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The 30 Best Brain Games for Android Device in 2023

Brain games help us improve our thinking and assessment skills, which would be beneficial to enhance our productivity and efficiency. It also orchestrates our critical thinking capabilities and speeds them up. Playing these games would assist you in working and thinking faster, better, and visualizing more. As it is scientifically proven that the brain loses its efficiency day by day, playing these games would help your brain work faster and gain efficiency. In our endeavor, we will review The 30 Best Brain Games for Android Devices in 2022.

The 30 Best Brain Games for Android

Brain game is essential to develop intelligence. Our previous article described the Best Baby Games for Android to Make Your Baby More Creative. But today’s article is for the adult. Without further discussion, let’s enjoy the games to develop the brain.

1. Elevate

ElevateElevate is one of the most excellent programs to improve our critical thinking, which would be helpful to our daily lives and help us improve our efficiency, which, on the other hand, offers a free trial. This app has explicitly over 15 million users globally. This app has proven highly beneficial to users. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy your time while you’re playing with this app.

Our brain needs to exercise the way our body does. Elevate is one of the best apps on the market to do so. If you spend adequate time working on it, we can make it function how we want it. Users have rated this app highly, recommended it for such purposes, and something to use in your free time.

Important Features

  • Elevate offers 35+ brain games to develop critical cognitive skills.
  • The application shows detailed performance tracking.
  • It has received recommendations from CNET, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.
  • It focuses on proven educational techniques like precision, comprehension, and math.
  • You can get a 7-day free trial of Elevate.

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2. Skillz – The Best Brain Games for Android

Skillz - The Best Brain Games for AndroidSkillz game is highly recommended for memory enhancement. It will sharpen your reflex actions, and the context is excellent! It is full of challenges at each and over the game level.

Skillz game for Android is an excellent exercise for the brain, and it can test how accurately you can manage your instincts. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Important Features

  • Skillz enhances thinking speed.
  • It provides more accuracy.
  • It focuses on the contrast of the Game.
  • The Game also focuses on Color recognition and Logic Improvement

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3. Peak

PeakPeak app gives you the best of both worlds, such as brain training, and is full of challenges. It is one of the most well-recommended apps in the play store regarding brain games. This app improves problem-solving skills.

The Peak app is well-designed and fun to use. It was also recommended by top-notch universities such as Cambridge. This is a highly suggested app for you, which will improve your thinking abilities.

Important Features

  • Peak offers Coaching for the players.
  • The top universities recommend it.
  • The app is designed by experts and recognized neurologists.
  • Google Editor recommends it.
  • The apps Work both online and offline.

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4. Memorado – The Best Brain Games for Android

Memorado - The Best Brain Games for AndroidMemorado is one of the best apps for brain workouts. And it has set its records for effectiveness in the past. This Game is recommended for all users for its features and well-toned performance. It’s the best place to enjoy your leisure time and, in the same way, make the best use of your time.

This app is well-organized and straightforward to use. There are more than 420 stages to play and test your mind. There are features where you can track your performance, and the results will surely surprise you! You won’t be disappointed.

Important Features

  • Excellent performance and a well-made app.
  • Great content is available and designed by the best.
  • It focuses on simplicity and is easy to use.
  • More than 100 mediative clips are available to use.
  • It has Progress trackers.
  • It is one of the best apps in the category.
  • Game levels will improve and train your mind to match your highest potential.

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5. Brainout-Can you pass it?

Brainout-Can you pass itBrainout Game is full of puzzles and challenges which would enhance the mind. More specifically, this app focuses on your ability to think and challenge you with incredible difficulty. As much as the users love it, this app is one of a kind and most preferable for your free time.

Brainout app includes various puzzles and riddles, which would hook you up with the app and see the results soon. Mesmerizing experience followed up by excellent performance is what this app is all about. After using this app, you’ll notice how your performance and thinking abilities change to a better position.

Important Features

  • Brainout offers Excellent content.
  • Many app creators recommend Brainout as one of the best brain games for Android.
  • It focuses on simplicity with good design.
  • This app focuses on the quality of the content.
  • You will get here a great source of enjoyment.

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6. Neuro Nation

Neuro NationIf you love science and its challenges, this is the app you’re looking for! This teaches so much at every career step that your performance will mesmerize you.
Neuro Nation tricks you with difficult questions and shows you performing. The app is very well-optimized and extremely useful to use. Moreover, this app focuses on its quality and its content.

Important Features

  • Extremely useful and well-optimized.
  • Neuro Nation Ensures the quality of the app.
  • Challenging and Fun to use.
  • The contents of the app are rearrangeable according to the user’s preference.
  • Full of scientific challenges.

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7. Smart Puzzles Collection

Smart Puzzles CollectionWe all love puzzles and something which makes us think harder about how to solve it. This app contains numerous problems and exciting experiences for all users. This app involves a great variety of mind tricks too. Most importantly, this app can be played on any Android device.

Bright Puzzle brings all sorts of exciting puzzles to solve, and trying this out is a must. This app is a great user-friendly platform.

Important Features

  • Offline mode is available.
  • It can be played on all sorts of Android devices.
  • Quality ensured with creative content.
  • It is highly recommended for memory enhancement.
  • All sorts of different puzzle games are put into one place.

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8. River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles

River Crossing IQ Logic PuzzlesThis Game is about Fun and challenges, improving your brain’s ability to focus and enhance memories. The challenges are exciting and Fun, and each level-up puts a problematic task for you to finish. This app tests your skills, and firms give you a score depending on how you pass the challenges.

Important Features

  • River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles include the best puzzles and riddles.
  • The users recommended it.
  • Straightforward reflex testers.
  • The app Puts up more complicated challenges at each level.
  • It’s a free download for all users.

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9. The Best Brain Games for Android – Sudoku

The Best Brain Games for Android - SudokuAll users love Sudoku puzzle games. It tests your mind, and, most importantly, it is scientifically proven that the app increases your brain’s performance to get things done. Sudoku games are even a teacher’s favorite Game for toddlers to test their brain’s ability to comply.

The Sudoku app provides you with the best of both worlds. This app provides you with many challenges and equations to solve. As exciting, it tests your abilities in each step, which the best app developers optimize.

Important Features

  • Sudoku offers Adjustable effects and Customizable themes.
  • It comes with a variety of intellectual challenges
  • You can test your abilities with these brain game apps.
  • It Sharpens the brain’s ability
  • Sudoku is the very Well optimized app
  • Offers 100 new stages per week

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10. Math games

Math gamesMaths is one of the essentials of our daily life. Calculating numbers is crucial as it is. The method of doing the correct calculation is hugely prominent. This app teaches you you calculate faster and more accurately.

Math games are fun and exciting for everyone. It also helps us to think faster and solve mathematical equations more efficiently. It benefits everyday life, students, and even adults, as maths is essential for living. This app is highly recommended. In your free time, it is best to use it. It improves your brain’s ability to work effectively. Also, it’s free!

Important Features

  • Multiplayer modes are available
  • Exciting and fun to play
  • Critical thinking to solve the challenges
  • This app is very Simple and easy to use
  • It has around ten languages
  • Highly recommended app
  • It gives you the flexibility to change features according

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11. Brainilis -The Best Brain Games for Android

Brainilis -The Best Brain Games for AndroidThis Game is well-liked by users because of its effectiveness. It offers you a variety of exciting stages of the Game. It is an exciting and thoughtful game. This also helps you concentrate more and has been proven to do so.

Also, this Game is one of the best brain apps available. The app is well-polished and straightforward to use. Moreover, it is free. The simple interference of the app makes it easy to use for everyone.

Important Features

  • Brainilis brain test android app is free to use.
  • Performance tracking is available on this app.
  • Every good and healthy user recommended it for brain exercise.
  • It Increases brain memory.
  • It Increases reflexes.
  • The Offline mode was available.

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12. Word Search Puzzle

Word Search PuzzleWord Search Puzzle app fills you with exciting and thrilling game levels. Highly recommended for memory enhancement and increases your thinking abilities. Also, this was proven to be complicated for some people as the time limit gets lower every time you level up.

As exciting and enjoyable as this app is, it is a must-have on your phone, and it is undoubtedly a great way to spend your free time without getting bored! The new challenge and accumulation of words get you hooked on this app. The app is very well-optimized, and the themes are stunning. You also shift various app modes according to your personal preferences. It is also well known for its natural and straightforward interface.

Important Features

  • The Word Search Puzzle has many languages for the user to shift to.
  • It takes minimal space, downloadable on any Android phone.
  • Excellent content and Well designed app.
  • Offline mode is available.
  • It Enhances quickly adopting skills.
  • Exciting and Fun to play.
  • Difficulties are adjustable according to preference.

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13. Maths Doors

Maths DoorsWell, the essence and significance of mathematics in life are beyond measure. And this app provides the best of your free time, which will help you in every way. It is essential to be able to calculate fast and accurately for everyone. This app is a must-download, and it is necessary for every day.

Math Doors provides hundreds of logical stages to test how fast you can calculate. And you’ll be shocked to see the results. Maths Doors improve your calculating abilities significantly. After using this app for a week or two, you’ll start noticing the results of your improved performance. It has a simple interface, and it is effortless to use. Math Doors is recommended for everyone. It is high time to go beyond your limits and try the best that the app store has to provide, and this app has all of the features you look for in brain games.

Important Features

  • Maths Doors is very easy to download, and it’s free.
  • This is the perfect Game for your free time.
  • It is proven that it improves mathematics performance.
  • The app has a simple theme, and it is effortless to use.
  • It Takes very little shortage.
  • It can be played offline.

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14. Trick Me – Best Brain Games for Android

Trick me- Best Brain Games for AndroidThis app provides you with puzzles, quizzes, and so much more. As its name suggests, trick me plays tricks on your mind to confuse your ability to think accurately, making it a challenging game to pass. Simply the best way to challenge your skills and test what you can solve and how quickly you can solve the puzzles.

The trick is that my app provides a fantastic gaming experience and challenges for your mind. It is excellent for free time use and is fun and exciting. This app is one of the best brain game apps, providing your hundred stages. Also, it is elementary to use. Users have loved the theme of the app, and it is a must-have app on your device to make the best use of your leisure time. The quality and performance of the app are excellent!

Important Features

  • Very simple, accessible, and easy to use.
  • They are well-recommended for everyone.
  • Great content is available at each stage of the app.
  • Includes puzzles, riddles, and word problems.
  • More than 200 levels are available.
  • It is a great way to improve your performance and spend your free time.

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15. Easy Game – Brain Test & Tricky Mind Puzzle

Easy Game - Brain Test & Tricky Mind PuzzleEasy Game is an excellent brain game app that represents you with the most creative way to unleash your IQ to test—providing you with Fun and exciting puzzles, riddles, and word problems to solve. It’s a must-have app on your phone, and the puzzles will thrill you. The app is well-designed, uncomplicated, and straightforward, which complies with the user’s preference.

Playing these brain games refines your brain’s thinking ability and improves logical and critical thinking. There are exciting puzzles and riddles available which will stun your mind!

This brain game app brings the best out of you through the difficult stages and levels of the Game! You’ll never be bored. It is a must-try and free to discover your abilities to think and work through problems. So what are you waiting for? Download the app, and see what unique content is available for you in the app! There are more than three hundred thousand user ratings of this app already.

Important Features

  • The Easy Game supports many puzzles, riddles, and word problems.
  • It is an excellent way to improve your critical thinking abilities.
  • The app is for users of all ages.
  • It offers Quality content only.
  • It helps you to improve logic as well.
  • More than three hundred thousand user ratings.

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16. Left vs. Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

Left vs. Right Brain Games for Brain TrainingLooking for a brain game educational app that improves your skills and gives you quality time? This is one of the best apps you’ll ever find on the play store, which provides you with fifty-one levels of six different categories of mind games.

This app is well known for bringing the best out of your leisure time. This app enhances your skills, sharpens your memories, and improves your logical and critical thinking at each level! It also keeps you track of your performances.

Left v Rights gives you a free trial for all its users and three categories of subscriptions: monthly, yearly, and for a lifetime! This app is full of quality content that helps you improve your skills and is highly rated. It provides you with the most exciting brain games. It is a must-have app!

Important Features

  • Very well and precisely made app.
  • Over five million installs.
  • Exciting and quality content.
  • Three categories of subscriptions are available.

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17. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Brain It On! - Physics PuzzlesBrain It On! – Physics Puzzles is a fantastic app that helps your brain to work out. The Brain It On game app gives you the best puzzle challenges and tricks regarding the law of physics. It is effortless and premium, providing the best entertaining games with tricky brain-testing challenges.

There are a lot of stages of the Game with multiplayer mode. Thus you can now share a fantastic experience and compete with your friends! All of these mind-blowing features are for free! So what are you waiting for? Brain It On is a must-download app with quality ensured. It provides the best brain app and excellent features for improving your logic, critics, and reflexes.

Important Features

  • Multiplayer mode is available so that you can play with friends and family.
  • You can share the result of this app.
  • It is one of the best puzzle games for your Android.
  • Free download and takes very minimal space.
  • Gets app updates frequently with new features being added.
  • Excellent user ratings.
  • Delightful and entertaining Game.

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18. Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test 2Tricky Test 2 offers you fantastic gameplay, and you’ll be hooked up playing this brain game. Each new stage and level in this Game is unique from the others. The problems in this app aren’t easy to solve.

This app helps you think beyond your abilities and slightly improves your critical thinking abilities, and you will see the results after you play the Game for a while.

There are hundreds of puzzles, quizzes, and brain teasers available on this app, and the user immensely loves it for its simple interface and items fun and exciting features. You will never be bored of playing this Game. This app also tests you to bring the best out of you. As hard as it is to solve the puzzles and test your logic, it will improve your abilities daily if you spend your free time playing this app. It is much loved by users and recommended for users of all ages.

Important Features

  • Hundreds of tricky games are available.
  • Various new challenges are being added every day.
  • Tricky Test 2 offers Quality content.
  • Multiplayer mode is available.
  • You can share your performances with friends and family.
  • It helps your critical thinking to improve.
  • It is a very high-rated app.

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19. The Best Brain Games for Android-Brain Dots

The Best Brain Games for Android-Brain DotsBrain Dots is the most simple and easy-to-play app available. It is elegant and easy to use. It is a well-recommended app for all users and can be played offline. All you have to do is to bump the two balls.

It is not very easy to do, as simple as it sounds. This app focuses on your creative skills and lets you connect the dots to finish the level. You can create and draw stages and let overs solve them. This app has over three million stages and over forty million downloads! Moreover, your mind gets more flexibility, trying this app as proven.

Important Features

  • Brain Dots provides flexibility to create your stages and let others solve them.
  • It supports multiplayer mode.
  • Over 15 languages are available.
  • It enhances your creativity and makes your mind more flexible.
  • The rules and the gameplay is best known for their simplicity.

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20. Brain Wars – The Best Brain Games for Android

Brain Wars - The Best Brain Games for AndroidThis app develops your concentration and critical thinking. As the name suggests, the app is made critically to ensure the development of your abilities and tactics. This Game includes a multiplayer mode, which lets you battle with players from all around the world. The app has various word problems, logical solving, and mathematical puzzles. You can also challenge your friends, match the scores, and see how you perform.

Brain War is a well-designed, known brain game app that is easy to use and provides excellent content and features. The graphics and sound quality are also excellent. Such apps are essential to improve our tactics while enjoying our leisure time.

Brain War is free to download and can be played online and offline. It has over ten million installs and a very high user rating. It is one of the most recommended apps in the app store. Moreover, it is fun and exciting, which will keep you stunned throughout all the game stages.

Important Features

  • The rules are easy to use.
  • It Enhances your productivity.
  • Well, it is known for its performance.
  • Both online and offline modes are available.
  • You can play this app with your friends.
  • Well optimized and simple to use with excellent content.

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21. Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Games

Math Riddles, and Puzzles Math GamesSolving mathematical equations is a perfect way to pass your leisure time and learn practical skills. Well, this app has the best of both worlds. As much time as you spend with it, you will notice the improvements in your mathematical abilities and enjoy using it. It is an excellent way of challenging yourself and testing your capabilities. This app is suitable for users of all ages.

Mathematics is highly required for every purpose of life. This app helps to improve the very basics of it. It is simple and easy to use, and well-optimized by the best. It is a must-have on your phone. Moreover, the users of this app have been delighted with their downloads of this.

The stages get a little tricky after you solve each of them one by one. It tests your reflection and gives you results on how quickly you can adapt to the difficulty. So what are you waiting for?

Important Features

  • Variety of puzzles and mathematics gameplay involved.
  • It Improves your IQ, creativity, critical thinking, and reflexes.
  • You can play the math app with all.
  • It is one of the best math apps for Android.
  • Very high user ratings and downloaded by people over five million.
  • It brings significant joy in solving maths.

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22. Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze

Labyrinth Puzzles Maze-A-MazeLabyrinth Puzzles Maze-A-MazeLabyrinth Puzzles brings back the best games that used to excite you most during childhood. This app is excellent for the content it involves. We are all very familiar with the maze game as we all played maze runners or puzzle games in childhood.

Labyrinth Puzzles have thirty stages, and the difficulty slightly increases during each stage. Moreover, the apps enhance your skills and reflexes to think faster and more effectively. It is a very casual and fun game. After playing it for a while, you’ll realize how much it improves your abilities. The result will leave you shocked.

Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze is a surprisingly excellent and well-built app. The Game gets challenging in the last stages, so you must solve the puzzles and finish them quickly.

You are using this app for leisure time and making the most of it. It is a free downloadable app on the play store. It is recommended that you can even compare your scores with your friends and see what you can do. Also, the app has a fantastic quality of sound and gameplay to provide you with the best service.

Important Features

  • Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze is Excellent gameplay and is simple to use.
  • It offers fun and challenging stages of the Game.
  • You can play the Game offline.
  • Great graphics and effects.

23. Clockwork Brain Training – Memory & Attention Game

Clockwork Brain Training - Memory & Attention GameClockwork Brain Training game is a top-notch brain game available in the play store, which is well known for brain development and obtaining better skills. It provides you with puzzles with all sorts of difficulty levels. Around seventeen different games are available, and they are worth trying out. The graphics context is excellent, and it is a fun game to play. Worth trying out, and it is free for users of all ages.

Clockwork Brain Training boosts your productivity and clams your mind. Also, it helps you with language proficiency, as it includes ten languages. Clockwork Brain Training is a great app that would benefit you significantly.

Important Features

  • Clockwork Brain Training is an Excellent app to boost brain productivity.
  • Keep a track record and performance.
  • It helps improve many languages.
  • High-rated Game with excellent feedback from users.

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24. Easy Game – Brain Test & Tricky Mind Puzzle

Easy Game - Brain Test & Tricky Mind PuzzleIf you think brain games do not excite you and do not bring you more joy, then you are in the right place. Easy Game is an excellent brain game app that is very simple to use and keeps you hooked on the Game.

This well-built app has solved riddles, sudoku puzzles, and word games. It is not as simple as it looks! You will have to think efficiently and wider to solve the puzzles. The easy Game improves your productivity, creativity, critical thinking, quick response, and logic significantly, and you’ll see the results by yourself after you try out this app.

The Easy Game app helps you improve your limits and capabilities. A straightforward game is a free app. And this is suitable for users of all ages. You can adjust your levels accordingly to your skills and flexibility.

Important Features

  • Many puzzles and challenges are available on this brain game Android.
  • Excellent app context and gives you flexibility.
  • It makes you pay attention to places where you need it the most.
  • Highest ratings and most positive reviews by users.

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25. Super Brain – Funny Puzzle

Super Brain - Funny PuzzleSimplicity is the best. And this brain game app focuses entirely on the simplest things which will grab your attention. There are puzzles, sudoku, and many more challenges all in this app that help you improve your creativity.

Super Brain – Funny Puzzle is a great app, and everyone should try this out, which benefits you in your daily life activities in many ways.

Important Features

  • The super brain is a great app that is full of unexpected puzzles.
  • You can play the brain game free on your smartphone.
  • It keeps you hooked on the Game, and you’ll have a good time passing it.
  • Over one million downloads.

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26. Brain Exercise Games – IQ test

Brain Exercise Games - IQ testThis app is a combination of many brain games that are available right now. Brain Exercise Games is payable by users of all ages but is mainly built and recommended for kids. I would bring them joy and happiness; also, it would improve their brain significantly. Their focus, attention, and logic would improve their productivity.

This app has games such as puzzles, sudoku, math calculations, word problems, and much more. This is one of the best apps. It is worth trying it out.

Important Features

  • Various games are available on the Brain Exercise Games – IQ test.
  • It supports flexibility in adjusting to difficulties.
  • Suitable for everyone, and you can download it for free.

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27. 100 Doors Brain Teasers 1

100 Doors Brain Teasers 1As you can already guess by seeing the Game, you must find clues and solve puzzles to unblock the door to find your way out. It is an exciting, attention-grabbing game that remarkably improves your logic and assessment. ent

Puzzling the puzzles may prove difficult in some aspects, and unlocking the door may not be easy. This will test you thoroughly, but you’ll enjoy it very much, and the app is straightforward. The difficulty levels will increase after the completion of each of the stages. There are different levels into four categories- doors that open to a new path.

Important Features

  • 100 Doors Brain Teasers 1 is effective for Logic improvement
  • It has Astounding graphical content
  • You will get Challenges of various types

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28. Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test

Brain Blow Genius IQ TestThe brain blow is a brain game app full of puzzles and challenges. But this app allows you to draw, erase, and match your task. It is an excellent brain game for kids, and they will spend quality time playing it. Also, it will improve their thinking abilities.

Important Features

  • Brain Blow: Genius IQ Test Improves productivity and creativity.
  • Also, drawing is required to solve puzzles which is beneficial for kids
  • Kids can gain knowledge from this.
  • Free download and can be played anywhere and anytime.

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29. Brain Surfing2- The Best Brain Games for Android

Brain Surfing2- The Best Brain Games for AndroidBrain Surfing2 is a challenging game; the puzzles are unique and fun. This boosts your brain to think faster and more logically. It is highly recommended for kids as they will enjoy playing and learn a lot from it. The results will astonish you, and you can track your records to see if you can improve your performance.

Important Features

  • Brain Surfing2 Test your skills ideally.
  • It is recommended mainly for kids but suitable for all users
  • Various challenges available
  • High-rated app by the users

30. Brain Training – Puzzle Cars 1

Brain Training - Puzzle Cars 1This is an excellent game for all users and brings the best experience to the platform. It will hook you up into playing this. There are various stages of puzzles and car puzzles. And over twenty-two languages are available for the user’s flexibility.
Complete the challenges to achieve rewards and see how well you can perform. This is a must-download app, and it is beneficial to improve logic and strategic initiatives.

Important Features

  • More than hundreds of puzzles are available on Brain Training.
  • Simple gameplay and Easy to use
  • Free download and offline modes are available
  • It takes up very little space and can be played on any phone

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Final Thought

There should be no choice regarding the Best Brain Games for Android because each is unique. When you finish one, then grab the other one. Remember, there is no end to brain development. So if you feel good after using those apps, you can share them with your friends. I will be happy if my hard work can facilitate you. Please don’t forget to comment on your suggestions.

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