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Hotel CRM Software: Best 10 Review and What to Look For

Hotel CRM Software is a vital tool to retain your customers for a long time. It understands the pulse of your needs and works accordingly. However, hotel CRM is nothing new but customization of existing customer relationship management software. Many CRM developers focused on developing customized hotel management software which is widely known as hotel CRM Software. It is such a powerful tool for the hotel industry to work as fuel for hotel marketing, creating a deeper relationship with the guest, clients, corporate clients, and general clients. In this article, we will describe ins and outs of hotel CRM, selection criteria, some unique features and the CRM service providers for hotels.

 What is CRM?

CRM means customer relationship management. It is widely used for supply chain management but because of the diversity of business, it is now also used for service organizations like the hotel industry. It is a technology for maintaining all relationships with existing and potential customers. Using this software the interaction between an organization and customer increases more. In gist, it works with a single goal which is increasing relationships with customers.

What is Hotel CRM Software?

The hotel CRM software is a customized online/offline solution that is used for maintaining relationships with customers. In the hotel business-main earning depends on the arrival of guests or customers. Good customer relations and communication is very much required to retain those customers. In capitalizing this ideas software developer companies customized their CRM software as hotel CRM software. This hospitality CRM software is unique. The organization customizes according to their needs.

How We Evaluated Hotel/Hospitality CRMs

The hospitality industries are enormous and there are several wings to manage. If we narrow down our requirements then you will find the actual needs of customer relationship management. Like restaurants, chattering, event planning, travel agent and tour operators this hotel CRM also need special attention. The criteria we followed for selecting the best CRM for the hospitality industry are as follows:

Price and overall value

For implementing any expenditure related technology we always search at first the price and overall value. After comparing the market competitor of several CRM software we earmarked many hospitality management software which will be the best supporter for a business model.

Customer experience and profile management

For selecting any product price is not only that factor to decide customer experience and the profile speaks a lot. We tried to draw the profile of individual software.

Prospect of inquiry management

Before big expenditure, you must evaluate the prospect and satisfy all of your inquiries regarding hospitality management service. Training before implementation will add an extra advantage.

Niche and Sub-niche specific features

Hotel management software is not like other CRM software. So that should be some special feature which is a niche in nature. The special feature is the key tool for marketers.

Marketing and lead generation

The main expenditure for CRM implementation is sales & marketing and lead generation. If the CRM cannot generate any leads then the software is useless.

Booking and order management

Hotel CRM software and hospitality management software are based on booking and order management. It is not like sells of any physical product. I should be capable of booking by the individual client.

Customer service and features

At the end of the day, everyone should search for customer service. If the customer service is not satisfactory then you should not go for that product.

Ease of use and support

Since the users of that hospitality CRM are from different background the system should be user-friendly. The interface should speak actually what it is.

Mobile application

Nowadays, every application requires a mobile application. But the mobile experience to not sacrifice for quality and functionality.


Most of the CRM is cloud-based. So the secret is the vital question for the CRM. If the data of your customer goes to another computer then you will get the red signal of your business. So secrecy and secure portal are most essential for implementing CRM.

 Best Hotel CRM Software

In today’s study, we will find the best Hotel CRM Software on a deep learning basis. We will try to elaborate on the details later by individual post. However, now we will brief a short idea regarding some leading hotel CRM software in the industry. Please remember those are not based on ranking or we are not biased for anyone. We collected the data from the web and presented it to you in an analytical way.

 1. Zendesk Sell

zendesk sell softwareZendesk Sell is one of the most popular mobile Android application customer relations management software for the hotel and tourism industry. This platform allows B2B and B2C sales professionals to manage their sales leads and communications. It was formerly known as the base which also had a robust reporting feature. 

Tourism sector you can customize this Zendesk Sell and make a robust customer relationship management for the tourism industry. This CRM is operable one Mac OS, web browser, Windows 8 and later, Solaris and Linux operating systems. It has a team, professional, enterprise, and elite pricing options.

2. FreeAgent CRM Software

freeagent crm softwareFreeAgent is a cloud-based next-generation customer relationship management software thus provides a good working experience to increase sales productivity and effortlessly. Because of its artificial intelligence capability, it can forecast what is the actual requirement and time of the requirement. So if you want to stay in the Zone with AI guided selling, increase visibility and grow to unleash sales you can use this FreeAgent hospitality customer relationship management software.

FreeAgent CRM software has collaboration with G Suite, MailChimp, office 365, Napier and twillo. According to the MacLeod report, FreeAgent CRM has 2.5 x greater revenue growth, 80% higher productivity, 35% more efficiency, and 12% higher customer satisfaction. This CRM supports Mac OS, web browser and Windows 10.

3. Zoho CRM Software

zoho_crm SoftZoho CRM software is a splendid software who has multiple functions like inventory management, supply chain management, tourism and hospitality management, and customer relationship management. It offers multichannel and allows users to communicate their clients with live chat, help desk, email, phone, and social media. The mobile edition of the software allows connecting with the iPad, iPhone, and other Android devices.

Zoho CRM supports multichannel CRM. since it is a cloud-based customer relationship management so you can use it as a software as a service. On the other hand, you can use it as per your requirement by proper customization. In spite of having all models feature some customer claims that the user interface of this CRM is not user-friendly.

4. SalesNow Software

salesnow softwareSalesNow is a cloud-based customer relationship management software and automated sales solution that allows your team to deals with clients. SalesNow allows the user to log their calls, take notes and captures email automatically. It also provides customer support customize tab, report, data field and graphical representation for sales forecast.

SalesNow is the owner of the best hotel CRM software to maintain a good relationship with its customers. This CRM is operable on Windows 7, Mac OS, web browser and Windows 8. Some other features of SalesNow are sales management, customer management, live tracking, mobile CRM, marketing CRM, service and email integration.

5. Pipeliner CRM

pipeliner crmPipeliner CRM is one of the best hotel/hospitality CRM for rapid adoption and faster ROI. It is termed as better CRM then other hospitality CRM service providers. If you use this software you will find mobile applications with built-in AI, automated and integrated user interface, instant dynamic visualizes reporting, simple no tech admin and sells friendly interface.

Pipeliner CRM software has fast and high adoption rates. The uniform navigation will allow you to learn once and use it everywhere. It is logically organized to keep the user-focused. Pipeliner is less expensive because anyone can be the administrator and no high cost for the full-time administrator. 

6. TeamSupport Software

teamsupport crm softwareTeamSupport Software is a B2B customer support software that works for eliminating miscommunication among the customers and the organization. It has several key features whose r are important to collaborate and make comprehensive customer relationship. This hotel CRM software helps to make strong relationships with potential customers. It is software as a service (SaaS) application with affordable pricing options.

TeamSupport Software started its journey in 2009 and since then the provided best customer service support. The software of arts two types of pricing which are enterprise and support desk. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, web browser and all the latest versions of the Windows operating system.

7. Give CRM Software

Give CRM SoftwareGiva CRM is all of the credible hotel CRM software who is made a happy relationship with its customers. Problem solution to become more flexible, scalable and reliable. This cloud-based customer service application offers a dashboard, knowledgebase, ticketing self-service portal, and customer satisfaction survey very minimum price. The features of Giva Software is robust and support for quality decision making.

Giva is highly customizable without programming knowledge or consultant. Accountants all the features you look for as a customer. Some other products of the software include help desk, asset manager, customer service, service desk manager, and change manager.

8. Workbook

workbook hotel crmThe workbook is an affordable cloud-based customer relationship management software to maintain relationships with customers. It is one of the most efficient tools to retain customers. It is not just CRM, it’s an integrated tool to manage your customer’s information. Workbook saves money form simplifying and streamlining the business process and reduces your inefficiency.

The workbook is a vital tool to make the decision easier. It has four module and marketing modules include Segment & target, Capture & manage leads, Campaigns & events, Marketing Automation and Dashboards & analytics. Sales module includes Track opportunities, Manage pipeline, Forecast accurately, Workflows & approvals and Monitor performance. Order processing includes Easy quotations, Simple order processing, Invoicing, Credit notes, and Digital signature. And finally, customer service includes Support ticketing, Workflows & automation, Service metrics, Unified customer experience, and Self-service features.

9. WebsiteAlive

websitealiveWebsiteAlive is one of the best hotel CRM Software which is cloud-based and allows us to communicate through live chat. Besides the hospitality industry, this service supports its service to a government organization, sports, and entertainment industry. It offers customizable chat Windows with multiple launch options like chat buttons, pop-ups, shareable chat links, etc.

WebsiteAlive offers some creative ways to engage customers like live chat software, live chat agents, click to call, social chat, integration, built to spec and analytics. With three steps you can use this chat, for example, get the code, log in and enable the widget. With your fingertips, you can make this. So you need not be a programming expert.

10. Freshdesk Software

freshdesk softwareFreshdesk CRM Software is one of the finest affordable and features rich customer support software which can be used for hospitality management. It allows you to create and accumulate all of your conversations on a single platform. With one inbox it allows managing all the tickets from multiple channels. The customers also can see the status of the ticket.

The total customization is possible using Freshdesk Software. The customization includes portal customization, customize agent roles, custom ticket forms, custom app, custom customer segment, and custom URL. It helps customers by automatically suggested solutions, feedback mechanisms, solution article analytics, forum moderation, and helpdesk reports.

Final Thought

It is difficult to find out the actual hotel CRM software according to your needs. You have to customize your application after purchase. Nowadays software as a service so very popular. You can use SaaS. There is some market-leading customer relationship software like Zoho CRMSugar CRMSalesForce CRM, and HubSpot CRM. Those are good. But, to make some variations we have tried to give some new ideas. In my previous article, I already discussed “Top 20 Best CRM Software for Small Business 2020” You can customize any of those. However, from today’s discussion we do recommend Zendesk Sell, SalesNow Software, Pipeliner CRM and Giva CRM Software as best hotel CRM Software. If you find there are some other important hospitality CRM software please let us know through comments which we will update after review.


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