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SugarCRM Review: Open Source Community Edition Sugar CRM

CRM means customer relationship management. For any organization, there is a lot of data of vendors, supplier and other stakeholders. FOr the better management of all of those data, we need CRM. There are lots of cloud CRM software available in the market. The SugarCRM is one of the best among them. We prepare the SugarCRM review by following way:

What is SugarCRM

SugarCRM ReviewActually, SugarCRM is a California based software company. They develop customer relationship management software, web application software, community edition CRM software.

The location of SugarCRM is Cupertino, California. The main functions are sales and marketing, customer support, collaboration, social CRM, Mobile CRM, and reporting. The SugarCRM Company has numerous websites including the forum and third party extension features. SugarCRM has more than two million users.

Community Edition CRM

SugarCRM is popular for its Community Edition CRM features. Sugar CE is reputed for its CE features. This CE is open source and available in paid and free version. But now, the sugar community edition is officially closed.

SugarCRM Review as SaaS

We can call that SugarCRM is software as a service. Like the SaaS service, SugarCRM offers all the facilities. The user can opt to use on-premises service and service of cloud computing like Salesforce, AWS, and Windows Azure.

Online CRM Sugar Software

SugarCRM is also an online version.The main criteria of CRM are that it must be online. SugarCRM is also an online version. Like all the features of available CRM in the market, SugarCRM has sales, marketing, and customer database management features. People also use SugarCRM mobile version.

Open Source CRM

SugarCRM is an open source because of its CR edition nature. They have both the free and paid version software for their users. SugarCRM started its journey as open-source software. Later they converted into community edition 5 software. In the community edition 6.0 version they introduce SugarCRM mobile and SOAP functions.

Cloud-Based SugarCRM

Cloud-Based SugarCRMSugarCRM is both the online version and the cloud version. As a result, they use a software as a service or SaaS software. SugarCRM has a cloud backup system. We can call it a full version cloud customer relationship management system CRM.

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User Review of SugarCRM Software

As the user of SugarCRM, there are a lot of positive and negative points of SugarCRM software. In the SugarCRM review, I will discuss some of the important aspects regarding features, pros, corns, relative price, and customer support.

  • Advanced workflow
  • Support for Oracle and DB2-Onsite
  • SQL –Based reporting access
  • Product-level quotes
  • Revenue line item level chance tracking forecasting
  • 60 GB Storage
  • Role-based views and

SugarCRM Features

SugarCRM featuresSugarCRM offers three types of CRM software such as professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Each has different features. The plans are:

Sugar Professional

SugarCRM professional is the lowest paid version software of SugarCRM Company.  The main features are:
  • Support for MySQL and SQL Server-On site
  • Support automation
  • 15 GB Storage
  • SugarCRM mobile
  • Call center automation
  • Marketing lead management
  • Unlimited online support
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Unlimited studio customizations
  • Sales automation and forecasting

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SugarCRM Enterprise

SugarCRM enterprises the mid-level paid software CRM. Its price is quite higher than a professional edition. So the CRM software has some extra features. The features of SugarCRM enterprise are:

Market Customers of SugarCRM

Market Customers of SugarCRMThere are lots of user of SugarCRM. Some big fish are htc, IBM, Audi, Wilson, T-Mobile, Sennheiser, backcountry, AGFA, ZURICH, and mountain America.

Some Limitation of SugarCRM

In this SugarCRM review, we just take the available source of internet. Some user of sugar CMR reported that this CRM is only for small and medium businesses. There are some claims regarding business intelligence and customize reporting. The system administration tools are limited. This cloud-based CRM is 17th position out of the best 50 CRM of financeonline.com.

Market Competitors

There are lots of cloud-based CRM on the market. Some of the market competitors of SugarCRM are Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, ESPO CRM, SuiteCRM, OroCRM, CiviCRM, and Zurmo CR, etc.

Final Thought

Some people search online CRM and some people search cloud-based CRM. SugarCRM had a feature which was community edition CRM. However, SugarCRM now offering three types of products. As a business person, you can try the trial version of SugarCRM. You can visit the SugarCRM website to get more idea of SugarCRM Review.


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