MiniTool Movie Maker to Make Better Videos with What You Have

Most of us need to make any video content for our class, presentation or YouTube submission. But, we all are not professional. MiniTool Movie Maker is a great tool to make your video more than your expectations. It is such a wonderful, simple and free video editing software to create cool movies. Within a minute you can create a video with this powerful movie-making tool. In today’s article, we will discuss simple ways to use this movie creation software.

Why Use MiniTool Movie Maker

MiniTool MovieMaker to Help Make Better VideosThe MiniTool Company providing MiniTool Movie Maker in a somewhat advanced but completely free version really hit the jackpot at this time. This is not just a video editor, but a powerful tool with fascinating possibilities – and with each subsequent version it is expanded with new interesting functions. It is worth mentioning that MiniTool Movie Maker is a very advanced, yet easy to use the program, with which we edit videos, create slide shows and multimedia presentations for the needs of video sites. You also can use MiniTool as Data Recovery Software.

Note - the program has its own requirements, so on weaker computer it may not work satisfactorily.

Supported OS
Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
Intel i5 or better, 2GHz+. (Intel 6th Gen or newer recommended).
10GB free hard-disk space (SSD recommended).
Its characteristic feature is a rather non-standard interface. After a short study, however, you can easily learn the basics of service and discover that it is a powerful tool for advanced video editing.

MiniTool Movie Maker

MiniTool Movie Maker freeCharacterized by high advancement and a large number of options, MiniTool Movie Maker supports video editing and presentations with various effects. Noteworthy is the rich collection of add-ons and the mentioned effects, thanks to which the created videos are attractive and interesting for the viewer. To create the material, we can also use various graphic and sound files, separate video clips, our own animations, etc.

Working system of Video Editing

How to Record Videos?

Light and good shots

You have to pay attention to whether you are recording in a good light. If you do or want to start making videos outdoors, try to avoid the midday light. It is sharp, not very attractive and in general, there are huge contrast differences between illuminated elements and those in the shade.

Alternatively, contrary to what you might think, cloudy days are also not so bad, when the light is soft, very diffused by clouds and shadows are not so strongly scratched. Of course, it’s cool if you don’t care about the sun, nice clouds or blue skies, and more on some details – filming architecture, some plant elements or other things during which you don’t have to point the lens at the sky.

Similarly, when filming yourself, light is important. If you plan to log in – make sure you have good lighting. Speaking of details – as in the outdoors – avoid contrasting scenes. If you have a window on one side, your other side will be very dark – it’s worth thinking about lighting a lamp to light it up a bit. Similarly, if you are recording outdoors – if you have to do it in the midday sun also avoid open spaces. It is good to hide in the shade, under a tree or behind a building, thanks to which your face will not have strong shadows, and the light will evenly illuminate your face.

The program allows for precise synchronization of various types of materials on an infinite number of paths, which will certainly appeal to advanced and demanding users. When creating, we have high-quality dynamic subtitles that can be matched to the content, which will definitely be useful for YouTube videos. The visual effects library contains over 100 templates, so everyone should find something suitable for their individual preferences. What’s more, most effects can be combined, modified and set as you like.

An Interesting Option

An interesting option is certainly the ability to mask effects, so they will appear only on selected parts of the image at our discretion. What’s more, to attract the attention of viewers, you can use the option of designing camera movements too, for example, focus the viewer’s eyes on a particular detail of the frame, face, etc. We can also use a grid system, which helps in accurately dragging and aligning the visual effects in the frame. Smooth zooming allows you to look at the details, and the paths of movement of objects or camera can be created by convenient dragging with the mouse.

Although novice users may feel lost in the number of options, just a few hours of training is enough for the final results to be impressive.

Inspire and learn from better

Alone, without the knowledge of other people and the fact that they want to share it, I would not learn to make videos or edit. Watch a lot of materials in the thematic area and style that you like, inspire yourself and exercise as much as possible! Record, edit, try new things, shots, film techniques, transitions, etc. There is a lot of material on the web regarding movie editing, editing, whatever you want. Paid courses and even more free tutorials.

More Thought

Music and editing of MiNiToolMusic is your friend and it is to help you and not disturb you. In other words – mount it under the music. If someone would ask me what annoys me most in editing, it’s definitely the choice of music. I’m quite picky about it and it’s hard for me to find something that suits my taste. I spend time on choosing music for my videos and after a few days of searching. Hundreds of songs listened to, I don’t like any of them, and with each listen I get the impression that they all sound the same. But when I choose and I know THIS IS THIS, assembly is a pleasure. Moreover, we also recommend MiniTool as one of the best photo recovery software.

Less means more

In movie and film productions, where you only have music, pictures, and editing, remembering that often less is more. It is better to make a video lasting 2 minutes and leaving unsatisfied than a video lasting 10 minutes, which hardly anyone will see until the end. Moreover, you can use it as MP3 to MIDI converter.

Final Words

To enhance the effect, you can also play with a few plans. Even minimal movement will be clearly visible and will add a lot of charm. The thing is that when you choose a frame, some nice view, look for something that will be suitable in the foreground. Some leaves, a branch, a sign, a fence, or put a man there, anything from behind which you will be able to slide out, or on which you will invade, focus your attention.

Without additional equipment and additional financial outlays. As with what you have to do better, prettier and more professional video, MiniTool Movie Maker will absolutely do you a big favor.

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