Soundboard Software Free for Windows: Best 10 Collections

Soundboard Software is popular in the music industry and usable in gaming. You can utilize this software for any live show, TV show, FM channel, or video call like Skype, IMO, etc. Nowadays, online gaming players use this software to record gaming videos like PUBG, DOTA, etc. It is highly customizable, and you can use the pre-recorded audio and the different music of the soundboard. You can use it to facilitate humor, highlight some celebrities, and composition of quotes. Many online gamers use it instead of MP3 to MIDI software.

Best 10 Soundboard Software for Windows

Soundboard Software for Windows is mainly required for magicians, but nowadays, we find various types of people are using it—for example, You, Tubers, and online gamers. You need not be a music expert for this soundboard program. Your computer literacy is enough to have fun with this Soundboard Software for Windows, Mac, and Android.

1. Desktop Soundboard Builder

Desktop Soundboard BuilderMaking customize sound is very easy with Desktop Soundboard Builder. The size of this software is only 2.5 MB. But it allows you to create an unlimited playlist. Its library is enormous and accessible so that you can add many tracks. There is the opportunity to add mp3 from a local disk. The input is the drag-and-drop method, so it is painless.

Desktop Soundboard Builder offers a user-friendly dashboard. Here you can add, edit and delete your playlist. If you want to add audio clips, you can use an MP3 cutter and editor. It allows you to browse various categories like animals, Nature, Celebrities, Comedians, Games, History, Holidays, and Media.

2. Jingle Palette Soundboard Software

Jingle Palette Soundboard SoftwareThe Jingle Palette is an excellent software for radio broadcast studios, but you can use this Soundboard Software for any other purpose. It is straightforward to use and free of cost. It can stream or play files like MPA, OGG, MP3, MP2, MP1, and WAV audio files. Playing any music on air allows us to manage with a simple finger touch. Moreover, it offers an unlimited number of music files.

Jingle Palette offers a Touch-Screen compatible graphical interface. You will have the options of Manual and Automixing, Touch Play functions, etc. The time announce function is also interesting, like scheduling time, hour, day, month, and year. The time remaining and warning also makes it perfect.

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3. Death Counter and Soundboard

Death Counter and SoundboardWe want to introduce another exciting and multifunctional Soundboard Software for Windows, “Death Counter and Soundboard.”It is extraordinary for gamers because it is highly customizable and integrated with games. This open-source tool is free of cost and provides many tools to work on music. Moreover, it allows you to work with a single hotkey.

The file size of the Death Counter and Soundboard is tiny. It supports all versions of Windows. The repository of this Soundboard Software is GitHub. However, it is famous for assigning the facility of hotkeys.

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4. Resanance Soundboard Software

Resanance Soundboard SoftwareResanance is one of the best Soundboard Software for Windows that can be used for your purpose. Playing any music quickly also allows you to set many hotkeys. It is free software, so you can use it to disturb your friend, pump some dark tune, and any of your needs. More than 25000 people use it for their music, skype chat, discord, and Teamspeak. The Amazon Affiliate program sponsors this software.

The features of Resanance are fantastic. You can set various hotkeys and buttons. It allows you to play multiple devices simultaneously. You can play .mp3 .wav .flac .ogg files without any problems. Moreover, you can use it for games.

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5. EXP Soundboard

EXP SoundboardYou can use the EXP Soundboard if you need soundboard software to support MP3 and WAV; your sound can be played with a speaker and a virtual audio cable. It also allows your microphone to adjust mic injectors. You can use this freeware to do an excellent mashup with the different audio files.

The requirement for EXP Soundboard software is shallow. It supports any version of the Windows operating system. There is a requirement to install a Java JRE runtime environment. The customization of this software is effortless. You can choose multiple files from the Add File button. The added file can be played in the “Play Button.” EXP Soundboard is very cool, so I think you can use this software.

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6. Mixere Soundboard Software

Mixere Soundboard SoftwareMixere is one of the best Soundboard Software for Windows that is free of cost. With this software, you can add various files to mix a new test mashup for your DJ party. For your advanced customization, it offers lots of tools and options. You must be a bit expert to use this Soundbox program because the user interface is complicated. But, once you are habituated, you can smoothly use this excellent music tool.

Mixere supports Ogg Vorbis, Flac, WAV, AIFF, MP3, and Mod audio files. This software program is highly optimized for live performance and on an air show. You can imagine it as a rack of a CD player and CD burner software with a fine mix. This software is licensed under GPL, and the audio library is under Audiere.

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7. Soundboard

SoundboardIf you think of using simple music software like you, then the “Soundboard” is for you. Like the other Soundboard Software for Windows, it is a freeware and easily customizable program. The simple and user-friendly interface is straightforward to understand. It has 16 sections where you can add different audio files. In the free version, you can add only WAV files. It also offers the drag-and-drop option to play the music.

Soundboard offers many options for users like Taskbar, Change button font size, Change Opacity, Minimize to System Tray, and Clear Sound before profile load. You can use it as a media player, like playing a single clip or making it loop. It also offers to control volume perfectly.

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8. Silica Interactive SoundBoard

Silica Interactive SoundBoardIf you want to build an essential soundboard, you can use the Silica Interactive SoundBoard software. This standalone program has the most straightforward interface to manage by an individual. With the Add Button, you can assign music, but you can only add WAV format.

After you right-click, it will offer various options like Selecting a new text, Show Index, Selecting a new Song, Deleting this button, etc. It is licensed under GNU General Public License with a Classpath exception. You can use this essential Soundboard Software for Windows if you are a beginner.

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9. Soundboard: powered by Flash Player

Soundboard powered by Flash PlayerSoundboard is another exciting software that Flash Player powers. It is a high-level software that requires higher-level expertise. The interface offers only 4 buttons, so it is challenging to manage everything. You can add a maximum of 36 audio files to the interface. Each audio is based on the number. So, you can play the music by pressing the assigned number.

You can play multiple audios by pressing several numbers. There are options to select the loop button for continuous music. The master volume slider allows you to control your volume. Finally, it can be an option if you need more than one Soundboard Software for Windows.

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10. Sensory Sound Board

Sensory Sound BoardSensory Sound Board is a free application software to play different music. You can use it to make pranks for the Halloween file. It is user-friendly and highly customizable. The interactive interface represents various categories like Storm Soundboard, Two Button Verse, Laugh Button, Howl Button, Ordered Verse, Unordered Verse, etc. You can change the icon picture based on your choice.

You can change some settings of the Sensory SoundBoard, like Switch Control Options, Dwell Selection Options, Graphics and Display Options, and Sound Playback Options. You can use Single sound Playback, NO sound Effects, and Echo Voice Effects in the sound effect. However, you can use this freeware if you like those mind-blowing options.

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Final Thought

Professional music lovers have various collections of paid Soundboard Software. But, as a novice or for personal use, you may use any of that software to entertain others. In the recent YouTube Video/ Movie Making trend, this type of software has become more popular. The FM radio channels and DJ musicians are already experts in using Soundboard Program. 

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