IoT Platform: Best 30 IoT Platforms for Internet of Things Framework

The IoT platform is a multi-layer technology connecting various devices, applications, and infrastructures. Before discussing the IoT platform, the latest discussion is some words regarding the Internet of Things. IoT is an interrelated system that connects computing devices to digital machines in real-life situations and provides the maximum advantage to humans. IoT combines multiple technologies, machine learning, embedded systems software, artificial intelligence, and various automated services. To become a successful Internet of Things developer, you need some IoT skills discussed in my earlier article. In today’s article, we will discuss the IoT platform, the benefit of that Platform, and various Internet of Things platforms to develop Internet of Things applications.

What is an IoT Platform

IoT platform supports Software that connects data networks, edge hardware software, and your required devices to develop Internet of Things applications. It is an end-to-end software framework that gathers information from sensors, devices, networks, and various Software. It can manage ongoing tasks like data visualization and automating the environment. Internet of Things platform can be compared with middleware which collects data from SaaS and mobile applications. This Software manages the devices, allows remote connection from various devices, manages data, and enables analytics and visualization.

IoT platforms can provide immense value for businesses because they are vital to the IoT ecosystem. It provides an ahead for making various IoT projects. Because of this, IoT application development has become more accessible and cheaper for Internet of Things developers and Internet of Things companies.

The Advantage of IoT Platform

There are some advantages to the Platform of IoT. Those are as follows:

  • Since the Platform is an integral part of its development, it is necessary to know all about this Platform’s Internet of Things.
  • IoT platforms integrate all web services and business applications.
  • This platform collects data from the various types of sensors, visualizes, and analyzes.
  • For the users, it provides authentication and extensive security.
  • This Platform can handle various Software, hardware, and communication protocol types.
  • It is highly effective for sensors and embedded systems.
  • This Internet of things Platform integrates with information technology and various cloud services like SaaS pass.
  • It controls various physical objects and provides a connection like a machine to machine communication.
  • To monitor the situation and provide information to the cloud.
  • Moreover, because of the IoT platform, all of us are getting a better quality of life.

The Condition of Selecting an IoT Platform

The Internet of Things is costly. Moreover, many IoT platforms are available in the digital market. So before you implement any IoT applications, you should be more meticulous regarding selecting the Platform. Some selection criteria are given for you:


The pricing of the IoT platform where is from organization to organization. Now the question is the capability of your company to record this Platform. In the later part of this article, I will provide a list of various platforms. You may pick any of those for developing Internet of Things applications.

Development Skill

The capability of handling the IoT platform is vital among various IoT skills. Do you have the capability to use all types of Platforms? If the answer is yes, this article may not suit you. On the other hand, before implementing an IoT project, you must be careful regarding the cost of IoT consultants.

Your Specific Needs

Before using any IoT platform, your master draws a figure of your requirement. Based on your requirement, you can select any suitable platform. Consider your business model, like charging, data uses, nodes, etc.

The Balance Between Time and Money

Another important consideration is the balance between time and money because of which one your company wants. Because some IoT platform companies have a low cost, but the level of botheration consumes more of your time.

Best 40 IoT Platforms

Since the IoT platform is costly architecture, there should be meticulous calculation and study beforehand for any IoT project. Please remember that the sequences are not based on merits, popularity, or position. The list is selected from the websites and accumulated with the help of IoT developers.

1. Google IoT Platform

Google Cloud is a combination of various tools, processes, and stores. This Platform can fulfill your needs like on-premise computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This integrated application is fully managed and scalable. It helps its user accelerate business agility and helps to make any decision with IoT data.

Google cloud core gathers real-time business insight data and disperses it globally through cloud computing. It supports a wide range of embedded systems, is compatible with Linux OS Debian, and thinks out of the box. UPS is suitable for developing any home-based IoT application and location-based intelligence service.

Google IoT Platform

Insights of Google IoT Platform
  • Google IoT core is suitable for developing end-to-end solutions on the Google Cloud.
  • It is highly secure for cloud-connecting devices.
  • Suitable for various projects like real-time asset tracking, smart cities, building, logistics, and supply chain management.
  • Google cloud code is one of the best trustworthy and efficient IoT partners than its other competitors.
  • You can integrate with g suiteGoogle Maps platform, various cloud storage, and Google Drive using Google Core IoT.

More Info About This Platform

2. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web services IoT is another vast technological infrastructure enhancing its Wings everywhere. There are billions of IoT applications and devices in homes, hospitals, factories, cars, and many Amazon Web service IoT places. Since AWS supports artificial intelligence, you can integrate services to make any intelligent device without any internet connection—Hit of words, one of the most comprehensive and preventive security policies to protect your privacy.

Amazon Web Services

AWS offers deep Internet of Things from the edge to the cloud network. It is one of the best services to collect information from noisy data and manage it befittingly. It continuously monitors the security mechanism and audits security configuration as a preventive mechanism. Because of its artificial intelligence, you will get notifications if any anomalies of security. For machine learning, it uses Amazon Kinesis and cameras.

Insights of Amazon IoT
  • Amazon Web services Internet of Things customers use industrial IoT to monitor remote operations.
  • AWS IoT service is highly economical for developing home automation, security, and networking.
  • With this Internet of Things platform, You can develop commercial IoT applications like traffic monitoring, health monitoring, and public safety.
  • It has the combination of three essentials which are data services, control services, and device software.
  • If you want to work with Big Data Migration, then Amazon Web service internet could be one of your best IoT partners.

More Info About This Platform

3. Microsoft Azure IoT

The Microsoft Azure IoT protocol collects Microsoft-managed cloud services to control, monitor, and connect the billions of Internet of Things assets. To make things happen, it empowers industries and businesses to shape things for the future. If you watch the radio industry with the working leader of IoT, you can use the Microsoft Azure IoT cloud platform. It is a platform that is access level to all organizations. You can work with Azure tools and devices to achieve your IoT goals for data analysis and security enhancement. Microsoft invests a lot in the research of the Internet of Things.

Microsoft Azure IoT

Insights of Microsoft Azure IoT Platform
  • The development of Internet of Things applications offers developers a wide range of learning materials, information, and resources.
  • It offers various APIs like map solutions, mobility solutions, and statistical analysis.
  • It provides end-to-end security features and unique features for intelligence solutions by replacing real physical space.
  • You can call it an IoT hub for managing, connecting, and coordinating billion IoT devices.
  • Using the standard case template, it customizes various industrial solutions as the Internet of Things applications.
  • For cloud technology transformation, Microsoft as Uri is one of the most suitable IoT platforms.

More Info About This Platform

4. ThingWorx IoT Platform

ThingWorx IoT Platform is one of the best Internet of Things platforms connected with cloud technology. It is designed for rapidly developing industrial IoT solutions. You should use a purposeful industrial applications solution platform to build a powerful industrial reality.ThingWorx has the flexibility and functionality which are needed for rapid ROI. This Platform offers a complete set of critical IoT capabilities to design your digital transformation.

ThingWorx IoT Platform

ThingWorx uses customer relationship management software or expert resources planning Software to connect your assets, devices, and IT/OT assistance from edge computing to the cloud network. It leverages your physical systems by building data-driven applications like 3D geometry. It delivers real-time inside complex analytical processes and provides predictions and recommendations to its users.

Insights of ThingWorx
  • It enables remote troubleshooting to prevent downtime in your performance, and with new digital tools, it empowers new technicians.
  • Based on the completeness of platform capabilities, this Platform is considered a leading industry analyst.
  • ThingWorx revised tutorials of video guides and Software trails to help the developer of IoT projects.
  • It is popularly known for connecting unconnected assets into intelligent connected products.
  • It is compatible with many other applications.

More Info About This Platform

5. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is another Internet of Things platform to secure, connect, manage, and analyze IoT data. It combines real-time data collection, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to reduce waste and prepare a consistent product. Easton platform effectively changes the physical business model and explores the newest solutions like “as a service.” It provides analytical functions using artificial intelligence driving analytics and visualization to augment, enrich and gain insight from data.

IBM Watson

Insights of IBM Watson
  • IBM Watson maintains vehicle solutions like automobiles, aircraft, and railcar sectors.
  • To reduce downtime and maintenance, IBM Watson has prepared flexible AI-powered technologies like manufacturing, processing, power generation, and transmission.
  • Making informed decisions enables building efficient construction with real-time data using artificial intelligence.
  • Providing preventive and targeted maintenance is protecting critical infrastructure like highways and bridges with digital monitoring.
  • It is compatible with artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud technologies.

More Info About This Platform

6. Cisco Kinetic

To unlock the power of IoT data security, Cisco has developed an excellent platform to get the correct data at the right time. Cisco Kinetic ensures low energy cost, secured data interaction, and performs predictive maintenance. It is used for collecting data and moving where challenges are more. It is highly effective for industrial applications to drive operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and grow revenue.

Cisco Kinetic

Insight of Cisco Kinetic
  • Cisco Kinetic cost in the oil and cost as the field increases worker safety.
  • It is suitable for any business to crore revenue and reduces costs.
  • Cisco Kinetic works with three model architectures: the gateway management module, Edge and Fog Processing Module, and Data Control Module.
  • It connects end-to-end solutions by managing control, video surveillance, and sensor integration to meet the growing business need.
  • Cisco Kinetic offers many learning tools, video tutorials, and datasheets.

More Info About This Platform

7. HPE Universal IoT Platform

HPE Universal IoT  Cloud Platform is one of the best platforms to connect, simplify and accelerate your IoT application. Which Platform will get the vertical, client-agnostic, and industry solutions which are versatile modular, and scalable? This HPE connectivity is excellent for service management and data acquisition. It operates vertical applications like the machine to machine devices from anywhere in the world. It is an excellent application for monetization in the IoT market. You can simultaneously manage the heterogeneous data set on different devices, like various gateways, devices, and sensors.

HPE Universal IoT Platform

Insights of HPE Universal
  • HPE Universal IoT Platform is a vendor-independent platform.
  • It increases production uptime and minimizes the operational cost.
  • It marge data stream, optimize acquired data and connect with multiple protocols.
  • Because of the rigorous security of data and devices, it protects those.
  • It improves industrial operation and connects devices across vast areas.

More Info About This Platform

8. Salesforce IoT Cloud

Salesforce is one of the best cloud service providers. But this company also offers an IoT cloud platform service. It is used to monetize the investment in IoT by connecting sales, marketing, accounts, and various departments. Moreover, it is integrated with CRM software. It can gather data from connected devices and has the opportunity to optimize the current organization.

This cloud software is based on sales management.

Insights of Salesforce
  • Salesforce is the connecting device that connects customers and helpfully supports them.
  • Please open your eyes to see the real business opportunities and actual uses of IoT, and it creates a more increasing experience for your connected product.
  • Salesforce provides real-time insight and customer behavior experience through IoT devices that monetize your business.
  • You are creating a device profile to conserve your customer better through various high-quality CRM.
  • It can visualize all of your IoT devices in a single place so you can create a database or dashboard to provide better customer service.

More Info About SalseForce CRM

9. Datav by Bsquare

Datav by Bsquare is one of the best IoT platforms for IoT developers. They have more than two decay experiences in developing intelligent systems, devices, and edge to cloud solutions. It has various popular products like The B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite, B2IQ Cloud Base, B2IQ Edge, Edge Modules, B2IQ Utilities, B2IQ Imaging and Recovery Tools, B2IQ Field Upgrade Tool, and Bsquare Knows Embedded Engineering.

Datav by Bsquare

Insight of Datav
  • Datav supports all other IoT Cloud  Platforms.
  • They are a member of Fortune 500 companies for their IoT engineering service.
  • Bsquare Edge Modules accelerate different sectors like
  • Industrial assets, automotive assets, and Canbus connector for diesel assets.
  • It Can be controlled remotely and store messages when offline.

10. Mindsphere by Siemens

Mindsphere is one of the best cloud-based open IoT systems developed by Siemens. It connects different systems, plants, and machines to harness the wealth of Internet-generated data. It is widely used for digital India prices and cutting-edge technologies. Mindsphere is an open platform (PaaS) service accessible to different cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Amazon Web services. For the business’s success, it provides many powerful industrial applications and digital services connected to the digital world.

Mindsphere by Siemens

Insights of Mindsphere
  • Mindsphere develops robust industrial IT solutions.
  • It has native cloud accessibility to open platform-as-a-service.
  • It offers closed-loop innovation, advanced analytics, and end-to-end digital twins.
  • There is a broad spectrum of MindSphere APIs, Data visualization, and exploration.

More Info About This Platform

11. Ayla Network by Ayla

Ayla Network by Ayla is another IoT platform famous for Device Virtualization and Management Platform. It has three components like Ayla Embedded Agents, Device Virtualization and Management, and Data and Applications. This Platform has a complete solution to manage and connect all the applications according to your needs. It provides flexible options for security and edge device networking.

Insights of Ayla
  • The pre-built embedded agent for Wi-Fi, cellular, and gateway devices reduces the time and cost of maintenance.
  • It supports almost all IoT connectivity options and operating systems like Android, Linux, and RTOS.
  • It provides OTA capability at the enterprise scale.
  • Ayla offers robust device management capabilities, monitoring, and firmware updates.
  • The powerful tool of Ayla unlocks your business value from device data through various analyses and application development.
  • This Platform also has solutions for mobile and web white-level applications, use cases, Field service, and mobile geofencing.

More Info About This Platform

12. Bosch IoT Suite

Bosch IoT Suite is a platform as a service. This open IoT cloud platform is available for all domains. This Platform provides middleware service to build any sophisticated applications from top to bottom. Bosch IoT Suite offers standard and modern security mechanisms and data protection for its uses. It is an open-source platform and flexible to all types of its developer. It allows you to realize the innovative business model to create cross-domain applications and various IoT applications. The cloud service of the Bosch IoT Suite meets the requirement to develop IoT projects. Dosa deposits are cost-effective based on development, hosting, and maintenance.

Bosch IoT Suite

Insight of Bosch IoT Suite
  • Bosch IoT Suite can manage devices likefiguration, monitoring, and remote maintenance.
  • They are good at software management, like updating Software and making IoT gateways and devices.
  • They offer the service of digital twins like the digital revolution of physical devices, API-based devices, and Ellipse Voroto information models.
  • You will get different connectivity and commuting gateway aviation like telemetry ingestion, control message, and a gateway.

More Info About This Platform

13. Carriots IoT Platform

Carriots is into the Internet of Things platform designed for tomorrow’s innovations based on today’s needs. It is a platform as a service designed to communicate with machine-to-machine and various digital politics. It allows the user to store data from different devices, create beautiful applications and deploy prototypes to various devices. Its services include a custom control panel, user management, API key management, customer hierarchy level, debug and log.

Carriots IoT Platform

Insights of Carriots
  • Carriots are capable of making it bright and intelligent for storage.
  • Using Carriots, you will get comprehensive data protection across cloud and on-premise environments.
  • It supports various IoT hardware like Arduino Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, CubieBoard, TST Gate, TST Mote, Cloudgate, and Nanode.
  • The Zero learning curve makes modern programming features available to Java developers.
  • It can control various connected machines, scripts, devices, and remote control apps.
  • It is specialized in fast prototyping, reducing IT infrastructure costs, and saving development time.

14. Oracle Integrated Cloud

One of the largest IoT platforms we have ever discussed is Oracle Integrated Cloud. When you mention any name regarding the database, the first name that comes to your mind is Oracle. Since Oracle offers an IoT cloud platform, they can integrate easily with the database, retrieve data for analysis and find your desired solution. The security measure of this Platform is also vital. It is a faster time to value your IoT solution. The ROI of Oracle is also high. With its ready-to-use Software, it empowers your line of business.

Insight of Oracle Cloud Platform
  • Oracle Integrated Cloud offers IoT ready-to-use Software as a service (SaaS).
  • It helps to overcome the challenges of your industry by using IoT.
  • Digital manufacturing provides opportunities for digital manufacturing.
  • Using the blockchain offers enterprise-ready applications.
  • Besides industrial applications, it also offers many Home-based IoT applications.

More Info About This Platform

15. General Electric’s Predix

General Electric’s Predix is another IoT Platform used for industrial applications. It has generated the idea of working as a Platform as a service. GE mainly focuses on industrial IoT as a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium. It connects, scales, and optimizes your business application. The cost of General Electric’s Predix IoT cloud platform is paying as you go.

General Electric’s Predix

Insight of General Electric’s Predix
  • General Electric’s Predix is a defense in depth in almost every layer.
  • Predix platform is asset-centric, whereas the past and present conditions and forecast for the future.
  • It provides a rich analytical library to detect and predictvides IoT visibility and event management.
  • Without the need for custom software app management.
  • Finally, it is a complete solution for event management and industrial monitoring.

More Info About This Platform

16. MBED IoT Device Platform

MBED IoT Device platform is an IoT Operating system designed for internet-connected 32 bit ARM Cortex-M microcontroller. It conforms to IoT device development quicker. MBED IoT helps to take a product from the prototype. It is used worldwide for intelligent architecture, industrial control, and consumer electronics.

MBED IoT Device Platform

Insight of MBED
  • MBED has more than 400000 community developers, 150 development boards, and thousands of codes example.
  • You will get professional support to make your product market faster.
  • It is an open-source IoT operating system taking the help of BLE, NFC, NBIoT, LoRaWAN, and other communications stacks.
  • Several IoT projects of this Platform are Soil Moisture Sensor, Waste Management, Anybus Wireless Bolt, and PlacePod Parking Sensor.

More Info About This Platform

17. LTI’s Mosaic IoT Platform

The Platform LTI’s Mosaic offers its users IoT connectivity, data engineering, advanced analytics, knowledge-led automation, and improved solution experience. It enables the organization for decisions making and undertaking initiatives for business transformation. It helps to intersect the physical device with the digital world.

LTI’s Mosaic IoT Platform

Insight of LTI’s IoT
  • Mosaic provides a semantic search and efficient cognitive discovery engine with multiple facets.
  • It can connect, capture, integrate, and analytics of the fabric Mosaic ecosystem.
  • With the help of AI recommendation, drag and drop visualization analyzed KPI and point and click analysis, and it empowers the business.
  • Some other functions are sensor and gateway implementation, embedded software development, IoT cloud platform integration and implementation, and BI application development integration.

More Info About This Platform

18. Alibaba IoT Architecture

The Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba also offers IoT Architecture to develop IoT applications. It has a bridge between the IoT application with the IoT application. It provides an accurate solution and analysis of the business. The cloud platform of Alibaba allows stable communication between various devices and the IoT platform. It offers a high range of security like Device Authentication, Secure Communication, and Permission Management.

Alibaba IoT Architecture

Insight of Alibaba IoT Architecture
  • Alibaba IoT Architecture supports networks like 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, and Lora.
  • It provides SDKs such as CoAP, MQTT, and HTTP to enable device access based on different protocols.
  • It supports different languages, such as Node.js, C, and Java.
  • You can initiate Machine to Machine communication with this IoT platform.
  • Some IoT projects of this Platform are Bicycle Sharing, Energy Monitoring, Smart Cities, and Smart Classrooms.

More Info About This Platform

19. SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

SAP Internet of Things platform is another best platform for the industrial developer. They provide real-time intelligence from IoT-connected devices and sensors. Based on the unified symmetric model, it enriches your data within a business context. It turns insight into outcomes by applying business rules as a stream. In the line of business application, it triggers event-based action. While accessing IoT data helps to gain real-time insight.

SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

Insight of SAP Leonardo Internet of Things
  • SAP IoT Platform converts sensor data into intelligence and provides real-time insight.
  • Recognizing the data pattern defines a sophisticated business model.
  • It updates, executes, and deploys to provide predictive analysis.
  • It enables end-to-end data security to be secure from data consumption.
  • Many big organizations are the client of the SAP IoT Platform.

20. Hitachi Lumada IoT

Hitachi Lumada IoT is another best IoT Platform that can accelerate your thinking of the Internet. It is an advanced digital service and technology for turning your data into insight. The words “Lumada” arise from the words “illuminate” and “data.” With the spread of IoT, the propagation of data has increased. It is creating innovation with new technology. It consists of the core of platform service, implementation of digital technology, and advanced solutions.

Hitachi Lumada IoT

Insight of Hitachi Lumada IoT
  • Lumada IoT consists of six main layers: Edge, Core, Studio, Data Management, Analytics, and Foundry.
  • This Platform is secure, intelligent, composable, and flexible.
  • It provides a one-stop digital solution with cutting-edge analytics and asset management functions.
  • With Dynamic Scheduling and optimization, Lumada tackles the most significant manufacturing floor issues.

More Info About This Platform

21. Xively Internet of Things Platform

Xively is a product of Google Cloud. In the year 2014, it received the best cloud-based technology for mobile. They also enable their customers to serve with IoT. This IoT platform makes the system more impactful, elegant, and profitable for your business. It can reduce your IoT development cost.

Xively Internet of Things Platform

Insight of Xively
  • Xively connect products more securely and quickly.
  • They engage customers in new ways.
  • The former name of Xively was Cosm and Pachube.
  • This IoT cloud platform supports Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.
  • This professional service helps to support numerous companies in deploying IoT-connected products.

More Info About This Platform

22. Orcha Internet of Things Platform

If you are prepared for the digital era, you can use the Orcha Internet of Things platform. It is an excellent platform for the innovation of business. It expands your channel by developing various types of Internet of Things solutions. Expanding your market globally helps to innovate, deploy and manage services. The SOA principle delivers a robust framework for the foundation and development. According to their thinking, it is high time to “kick off your connected environment with Globeto’s IoT event processor.”

Orcha Internet of Things Platform

Insights of Orcha
  • Orcha has years of telecommunication network management experience supporting your innovative IoT system.
  • They are famous for micro billing and revenue assurance to their customers.
  • Integrating with your VAS partner program can grow your business with Orcha IoT and PaaS.
  • Using Orcha, you will get several benefits, like complex event processing, a single Windows solution, and proven scale support.
  • You can configure the alert system based on your defined rules, and you report through the dashboard.
  • The costing is based on real-time uses.

More Info About This Platform

23. Eclipse Open Source Platform

It will be my fault if I do not discuss the importance. Open-source Internet of Things protocol which is the Eclipse open-source IoT platform. It also provides the required technology which is required for developing IoT solutions. Since it is an open-source platform, therefore, it has a large number of communities. The Eclipse IoT committee has lots of IoT projects which are also based on cloud platforms. The IoT cloud platform represents the required infrastructure and software services for the IoT solution.

Eclipse Open Source Platform

Insights of Eclipse Cloud IoT Platform
  • Eclipse IoT platform is the open-source component for IoT devices.
  • It helps to implement the MQTT IoT protocol.
  • With this IoT cloud platform, you can manage remote solutions like monitoring battery levels and checking security.
  • With the existing IoT application Cloud Platform, IoT will facilitate the interoperability of the IoT solution.
  • A modular platform like Eclipse Kapua helps manage IoT gateways and intelligent edge devices.

More Info About This Platform

24. IoT Platform

If you want to connect your Internet of Things products within a minute, may be the best solution. You will get to manage, scale, and protect your IoT product, which is one of the best IoT platforms on this Platform. To connect millions of IoT devices, they offer ready-to-go cloud infrastructure. It is also an open-source IoT cloud platform, so you can install this Software to your cloud storage and use the source libraries easily. IoT Platform

Insight of IoT Platform
  • IoT Platform is an open-source cloud IoT platform.
  • It requires a single line code to turn on the light from the Internet or read a sensor value.
  • With this Open source IoT Cloud Platform, you can connect anything like Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, and Intel Edison.
  • The IoT developers can register here as a free account to get many IoT projects.
  • They also offer hosted cloud infrastructure for speed, scalability, and security.
  • They adopt new technologies, so they provide you with excellent coding experience.

More Info About This Platform

25. OpenIoT

Due to platform independence, the Internet of Things has become one of the essential elements of the technology world. OpenIoT is another important platform for IoT users/developers. This open-source IoT platform is easy to use and can connect with all the sensors. To enable access to all the IoT resources, this Platform works as a natural extension. It integrates utility-based models with security, service, and cloud computing.

Insight of OpenIoT
  • The OpenIoT is capable of building smart cities with crowdsensing and monitoring.
  • A group of academic researchers leads this open-source IoT cloud platform.
  • Since 2012 it has been glowing its light for developing IoT solutions.
  • This open IoT Platform is used in different ways, such as sensors, actuators, and intelligent devices.
  • You can use this service pay-as-you-go.

26. ThingSpeak

ThingSpeak is another excellent IoT cloud Platform for developing IoT projects. Using MATLAB, it has developed various projects. Some of the projects include real-time sensor data collection, monitoring data quality sensors, and energy monitoring. It is also used for energy monitoring.


Insight of ThingSpeak
  • ThingSpeak collects data on private channels.
  • It also shares data with public channels.
  • You can use the RESTful and MQTT APIs.
  • Also suitable for MATLAB® analytics and visualizations.
  • Very good for the event schedule.

More Info About This Platform

27. RTI IoT Platform

If you think of industrial Internet of Things implementation, then the RTI IoT cloud Platform may suit you. It allows connecting machines and using the mobile application. It connects clouds, fog, and various fields. RTI is also suitable for medical science and imaging. Besides that, this Platform can be used for Oil and Gas, robotics, ships, and defense. Some RTI IoT Platform customers are Audi, Volkswagen, Joy Global, BK Medical, Siemens, GE, DocBox, Insitu, and Lockheed Martin.

RTI IoT Platform

Insight of RTI IoT Platform
  • The RTI connects industrial applications with cloud IoT systems.
  • It connects with Cloud IoT, fog computing, and edge computing by facing critical challenges like latency, network bandwidth, and security/privacy.
  • It also supports peer-to-peer data interconnectivity and analytics.

More Info About This Platform


ZATAR is a new cloud-based infrastructure that provides the IoT Platform. It lets you connect quickly and collaborate with other enterprises to create a meaningful application. The open API of ZATAR can be used to get real-time insight. ZATAR technology, like barcodes, RFID, and sensors, is already dominating the existing market. This powerful IoT cloud platform is also suitable for small business solutions.


Insight of ZATAR
  • ZATAR is the first ARM mbed-enabled IoT cloud service which provides Chip-To-Cloud Standards-Based IoT Cloud Service.
  • Zatar applications are one system but have an infinite solution.
  • It supports both the Equipment & Machinery industry and Heavy vehicles.
  • It provides several services like System Integration, Hardware Development, and Software Development.

Get IoT OS

29. Tuya IoT Platform

Tuya is the industry-leading IoT cloud platform that enables you to develop various IoT projects. It is a one-stop marketing and purchasing platform for making high-quality IoT intelligent products. It supports the massive product warehouse, quality assurance, standard management, and intelligent application with one app.

Tuya IoT Platform

Insight of Tuya IoT Platform
  • Tuya IoT Cloud Platform is the world’s fastest secure IoT cloud platform.
  • It offers one customized app for all the applications.
  • It also supports GPRS Embedded Modules, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee for Any Device.

More Info About This Platform

30. Dell Edge IoT Platform

The final IoT platform to discuss is Dell, already known for its computer hardware accessories. However, in the competition of the IoT market, you can use the Dell platform because of its faster and safer capability. The edge computing of Dell allows you to go ahead in the sector of edge IoT. It helps you in four ways: Architect for flexibility at scale, Protect your operations, Harness the data deluge, and Rely on trusted expertise.

Dell Edge IoT Platform

Insight of Dell Edge IoT Platform
  • Dell is now investing a lot in developing smart cities and public utilities.
  • To serve the customer in a better way, this IoT service also incorporates the retail business.
  • The monitoring of the manufacturing sector increased the quality of production.

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Final Thought

After this long article, there is no need to describe which one is the best IoT platform. Every IoT company has several features and capabilities. Moreover, the relative factor-like the best IoT, depends on interpersonal relations among various systems, implementation or service costs, and security. Accessibility and low cost are other factors in becoming the best IoT Platform.

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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