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How To Speed Up Windows 10 To Make PC Faster

If you use Windows 10 operating system then definitely one question comes to your mind regarding how to speed up Windows 10. We all know that Windows 10 is one of the most efficient operating systems of Microsoft. Every update and the latest version of OS is faster than earlier. Since Windows 10 is a well used operating system and near to the latest version, therefore, it is super-fast than Windows 8 or earlier version. in spite of having fast and speed features, there may be some other additional features for who is the speed of your Windows 10 operating system be reduced. Without father prolonged this article let us discuss how to make PC faster Windows 10.

How to Speed Up Windows 10

To how to make windows 10 faster there are many ways to follow. Other than continuous up-gradation there have some tiny tricks to make your laptop faster. You can follow any of those tactics to make your computer faster windows 10.

1. Restart Your PC

It has happened that many you just put the laptop on for a couple of weeks. Your Windows 10 may I have the provisions go for sleep but the background operation ran weeks after weeks. This procedure may slow down your laptop. The machine of your computer becomes hot. But the blames goes to the operating system.

You can solve this type of problem by making shut down your computer after use. Don’t forget to close any operation or application after using it. Have some time for making your computer hardware cool. You can use 
PC benchmarking software for this purpose to measure your PC’s performance.

2. Update Your Windows 10

Microsoft Windows continuously release various updates for fixing various bugs and increasing system performance. Some updates are a minor issue but there may have some major updates to maximize your efficiency. If there is a maximum update then make sure you have taken a backup of your data before continuation. In the process of up-gradation, you may have to restart your computer several times.

3. The Startup Apps

How to Speed Up Windows 10 by removing Startup AppsYour laptop or personal computer may become bogged down for various startup running. After login to Windows 10, those apps run their operations without your instruction. As a result, your desired efficiency regarding hardware becomes slow. This may be barriers to making pc faster windows 10. 

To solve this problem you may open Windows task manager ( Ctrl alt + del). Then find out what are the unnecessary programs are running on your Windows 10. And finally close operations. If it is unnecessary then you may uninstall this application from the control panel.

4. Disk Cleanup

If you talk about any extraordinary built-in Windows utility then disk Cleanup is one of them. The temporary files are accumulated on your machines such as offline web pages, downloaded program files, and image thumb lines that make you describe fully. It slows down the efficiency of the hard disc. The disk cleanup helps to clean those unwanted files and makes your computer fast.

5. Turn Off Tips and Notification

Turn Off Tips and NotificationSuppose you have fifty installed applications on your computer. Each of them is sending notification frequently. Then you will be disturbed. On the other hand, those notification slow down your internet speed as well us performance of PC. There is some peculiar application which always sends an unexpected notification which may make you embraced in front of kids. So it is suggested to stop all the notification from the setting.

6. Turn Off Search Indexing

Search Indexing can eat up all the allocated resources of your system. It affects a lot for low powered PC. But if you search a lot than a normal situation then these tips may not apply to you. In the advanced setting, you can customize the required setting for your purpose. If you want to get extra speed then you must of this search indexing which can make your computer faster using windows 10.

7. Use Additional Storage

Hard diskTo increase PC speed and make windows 10 faster you may add additional storage. This will reduce the workload of your integral device. If you install a solid-state drive ( SSD ) then you may get some additional advantage regarding speed. Because it is the same pattern of your integral laptop harddrive. You may use Google Drive for the same purpose. By adding SSD will show the bigger performance if the volume of data is more.

8. Keep Your Windows Up-to-date

Windows Up-to-dateWindows 10 is releasing patches after frequent intervals. To make your laptop faster you should install and update the patch. This patch contains the solutions of several bugs. So if there is any problem in the operating systems then it is recovered with these patches. To make windows 10 faster and hassle-free life, you can select the auto-update mode of your Windows 10.

9. Reduce The Unnecessary Apps That Open On Startup

The main culprit of your computer making slow is unwanted apps. If you completed takes too long to boot then it may be a problem with the unnecessary and extra installed apps on your setting. this means there are some extra programs which are installed in your background and running. When you log in to your Windows 10 then automatically these apps start and reduce your system performance. You can close apps by following steps:

By mouse right click on the start button and select task manager. You can open the task manager by ctrl+alt+delete. In the task manager click on the “startup” tab. Then you will find some unnecessary and unwanted programs and disable those programs by right click and “disable”.

10. Uninstall Bloatware

Uninstall BloatwareYou will find some application that is unwanted and runs at your computer’s background that is slowing down your computer. Open these unwanted applications that are called bloatware. It serves your purpose. If you search for some suggestions on how to speed up Windows 10 then the expert’s solution is to uninstall this bloatware.

11. Disable Windows Special Effect

Disable Windows Special EffectWhen logout and login to Windows 10 then you will find some special effect is entertaining you. , This is fun and enjoyable but it may be a barrier to make laptops faster Windows 10. Different leaves effect on your processor. So to get the extra speed you may turn off the special effects. To turn off those special effects you have to go the “start button” then “control panel” and then “system”. In the “advanced system settings” system properties window and find the advanced tab click “setting”. In this Window, you can turn off your special effects to get maximum speed on Windows 10.

12. Turn Off Windows Transparency

You might not have identified there are some subtle effects of transparency which is built into the various surfaces of Windows 10. After opening the state menu you may find some faint, blurred impression of lines behind it. It may have a very minor effect on your Windows 10 speed but the accumulation of several programs may make your computer slow. To uninstall this application click on the start button and then select the setting icon which is shaped like a gear and it is right above the power icon. Then select “personalization” click on “color”, scroll down and turn off transparency effect.


13. Use Your Laptop With a Full Charge

Use Your Laptop With a Full ChargeYour laptop may have sitting in such a way that if the charger is off then some of the function relating speed will not work. To get the best speed using Windows 10 at your laptop you must try to use your laptop with a full charge. Because the laptop has such planning to make your laptop battery last longer. Select the start button and select power options. For the best speed choose high performance.


14. Use Good Motherboard And Processor

How to Speed Up Windows 10 using MotherboardIf you again ask me how to speed up windows 10 then I will not blame Microsoft Windows. Your motherboard and processor may have some problems. You may try to find out motherboard model number, manufacturer of motherboard and processor speed then you may think the PC speed is related to Windows 10 or not. A good motherboard and process increase the speed of your laptop.


15. Control CPU Temperature

The temperature of the CPU is another vital factor that influences the speed of your computer. To make your computer faster by windows 10, you should control CPU temperature. There are a lot of ways to control CPU temperature like using thermal paste, cleaning excess dust, right placement of heatsink and using a CPU cooler. 

16. Turn on Automated Windows 10 Maintenance

Turn on Automated Windows 10 MaintenanceEvery day behind the scene your Windows 10 is keeping the update and performing some maintenance to ensure better security. If there is any problem it automatically fixes those problems. The time of maintenance is the default for any specific time and automatically takes an update. If you do not activate this auto-update option your PC may miss some update.

17. Use Performance Monitor

Performance MonitorIf you are fussier regarding PC performance and trying to find out how to speed up windows 10 then you may use performance monitor. It is like benchmarking software for PC to get detail reports of PC’s performance, system issue and suggested fixes. To get this report type perfmon/report into your search box and press enter. Then the performance application will open and you can see the performance report of your Windows 10 operating systems.

18. Defrag Your Hard Disk

The hard disk becomes defragmented after extensive using. Since it is not like and specialized operating system like IoT OS, therefore, it has a passive effect on your computer. Simultaneously the question again arises in your mind that how to speed up Windows 10. But the great news is that Windows 10 has built-in defragmenter. So you can easily defragment your computer manually or automatically. To defrag simply at your search box type defrag and press enter. 

19. Add More RAM

RAM to speed up Windows 10Again for the fussy people who have the question regarding how to make your computer faster windows 10. The great news is the Windows 10 manages the memory more efficiently than the earlier version of previous Windows. On the other hand, more memory has the potentiality to increase the speed of your computer. If you have the habit of gaming on PC then you may add one RAM to speed up your laptop. 


20. Check for Spyware and Virus

Both viruses and spyware can be a barrier to make your laptop faster while using Windows 10. Several types of viruses make your system slow so that you do not get your desired speed. On the other hand, the selection of anti-virus is another problem. There is some renowned anti-virus which is making Windows 10 slow. So select a good antivirus.

Final Thought

After a long discussion, I do strongly believe that all of your doubts will be clear regarding how to speed up Windows 10. It is all about your careful handling and maintenance of your computer and laptop. To speed up your computer, the expert’s opinion is uninstalled by the unwanted and unused software, using PC cooler, performance monitor and appropriate antivirus. After all, if you follow those mentioned tips then possibly you may not have any questions regarding how to speed up Windows 10.


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