Best 10 Free Speech to Text Windows 10 Software in 2023

Speech-to-text is used for typing words in voice. After creating a keyboard and mouse, there was a revolution among humans with the introduction of computers. Now the time has changed, and people have become more comfort lovers, so voice-to-text software is required to save time and energy. Moreover, people always love to get free things, whatever that is. Continuing my writing today, I want to facilitate the lazy writers like me who want to type over voice. I will try to cover the freest speech-to-text software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I will try to cover my article in two phases to understand my writing better. In the first phase, I will cover the essentials regarding speech-to-text software; in the second, I will cover some free speech-to-text Windows 10 software. 

Before starting, Make the Microphone On

This article is useless if you do not have a microphone on your computer. You need a microphone to write anything from an audio file to text. From the control panel, you can set your microphone on. On the other hand, in Windows 10, type “microphone” in the search box and press “Enter.” Then you will get the options for setting your microphone. There are various ways and speed options by which you can set your rate of frequency of talking and other necessary things. The setting of the microphone in other operating systems is almost the same. If the microphone setting is all correct, you have completed your maximum part offsetting.

Some Other Suggestions While Using Audio To The Text As Voice Typing Windows 10 Software

What is the best audio-to-text typing software, and where do you use it? In this phase, I will discuss the requirement of using speech-to-text Windows 10 software. I will also try to cover some practical tips to make your effort more effective.

Suppose you are at the beginning of your journalism career. Spending a lot of time recording interviews with others would be best. This painful task begins more painful when you must convert those audio files into text by typing. My article will help you to get rid of this problem.

What is Speech-to-Text Software?

Speech-to-text or audio-to-text software is productivity software used to convert your voice into text. Voice typing allows you to write books, memos, articles, and speeches. My previous article discussed text-to-speech for Android and speech-to-text for Android. But today, I will focus mainly on speech-to-text Windows 10 software, audio-to-text online software, and voice typing. I’ll try to discuss some other software for converting audio files to text. But those are limited to 15 minutes, so you have to subdivide your audio files using MP3 cutter software.

Why Do You Use Speech-to-Text Software?

Suppose you are a professional or ambitious writer who wants to write 2000 to 3000 words in one hour. Writing this much of the world in this limited time is challenging for a human. Moreover, human beings will be tired of this type of long-time work. Because of the invention of artificial intelligence, this pain has become an easy task. 

What Are The Forms of Speech-to-Text Software?

You can perform voice typing by any operating system, online, and even on your smartphone. Some operating systems have built-in audio-to-text conversation facilities, and some need to install this software. I use Google Chrome; you will find many Chrome extensions with the same opportunity. Moreover, the Windows 10 user will get it as a built-in software.

What to Look for in a Voice Typing Software?

Your thinking or your voice is more costly than the price of the software. Because time is money, you should choose the best speech-to-text software for your PC. There are some must-have criteria inside the talk-to-text software.


If your speech is inaccurate, all your efforts are useless. The talk-to-voice software will ensure your accuracy. Recently the quality of voice-to-text software has improved a lot, and the job of audio-to-text software has become simple. Before implementing any speech-to-text Windows software, you should study the recognition engine of that particular software.


The voice-to-text software you are purchasing for Windows 10, is it compatible with your computer? It may happen that after passing, it is not matching with your Windows 10. So before implementing any voice-to-text platform, you should have the trial version. Please remember there is a distinct difference between a personal assistant app and voice to text app.


The most important thing for implementing any speech-to-text Windows application is user-friendliness. After purchasing it, I saw it was not user-friendly, so all my money would be spoilt. Technical support after purchase is another consideration. Some of the speech-to-text software providers prepared a video tutorial for the users.


Though the budget is not vital to professional writers, it matters a lot. How much you invest in this voice typing software depends on your need. You may spend some time finding the best price audio to text software. In my article, I will discuss some free voice-to-text Windows 10 software.

The Benefit Of Audio To Text Software

  • It is a real time saver because it is the speed of your writing process.
  • You can write anything in story mode using speech-to-text software.
  • It offers you multitasking capability, like cooking and doing exercises for playing cloud games; you can also write with this software.
  • It is more beneficial for those who cannot type with their hands.

Disadvantages of Audio To Text Software

  • It takes time for customization.
  • The learning and voice practicing processes are also lengthy.
  • You will need more time to learn if you are a non-native English speaker.
  • Sometimes you will face a problem with a recognition engine. 
  • It would be best if you had time to edit and format your text file.
  • Please do not expect a hundred percent accuracy on any software.

Best Speech-to-Text Software Windows 10

Again there is a dilemma in the mind of the writer. Select the best speech-to-text software for Windows, which will come first. I was hoping you could take note that I am not discussing any audio-to-text software based on merit. It is just first got on search engine and first writes basis.

 1. Google Docs

google voice -Voice to text for PCIn Google Drive, there are various features offered by Google. Google Docs are all of them. In the Google document, you can write very quickly with your voice. This talk-to-text option allows you to type your voice in various languages.

To activate text over voice, you should open Google Docs. From the menu, select tools and then voice typing. Find your microphone image on the screen of Google Docs. From the dropdown menu of the microphone option, you can select your language according to your wish.

Get Google Docs

2. JoeZoo Express

joezoo -Voice to text for PCJoeZoo Express is one of the most wonderful, beautiful ping applications for online users. You also can use this application through Google Documents. It is an add-on program by which you can type over voice. Before using this audio-to-text application, you have to install the. JoeZoo Express.

To list all the JoeZoo Express again, you must open Google Docs. In the add-ons menu, type JoeZoo Express and search after finding this application installed at Google Documents by verifying your account. You have to allow various types of access to this third-party software.

Get JoeZoo Express

 3. Voice to Text (SpeechTexter) Chrome App

Voice to Text (SpeechTexter) Chrome AppThe voice-to-text Chrome app is one of the best Google Chrome extensions to increase productivity. Like another Chrome extension, you have to install this productivity application. In the Chrome store, type voice to text, and you will find the voice typing Chrome extension. After installing, use get the freedom of writing my speech-to-text app.

 SpeechTexter is a multi-language speech recognizer that works online. If you want to write a long article, book, blog post, and report, it will be a helpful hand for you. Use get more than 60 different languages which this app. You can use a microphone, a noise-free environment, and a loud voice to better your text’s quality.

Get Chrome App

4. is one of the best online speech-to-text software for voice typing. Amit Agarwal, the famous techno blogger, is the developer of this software. Is particular urine on for the g suite automation? It can recognize languages like English, French, Arabic, etc. It recognizes and types your voice in real time. You can add punctuation marks, paragraphs, and even smileys using a voice command. You need an internet connection, Windows/Mac/LINUX operating system, and Google Chrome to use this online speech-to-text software.


 5. Gboard

gboard - Voice to text for PCGboard is one of the best speech-to-text software used only for Android applications. There is a min speech-to-text app for Android. The keyboard is the most popular among them. It is a Google product widely used in most Android-supported smartphones. You can enable the hand’s free keyboard by pressing a microphone sign at the top right corner of your mobile keyboard. The decoration of this speech-to-text Android application is more than 80%.

Get Gboard

6. Voice Assistance (iOS)

Voice Assistance (iOS)Voice assistance is one of the easy speech recognition apps which is very helpful for typing over voice to iOS users. It converts your voice into text immediately. This voice-to-text application converts into more than 30 languages in this, so it is a mobile application with a higher speed than the normal Kestandard. This application uses intelligence, sp, speech recognition, and automatic grammar correction.

Get Voice Assistance (iOS)

 7. Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook-Voice to text for PCVoice Notebook is one of the finest online voice recognition applications to convert your voice. Besides speech-to-text recognition, it also can convert audio files into text. The current version of this online voice typing software is workable for Windows, Mac, and LINUX operating systems using the Chrome browser. To use this talk-to-text online software, you must meet login to this application. It can also recognize embedded HTML5 video and audio like YouTube clips.

No Link

 8. Speechnotes Online Voice to Text

Speechnotes Online Voice to TextSpeechnotSpeech Notes are online speech-to-text conversion software by which you can quickly type your voice. This application applies only to the Google Chrome browser but also to the Android version. The clean interface of these applications resembles just like a notepad. This application has various setting options like the dark theme, word count, new session, email, folder, etc. It allows you to upload your text to Google Drive or save it as a Word or text document. When you first visit this website, it will seek your permission. On the notepad’s right side are unique features like punctuation smileys and various supporting tools.

Get Speechnotes

 9. Braina Speed to Text

Braina Speed to Text

Braina Artificial is intelligent personal assistance, the best voice recognition software for Windows PC. This artificial intelligence software allows you to control your computer over voice commands. It supports more than a hundred languages all over the world. Because its artificial intelligence makes your day-to-day life comfortable and more accessible, more accessible, like Cortana or Siri, it s how personal productivity software. Decide speech to speech-to-text10 Braina has the speech-to-text for Android and iOS applications. 

No Link

10. Dragon Professional Individual

Dragon Professional IndividualIf you want to use any gold standard speech-to-text Windows 10 recognition program, Dragon Professional can be considered one of the best voice typing software for Windows. It has several features and extensive customization capabilities. Deep learning and machine learning help to recognize the voice from different environments. It automatically takes the most used words by the user and minimizes the correction to optimize accuracy for the speaker. This can be considered one of the best speech-to-text Windows 10 software because of its time-saving capabilities using the macro, export-import capability of selected words, and maximum customization.

Get Dragon Professional Individual

Final Thought

In every operating system, there are options built-in for speech-to-text software. But I endeavored to facilitate by other software. While learning, I have tried to cover some best speech-to-text Windows 10 software. I didn’t forget about the non-Windows users. That’s why I covered some online voice-to-text software. According to my experience, Google is the best among all of that software. I use Google Documents, documents use the keyboard for mobile, and Google Voice typing for PC. You may choose the other options discussed earlier if you need a more professional platform.

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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