17 Best Equalizer Software for Windows 10: No 7 Must Try

You will find nobody who does not love music or gaming. Equalizer Software for Windows 10 is for those who need more perfection on the quality of sound during live streaming, watching movies, and listening to music. It will help to adjust the loudness, quality, and performance of your sound. You need not be a sound engineer or computer expert to use the Equalizer for pc. If you try any of the windows equalizers, your sound experience will be better than previously. In our today’s article, we will discuss the best 17 Equalizer for Windows 10, where no is a must.

Best Equalizer Software for Windows 10

We have tried to provide some best software names for better sound quality. But, many of us don’t know that Windows 10 has a default Equalizer, which is better than many other graphic equalizer studios. So, we keep it as our best choice and tell that no 7 must-try. 

1. Realtek HD Audio Manager

Realtek HD Audio Manager is one of the best Audio enhancer software to provide you the perfect sound. It allows you different options to change the settings stereo mix, speaker, and microphone. In this windows equalizer, you will get two types of sound effect options and ten band equalization settings. Realtek HD Audio Manager is very easy to customize.

Realtek HD Audio ManagerRealtek HD Audio Manager is an open-source graphic equalizer that has preset values like Rock, Live, Club, Pop, Jazz, and Karaoke. The environment category of this digital audio equalizer has preset values like the forest, sewer pipe, underwater, and living room. The band of this Audio enhancer ranges from 31dB to 16l dB.

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2. Breakaway Audio Enhancer

The breakaway audio enhancer is a multi-band audio processing tool. The name of this Equalizer Software for Windows 10 tells the features of it. It can automatically adjust your tone very well. It allows easy audio editing without changing the audio format and improves real-time audio quality.

Breakaway Audio EnhancerBreakaway audio enhancers fix the amplitude of both audio from the computer memory and browser during plays. If you are multi-tusker, then this digital audio Equalizer is suitable for you to listen to background music. It will give you professional experience like a professional studio. This software helps to boost and control your audio quality and adjust the tone of your music.

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3. Bongiovi DPS Equalizer Software for Windows

Bongiovi DPS is a paid audio Equalizer Software for Windows 10 that offers a lot of features. It scans audio signals in real-time to adjust in real-time. You can work online with this audio enhancing software. It can adjust automatically based on intelligence. Bongiovi DPS is suitable for commercial use because of its nature.

Bongiovi DPS Equalizer Software for WindowsBongiovi DPS adapts the incoming signal automatically. It supports different format sounds with a very stable volume level. Within the noise, your existing sound will become more audible with this music player for pc with Equalizer. Some other facilities of this audio equalizer windows 10 are Bass and Treble, DPS HEAR, Content Selection, and output selection.

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4. SoundPimp Audio Enhancer

SoundPimp Audio Enhancer is another best Equalizer Software for Windows 10 to have fun with sound. If you are a music and movie lover then it will work as state-of-the-art sound enhancement software. This paid software is also capable of offering 3D sound quality. The limitation is it can be used for the only loudspeaker, no opportunity for headphones.

SoundPimp Audio EnhancerSoundPimp Audio Enhancer cancels crosstalk for all types of computer/laptop sound. You can start audio streaming with this software. As a music lover, you may have the collection of this software.

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5. Boom 3D Equalizer Software for Windows

Boom 3D was for the Mac Os and iOS but after the greater success and user response, it makes available for the Windows users. It will offer you high-quality sound with a realistic experience. This software has more than 40 million users around the globe. It helps truly music lovers in different ways.

Boom 3D Equalizer Software for WindowsBoom 3D allows creating a 3D sound that contains filters, bass adjustment and many more. It is for those users who want to increase the performance of sound at their home using PC and laptops. Moreover, Boom 3D is more straightforward than any other Equalizer Software.

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6. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Fidelizer audio enhancer is another tool to optimize your sound quality and gain a new experience of sound engineering. It is compatible with all the available software in the market including online platforms like YouTube and other Movie watching sites. It is the best digital audio improvement for everyone.

Fidelizer Audio EnhancerFidelizer audio enhancers improve the audio performance with more priority to increase the accuracy of clock resolution. To minimize any possible interference it isolates non-audio processes. Your optimization of the sound effect lasts up to restart the computer. So it helps you with Unleashing Core Audio, Controlling processes, and Managing services.

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7. Windows 10 Built-in Sound Equalizer

Many of you think that the installation of any Equalizer Software is a big hassle. Moreover, some equalizers for PCs take money per year as subscription fees. If you know to optimize the Windows 10 Built-in Sound Equalizer then it would be a great option for you.

How to Optimize Default Windows 10 Equalizer?

With a few clicks, you can change the setting and optimize Windows 10 default Equalizer. Now I am Showing the steps of doing that

How to Optimize Default Windows 10 EqualizerStep 1: At the right down of your computer ( Task Bar) you will get a Sound Icon. Right-click on the icon and select “Open Sound Setting.” You will get a new setting Window.

Step 2: If you maximize the window, you will get the “Sound Control Panel” on the right side of the window. Select the panel.

Open Sound Setting

Step 3: In the pop-up window you will get the connected device list to manage. Select your desired speaker and go for properties.

configure your sound

Step 4: In the properties option you will get a lot of opportunities to manage and optimize the quality of your sound. Now, you have to configure your sound like Equalizer Software. If there is any wrong you can restore the setting easily.

Step 5: Select Apply, OK to save your setting and enjoy a new experience.

8. Viper4Windows

Viper4Windows is another best open-source Equalizer Software for Windows 10 that offers many extraordinary features. It has many preloaded effects to filter your sound. For the low-end sound, this application provides a customizable extra boost. In the setting, you can control the audio attenuation, cool down, density, and bandwidth. The room size for recording is not a matter for this software.

Viper4WindowsViper4Windows allows you to customize the effect with 18 bands like Jazz Music, Rock Music, Super Bass, and many more. It also offers different modes to listen to music on headphones and home speakers. Based on your requirements like movies, music or mash-up it can provide different sound settings. 

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9. AudioRetoucher 3

If you want to process and retouch your audio files you can use the AudioRetoucher 3 audio software. Once again, if you have very low knowledge of sound engineering and computer then you can choose the awesome Equalizer Software for Windows 10. It offers several sound parameters like speed, tempo, and bass. It also provides high-level frequency amplification.

AudioRetoucher 3 Best Equalizer Software for Windows 10AudioRetoucher 3 is straightforward to use because of its mind-blowing interface. You can control music players with this software. Moreover, you will also get a scroll bar, volume control, visualization and buttons to save and download audio files.

10. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is an open-source graphic equalizer for the better perfection of your sound. This Equalizer for pc is free to download and has awesome features to control the voice quality. It is very lightweight so that there is no pressure on memory and processor. You will get a ton of audio settings with this graphic equalizer studio.

Equalizer APO Best Equalizer Software for Windows 10Equalizer APO is famous for 3D sound editing. Some other features include multi-channel usage, lower CPU usage, and extraordinary user feasibility. To enhance the quality of output you will get endless filter options. This Equalizer Software for Windows 10 supports the VST plugin for working with a long list of channels with Minimum CPU consumption.

11. Realtime Equalizer

You may choose the RealTime Equalizer for its best quality sound. It is a great tool that allows the users to adjust the sound frequency in real-time. To customize the audio streaming it offers more than 300 channels in real-time. You can use Realtime Equalizer in two ways such as independent installation and with Winamp plugin.

Realtime EqualizerRealtime Equalizer is perfect to equalize different types of music formats like WAV, MP3 and more. The user interface of this windows sound Equalizer is user friendly and attractive. This powerful tool supports amplification. The amplification levels from -INF to +90 dB and form INF to +20 dB. Finally, it allows you to create different audio music scenarios without any pain.

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12. FXSound Equalizer Software for Windows

FXSound is one of the best Equalizer Software for Windows 10 to control the sound quality of your laptop and desktop computer. You will get a lot of sound types like dynamic gain boosting, 3D Surround, higher fidelity, booming bass with this software. It will provide you with studio-quality sound at your home speaker and headphone.

FXSound Equalizer Software for WindowsFXSound offers an awesome studio-quality gear to listen to the sound effect. You will get high-resolution sound at the output at different music genres. With its Spectrum feature, you will get louder audio without distortion. You can modify different parameters such as ambiance, bass, and fidelity. Moreover, the FXSound is good for video streaming with a good quality sound.

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13. Bass Treble Booster

Bass Treble Booster is another interesting equalizer to download. The bass booster pc is free and lightweight. This windows 10 sound equalizer has the capability of lossless audio conversion to any audio format. It can cut and boost the energy of frequency bands.

Bass Treble BoosterBass Treble Booster is compatible with formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, and M4A. The healing power of this audio equalizer windows 10 within the range of 30 to 19 kHz. The user interface of this Equalizer Software is awesome without any experience of previous sound engineering. You can change the setting with a couple of clicks. The option of reverting to the original is also easy.

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14. Equalizer Pro

Equalizer Pro is another interesting software to manage your sound quality. Like other Equalizer Software for Windows 10, it also supports 10-band equalization. You will get your desired sound quality with this great sound application. 

Equalizer Pro offers more sound quality and pitch that will provide you higher level satisfaction. It allows you to toggle the bands, move them up and down to make the perfect sound effect. It has more than 20 presets specialty and widespread listening modes. Without much pain, you can adjust low tones and improve the overall audio output. Equalizer Pro is user friendly and allows you to program at your own style.

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15. Voicemeeter Banana Equalizer Software for Windows

Voicemeeter Banana is the safe choice for those who like to get advanced level sound quality and use Soundboard Software. It provides you freedom of full edit, adds special effect and opportunity of good sound quality during streaming. It is one of the best states-of-the-art volume mixer applications to control the quality of sound. The voice editing feature of this Equalizer Software removes any vocal distortions and provides you crisp and clear audio.

Voicemeeter Banana Equalizer Software for WindowsVoicemeeter Banana allows you to access the multi-channel EQ for driving Stereo P.A. systems. It is equipped with a built-in Tape Deck that will allow you to manage different types of audio files like WAV, MP3 + MP4, M4A, AIFF, and BWF. You can slow down your speech rate or increase as per your choice.

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16. EQ – Audio Equalizer

EQ – Audio Equalizer is one of the best browser-based Equalizer Software, which is known as Classic audio Equalizer. When your speaker is not enough then it can enhance and adjust your sound volume and quality. EQ – Audio Equalizer is simple but very powerful for the Chrome browser. If you want to listen to any sound from websites like Watch Cartoon online or movies then it will provide you an extra dividend. It is more flexible than your imagination to manage your audio quality.

EQ - Audio EqualizerEQ – Audio Equalizer is an updated audio extension of Google chrome. The size of this extension is only 1.16 MB. To have the brilliant sound quality this extension based home audio equalizers will provide you perfect satisfaction.

17. Audio Equalizer

Audio Equalizer is another wonderful Chrome Extension sound tool. It will make your sound better. If you do not use any music player for pc with Equalizer, then you can use the extension based Audio Equalizer. You can use it for listening to music online and playing Cloud Games.

Audio EqualizerAudio Equalizer is the Equalizer for 10 bands. You can control the audio and increase the sound quality with this chrome extension. The productivity extension supports more than 17 languages and updates regularly. The size of this audio extension is only 195 KB. You can use the Audio Equalizer for your better pleasure.

Final Thought

Before writing this article I was also a new baby in the arena of sound engineering. You have many things to do with the windows sound Equalizer. If you want to listen to music, watch movies, and go for live streaming, the requirement of a good Equalizer Software is a must. So, I endeavored to find out some Best Equalizer Software for Windows 10. If you like this article, share it, and if you dislike it, then comment below why you dislike it.

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