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Google Drive Desktop App for Backup and Sync

Google Drive Desktop App is one of the best cloud apps of the cloud storage world. Google backup and sync the data on a time interval basis. The user can use up to 15 GB space through google drive desktop app.

After that, you have to subscribe to the premium version of storage. People use this app because of reliability, performance, capacity, market reputation and the cordial behavior of Google team. Mostly, the students, homemakers, amateur photographers, and research personnel use the novel cloudapp.

What is Google Drive?

Google drive is the file storage, backup and sync service of tech Giant Google. They started their journey on 24th April 2012. Google drive provides the opportunity of file sharing, sync within the various device, file backup and file sharing.

There is the google drive offline facility of google drive desktop app. The activities of Google document, Sheet, google slide, drawing, forms, and maps are stored, backup and sync my google drive.

Google LLC is the owner of the service of the Google Drive Desktop App and Google Backup and Sync. According to July 2018, almost 1 billion people use the service. Python is the programming language of the application.

Few Words About Google Drive Desktop

Everybody believe that google drive desktop app is one of the versatile creation of technology developer. Because of google drive desktop application, you get the teste of cloud computing from your local computer.

Google Drive desktop app is nothing but a connected application between your local computer and googles cloud platform. If the internet is connected it begins updating through google backup and sync systems.

Actually, it is also connected with Dropbox that’s why a copy of all the documents can be sync with Dropbox storage. By Google drive desktop app you will get access to all of your data like local PC.

How to Install Google Drive Desktop App

To Setup Google Drive Desktop App you have to download Google Drive Desktop App from google website. After visiting the website you will find two options like Google drive for personal and for business.

Back up files from your computer, camera, or SD cards to the cloud. You will find your sync files on any computer or device using Google Drive, and you will also see your photos in Google Photos.

If you use Google Backup and Sync service, you have to agree with the Google Terms of Service. For a Google Apps user, the two options like either the appropriate Google Apps Terms of Service or the negotiated Google Apps terms, anyone can be applicable to you.

Step by Step Google Drive Desktop App Setting

Step by Step Google Drive Desktop App SettingWhen you click for download google drive desktop app you will see the following page:

Google Drive Desktop App Setting

When the download is finish you have to install the google drive desktop application

 install the google drive desktop application

You will see the agree or not screen for google cloud desktop app

google cloud desktop app

Then you have to wait for a few time till the patch downloaded

Gmail Installation

When download is finished then you will see the welcome screen of Google desktop drive app

Google desktop drive app

Now you have to log in with your gmail ID and Password

gmail ID and Password

Now you will see the sync and update option of google drive

sync and update option of google drive

Finally you are almost done. Lets enjoy Google Drive Desktop App for Backup and Sync.

Google Drive Desktop App for Backup and Sync

If you press next google will auto sync your local drive to cloud drive.

The Benefit of Google Drive Desktop

Google Drive desktop app is actually a cloud storage. The concept is anywhere anytime access to your stored data. It is one type of online backup. However, the main benefits are:

1. 15 GB Free Space

Google offers 15 GB storage free. This free space includes Google Drive, Gmail, Google photos, docs, PowerPoint slide, excel sheet all your stored document. If you reach 15 GB you can upgrade more if you want.

2. Keep Any File

Any file if it is in digital form you can preserve it in google drive. You can store any files like photos, movies, pdf files, docs, text files, or own digital creation.

3. Share How You Want

Share how you want

All the data of google drive is private. You can share the data according to your wish. You can share whatever you like. It is easy to invite others for the view, comment, edit and get corrections from peers. Now collaboration is easier.

4. Safe and Secure

The data of google drive is safe and secure. No doubt regarding the secrecy of hosted data. Data is the more valuable asset of any organization so google focus more on security.

5. Save Gmail Attachment

Save Gmail attachmentIf anyone sends you an attachment with Gmail then you can store it with google drive. You will see the logo of google drive on attachment. If you click on that you will see the attachment is stored to google drive.

6.  Powerful Search

The search mechanism of google drive is very powerful. If you search “Cloud Computing” you will find all related documents within no time. It will reduce your time gap.

7. Google Photos

Photos are the asset of personal life. Today’s photo is tomorrows past. Google backup and sync photos automatically. The photos will auto sync from your tab, smartphone or SD card and stored at Google cloud as well as google drive desktop.

8. Google Chromebooks

Google Drive application is built-in to Chromebooks, so all the files and photos are mechanically backed up. The users will get 100GB of free storage for the first two years with most new Chromebooks.

9. Google Docs Sheet and Slide

If google backup and sync setting are correct then you will get all the Google Docs Sheet and Slide from your smart device. Now life is easy, flexible and comfortable.

10. Google Forms

Google form is the wonderful creation of Google LLC. You can make a survey with Google form. All the forms will sync google drive to the desktop for your future reference.

11.  Google Drawing

It is easy to create flow charts, layout diagrams, and then easily add them to other documents or embed them on any website with Google Drawings. There are lots of tools available for drawing.

12. Google Drive Collections

This video will help you to know the products of Google Drive Collections of various application.

Google Backup and Sync

If you want google Backup and Sync from your local computer you have to use Google Backup and Sync service through your personal Gmail. If you make the sync on then all the data will make updated.

Final Thought

Google Drive Desktop App is a splendid tool for Backup and Sync. As a technology lover, you must know the available google application free for use. No doubt, this application can change your lifestyle by its various products. Moreover, Google Backup and Sync service bring your data to anywhere and any place. So you should comment if you use the Google Drive Desktop App for Google Backup and Sync.


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