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Best 30 Puzzle Games Online Free to Sharp Your Brain Just Now!

Puzzle Games are used to develop the capacity of logical sequence. It gives you benefit in two ways like pleasure and building intrinsic quality. Puzzle Games Online is for instant access without any installation. On the other hand, Puzzle Games Android and iOS allow you to pass your time offline. In research, it was found that up to 25 years the brain of a human fully developed. But, you can develop up to many years if you exercise your brain. Puzzle Games Online/Android/iOS is the supporting tool to assist your capacity building. Moreover, matching puzzle is better than Watch Cartoon Online.

Best 30 Puzzle Games Online/Android/iOS

Puzzle Game is a challenge against yourself. Almost all the ages of people love to pass time productively. To make you more productive we will recommend 30 Puzzle Games Online and Android. It will give you instant pleasure without any cost and hassle. Moreover, the online game has no requirement for installation. With a very slow internet connection, you will have full fun of brain games.

1. 2048 Puzzle Games Online

2048 Puzzle Games OnlineIf you love mathematics and playing a puzzle game then you would recommend you to play puzzle game 2048. You need not require any mathematical app to play this game. This is why it will be funnier. It is an online puzzle game that is a combination of 4X4 square boxes. You will get two values to get the 2048 tile. Use your arrow key to move the tiles. Again two to tiles will be the same number then they will merge into one. it is a very simple online game that requires very slow internet speed. Both you and your kid can play this game.

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2. Crush The Castle

Crush The CastleArmor Games developed this wonderful Crush The Castle game. You need a flash player to play this game. It was first released on 28 April 2009 for the iPhone users but the online user can also play this game. It is a single-player action game that supports PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, and Android operating systems. If you like this game you will get the Crush The Castle 2. It is richer with an advanced map and power-ups.

The story of this game is to kill the inhabitants of the designated castle. They have to use trebuchet, rocks, and bombs. The players are allowed to create and destroy their castle.

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 3. Yellow Puzzle Games Online

yellowIf you are a real math lover Yellow love is the perfect game for you. This crazy puzzle game can be played online, Android and iPhone. In the Online you need to enable your flash to play this awesome puzzle game. There is another option without the flash which is blue. The peculiar sound this game makes like a Halloween. It has several steps which start from 1. The difficulty level is is easier to harder. There is no requirement for installation or high-speed internet. By a single click, you can play this interesting online puzzle game.

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4. 1010! Puzzle Games Online

1010! Puzzle Games OnlineIn the year 2020, we want to introduce an excellent puzzle game for Android and online users. The game is 1010! It’s a game of brain. You will get several exciting challenges to pass your time is smooth. There is no time limitation of this game so you can play this game anywhere anytime whenever you like. In this game, you have to combine the puzzle blocks to build or destroy full lines both horizontally or vertically. From the colorful shape, we have to match the shapes. In the Android 1010 game, you have to install it from Google Play but from the online game, you have to wait for a while to load the game. 10 x 10 tiles required a higher-level brain to play this game. So we can call it it is a game for elder personal.

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5. All that Remains: Part 1 

All that Remains Part 1 All that Remains: Part 1 is an Android Puzzle game that you may like. It is an action type of puzzle game that likes survival. To solve the puzzle you have to collect items, decipher clues and attempt to escape from your father’s lock room. 

All that Remains: Part 1 has many fantastic things to discuss like intriguing story details, fantastic graphics, mind-blowing riddles and, superb voice acting. The awesome music, Easy to pick up and hard to put down is also interesting features. There are several Clues to find and puzzles to solve! It is an autosave game so never a chance to lose the progress game.

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6. Amanita Design

Amanita DesignAmanita Design is the maker of adventure and Android puzzle game. It has three popular adventure games which are Machinarium Demo, Botanicula and Samorost 3 Demo. it was established in 2003 to apply hand-crafted appeal and audiovisual experience. Besides the adventure game, they have many side projects.

Machinarium is the award-winning adventure game that may give you more pleasure. Samorost 3 Demo is a Guide to the space gnome through the entire first planet. Botanicula was the game of the year. As a puzzle gamer, you can play any of the adventurous games for passing the time.

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7. Blek Puzzle Games Online

Blek Puzzle Games OnlineBlek is another interesting Android puzzle game that looks like modern art and plays a game. Which is the perfect touch screenplay game that you can enjoy much? The puzzle of Blek is unique. this game will express your personality and imagination. You will see your drawing is moving like magic. To build the imagination power of your kids if you suggest this game as one of the best baby games.

When you will try to play this game you’ll feel the imagination. You have to connect the circle by your fingering. It is a truly entertaining experiment that has 80 amazing levels. It is clever gameplay to have enough fun.

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8. Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza Word Puzzle is another interesting puzzle game that can be played online, Android and iPhone. It is a new type of crossword. Based on the current events you will get a free daily puzzle. The style of this game is awesome. The fascinating sound will make your mind happy.

Bonza Word Puzzle Android is a game of editors’ choice. According to New York times, it is instantly addictive. If you want to challenge your friend you can make your style puzzle. That will express your personality, knowledge and caring to your friend.

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9. Bookworm Adventure

Bookworm AdventureIf you like any word-forming puzzle video game then Bookworm Adventure can be your best option. You have to create a word from a set of letters. It is a role-playing video game. Bookworm Adventure received various awards like an ok downloadable game of the year 2007.

Generally, the Bookworm Adventure puzzle game is a single-player game on the Windows platform. It was composed by Staffan Melon, designed by Jason Kapalka and developed by PopCap Games. You can refer to this video game to your friends and family to enrich their mental strength.

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10. Brain It On

Brain It OnIf you want to get any deceptively challenging puzzle online game for you then Brain It On can be the best choice for you. Play this game on an Android phone or iPhone. It is a high-level creative game that will help you decide on a time. As a part of the game, you have to draw some shape and pass the balls. The timing is most important here that will make you more punctual.

Brain It On is it game of editors’ choice on Google Play store. You can compare yourself with your friends by playing this game. It is a sequential game that can be unlocked one after another. Moreover, you can share your unique solutions to express yourself that you are perfect.

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11. Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor PortalIf you want to be an engineer or you like to play engineering simulation games you can follow the Bridge Constructor Portal. It is a series of bridge construction that takes part in aperture laboratories. It is the high-level costly game but available to all types of devices like iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox streams. Now we only receive the PlayStation 5 Specs but you did not get the full game list. So we are hopeful to get this Bridge Constructor Portal also in PlayStation 5.

In the Google Play store Bridge, Constructor Portal is the game of editors’ choice. Which is the classical portal and bridge construction game? As a new employee of aperture science, you have to construct a breeze by adding ramps, slides and other construction materials. Bridge Constructor Portal puzzle game I will give you a higher level of satisfaction and enjoyment. But you have to pay for this online puzzle game.

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12. Bubble Spinner

Bubble SpinnerThere is a saying that spinner reduces your tension. I want to share my personal experience on that matter. When I started playing this Bubble Spinner online puzzle game I just forgot everything of my mind include in happiness and sorrow. specially I want to express that thanks to the game developer company for the fascinating sound effect.

Bubble Spinner is one of the most efficient puzzle games online to make you feel comfortable. The game is moving like a spinner. Like the shooting game, it shoots a bubble or ball. With the velocity of the bubble the circle of accumulated bubbles moves like a spinner. If three similar bubbles accumulated together then it busts and makes some points.

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13. Bust a Move

Bust a MoveBust a Move is a very popular but or online puzzle game. It was played mostly on PS2 and PS3 gaming console. And nowadays it’s very difficult to find this puzzle game online. Outside America and Europe, it is also known as puzzle bobble video games.

Bust a Move is still alive in the online world. You need to have a flash-enabled computer to play this video game. It was a fun retro style shooter arcade game created by Taito in 1994. You can play it as a single-player and multiplayer game.

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14. Calculator-The Game

Calculator-The GameIn a previous life, we have used calculators for calculation. Keeping in mind that inspiration I already wrote the best scientific calculator app for the mathematics lover. But have you ever thought that a calculator can be a gaming console? Calculator-The The Game is a wonderful numerical game to develop the strength of mathematical power for you and your kid.

The beginning level of Calculator-The The Game is very easy but when you approach the upper level then it will be tough for you. Based on the problem given yah to design in your mind permutation and combination. Will be provided a goal and are allowed to press the button for a limited time. You have to fulfill your goal by providing a limited button. If the answer is ok you will go for the next round.

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15. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Puzzle Games OnlineThere is hardly any person who is are not annoyed with the notification of Candy Crush Saga. But this game is important and interesting. There is nobody who doesn’t know the name of Candy Crush Saga. It was started its journey in the year 2012. Since then it is treated and is largely fake in the mind of an online gamer.

Candy Crush Saga is an online puzzle game to pass the time. but you can play it on your Windows computer, Android phone, and iPhone. The game is free of cost but it shows some advertisement as their part of income. The rating of Candy Crush Saga is very high in both Google Play and the iPhone store. The main limitation is the biggest size of this game. It takes a larger memory compared to another game.

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16. Causality Puzzle Games Online

Causality Puzzle Games OnlineCausality is another interesting online puzzle game that made you like. You have to activate your flash before playing this game. When you allow your flash casualty will automatically appear.

Could help of your cursor and keyboard arrow keys you can control this casualty game. The name says that it should be violence but it is a mind-blowing creative puzzle game that can be played online without installation or registration.

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17. Cube Mayhem

Cube Mayhem Puzzle Games OnlineCube Mayhem is another online puzzle game with an average rating. It is a game of the brain. In our previous article of Best Google Hidden Games, we have described rubies cubic. It is not like that but your shape is similar. The cube rolls on a walkthrough. You have to reach your destination. Cube Mayhem is a sequential game you have to play on after another after successful completion of his level.

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18. Cubway Puzzle Games Online

Cubway Puzzle Games OnlineCubway is another interesting online puzzle game that also offered to play on your smartphone. It makes you more creative and calculated. You have to understand the velocity and the ways of the Cub. Similar to all other online puzzle game it has a different level based on your performance. after the successful completion of the East level, you are allowed to go through the next level. However, the time is the sky limit so don’t be hurry to grab this just now. This game also requires a flash enabled computer for perfect satisfaction.

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19. Dissembler

Dissembler Puzzle Games OnlineDissembler perfect online puzzle game based on your personality. You will get enough this game. It received various awards several times. It is a beautifully designed and presented minimalist puzzle game that allows you to undo any number of moves without any penalty. So there is no fear of losing this game. Just have fun with Dissembler online games to become puzzled.

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 20. Dodo Pop 

Dodo Pop is a physics-based puzzle game that has different color gumballs. It is a combination of several colors and the goal is to correlate the games match-three mechanic. The gumballs are raining from the sky in different colors. You have to match the color to feed to Crash. I can play this game with your Android phone, computer and online.

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21. Dots Puzzle Games Online

In my childhood, I was fond of the dot puzzle game. It was the manual game but you can play online. This online puzzle game use gets various levels based on your performance. After the successful completion of each dot, you will get a new set of a dot. Each time you will get a new set of the problem which is difficult more than previous.

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22. Fishdom

FishdomFishdom is an exciting puzzle game which supports mobile, PC and Mac Operating system. In the year 2008, it was first introduced by Playrix. You can play this awesome game with any of the Android browsers or desktop browsers. This game company developed and released various games at different times. If you like fishing you can play this extraordinary single-player social puzzle game.

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23. Frozen Free Fall 

For the puzzle game lover, Frozen Free Fall game is another extraordinary and mind-blowing game. It is a mixture of epic puzzle adventure. the character of this game is your favorite like Anna Elsa and Olaf. The size of this game is much higher but you can play it on your Android iOS and Windows devices.

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24. GO Virus

GO Virus Puzzle Games OnlineAfter that take-off coronavirus, each of us is well aware of virus infection. But the game is popular many years before. You have to allow your flash once again to play this game. Go virus online puzzle game is divided into three categories which are easy-moderate and hard. The easy game has three-level, moderate has seven level and hard has 5 levels. you cannot go to a high level before the successful completion of the previous level.

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25. Hocus Puzzle Games Online

Hocus is the Android puzzle video game that can be played online. This game is based on story mode and you will learn a nice story this game. You are happy with the characters of this game. You can pass hours of entertainment without any disturbance. So have fun with this iOS/ Android puzzle game.

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26. Huebrix

Huebrix Puzzle Games OnlineHuebrix is another online puzzle game that can give you additional pleasure. Like the other game, you have to enable your flash for playing Huebrix games. It is the product of Yellow Monkey Studios based in Denmark. The parent company has two projects which are HUEBRIX, Socioball. You can play Huebrix games on your iPhone besides online. The game has 400 levels and challenges at the same time.

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27. Interlocked Puzzle Games Online

Interlocked Puzzle Games OnlineIf you are truly puzzle head then Interlocked game is really for you. It is a game of wooden block puzzle that is made masterfully. Each of the levels you have to separate the wooden made blocks. The beginning steps are so simple and interesting that will get fascination to finish up to the last level. It is a 3D printing puzzle game that has five challenging chapters. To challenge yourself you must play this game. but you should have a flash-enabled computer to play this game.

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28. Jewel Star

Jewel Star is our traditional match for their puzzle game. Match there means you have to accumulate the same types of three jewel to make them disappear and gain the point. It is an Android puzzle game that can be collected from online. If you are a Microsoft user you can enjoy this game from the Microsoft app store. Jewel Star has more than 350 levels and different challenges that satisfy your mind.

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29. Jewelanche Puzzle Games Online

If you are creative in mind you may like the Jewelanche online puzzle game. Before you start you have to enable your flash. The color combination of this game is awesome. It seems like the color of the rainbow. The game is sponsored by various advertisement company so it will annoy you too much. But if you play this puzzle game your mind will be happy and cheerful. The problem is that it takes a bigger time to load.

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30. Kerflux

Kerflux is a game of Web puzzle. It is completely original and never before seen such a combination. The slides will waves until they match. The awesome music tone of this game is the key to your puzzle solution. You can play this game on your Android phone, iPhone and online. 

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Which Online Puzzle Game is Best?

You are the ultimate player in the game. Moreover, it is not a product that we should recommend. The best games based on your personality. So we can not tell or recommend you to one. This is the duty of you after playing you will tell the best one. I have tried to express my thought inside each briefing. 

Final Thought

As a game lover, you should have some stock of Puzzle games online. So, you can bookmark this webpage. Whenever you need you may browse and select your favorite one. You may find many of your favorite online puzzle game is missing from the list. If so, please inform us by comment and we should include your suggested one. If you love this big list of online games please share it with your friends and we will be grateful. 

I am also a freelance blogger and real worm of Apps. I love to experiments various apps and games on my android and iOS platform. So here I want to share my cumulative experience and findings regarding various types of apps and games. I am optimistic that this apps review will help the online reader to find the best apps and games for the particular OS.

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