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30 Free Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner to Remove Duplicate Images

The size of your data is always increasing for various reports, files, movies, pictures, and songs. In our analysis, we found it is easily manageable if you use Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner. Each of us has the facilitation of taking photos and collecting them from different sources. As a result, the same image may appear more than once. To Remove Duplicate Images duplicate photo remover can be your best choice.

You may have several backup plans like cloud storage for better image management. But, the duplicate pictures will increase your cost. The duplicate picture finder will make your job easy to become more selective and efficient. Moreover, it will reduce your cost to a remarkable percentage. So, based on those scenarios today we want to discuss some awesome duplicate photo finders and cleaner.

Best 30 Free Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner

Our experts recommended the best 30 awesome duplicate photo finders to manage your image easily. When the data is overloaded then it impacts falls on the CPU and processor. To control your CPU temperature you can use a duplicate photo cleaner. FossGuru is a friend to all and malice to none. So we prefer to sort the alphabetical order to narrate the best duplicate image finder. But, we will break the order if any sponsor requests to keep his top.

1. AllDup

alldup-Free Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner to Remove Duplicate ImagesAllDup is a free duplicate file and image finder. It works on a compare method. Besides finding the duplicate images and files it also finds the duplicate MP3 of different names. It allows you to delete all the duplicate files very efficiently.

AllDup is a good friend to delete the duplicate files. Because it shows a loss of warning before deleting any important file. This duplicate file finder is very comprehensive but many people do not find it user friendly. If you are an expert user it is very good for you but for the normal user, this free duplicate image fighting tool may be complex.

For the general user, we want to recommend the user process. When download and installation are over open this duplicate file finder. Add folder and drive you to want to search the duplicate images. It will show you the duplicate images very fast. Now select your unnecessary images and delete to make your PC clean.

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 2. Anti-Twin

anti twinFree Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner to Remove Duplicate ImagesAnti-Twin is another awesome duplicate file finder and cleaner. It brings a similar file in front of you. This great duplicate photo finder can also find other duplicate files and send them directly to the recycle bin. The mechanism of Anti-Twin is based on bytes or pixels.

Anti-Twin searches the picture and files based on the comparison. When you conduct a search using this software you will get a list of all the duplicate photos. You can select the unnecessary files here to delete them. After byte to byte comparison, it prints similar duplicate images. The required computer skill is primary to use this photo remover tool.

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3. Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder

Ashisoft Duplicate File FinderAshisoft Duplicate File Finder is a free duplicate file finder but you can use the pro version. Whatever may be the case it finds out the duplicate pictures by searching byte by byte. There is no need to have installation. Moreover, after the findings like a cut, copy, delete and paste whatever you like.

Important Features

  • In order to remove the same files and save your memory space, it finds out the duplicate files and cleans them.
  • Based on the similarity of title, artist, and album it can find duplicate music files.
  • The software is very user friendly to find similar images.
  • To delete your duplicate files it is easier and faster.
  • With the help of the folder tab, you can protect the folders.
  • It has a built-in image viewer.
  • The search engine of Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder is very powerful.
  • It had the capacity to search over PC and networks.
  • You can search your removable media drive with this software.
  • It is one of the best hard disk partition managers so it identifies and recovers wasted disk space.
  • Finally, it is very fast so it can save you time.

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4. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 

Auslogics Duplicate File FinderTo recover disk space by removing duplicate pictures the Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is one of the best options. It will ensure there are no duplicate files on your computer. Because this software understands well that duplicate files waste your disk space and makes you confused.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is very organized to find duplicate pictures and files. The feature of it is very simple and clear that directs you to work step by step. You can set the parameter to search. It is built for Windows OS. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is very easy to use but does not have many features like other Free Duplicate Photo Finders and Cleaner.

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5. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo FinderWhen we searched for relevant content to write the article We found Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is liked by all. It has positive recommendations so our experts say it is the best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner. It is a very powerful tool to find and clean the similar photos of your PC.

Important Features

  • Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder also supports duplicate MP3 finders and duplicate file finders.
  • It is also one of the best photo recovery software for your PC.
  • The size of this software is only 1 MB and it is free of cost.
  • It is very easy to use and it supports JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF image format.

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6. CCleaner

ccleanerIf you want to speed up your Windows PC then CCleaner is one of the best options. You will be happy to hear that it has been downloaded over 2.5 billion times. So it is unnecessary to narrate about this powerful Free Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner. It is very simple to fully automated PC performance. To Remove Duplicate Images you can use both free and professional software.

Important Features

  • CCleaner 35,000,000 GB cleaned every month.
  • The standard version is free like frees up space and clears your online tracks.
  • The combination of free version and automated makes the CCleaner Professional.
  • It Gives PCs 28% more free RAM and Makes PCs boot 53% faster.

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7. CloneSpy

clonespyCloneSpy is one of the finest software to Remove Duplicate Images. This efficient program can find duplicate files to make free of your disk space. It makes your operating system faster by deleting the duplicate files. It finds the exact same files based on size, name, type, and category.

CloneSpy can process the files which are duplicate. It can handle equals files by deleting redundant files. The size of this software is only 4.6 MB and supports Windows operating systems. The duplicate photo cleaner is also free to use.

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8. DoubleKiller

doublekillerSomeone wants to make a museum at their home and someone wants to keep the PC in that museum. DoubleKiller is the software for them because from 2006 there was no update. DoubleKiller is for the oldest version of the Windows operating system so if anyone of you has Windows 95 or earlier version you can use this duplicate file finder software. It is reviewed to give the compact idea of earlier days. The software was very simple and weightless so it did not take mass storage.

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9. dupeGuru

dupegurudupeGuru is the application which supports Windows, iOS, Linux and many other operating systems to find and delete your duplicate images. This cross-platform similar picture finder wrote in Python 3 and has multiple GUI toolkits. It scans either by the content or by filenames. The filename searching features are a fuzzy matching algorithm. 

dupeGuru is excellent for finding duplicate music files. In the special picture mode, it searches the picture fuzzily. It is safe and its engine is designed with safety in mind. It supports various languages that may be common to you.

10. Duplicate Cleaner 

Duplicate Cleaner If you search all in one solution like finding duplicate pictures, music and different files you can use the popular software Duplicate Cleaner. After searching with this software you will be surprised how many duplicate files are spoiling your hard disk space. It finds all of those files and safely removes the junk files.

Many good wishers have a good recommendation to use Duplicate Cleaner as one of the best Duplicate Photo Finders and Cleaners to Remove Duplicate Images. It is all in one solution that means you will find duplicate files and folders, sort out your image collection, tidy up your music collection and more power when you need it. Duplicate Cleaner offers 15 days trial to see the performance.

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11. Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File FinderDuplicate File Finder is another Windows software to find and clean your duplicate and a similar image. It analyzes your duplicate files and helps to remove it. This is one of the best utility software created by Brooksyounce. Duplicate File Finder is a very light software with a free license. It was developed when Windows 98 was popular. So, if you have Windows 98 0r earlier version you can use this free image cleaning software.

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12. Duplicate File Finder Mini

Duplicate File Finder Mini is another Windows-based free Photo Finder and Cleaner to Remove Duplicate Images.Duplicate File Finder Mini is another Windows-based free Photo Finder and Cleaner to Remove Duplicate Images. It was introduced during Windows Vista. That time more than 1 MB image was considered a large image. It helps to find a large image and save your valuable hard disk space. Duplicate File Finder Mini is very fast and they claim that they can process 300 GB within a minute.

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13. Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files FixerDuplicate Files Fixer is very efficient to perform multitasking. It has reduced the hassle of finding images manually. It is equipped with a lot of cleaning tools to find and clean videos, music, files, and images. It is all in one utility software to find duplicate files by a single click. You also can scan your external drives like a portable hard disk, pen drive and another drive with this application.

Duplicate Files Fixer is a smart application that can be used without much effort. It is very fast and accurate. The response rate is also higher than other remover software. It is capable of scanning thousands of media files at a single search.

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14. Duplicate Image Remover Free

Duplicate Image Remover FreeIf you want to delete the similar and duplicate files instantly you can use the Duplicate Image Remover Free. It is a very comprehensive finding tool with all the advanced capability. It searches the images based on the file name, size, creation date, and many other ways. The scanning process is very easy with this software. Just add the folder and get the result.

Duplicate Image Remover Free is a very ideal software for novice users. It brings the files based on many criteria like strong duplicate, similar image, and file properties. With the basic interface, it works with almost all the popular file types.

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 15. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo CleanerTo organize your similar image and manage your photo album, Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an awesome tool. This Free Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner support both Mac and Windows OS. It compares all the images side by side to find a similar one. With the multiviewer, you will find a similar photo to delete. It is a matter of minutes to find the duplicate photo on your computer.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is the best app to find the duplicate photo in a minute. It is different from other similar software because it searches like a human. It can find out the same image whether it resized or edited. With simple three steps, it finds and deletes the similar pictures.

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 16. Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo Finder“No More Duplicates in your photo collection” with this motto FirmTools has bought an extraordinary software to find and delete similar photos to save your memory space. It has the simplest way to look after the photo collection. The advanced feature of this software makes it very fast and stable. 

Duplicate Photo Finder is a very efficient software-based on Windows operating systems. It has easy control and rich functionality. The system requirement is very low like 256 MB RAM and 2 MB hard drive space. You can use both the free and pro version of this software.

More Info and Download

17. Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photo Fixer ProDuplicate Photo Fixer Pro is the most popular paid software that supports Mac, iOS, Windows and Android operating systems. It is the easiest way to remove duplicates from your photo collection. With a single click, it makes your hard disk free. With the scanning methods to find duplicates and auto mark duplicates. 

There are many reasons to use Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro. It offers a sleek up to date photo gallery by removing similar photos. It is easy to manage similar looking images. You can get the group-wise result to recover wastage space.

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18. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate FinderEasy Duplicate Finder is very convenient with its name. It is one of the best duplicate image fixers to clean your Google Drive, iTunes, computer and removable hard drive. It is trusted by millions of users to find and remove duplicate files from all types of cloud storage. 

Easy Duplicate Finder is very easy to use. The ‘Wizard’ tool removes the duplicate files with a single click. It is very fast and 100 % accurate. It can delete the similar files smoothly. Moreover, if there is an emergency it can recover the files easily.

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19. Easy Duplicate Finder Portable

Easy Duplicate Finder PortableEasy Duplicate Finder Portable is a wonderful tool for Windows operating systems. It helps you to get rid of annoying duplicate files. It makes your portable drive free and optimized. The interface of this software is complicated. But it can remove all of your confusion. It offers a large number of configurations to manage your duplicate files. This software is very accurate because it searches based on content, not the name.

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20. Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File FinderFast Duplicate File Finder is one of the best utility tools to find similar images of large hard disks. It can manage more than two duplicates files. It can handle all types of files. This software is an old one for the Windows 98 or earlier version. Moreover, it is free to use.

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21. Glary Duplicate Cleaner

Glary Duplicate CleanerGlary Duplicate Cleaner is one of the best Free Duplicate Photo Finders and Cleaner to Remove Duplicate Images. It is easy to compare several images and find a similar one. It hunts down several copies of the same file. This is lightweight and quick with the custom matching condition and fastest search speed.

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22. Puran Utilities

Puran UtilitiesIn our previous article, we introduced Puran Utilities as an MP3 cutter and editor. It also can find and remove duplicate images. Puran Utilities is a compact software with a size of 8.8 MB. It is very light and does not run on background processes. It is highly customizable and fulfills all of your needs.

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23. Remove Empty Directories

Remove Empty DirectoriesRemove Empty Directories is another Windows-based file and picture finding and cleaning software that you may use. It erases the empty folder from your hard disc. It Analyses Your hard disk and optimizes for better performance. Remove Empty Directories is very fast and effective and can be integrated into Windows Explorer. The only limitation is it has no backup or restore option.

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24. SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFilesWe also want to introduce another free duplicate photo finder which is SearchMyFiles. It is a product of NirSoft. Based on the performance it can be one of the best alternatives of other duplicate files and picture finders. It can work on all normal computer systems like 32bit or 64bit operating systems.

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25. Similar Photo Cleaner

Similar Photo CleanerDo we keep it at the end but we can confidently tell that a similar photo cleaner is one of the best duplicate picture finding and cleaning software. It is highly effective for the novice and professional. You will find it very easy to use but it is very powerful. It will give you a number of storage facilities which you never thought of. Moreover, it can work on almost all types of images.

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26. SimilarImages

SimilarImagesSimilarImages is another Windows utility software to find the duplicate images of your PC. With a swift scan, it can accumulate all the double /triple pictures of your disk drive. The user interface of SimilarImages is user friendly and it is free to use. The limitation of this software is not less. It has very limited OS support and no recent update.

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27. SlimCleaner

SlimCleanerSlimCleaner is a community-supported PC optimization and cleaning tool. It is a dedicated tool to take care of many recent files, temporary files and history logs. To improve the system performance it removes unnecessary files and pictures.

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28. VisiPics

VisiPicsIt is very natural to have more than one similar picture on your computer if you have many files. VisiPics is the application software that makes this complexity simple. The VisiPics is free of cost but you can donate if you like. The supported list of this software is large that means you can search different types of files and images in this software.

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29. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image FinderFor the professional photographer, graphic designer and high professional the Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is an awesome one. It has many advanced features that may fulfill all of your needs smoothly. If you want to find multiple similar photos you can try with this software because it supports more than 100 types of images. Besides image find it can work as one of the best screen recording software.

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30. Wise Duplicate Finder

Wise Duplicate FinderWe apologize to the Wise Duplicate Finder because we kept it at the end. But, to the FossGuru readers, we can assure it is one of the best Duplicate Photo Finders and Cleaner to Remove Duplicate Images. You can use it for both commercial and personal uses. It is very fast and a user-friendly duplicate image cleaning tool to release more space on the hard disk. If there is any accidental deletion you can retrieve it easily. In a single word, if you are a professional user you can use this Wise Duplicate Finder because it is the best one as per FossGuru recommendation.

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Final Thought

After a long review, the readers may become confused to find the best Free Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner to Remove Duplicate Images. For them, we want to suggest Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, Duplicate Photo Cleaner and VisiPics as the best duplicate picture finder. However, you may have different choices so please inform us by the comment as your favorite similar picture finder and remover.

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