The 20 Best Quit Smoking App to Make You Smoke Free in 2024

If you are willing to stop smoking, your smartphone can be your 24/7 supporter. Smoking is harmful to your entire body system. It can also harm people around you. It is impossible to quit smoking overnight. Having an assistant or supporter who can help you quit Smoking would be best. There are some excellent apps available for you. Here we will learn about learning best quit app Smoking apps to make you smoke-free in 2024.

Why Quit Smoking?

What is addiction? When something takes control over your brain and body, you can’t stay away from it. Smoking is an addiction mainly to the nicotine which a cigarette contains. Every time you inhale cigarette smoke, the toxin reaches your lungs and carries toxin all over your body. Within 10 seconds, nicotine causes massive changes in your brain chemistry. It will take control of your body. I can give you thousands of reasons why you should quit smoking immediately. Let’s talk about what a cigarette can do to you.

Risks of smoking

AdverseEffectss of Cigarettes and Benefits of Stopping

  • You can get your normal health back. In a study published in BMC Medicine, 67% of smokers face smoking-related illnesses. By quitting Smoking, you can reduce the possibility of lung infection and improve lung functions. It boosts the possibility of cancer in almost 13 types. It will help you to keep your heart in a good state.
  • 4,80,000 people die because of Smoking per year in the USA. According to WHO, tobacco kills more than 8 million people every year.
  • If you quit smoking now, the result will start in 20 minutes; your heart rate will drop. After 24 hours, there will be no nicotine in your blood. After 20 years, your body will work as a non-smoker’s body.
  • Smoking is not only harmful to you. When you smoke around people, they also inhale the smoke from the burning end of the cigarette, and you’re breathing out smoke. It is called secondhand Smoking. Secondhand Smoking causes severe health hazards. Almost 41,000 people died from secondhand Smoking. For the safety of your family, friends, and people around you should quit Smoking.
  • A cigarette packet costs almost $6.28. if you have a pack a day after one month, you will cost $188. After ten years, this amount will be $22,920. It is a considerable amount. This harmful habit can also be a reason for losing your future fund. It will break you down. If you quit, then you can easily manage your expenses. 

In the first stage, it will not be easy for you. You will crave a smoke; the sudden withdrawal will be challenging, give you stress, and change your appetite. These symptoms will stay for more than two weeks. Quitting Smoking will be the best gift you can give yourself.

The 20 Best Quit-Smoking Apps in 2024

The Android device in your hand is not only for entertainment. If you use it properly, it can be helpful for your health and life. The best 20 quit-smoking apps will be helpful for your quit-smoking journey. You can use any of them.

This application will keep you motivated and track your health and money. It will introduce you to experts and ex-smokers society. In a word, a quit smoking app can be your 24/7 supporter.

1. QuitNow! Stop Smoking App

QuitNow! Stop Smoking App

QuitNow! Stop Smoking App can be your best assistant in this quitting journey. It will count your days free from tobacco. How many cigarettes you avoid and how much money you save will track everything. That will motivate you.

QuitNow has a feature of the ex-smoker community. They share their journey with you. This is very important for a smoker. Ex-smokers understand the struggle and how they manage to overcome it. Their achievement will motivate you to quit the habit. So here you can have some real-life experience.

There might be much wrong information about quitting Smoking. QuitNow has a FAQ section. It organized its FAQ section based on WHO research. If you have any other questions, you can ask the bot. This health app will help you to quit smoking easily. This app is free with the app in purchases; per item costs $4.99.


  • This app will make you a community of ex-smokers.
  • Their motivational status will make you strong against the habit.
  • In the FAQ section, you will find your answer.
  • If you want to know anything about quitting Smoking, don’t go anywhere else. If not, ask the bot.
  • QuitNow will monitor your health improvement day by day.


2. EasyQuit

easyquit smoke free appIt is not easy to give up any addiction in no time. It takes time. EasyQuit realizes this and has a ‘Slow Mode’ feature. This feature creates a plan for will; you can give up this habit without stress and pain. This app will motivate you by showing your health progress day by day. You can see how much money you are saving.

Do you have the urge to smoke? EasyQuit has a fantastic game of Matching-pairs for you. It will help you to control your cravings. You can be your motivational speaker here.

Finally, you can rearrange the app as your choice with thirty themes. This health app is entertaining and easy to use. This app is free for you.


  • EasyQuit will monitor your progress in total health. Countdown your smoking-free days.
  • EasyQuit offers you a fantastic game to control your cravings.
  • It will give you a proper calculation of your saved money.
  • Using the ‘Slow Mode,’ you can quit Smoking without pain and stress.


3. Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking

Quit tracker best quit smoking hypnosis appQuit Tracker is a high-quality motivating app for you. It will track your progress in health, money-saving. It offers you some health parameters like blood pressure and heart rate. You will show how much money you have saved for your future.

The Quit Tracker app will count how many lifetimes you have earned by quitting Smoking. It is very motivating for a smoker. Quit Tracker offers motivating status that will help you push yourself away from Smoking. This provides much information on how Smoking affects your lifestyle and how you can have a less stressful life after quitting. A puff of a cigarette today can make you suffer tomorrow. This app will make you understand this thing quickly.


  • Quit tracker will make you understand how lousy Smoking can be for your health.
  • It will show you how much time you have lost from Smoking and how much you can gain by quitting it.
  • It offers you a game to distract you from Smoking.


4. Get Rich or Die Smoking

get rich or die smoking Get Rich or Die Smoking app is an app that cares about your money. Every time you smoke, you lose, you lose your health, lose your money. If you don’t quit Smoking in time after ten years, you will be surprised by how much money you lost or this terrible habit. This app will make you understand how to take steps and save your future fund.

Get Rich or Die Smoking will make your future a lot easier. This app will keep track of how much money you have saved. You can also list things you want to buy with this money. This will motivate you to quit.

Get Rich or Die Smoking will include you in a community where you can share your experience and motivate others. This free app is beneficial for you to save your dollars.


  • Get Rich or Die Smoking app provides you with real-time chat.
  • Track the money you save and list things you want to buy with the saved money.
  • This app shows you the real-world effects of Smoking. Thus you can realize and motivate yourself to stop smoking.


5. Kwit- Quit Smoking for Good

easy prevent smoking appKwit is inspired by Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It will help you to have a smoke-free life and control your cravings. Kwit has a lot of features. It offers you a personalized dashboard where you can see your progress. Don’t worry if you have a terrible craving; shake your phone to have a motivation card. This card will help you to control your craving instantly.

In Kwit, you can set goals and motivation to achieve them. This free app keeps you motivated in your journey to quit Smoking. 


  • Kwit helps you to quit Smoking. This will help to keep your mindset to stop smoking.
  • Its motivation card will help you when you have bad cravings.
  • It notes your cravings so that you can be extra careful.
  • This app also has various games to keep you distracted from Smoking.


6. Smoke-Free: Quit Smoking

Now Smoke-Freee offers 40+ scientifically proven methods and techniques to help you stop smoking. Its professional advice will keep you motivated. It includes a social media-based community. Here you can meet people like you. You can share your experience and know others’ experiences on this journey. This app will keep a graph of your progress and cravings.

Smoke-Free has unique features like stop smoking coaches, a quit smoking tracker, a quit smoking log, and saved money. These features will keep you motivated on your journey to quit smoking for good.


  • Smoke-Free offers you scientifically proven techniques. These techniques will help you to quit smoking with less pain and stress.
  • This will keep you in touch with a professional coach.
  • You will have a piece of motivational advice whenever you need it.
  • It will track your health progress and money savings.
  • You can share your successful journey to stop smoking with your friends.


7. Quit Genius

quit geniusWith the Quit Genius app, you can personalize your process to quit Smoking. Quit Genius encourages you even though you have failed several times. Professionals build this app. Doctor, a phycologist who understands what you go through physically and mentally when trying to quit nicotine. Years of using nicotine affect your mental and physical state.

A doctor and psychologist can help you overcome this problem. Quit Genius is like your personal therapist in your pocket. It will help you to change your thinking about Smoking. This app helps over 60,000 people to quit smoking for good. If you want to use special features, you must pay $3.99-$14.99 per item.


  • In Quit Genius, you can set your own set for quitting. You can fix a date when you want to stop smoking.
  • Experts will always be with you for your mental and physical support.
  • You can enjoy knowledge quizzes about Smoking. It will help you to keep motivated and concentrated.


8. Quit Smoking Slowly

quit smoking slowlyIt is difficult for a chain smoker to cut down immediately nicotine. The body has to adapt to the new environment slowly. Immediate cutdown can hamper you. Quit Smoking Slowly is here to help you to quit smoking gradually.

You have to give answers to some questions. It will help you make a graph to reduce cigarette intake slowly. The screen will show you the time to smoke. The screen will turn red to give you a signal not to smoke.

This app will show how much money you can save by quitting Smoking in 5 years. You can use this app for free and buy items for $1.49 per item.


  • You UYoucan get rid of nicotine using the Quit Smoking Slowly app very slowly. It will set up your goals. 
  • It will motivate you by showing how much money you can save by quitting smoke.
  • This app helps your body to adapt to a nicotine-free situation.


9. Smoking Log: Stop Smoking

Smoking Log-Stop Smoking

A smoking Log will keep a perfect log of the number of cigarettes you reduce daily and the money you save. The dashboard will always show the status of the number of cigarettes you take. It will record your timing of Smoking. It will warn you if you take a puff outside the time. You can always be alert about the number of cigarettes you are taking. You can compare your progress in the chart.

The smoking Log will show your previous statistics on Smoking. It will track how much money you are saving by quitting. You can see your smoking history and compare it with your present situation.


  • Smoking Log will provide you with a dashboard where you can see your progress. It will remind you to follow your goals.
  • It preserves your history of Smoking. You can compare your progress easily.
  • You can share your goals with your friends.


10. Flamy- Quit Smoking and Become a Non-smoker

flamy prevent smokingThe Famy app will give you a 14-day challenge. In 2 weeks, it will cut down a cigarette per day. You can not give up smoking all of a sudden. You will feel tired, sleepless, and irritated. This app will give you time to adapt to your body. Each time you avoid a cigarette, you can unlock an achievement. It will track your cravings. There are some fantastic games to distract you from smoking cravings.

Flamy will track your health progress if you want to quit your smoking habit in a challenging way.


  • The feature ’14 days challenge’ really helps you to quit gradually. With one less day with this motto, you will reduce your cigarette number gradually.
  • You can bet your friends on this challenge. It will be helpful for both of you.
  • Flamy will track your health progress.


11. Stop Smoking- Quit Smoking, Be Smoke-free

prevent smoking android appStop Smoking App will do what it says, stop you from Smoking. It tracks your health improvement. How many days you have added to your life by quitting will count for you.

Stop Smoking android app will appreciate your achievement every time. It will track your cravings every time. There is a built-in diary where you can write your thoughts. You will have a quitters community here. You can help each other on this journey.


  • Stop Smoking app will track the money you saved.
  • You can see how much your health has improved since you quit.
  • In a built-in diary, you can write your thoughts on this journey. · You can share your thoughts in the quitters’ community.


12. Quit Smoking- Stop Smoking Counter

quit smoking appQuit Smoking app is an all-in-all assistant for you if you are searching for your quitting journey. Its ‘diseases’ section will notify you of diseases you are inviting with a puff of a cigarette. This list of diseases will keep you alarmed. You will think twice before taking another cigarette.

You can be in an ex-smokers society. Where the ex-smoker’s experience will help you and their journey will motivate you. The feature help section provides proven smoking cessation methods to help you quit more straightforwardly. The gallery of images and videos will keep you reminded how Smoking would kill you slowly.


  • Quit Smoking android app provides a detailed description of how many diseases may attack you only from Smoking. 
  • Ex-smokersSocietyy gives you tips on how you can quit Smoking from their real-life experience.
  • Using this app, you can see how much money you saved and how many cigarettes you skipped.


13. Qwit

qwit best quit smoking app australiaWith this motto, ‘Your health, Your priority,’ the Qwit app will help you quit Smoking. This app will keep you reminded of why you should quit Smoking. Every 24 hours, you will have a new notification of causes you should quit Smoking. This app is simple and easy to use. You can share your improvement with friends and family.

Qwit will track how much money you saved on days without tobacco. It will notify you how much life you have gained, motivating you.


  • Qwit will track every detail, including how many cigarettes you give up, the days without tobacco, and how many days you have gained.
  • You can share your achievement of quitting smoke with your friends and family.
  • It will constantly remind you why you should quit Smoking.


14. Smokerstop

smoker stopQuitting Smoking is not going to be easy. Your painful journey will be a little easier by using Smokerstop. Smokerstop will track you 24 hours on your journey. It will give you a notification and alert you about your mission. Its solid motivational quotes will help you to be determined. It will track your improvement, and that will inspire you.


  • Smokerstop will notify you constantly why you should give up Smoking. It will keep distracting you from taking another puff.
  • You can set personal goals and follow them.
  • Smokerstop will show you how much money you are saving by quitting smoke.
  • Its motivational quotes will keep you motivated.


15. Drop it!

drop it!Just Drop it; yes, this app will support you to prevent Smoking. It will help you mentally. Smoking addiction is not a simple thing to quit suddenly. You have to be determined and motivated all the time. It will always keep you motivated.

Drop it will help you free. It will give you every detail of how much money you have saved, how many days you have passed without time, and how much time you saved. Download it and drop Smoking.


  • DropItt app is immaculate and easy to use. · It will give you all statistics about your quitting journey.
  • You can share your journey with your friends and family.
  • Your health should be your priority; this app will make you understand.


16. Craving To Quit

craving to quitThis health app is like a coach on your journey to quit Smoking. They developed and tested Craving to Quit at Yale University. It is 21 days smoking cessation program. This program is clinically proven.

Craving to Quit provides an audio and video playlist that will distract you from Smoking. It will set a goal and give you a daily reminder. This goal will cut you down to 0 cigarettes per day. You can use this app for free for four days. In-app purchases cost $24.99 per item. In the premium version, you can have a live coach and a community of experts. It will cost $1 per day.


  • The Craving to Quit app provides y live coach and a community of experts. That will help you to quit.
  • It will understand you and motivate you always.
  • You will have a daily reminder to quit Smoking.


17. Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis90% of our thoughts are subconscious. The developers made Quit Smoking Hypnosis based on this theory. This app mainly focuses on your mentality. It will make you mentally stable and robust. An audio session can keep you away from Smoking for three weeks. In this way, you will quit Smoking slowly for good.


The certified hypnotherapist will read these audio sessions for you. Quit Smoking Hypnosis will motivate you that you can; it is not impossible for you. Peaceful background music and nature sounds will relax your mind during craving times. It will also help you to sleep better. In this process, your brain keeps stable, and you can control your cravings.


  • Hypnotherapists will help you with their soothing audio, relax you and motivate you to quit Smoking for your life.
  • Quit Smoking Hypnosis will help you to sleep better.
  • Peaceful music and nature sounds will keep you relaxed and away from cravings.


18. No Smoking

no smoking appNo Smoking contains scary images. This app will make you understand what damage you are bringing to your health by Smoking. It will show you what cigarettes can do to you. Every time you try to smoke, it will remind you how your lung will look after five years of Smoking. This will give you extra motivation to quit Smoking.

No Smoking will provide you with ten detailed graphs about your recovery. By quitting, your health will be better. The possibility of cancer and heart attack will be the same as a non-smoker. It will also track how many dollars you have saved in months and years after quitting Smoking.


  • No Smoking will provide you with graphs about your health progress.
  • Its scary image will horrify you about Smoking.

19. Smokler

smokler best quit smoking apps 2021Quitting any habit is difficult; Smoking is more than a habit. It is nicotine addiction. So it is challenging. With Smokler, it can be a little easy for you. EvYoutart the timer in the app. You can smoke every time you smoke a cigarette after a specific time. This way, every time, the time will increase. Slowly you will give up Smoking.

Smokler tracks how much nicotine you are taking. Smokler tracks the time interval of your Smoking. It also tracks how much time you can wait. It will help you to quit smoking slowly.


  • Smokler provides you with a timer feature. Start the timer and wait until the timer stops; then, you can smoke. Every time the waiting period will increase. Your cravings will be in control slowly.
  • It will schedule your nicotine consumption.


20. QuitSure

quitsure smoke free appQuitSure is based on robust principles of psychology. Scientific research proves its techniques. It will track or count how many cigarettes you are taking. That will help you determine your mind.

96% of quitting attempts fail because of a lack of expert support. You can’t go on this journey all alone. You need support from experts and the experience of ex-smokers. These two things will make your journey easy.


  • QuitSure is fun, simple, and easy to follow.
  • Ex-smokers will be your support system.
  • QuitSure will remove your craving for Smoking through mental exercise.
  • It has fun video clips to keep you distracted.


Final Thoughts

Health is wealth; we are familiar with this proverb at an early age. But with time, we forget. Nicotine is a slow poison for your body. You may enjoy Smoking now, but after ten years, you will see the result of weakening your heart and lungs all by yourself. Not only you but also people around you will suffer like you. Why should you do it to yourself? Just quit before it’s too late.

Maisha Tabassum
Maisha Tabassum
Maisha is an energetic tech-loving individual, who enjoys writing reviews. She is pursuing an LL.B degree at a university in Bangladesh. She tries to keep up with the tech world and enjoys listening to music in her free time.

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