Top 21 Best CRM Software for Small Business 2023

CRM Software is a customer relationship management software used for supply chain management. To automate your startup or small Business, use the best modernization tool to use your time, space, and effort. To do so, people generally use CRM software to reduce the hassle. It will undoubtedly return you more than your actual expenditure; however, you must need CRM software to manage your stakeholders from a single platform. This article will discuss details of customer relationship management software, its benefits, implementation, platform it requires, required efficacy, and finally, the cost of the top 21 CRM with adequate review.

What is CRM

Customer Relationship Management or CRM combines business strategies, processes, contract databases, and supply chain product ordering processes with the profile of suppliers, customers, and other related stakeholders. It is a technique and tool used by organizations for retaining, developing, and acquiring customers. To increase overall profit, this CRM system ensures every step of the interaction. It gathers the customer’s data from various sources. It stores detailed information about purchase history, purchasing behavior, and personal information.

Benefits of CRM

Customer relationship management is an automated software that provides various benefits. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • CRM collaborates with all the contract databases of customers.
  • It helps to keep notes, comments, and other vital things after the conversation.
  • Automatically pop up during the date of follow-up.
  • Manage sales, leads, and value customers through it.
  • It is all one option for supply chain and sales management.

Best CRM Criteria

There are hundreds of CRM software all over the internet world. It would be a great help to find the suitable one for you in our discussion. But finding the best one may be difficult for you because the CRM is vital to me and emphasizes several factors to become best for you, such as the availability of source code, customization facility, hosting nature, price, and many more. Please remember your time and information about the customer is more important than money. So our recommendation is not always run for the free one.

It Small Business

In writing regarding CRM Software for small businesses in our discussions, a little business is working inside my mind, which is low cost or free of charge. Since the company’s nature is minor, searching for free CRM Software for small businesses is possible. However, I will elaborate on the CRM details to find the best suitable customer relationship software for you.

1. EngageBay

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing suite that includes sales CRM. The company started to aid small businesses and startups looking for marketing and sales software without high prices. Their services are broken into three main products: Marketing Bay, Sales Bay with CRM, and Service Bay.

EngageBay CRM for Small Business

Marketing Bay
Marketing Bay is all about promoting your company’s products and services. EngageBay’s integrated platform includes a slew of marketing features, among them video marketing templates, automated SMS marketing, and site messaging for follow-ups. Intelligent push notifications ensure your messages reach the right audience segments when they need to see the message the most.

Scheduling social media posts frees up your time, as does further automation such as events tracking, data syncing, and email marketing. EngageBay’s selection of landing page templates is another way to attract new customers. You can also use the platform to make your landing pages.

Sales Bay
Within the Sales, Bay is the array of tools you need to make your sales team more efficient and results-driven. This is also where you’ll find EngageBay’s free CRM. You never have to pay for this, even if you use only the CRM and no other features.
Through EngageBay’s CRM, you can access a sales dashboard with sales performances, active and closed tasks, won and lost deals, and a comprehensive deals funnel. Also within the Sales Bay are features like contact management, appointment scheduling, and targeted marketing.

Service Bay
That brings us to Service Bay, EngageBay’s product, for a fantastic customer experience every time. With a helpdesk-based approach, you can create support macros to use as time-saving shortcuts the next time you have a similar query. A support group lets you sort through multiple tickets simultaneously, segmenting like ones.

Routing and automation services save you time and ensure all your customer concerns get addressed. EngageBay even lets you create instant responses in the Service Bay that you can send out when necessary. Detailed reporting through a module lets you see which areas of your sales, marketing, and customer service you excel at.

At current, EngageBay has four pricing plans to choose from. You will get different types of plans with this Small Business CRM. The pricing is:

  • Free Plan
  • The basic plan at $8.99 a month,
  • Growth plan at $29.99 a month,
  • Pro plan at $47.99 a month.
    *Each plan is per User. The Free plan nets you these features:
  • Live chat
  • CRM
  • Landing pages
  • Lead grabbers
  • Email broadcasting
  • AutorespondersYou also get 1,000 monthly contacts and 1,000 branded emails for free.
  • With the Pro plan, you upgrade to 15,000 monthly contacts and 10,000 branded emails. Included also are all the Free plan features as well as:
  • A tag manager
  • Social suite
  • Integrations with your favorite software, tools, and apps
  • SMS marketing services
  • Lead scoring
  • Landing page builder
  • Web pop-ups
  • Email templates

Consider the Growth plan with 25,000 branded monthly emails and 50,000 contacts as your small business expands. These features are added to your plan:

  • Proposals
  • Service Automation
  • Custom domain
  • A/B testing for landing pages and broadcasting
  • Push notifications
  • Marketing automation

If you need unlimited contacts, you can only get that through the Pro plan. This also boasts 50,000 branded monthly emails. With every feature above afforded to you, the following perks are also exclusive to the Pro plan:

  •  Phone support
  • Uptime SLA
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Custom reporting
  • Role management
  • Proposal analytics
  • Marketing automation services

2. Contract

Contracts is a wonderful customer database maker for your small business.Contracts are an excellent customer database maker for your small Business. If you are considering developing a more manageable contract database with your customer, you can pick this Google product. It has both Android and web applications to optimize. The automatic sync facilities of the Contract will reduce your work hassle.


  • Contract sync your mobile app and web application simultaneously.
  • It backup your Contract and syncs all most all of your devices.
  • You can easily add the contract number, email, company, and designation using a contract.
  • If you provide the email ID, it automatically syncs all the required data.
  • You also get suggestions to add the Contract, clean duplicate Contracts, and keep a note about details of the conversation.
  • It allows you to export and import bulk amounts of contracts simultaneously.
  • You can create a project-wise database.
  • You can oversee the interaction of previous communication with the previous Contract in a single go.
  • If you can customize the Contracts properly, you can use them as CRM Software for small businesses.

3. Highrise CRM

Highrise CRM is a solid application to manage all of your contacts for the selling purpose.Highrise CRM is a solid application to manage all your contacts for selling. It provides up to 30000 customer contact lists to store free of cost. This free software suits nonprofit organizations, freelancers, and small business organizations.

Highrise is relatively easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. So with a single click, you will get all the required information. It can integrate with ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, FreshBooks, Mailchimp, Shopify, Trello, and Wufoo.

4. Clevertim 

Clevertim keeps your contract in place and leads sales also from that place.Clevertim keeps your Contract in place and leads sales also from that place. It tracks and organizes your sales opportunities and manage your task, reminder, and follows ups. As a small business owner, you can easily maintain this CRM software.

Some user-friendly features are contact and company account management, sales opportunity management, case management, task meeting reminder management, offline file storage organizer, email integration via the Clevertim Dropbox, and flexible and Powerful customized field.

5. Insightly

Insightly is a modern customer relationship platform to grow your business without any tension.Insightly is a modern customer relationship platform to grow your Business without tension. At present, the customer also wants a relationship rather transaction. If a customer feels poorly treated, they will leave you anytime.

So if you create an engaging experience with customers, then segmentation of customers and engaging the audience will be much easier. This CRM software provides integrated voice telephony solutions to leverage CRM data.

6. Vtiger

Vtiger is the unified CRM that break silos between different module to offer a comprehensive view to customers.Vtiger is the unified CRM that break silos between different module to offer a comprehensive view to customers. It is a beautiful CRM software that keeps in sync with its team. It collaborates and crafts data from various sources, increasing customer experience and revenue.

Though Vtiger CRM is a single product, having many facilities. It helps to find the best lead, understand customers better, forecast sales accurately, and boost your teams. It is suitable for SaaS and Cloud hosting also.

7. OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM is one of the most powerful CRM beyond imagination.OnePageCRM is one of the most powerful CRM beyond imagination. The more action is made, the more sales will happen. OnePageCRM helps to occur, making more actions. It is perfect to sync all of your apps. 

The vital collaboration facilities, like the total sales teamwork as one, make it unique. You can leave notes, comments, and other required information for future reference. The other features of OnePageCRM include contracts, email, automation, pipeline, reporting, and many more.

8. Hubspot CRM Software

Hubspot CRM Software Reviewed as Small Business CRMHubspot CRM Software is a prominent CRM software for managing small businesses. Initially, it was developed for sales and inbound marketing. The graduate students of MIT in the year 2004 developed the idea. After gaining popularity, they expand their Business.

HubSpot CRM has many features, like phone integration, email connection, and company database. The other features include drag-and-drop communication, marketing sync, sidekick integration, and customized view. Hubspot CRM Software has become much more famous for its small business service.

9. SugarCRM

SugarCRM featuresSugarCRM is a California-based software company developing customer relationships, web applications, and community edition CRM software. It offers numerous third-party integration software and facilities to its users. It was famous for its community edition features, which are presently closed.

SugarCRM is a software service. But it provides both online and offline facilities. Initially, SugarCRM started its Business as open-source software later, and they went for the paid version. Some features include a role-based view, 60 GB storage, product-level quote, SQL-based reporting access, and advanced workflow.

10. Salesforce Cloud CRM

Salesforce Cloud-Based CRMquip

Salesforce Cloud CRM is one of the best proficient cloud-based CRM to manage your sales and customers. It leverages customer data, sales, marketing, transaction analysis, and product management. It is one of the initiators of the CRM movement.

Salesforce Cloud CRM allows users to use the calendar, contacts, tasks, and emails. It generates reports quickly and ensures the fastest communication among its users. It is the Optimus software for progress monitoring, sales, and closure. 

11. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM SoftwareZoho CRM is one of the best cloud-based multichannel customer relationship management software. It is unique because of the business intelligence and high-power cloud engine. It helps to make interact with potential and present customers. Though it is an Indian software, no one can doubt its performance. 

Zoho approaches managing its customer differently. It analyses customers’ data, their habits, and their purchasing behavior. This software follows different communication channels to communicate with customers, like live chat, website, telephone, email, and social media. It is famous for cloud-based multichannel CRM software.

 12. Act! Essentials

Act! Essentials is a very simple CRM to collaborate with small businesses.Act! Essentials is a straightforward CRM to collaborate with small businesses. It is a cost-effective way to get started, stay connected, and look professional. It can easily consolidate and manage contracts, history, and notes to connect all customers from everywhere. 

Act! Essentials allow you to upload unlimited contracts without any cost. You can email up to 500 contracts as many times as you want in the same way. According to Weebly, they did not recommend this CRM to their readers.

Why Act? Essentials?

Act! Essentials is another best CRM for small businesses in 2023. You can use this online relationship if you want significant results with a small investment. If you are determined to use CRM for your enterprise, you can choose Act! Essentials because they offer a wide range of pricing options and features.

This best CRM for small companies will offer you to run CRM and marketing companies together. This tool turns your leads into selling. You will be more organized with Act! Essentials customer relationship management software.

Suppose the most critical customer calls you are not at your office then. But if you have a robust web-based customer relationship management software, you can answer all the questions and refer to the previous discussion; without asking any father questions, you can read your customer’s mind. It will help you a lot to satisfy your big customer. Customers will feel good, and they will trust you more.

Product Overview

  • Act! Essentials are the best CRM for smb. We can preserve all discussions in this customer relationship management software.
  • Your marketing will be on a single platform.
  • The resources of Act! Essentials are vibrant. You will get a lot of guidelines.
  • Act! Essentials offer video training, so there is no additional cost of training for your employees.

Pricing of Act! Essentials

This best CRM platform offers four types of pricing.

  • Starter: $25 AUD/NZD/+GST user/mo
  • Professional: AUD 37.50/NZD/+GST user/mo
  • Premier: $67.50 AUD/NZD/+GST user/mo
  • Ultimate: AUD 150/NZD/+GST user/mo

Free Trial: Act! Essentials offer 14 days free trial.

13. Capsule CRM

If you dream to be more organize, collaborate and make more sales you can go for Capsule CRM.Now the time of fragmented customer information on a spreadsheet is over. If you dream of being more organized, collaborating, and making more sales, you can go for Capsule CRM. Capsule CRM gives you a team and a complete view of customers. It also helps you give your customers more time to increase sales.

A thousand users use Capsule CRM every day. This application also has a mobile application. Connect Capsule to your favorite application like G Suite, mail champ, and zendisk. It brings everyone on the same page, making managing a sales pipeline and generating reports easier.

Why Capsule CRM?

Capsule CRM is one of the best innovative and straightforward online CRM for small businesses that build strong customer relationship management and saves time. It will help you to be more organized by gathering information on one platform. You will be the tailor of your sales pipeline, and you will control that easily.

The help of insightful reports of these cloud-based CRM solutions for small businesses will help you make better decisions. It will set a network around your team so that information will be at your fingertips. It integrates with popular applications like G Suite, Xero, Mailchimp, and many more.

Capsule CRM supports Android and iPhone to organize your customer information. You can pick your business needs from their excellent features—the caller ID is like Truecaller. Keep a note on your CRM after a call.

Product Overview:

  • Capsule CRM is fantastic contract management so that you can communicate with your customers more flexibly.
  • You can control your day task and schedule with the help of the calendar application of this software.
  • You can manage your team and display different data types for better assimilation.
  • The powerful business report insight helps your higher authority to make an accurate decision at the right time.
  • The immediate boss can see sales opportunities and updates at a glance.
  • Capsule CRM is one of the best CRM systems for small businesses to customize their requirement.

Pricing of Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM has four types of pricing.

  • Enterprise: $ 36 /user per month
  • Teams: $ 36 /user per month
  • Professional: $ 18 /user per month
  • Free: $ 0 /user per month

Free Trial: Capsule CRM offers 30 days trial period

14. Solve CRM

Solve CRM is famous for its service management, sales, and scheduling.Solve CRM is famous for its service management, sales, and scheduling. It migrated all its work, like record keeping, communication, and information sharing, to mobile. Because automated work improves consistency, it allows you to move away from paper, spreadsheets, excessive calling, and unloved software. 

Solve CRM also helps to centralize Google Calendar and Google Email history across the entire domain. It also customizes to capture the correct info and then leverages with the proper renowned search and report builders. Solve thousands of well-run businesses that trust CRM.

Why Solve CRM?

You may use Solve CRM if you believe managing the customer is the most challenging job in the world. Solve CRM makes your job easy because it is the best CRM for small businesses. It is renowned for its Service management.

Solve makes your job easy by doing simple tasks like Recordkeeping, scheduling, information sharing, communication, etc. Its centralized data pays off big time. If you use this software, teams will earn more 5-star reviews.

Solve CRM is workable on your mobile phone. Moreover, it integrates with Google Calendar to share your information. It also has coordination with your Google Mail.

Product Overview

  • Solve CRM is workable on your desktop Android and iPhone devices.
  • You can have a free trial.

Pricing for Solve CRM

  • Only $25/month per User

Free Trial: Solve CRM offers 14 days of a free trial.

15. Nimble CRM

Nimble CRM is one of the simple and smart CRM that works for your small business.Agile CRM is a simple and innovative CRM that works for your small Business. It collaborates to create a contract, Access Company and contract insight, and manage dales within the existing workflow. It saves your time by automatically building your Contract.

Nimble CRM also updates social media profile information, business insight, verified contract data, and many more. Because of generating business data and social insight, it nurtured the relationship. It is a game-changer CRM, so maintaining social networks and relationships is more accessible.

Why Nimble?

Agile is one of the best CRM databases for small businesses. It is effortless by Smart for the g suite and Office 365 teams. It is more user-friendly than your imagination.

This medium Business CRM software offers the easiest way to manage your customer with this customer relationship management software. You will get many relationships, opportunities, and achievements to reach your goal.

The lucrative dashboard of Nimble allows you to organize your pipeline, schedule your appointment, perform your task ok, and manage the social signals. 

In the relationship management feature, you can unify your contact data. For example, it automatically combines your social media contract, mobile phone contract inboxes, and schedule from the Android calendar application. You can collaborate with over 160 apps with this unified relationship management software.

Nimble allows you to stay more organized by sending the group image and taking action appropriatelyThis leading CRM software lets you follow up on your schedule and tasks.

Manage your team’s to-do list with its powerful dashboard. So you will be ready for everything to work smarter everywhere. 

Product Overview

  • Nimble organizes your Contract from unified history.
  • It allows us to work from anywhere.
  • You can track your team’s activity online.
  • You also can manage your process.
  • Because of those regions, it has become one of the best web-based CRM for small businesses.

Pricing of Nimble

  • Agile Business: $19/ Per User per month

Free Trial: Nimble offers 14 Days free trial.

16. Batchbook CRM / PipelineDeals

Batchbook CRM is an integrated system that is dedicated to managing relationships with customers.Batchbook CRM is an integrated system dedicated to managing customer relationships. This social CRM is designed to help customers, particularly in medium-sized businesses. It manages customer information and turns all endeavors into a positive experience.

Batchbook is excellent for managing sales-related information. It imports all the details from the address book to generate sales leads. It supports all the platforms like Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems. Batchbook offers an annual subscription to freelancers and small and Business organizations.

Why Batchbook / PipelineDeals?

Batchbook is a contact management system for small business organizations. It will work as a hub for those who need strong customer relationship management. Now it is known as PipelineDeals.

  • PipelineDeals is a faster tool to enable the sales pipeline.
    It is popularly known as social CRM when it’s your small Business.
  • PipelineDeals has a straightforward contact database with this. You can integrate with a loss of application.
  • You will get an unlimited dashboard and report.
  • More than 8000 users are using this great small Business CRM.
  • The primary user claims they have doubled their revenue after using this best cloud CRM for small businesses.
  • You can migrate your data to this customer relationship management software from various platforms like Outlook, Google, Excel, etc.
  • PipelineDeals supports integration with various collective and useful platforms like Gmail, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Microsoft Excel.
  • You can use these best CRM programs for small businesses on your Android and iPhone.
  • PipelineDeals is exceptionally affordable to all small business organizations.
  • Besides the small Business, it is also the Best CRM for the medium enterprise. This software supports the manufacturing, construction, and transportation industry.

Product Overview

  • PipelineDeals allows you to continue your Business with the apps you love, like Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook 365, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Every requirement is different, allowing you to customize it per your needs.
  • Because of the mobile application feature, you can communicate with your customers from anywhere.
  • The authoritative report will inspire you more to work.
  • The data migration feature helps you two more time scaling and less time updating.
  • PipelineDeals empowers you to share your data smoothly in an insecure way.

Pricing of PipelineDeals

Start: $ 25 /month per user, billed annually
Develop: $ 33 /month per user, billed annually
Grow: $ 49 /month per user, billed annually

Free Trial: PipelineDeals offers 14 days free trial.

17. Conversations

Conversations CRM is one of the best enterprise-class and super standard customer relationship management software which a small business can afford.Conversations CRM is one of the best enterprise-class and super-standard customer relationship management software a small business can afford. It offers a sales process and pipeline definitions to get control and proactively manage sales. It also has email mail marketing automation and automated marketing functions with minimal cost.

If the users want to think outside the box, they go for Conversations CRM. It has built-in sales mythology like account, bid, deal, and initiative. It allows you to get extensive sales reporting like sales year-to-date etc. So users can prepare their reports and dashboard whatever they need.

Why ConversationalCRM?

We know finding new customers and retaining them for a long time is the main target for any business. ConversationalCRM is the perfect CRM to find new customers.

  • It is conversation-centric, so it keeps all the conversations recorded.
  • With these web-based CRM solutions, you can also manage your sales pipeline for small businesses.
  • You can track the sales lead through to deal with products.
  • To gain new prospects, it uses the targeted initiative.
  • You can send bulk emails with this CRM software for SMEs.
  • ConversationalCRM has brilliant reporting capability and meaningful insight.

Product Overview:

  • ConversationalCRM can handle more than 100000 customers.
  • You can add custom fields to the accounts.
  • With the robust grid, you can manage different columns.
  • By using the complete filter builder, you can filter the view.
  • You can export the grid into several formats.
  • In the email option, you can send bulk emails.
  • With your custom parameter, you can.
  • If any email can not reach the receiver, it is automatically marked, so no further action is required.
  • Because of the data quality and reporting features been granted as one of the best cloud-based CRM for small businesses.

Pricing of ConversationalCRM

  • User Subscription: £25/user/month and £250/user/year
  • Email sending: £25/5000 emails/month and £50/25000 emails/month
    *ConversationalCRM charges per User per month

Free Trial: No

18. Nutshell

Nutshell is a simple enough but powerful CRM for any team.

Nutshell is a simple enough but powerful CRM for any team. It is flexible enough for all the ways you manage sales. On the other hand, it is sophisticated enough for any business. Its dynamic features include sales automation, pipeline management, reporting and performance tracking, contract management, team collaboration, and free and friendly customer support. 

Using Nutshell, you can collaborate with many applications like G Suite, MailChimp, Unbounce, Office 365, and Slack. It is a sneaky powerful CRM that turns more leads into wins. It is free for 14 days trial. Nutshell provides friendly customer support as well as provides tips to increase revenue.

Why use Nutshell?

  • Nutshell is one of the best CRM for the medium Business that is simple and up for anything.
  • It is a very sophisticated thread of your business process.
    You can integrate this leading CRM software with g suite, Office 365, Slack, and other applications.
  • Nutshell is above all its competitors based on price, performance, and customer service.
  • If you put any query, you will get an answer from a human being.
    Whatever your budget may be, this cloud-based CRM for a small business will be your best partner.
  • The most beautiful part of Nutshell is your reporting. It provides customized insight into your performance.
  • You will find each of the conversations based on your Contract, so follow will be more comfortable.
  • It is a small business CRM that automates your email and ensures team collaboration.

Product Overview

  • Nutshell allows you to see the live demo to get and adjust all of your requirements before purchase. before purchase
  • The essential feature of small business CRM is common to this leading company.

Pricing of Nutshell

There are two types of pricing for the software. Which are:

  • STARTER: $19 per user per month
  • PRO: $35 per user per month

Free Trial: This Medium business CRM software allows 14 days of free trial without any credit card.

19. Streak CRM

Streak CRM has super collaboration with Gmail.Streak CRM has super collaboration with Gmail. If you like using Gmail, you must go for Streak CRM. Streak CRM is more suitable if you want to manage investors, buyers and sellers, partners, support tickets, leads, and projects using Gmail.

Streak offers some unique CRM features that generally do not offer other CRM companies. For example, if you want to use a mail merge, this application helps that. Streak is operating with more than 750K happy users. It is a Google technology partner of the year 2018.

Why use Streak?

  • We all know Gmail is the most popular email platform for all of us. Streak allows you to manage your project from Gmail. 
  • Buyers, sellers, managers, and investors can integrate their Business with Gmail and this leading CRM software.
  • It is one of the best client management software for small businesses to keep your pipeline moving.
  • You can customize your CRM platform with tools like Google Calendar, contact, and google docs.
  • You can sync Google Drive with this sales CRM software for small businesses.
  • Easy to supercharge your inbox for various purposes like view tracking, Snippet, Mail Merge, threat splitter, etc.
  • Easy to add this CRM software to your Google Chrome browser.
  • You can be happy like, ok; there are 750K happy users.
  • Streak is proud to say that there are Google technology partners for 2018.
  • Moreover, it has both Android and iPhone applications. So it is one of the best CRM apps for small businesses.

Project Overview

  • Streak lets you track all your leads and sales, including close deals.
  • It has a beautiful project management feature.
  • You can maintain your business relationship with a partner with the software.
  • It also has a real estate feature.
  • You can track the fundraising mode.
  • Candidate can deposit their resume, and you can track this leading CRM software.

Pricing of Streak:

Streak offers three types of pricing planning:

  • PERSONAL: 0$ Free
  • ENTERPRISE: 129$

Free Trial:

  • For personal use: you will get a lifetime free. 
  • Professional uses: you will get 14 days.
  • For enterprise planning: you can contract with the Streak sales authority.

20. Contactually

Contactually CRM is the leading intelligent customer relationship management software for real estate professionals.

Contactually CRM is real estate professionals’ leading intelligent customer relationship management software. If you manage a brokerage, this CRM is also suitable for you. It empowers you to extract the most value from your relationship with your customers by prioritizing the daily effort with a daily dashboard. 

Contactually access broker-level administration, drive adaptation, and increase agent productivity. It buckets the Contract with your work, like generating new leads, updating current clients, and sphere of influence. At present, it is part of Compass.

Why do you use Contactually?

  • Contactually is the leading intelligent CRM software for the real estate business.
    This leading CRM software synchronizes your contracts, like email, phone, and communication stories.
  • This software solution you can prioritize is the current relationship status.
  • The pipeline feature tells you the status of the current deal.
  • It is a good customer relationship software for team building.
  • This software will suit you if you are a business owner, agent, or broker of a real estate company.
  • So it is the best small Business CRM software for real estate.

Product Overview

  • Contactually is a business intelligence-based software that buckets your Contract like new leads, current clients, etc.
  • With the excellent dashboard, its priorities are your daily work.
  • The software offers artificial intelligence to optimize your workflow.
  • It is an integration for scheduled emails.
  • You can access the broken-level administration to increase your agent productivity.

Pricing of Contactually

There is no requirement for the product today. You can use this software for two weeks and decide what to do. However, they offer two types of planning:

  • Professional: $69 per month
  • Accelerator: $119 per month

Free Trial: Contactually offers 14 days free trial.

21. Close CRM

Close is one of the superb all-in-all customer relationship management software to manage all of your deeds together.Close is one of the superb all-in-all customer relationship management software to manage your deeds together. You can manage calls, lead management, email automation, predictive dialers, and much more. Using it, you can double your outbound call volume without leaving CRM like automated calling with power dealers, predictive dialing, global coverage, automatically logged calls, leave voice mail, and many more.

Close lets you connect it with your favorite apps like Zapier, Zendisk, Slack, Hubspot, MailChimp, StiTch, inbound, and many more. This application is developed for salespeople by salespeople. You can confidently compare it with other CRM applications.

Why will you use Close CRM?

  • Close CRM is one of the best CRM for startups and SMBs.
    You will get many features like lead management, email automation, pipeline view, calling, and more.
  • It will make your salespeople do their job better, like updating the database, scheduling the mail, following up the letter, and preserving meaningful discussions.
  • Close CRM believes that follow-up is the success of a business.
  • This best small Business CRM helps you to optimize your sales more.
  • Without leaving the CRM, you can make outgoing calls.
  • Video calls and recordings will be brought into your CRM, making the following employee job description more comfortable.
  • To improve your workflow and boost productivity, this best CRM solution for small businesses brings all your favorite apps like Zaiper, Zendisk, Slack, Facebook, Hubspot, and Zoom into a single platform.

Product Overview of Close CRM:

  • Close CRM has a simple interface.
  • With the built-in VOIP calling feature, you can call as per your choice.
  • The email feature allows you to break through the noise with the email.
  • With the integrated SMS platform, you can increase your sales.
  • You can start, run, and track your meeting within your CRM.
  • It is a speedy visual way to see your pipeline view.
  • We will get all actionable and fantastic reporting features.
  • With the flexible API, you will get powerful integration.

This CRM software for SMEs has three types of pricing. For Example:

STARTER: $25 per user per month
BASIC: $65 per user per month
PROFESSIONAL: $95 per user per month
*The pricing may change at any time

Free Trial: 14 days without any credit card details.

Final Thought

After a lengthy review, finding the most suitable one for your small business is challenging. According to our study Hubspot CRM Software, Zoho CRM, OnePageCRM, and SugarCRM are the best CRM for small businesses. However, implementing CRM is a long-term decision. So it would be best if you were more couscous before purchasing Small Business CRM Software.

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