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YouTube is one of the best video content sharing platforms. But, some users want to upload the private video to YouTube for many reasons. The causes may be personal, secret family video, official video, honeymoon video, and many other causes. We gat the query often that, how to upload a private video on YouTube. Someone also wants to make a YouTube video private after uploading. There is no hurry in publishing YouTube videos frequently rather making it a qualitative one. So, in our today’s article, we will discuss how to upload an unlisted video on YouTube. We will also suggest you some tips and tricks during YouTube Private Upload.

What is the Difference Between Private, Public and Unlisted?

During your uploading video to YouTube, you will find three major options which are Public, Private and Unlisted. It will be more helpful to Upload Private Video to YouTube. Upload Public Video to YouTube means all of your videos are open and watchable to all over the world. The search engine will crawl your YouTube page and it will be available to others. If you make it Unlisted it will also be public but the search engine will not find it. Based on your link share on social media and email your friends will have the video content. When you make it private then there is nobody to get your video. It is now just a video and photo backup service. But, you also can share it with your friends. Only they can see private videos. In our study, we will focus on Upload Private Video on YouTube.

Upload Private Video to YouTube

So of us need privacy to share YouTube video with only limited persons or with none. It is very well possible when you upload the video. Even after upload when it is public you can make it private. The purpose of private, Scheduled and unlisted is also different. Today we will learn different techniques to Upload Private Video to YouTube, make it scheduled and unlisted.

Important Notes Before Action

  • When you are going to publish your YouTube video you can make it private at that time.
  • When it is available for the public you can also make it private.
  • When it is private nobody can see, like comment and share it.
  • If you share your private video with anyone he/she can use it.
  • You can make YouTube videos private/public with your Computer or Mobile App.
  • When you upload any video it becomes public by default.

How to Upload Private Video to YouTube

You can upload private videos from any web browser, Android browser or Mobile App. During upload or after upload anytime you can change the settings. We will discuss in detail each part of the uploading private video.

How to Upload Private Video to YouTube in a Web Browser

YouTube has provided you enormous facility on uploading videos. Making it private or public is your right. Moreover, YouTube offers unlimited support to store private and public video at free of cost. The ways to Upload Private Video to YouTube are as follow:

Make a YouTube video private in a web browser During Upload

To upload a video on YouTube whether it is private or public you have to visit the YouTube Website. You must have a Gmail account to log in on YouTube. Then you have to follow the following tips:
How to Upload Private Video to YouTube1. At the right top of the YouTube click on your profile image and select your YouTube channel.
2. If you have only one channel you can directly select the upload button.
When you are on your channel select the upload button.3. When you are on your channel select the upload button.
Upload Private Video to YouTube4. A new upload interface will appear. You can drag and drop your desired file or click on the select file.
5. After selecting the desired file you have to provide the title, description, tag, and other relevant things.
Select Private Video option to YouTube6. During upload at the visibility tab, you can select Save or Publish in Public, Unlisted and Private. Finally, save your work.

Make an Existing YouTube video private in a web browser

There may have an existing YouTube video that you want to make private. It is easier than earlier. If you make your public video into private then no one will able to watch your video. The process is given below:
1. After signing to Your YouTube account go to your creator studio where all of your uploaded videos will be available.
2. On the left side select the Video then you will find all the uploaded videos of your channel. You can see the privacy is public.
Make an Existing YouTube video private in a web browser3. Click on the public option and you will get three options like the image.
Make an Existing YouTube video private4. On the radio button select your choice.
5. Finally, save/publish.

How to Upload Private Video to YouTube by Mobile App

Suppose you have to upload a serious moment video regarding your girlfriend. You already captured it on your mobile phone from your dating. You can upload instantly from your mobile phone. You can make it private or public whatever you want. The rules to Upload Private Video to YouTube by Mobile App is the same as the web browser. For your better assimilation, we are narrating the tips and tricks of uploading YouTube private.

1. Install the world’s best movie app YouTube on your mobile.
2. Login to your app.
How to Upload Private Video to YouTube by Mobile App3. At the top right you will see the video ( Upload) button. Now upload your video.
Allow Picture and Record4. It will take your permission to take a picture and record video.
5. It will also take permission to access your photo and media files.
take permission to access your photo and media files6. You will get various options like Go for living, Record video or upload existing video.
Go for living, Record video or upload existing video7. When upload will start then you will find the options to make it Public, private and unlisted.

Make Published Video Private on your Mobile App

Your YouTube video creation and posting are going well. But, suddenly you found there is one video that you have to change the privacy of one video which was supposed to Upload Private Video to YouTube. You do not have a computer at your reach. But, there is away. From your mobile app, you can make privacy change. The tips and tricks are as follow:

1. Go to your Mobile YouTube App.
2. Go to options and Your Channel.
3. Find your video.
4. You will get the (vertically …) menu.
5. Select Edit and you will get upload like interface.
6. Select your privacy like Public or Private.
7. Save your work.

Why Upload Private Video to YouTube

There may be a question to the mind of the critics regarding the necessity of uploading a private video to YouTube. Please do remember that all the private are not negative. There is some positive impact also. Some of the reasons to upload the private video to YouTube are:

1. Family content

Suppose you are thousands of miles away from your family. Your kids are learning to work with his or her little feet. Your spouse taking the snap of your kid’s funny moment and need to send it to you. The best way to do that uploads the video free YouTube in private. Your spouse will send you a link to the private video and you will enjoy the video in your room. The kid’s video is the allegory. You can sure your video like the sensitive one with your beloved. Show the relationship will be more strong and affection will increase. Moreover, there is nobody to interrupt you or watch your moment videos.

2. Organizational Purpose

For your organization, you may have to Upload Private Video to YouTube. There may have lots of private organizational content. But you have to share with your employer for their betterment. The best way to share with them is by using social media. YouTube may be the best option for them. But if you make the video of public the privacy of your organization may be lost. So there is the requirement of making and uploading the video to a private YouTube channel. When you share the link to the employee they will simply enjoy the video. This poses will reduce your cost and make a hassle-free life.

3. Online Video Resume

Video reserve is very popular nowadays. The job provider and employer have very limited time to read your resume for a long time. Moreover, they like to perform multi-task simultaneously. Show the requirement of a video resume is increasing day by day. But you have to host your video resume somewhere. YouTube carries one of the best option to preserve your video resume. At the same time, you have to make it private because of your privacy and security show. Considering all the scenario Upload Private Video to YouTube is the best option for you.

4. For Your Website

Suppose you are an owner of a website or a blog. You have to make an embedded video for your website. On the other hand, it will be exclusive and not allowed to show anywhere else. Upload Private Video to YouTube is the best option to embedded your exclusive video. In that case, you also have to unlist your video from YouTube.

5. Clean your YouTube Content

Many YouTubers create and upload the video for a long time. They started their creations during childhood and continue up to adulthood. But some content does not match with your present scenario. On the other hand, if you delete this video then the subscriber or your good wisher who already saved the link as the bookmark will not find it. So instead of deleting those videos, you can make this video private.

6. Initial Survey

Suppose you are a singer and you have made a music video. Before going to publish for your large audience you can upload the music video private to see the condition. Only your fan and well-wishers will see the video. It will provide you the accurate feedback on your content. After necessary correction, you can make it public.

7. Schedule Video

If you are an expert on social media marketing expert you will get the tips and tricks of Upload Private Video to YouTube before making it private. For example, FossGuru publishes content based on time and date and the users are waiting to read the news from Fossguru. The content of FossGuru becomes ready before the scheduled time and it makes for schedule. If the case is for YouTube video up to publish public it remains private. During that time your exclusive users can view your valuable video.

Final Thought

YouTube is a great source of entertainment as well as earning source for many of us. We have a lot of options to customize our created and uploaded video as per our style. The opportunity to Upload Private Video to YouTube has given us enormous flexibility to have fun in the internet world. Moreover, you can make a private video when you want.

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