • You can also enjoy the latest news and sports here.
  • 24/7 national and international radio stations are available in TuneIn.
  • It offers you offline playback at any time.

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18. Audiomack

audiomack streaming songsIf you are after a music telecasting app with genres like Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, and Afrobeats, Audiomack will satisfy you. This app has features like trending, top songs, and top albums. You don’t have to search for n; it will automatically suggest new trending songs.

Aduiomack will not let you miss your favorite genres of tracks. Its features will give you control over the app. You can connect to your Bluetooth earphones easily. Audiomack is free for you on the Google Play store. If you want a premium version, it will cost $5/month.


  • Unlimited music streaming on-demand in Audiomack.
  • This app allows you to create your playlist.
  • Audiomack recommends new tracks based on your listening.
  • This app offers you mixtapes of new and treading.
  • It offers you downloading and offline listening.

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19. Napster

napster best song appNapster has remodified its feature to stand with other music streaming apps of 2024. It offers you a database of 40 million tracks. It supports the creators and musicians. Napster offers you three plans: Unradio, Premier, and the family pack. Un radio costs $4.99 and offers millions of songs, ad-free audio, and personalized radio. 

Premier is the most popular among all plans. It offers unlimited skips, plays, offline mood, and KIDS mood and costs $9.99/month. You can have 30 days of a free trial. Napster has a plan for your family too. Google Play store has this app for free.


  • Unlimited streaming of different genres of music.
  • Napster suggests upcoming new tracks.
  • This app has newly modified features on the homepage.
  • You can personalize your playlist and download unlimited.
  • You can have an ad-free feature in Napster.
  • In the KIDS mood, it won’t offer Safe for Children use.

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20. BandCamp

bandcamp streaming song appBandcamp is the best streaming app for both artists and listeners. It is an online store for all artists around the globe. In this app, you can buy songs from your favorite artists. On average, 82% of your payment goes to the artist’s account.

Thus you can directly help the artist financially and encourage more artwork. You can use it for free. If you are an artist and want to connect with the fans’ community, buy BandCamp Pro for $10. Download it from the Google Play store for free.


  • You can find undiscovered and underground music here.
  • Bandcamp helps you support your favorite artist by buying their music directly from them. Bandcamp is an app that suppBandcamp artist the most.
  • It gives you a recommendation of new songs based on your listening.
  • You can customize your homepage

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Final Thoughts

A day with no music is nearly impossible for the young generation. These 20 best music streaming apps will meet all your needs. You can choose your go-to music-playing app according to music-playing. Discover the best music globally, follow artists you love, and support art. Download any of them. Listen to unlimited music and enjoy your day.

Maisha Tabassum
Maisha Tabassum
Maisha is an energetic tech-loving individual, who enjoys writing reviews. She is pursuing an LL.B degree at a university in Bangladesh. She tries to keep up with the tech world and enjoys listening to music in her free time.

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