Things To Remember On How To Get Apple Music Free Forever

I guess that all the lovers of Apple Music must be reserving a certain amount of money from their budget. To be capable of listening to the best-selling and most up-to-date songs and other content that you can find nowhere else than Apple Music. They must be dying to know how to get Apple Music free forever and be able to save a large amount of money from a monthly subscription. 

If you are new to Apple Music, you should know that to access the songs on your Apple device for an extended period, and you have to avail an Apple Music subscription. If you have subscribed, then the benefits that you are entitled to include unlimited access to the features and benefits of the Apple Music catalog and your music library. With a valid Apple Music subscription, you will be able to listen to your acquired Apple Music songs without any limit

But, do you know that all these benefits can still be experienced even if you do not have subscribed to Apple Music? If you want to know more about how to make this happen, you should know how to get Apple Music without cost forever. Later on, you will also get to know more about the tool that will ideally help you get Apple Music at zero cost.

Part 1. How To Get Apple Music 3-Month Free Trial

Let us start with answering the question, “is Apple Music useable without cost?”. Well, for those who are not that knowledgeable enough or those who are new to Apple devices, the answer is no, and I know that you are trying to learn how to get Apple Music without cost forever. Anyway, you will need to have a valid subscription to access the entire music library without any limitation and discover and explore other music of different artists and different genres. It will be different if Apple Music offers the same costless services that the other streaming platforms offer through occasional ads. But the sad thing here is that Apple Music doesn’t.

But if you want to explore first the features and services Apple Music offers before finally deciding on availing of a valid subscription, then this is good news for you! This app is one good thing with Apple Music. It allows the users to have an official 3-month free trial at wherever place or country you are located. 

To experience the high-quality Apple Music content with zero cost, you first have to sign up for a 3-month free trial. You can do this step on wherever device you prefer to use, like your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, or simply in your Windows computer with the iTunes app running on it. You may also do this through the use of an Apple Music app on your Mac computer. Below are the detailed steps that you have to know to have the 3-month free trial by this service. 


1. In your Windows computer, you have first to open the iTunes app and then click on the “Music” tab from the list of tabs that you will see at the top of the page. 

2. Then the next thing to do is to select the “For You” tab. Once selected, you will now have to select the free trial offer. 

3. From the list of subscriptions available, namely “Family”, “Individual” and “College Student”, choose one. 

4. Next is to sign in with your Apple ID and password. 

5. Last step is to review the payment information to experience a free trial of Apple Music within three months.

Apple Music App

1. First to do is to head into your Apple Music app. The Apple Music app is installed by default in your Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad. The first thing to do is go to your “Settings” and then click on “Music”. After that, click the button of “Join Apple Music”.

2. You will then be shown “Get 3 months of free music”. At the bottom of your screen, you will see “Try It Free”. Click on its button. 

3. From the list of subscription types you will see, such as Individual or Family, choose one. Once done with choosing, click on “Start Trial” located at the bottom of your screen. 

4. You now have to check and review the “purchase” info. You do not have to worry about this because it 100 percent assures you that you will not be charged any cent unless the free trial period has ended. Once done with this step, Apple Music will ask you about your taste for music and many more.

5. After doing so, find the “For You” tab and then tap on the button “Try It Now” to start the free trial finally.

Apple Music Free Trial

We are now done with the steps, but what exactly are the things that you should know if you have signed up for an Apple Music trial at no cost? Here is the list of the most important things that you should be aware of and be reminded of first if you are to try the Apple Music trial with zero cost. 

1. First thing to remember is that when you have already signed up with a complimentary Apple Music trial account, and already chose the complimentary trial within 3 months, you must consider that you have to cancel it immediately right before its expiration. The reason for this is that your free subscription will automatically turn into a paid one once the free period is done. 

2. To avoid not being able to notice that the free subscription has ended, the best thing that you can do about this is to set the alarm or any way that will remind you that your free trial subscription is nearly getting to an end. And also, this is effective to avoid being charged with fees. 

3. After three months, the choice is now yours whether to continue the subscription or not. If you have loved its music library or interface, you can continue, but if you are not satisfied with it, then make sure to cancel it right before it expires. 

If you want to know how to get costless Apple Music forever, continue reading until part 3 of this article. 

Part 2. How To Get Apple Music 6-Month Free Trial

Apple Music Free songIf you feel that the period of three months of zero-cost trial is a brief period for you to explore the entire Apple Music, then I think 6 months will do. 

Here are the things to put in mind and the steps to follow to get an Apple Music 6-month  trial without money.

1. First is to make sure that you have downloaded the Apple Music app. Once downloaded, install it on your device. You can always download the app from the application store.

2. Once the app has opened and is already running, click on “Try for Free”.

3. Once clicked, you will be redirected to a page where you can see the number of free months available for you. One drawback here is that this offer supports not all locations. So, if the page shows you 6 months, then the offer is good for you. 

4. Now, the next thing to do is to select “Try It Free”. You will also need to choose a plan on the choices displayed. These vary based on what place you were located at. 

5. After doing so, you will now have to log in using your Apple ID and password. If you already have yours then you can use the existing one. If you do not have it yet, then you can create a new one. 

6. Now that you have selected the plan you want and have entered your Apple ID, the Apple Music free trial within 6 months will now start. 

You are now entitled to a bit longer time of enjoying Apple Music content with zero cost and a long time of exploring its features. About the things that you must keep in mind, it is also the same as the things to remember in trying a 3-month free trial. The most important thing to remember is not to forget to cancel the free trial subscription before it expires, not to cost you any cent. 

Part 3. How To Get Apple Music Free Forever Once Your Trial Expires

The above sections only discussed a specific time. What will happen now if the six months or three months free trial period expires or has ended? What will happen to the tracks or playlists that you have downloaded? Well, for your knowledge, if the trial has ended, all those contents will disappear in just a minute, leaving nothing. If it expires, the only way that you could think of is to have a valid subscription to Apple Music which, of course, will make you pay a small amount of money per month but will surely cost you a lot in the long run. If that bothers you, I have here one way that could help you, and that is to know how to get Apple Music without cost. 

How To Get Apple Music Free Forever Once Your Trial ExpiresSince DRM protects Apple Music contents, one way to keep in mind how to get Apple Music free forever is to remove the DRM protection. When we say DRM or Digital Rights Management, it is copy protection incorporated into the contents of Apple Music to protect the intellectual property rights of the authors once the contents are purchased. This software is also responsible for why you cannot have your Apple Music songs playable on any other devices unless they are supported or authorized by Apple. Now, you will need a perfect tool that can make this happen, and it is no other than “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter“. Below are the best features this Apple Music converter can offer you.

Best Features of TuneSoo Apple Music Converter

1. First on the list is the “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter”. It is an all-in-one converter that enables you to convert your Apple Music songs, iTunes M4P music, and even your all-time favorite audiobooks into any standard format of your choice, including MP3, AAC, M4A, AC3, FLAC, and WAV output format. With “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter”, you do not have to worry after your subscription has expired. Because it lets you play and listen to any Apple Music song that you want and other audiobooks on any gadget that is available for you. 

2. It will indeed retain the original quality of all the Apple Music content you are to convert.

3. This Apple Music Converter also allows you to download and save over 50 million Apple Music songs, totally keeping the original quality of the songs.

4. “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter” also does not let you wait for a long time because it can convert your contents up to 16 times quicker than the original conversion speed. Do you know what is even more amazing? “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter” can do the batch conversion as well! You do not have to convert the contents one by one, and you will be able to save a bunch of your time from waiting! 

5. You will also be amazed by its incorporated ID tag identification technology. “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter” has utilized this advanced and automatic recognition of music information identifying the metadata of the contents. This Apple Music converter keeps the ID3 tags even after the conversion process and lets you edit the track info such as the title, the artist’s name, album name, the corresponding year it was produced, and its genre. 

6. Another great thing with “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter” is that it lets you enjoy your Apple Music songs. You prefer to use any device, even if you are not connected to WI-FI or any cellular network. Take note, and you can make this happen even if you do not have a family plan. 

7. “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter” also goes well with Windows and macOS. 

How to Get Apple Music Without Cost

If you are to use “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter”, here are the steps that you must follow to know how to get music for Apple devices at zero cost.

1. The first thing you have to do is go to your music library and then pick out all the songs you wish to convert. 

2. You will now be required about the output format that you mostly prefer to have. You can choose from the list of output formats “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter” will display. Examples of the formats are the common formats mentioned above like MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, AC3, AAC, and more. Another good thing with using this Apple Music converter is that you can also modify the bitrate, sample rate, and audio channels to satisfy your ears.

3. You will also have to reserve one output folder for the finished songs to help you quickly locate them once they are done with the conversion process. 

4. The last thing you have to do is click on the “Convert” button to begin the entire process finally. 

Technical Requirements

Now that you have already learned about the procedure to follow on getting Apple Music free forever, you should then note that there are some technical things that “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter” requires. See the list below: 

1. For the Operating System, you could have either Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32 or 64 bit). For Mac computers, macOS should be 10.12 or higher.

2. Processor is 1G Hz or above.

3. For the resolution, it is a 1024×768 display or above.

4. A RAM of 512 MB or higher.

5. Whereas for iTunes, the most updated version is more advisable. It could be iTunes 12.2 or the latest one.

Part 4. Conclusion

If you want to enjoy your Apple Music songs without money forever, you may have to subscribe to it or not. Remember that when you are already in the costless trial subscription of Apple Music, take your time to learn and explore its features. If you do not want to pay a lot, then it is excellent that I have shared with you how to get Apple Music at no cost with the help of “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter”. 

Remember that the essential step you must do is to first download all your favorite tracks and playlists during your free trial period subscription, whether it is for 3 or 6 months. Take time to choose and save them all on your device or music library. Once the contents are downloaded, use “TuneSolo Apple Music Converter” to convert them and then follow the steps above that are explained in detail on how to get Apple Music free forever. 

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  1. TuneSolo Apple Music Converter is good to use! The interface is user-friendly. It removes DRM from my iTunes M4P songs and audiobooks. And its alternative AMusicSoft is also good.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I use the free converter – TuneSolo Apple Music Converter to download the songs on my iTunes and store them locally in MP3 format. In this way, I can get Apple Music for free without paying the hefty premium subscription fee.


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